Pokémon GO Community Weekend Announced

Like last year, Pokémon GO will be having a very special Community Day Weekend! The details have been posted on the official site:

Community Day Schedule: Saturday, December 14, 2019

From 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in your local time zone, you can enjoy the following benefits.

    • Pokémon appearing more frequently in the wild: Totodile, Swinub, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Ralts, Slakoth, Trapinch, Bagon, Turtwig, and Chimchar
    • Pokémon appearing in raids:Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Eevee, Dratini, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Mareep, Larvitar, and Beldum
    • Pokémon available to hatch from Eggs: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pikachu, Dratini, Totodile, Mareep, Swinub, Larvitar, Treecko, Torchic, Slakoth, and Bagon

From 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time, experience the following bonuses and increased encounters.

    • Pokémon appearing even more frequently in the wild: Totodile, Swinub, Treecko, Torchic, Slakoth, and Bagon
    • Bonuses: 2× Catch Stardust, 2× Catch XP, and 1/2 Egg Hatch Distance when Eggs are placed into Incubators during these hours

Community Day Schedule: Sunday, December 15, 2019

From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. in your local time zone, you can enjoy the following benefits.

    • Pokémon appearing more frequently in the wild: Totodile, Swinub, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Ralts, Slakoth, Trapinch, Bagon, Turtwig, and Chimchar
    • Pokémon appearing in raids:Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Eevee, Dratini, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Mareep, Larvitar, and Beldum
    • Pokémon available to hatch from Eggs: Squirtle, Eevee, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Mudkip, Ralts, Trapinch, Beldum, Turtwig, and Chimchar

From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time, experience the following bonuses and increased encounters.

    • Pokémon appearing even more frequently in the wild: Mudkip, Ralts, Trapinch, Turtwig, and Chimchar
    • Bonuses: 2× Catch Stardust, 2× Catch XP, and 1/2 Egg Hatch Distance when Eggs are placed into Incubators during these hours

Community Day Schedule: Both Saturday, December 14, and Sunday, December 15, 2019

From 9:00 a.m. on Saturday to 9:00 p.m. on Sunday in your local time zone, the following bonus will be in effect.

    • Evolve for Community Day exclusive moves: Exclusive moves featured during 2018 and 2019 Community Day events will be available again!

This is a great opportunity for those who may have missed a day (or two). So make sure to join in on the year-end fun! Let us know what you hope to catch.

  1. REPOST: If I could have about 5 minutes of your time, here are the cover art and first 3 pages of my comic book, Clash Avenue – Book 1: The Iron Dragons


    Thank you all for the support! I’m, hopefully, going to squeeze out 2 more pages this weekend, but with Thanksgiving closing in, I can’t make any promises.

  2. Got a hidden ability Braviary through raid so I don’t have to wait until transfer to use one of my favorite flying types

    1. Any chance I could ask you to breed one with the hidden ability for me? I dont need stats, just the ability.

  3. Poll time! What would your team be if you were a trainer and currently on an adventure in the Galar region?

  4. So, I was writing a draft of my first chapter. The story’s setting is coming together. I chose the Guild setting, and canonically the reason for trainers only having three Pokemon is that the Guild only lets you take three as part of your training (mostly to save costs).

    First two chapters focuses on my own character, a two-parter of sorts. However, I want a revolving cast and no set main characters. The characters have different ranks, and there’s a Rank Exam every year that will adjust said rank. Typically, the first few ranks are always passed so it tends to be a rank up every year, but there are some failures and some cases where people may rise several ranks! Not everyone starts from the same rank: the Battle Examination all new recruits go through sorts their rank.

  5. This is gonna be my 12 person team for my second run:

    Inteleon – Mr Blue
    Arcanine – Mr Orange
    Alcreamie – Ms. (depends on what flavor I get)
    Boltund – Mr. Blonde.
    Accelgor – Mr. Pink
    Polteageist – Purple
    Hatterene – Ms. Purple
    Failinks – Mr Red
    Appletun – Mr. Green
    Frosmoth – Ms. White
    Corviknight – Mr. Grey
    Drapion – Mr. Black

  6. Okay, so now that I’ve layed the concept down underneath, I’ll ask again. Who’s interested in taking part in the story?

    Pokemon rules have changed. Still three maximum, and at least one of your Pokemon must be from your region’s Pokedex. However, the other two can be from any region, and your starter isn’t locked to a specific region. Your starter doesn’t have to be an actual starter Pokemon, and I’d prefer if they weren’t as I’m trying to avoid overlap.

    However, there is one limiting rule, besides the obvious ‘dont give yourself mythicals, legendaries, and UBs’. All three Pokemon can’t be from the same Gen.

  7. Ack, Milotic escaped my love ball 🙁

    Caught her in a dream ball instead.

    I really like love balls…

    …Dont take that out of context please.

    1. When home comes out I’ll have access to my full rare Pokéball collection, for those that made it in. As for now I’m trying to get a few specific things.

  8. They really should have made the Apricorn Balls the prizes for rematching the championship cup instead of 3x a ball you can purchase whenever.

  9. And your new Galar champion! Really enjoyed this playthrough. Can’t believe I’m saying this but I have a new favorite Pokémon game plus a few new favorite Pokémon as well! Final team was
    Newt the Intelleon lv 61(new favorite water starter!)
    Azarath the corviknight lv 60(new favorite regional bird)
    Nova the centiskortch lv 61
    Jubilee the Toxtricity lv 60
    Rumpel the Grimmsnarl lv 60(definitely my favorite fairy type now)
    Saphira the Dragapult lv 61(new favorite pseudo)


    1. Congrats Josh! It was an honor fighting alongside your Azarath a few days ago. I’m really glad you enjoyed your adventure. See, didn’t I tell you that Morgrem’s evolution would knock your socks off?

  10. So it’s foggy by Lake of Outrage and there’s literally waifus walking around
    Gardevoir, Hatterene, Gothitelle and Wobbuffet

  11. Ok this is really aggravating me! I have no raids. All of my dens are “trickling with light” but when I click on the dens theres people searching for others to do raids! 😩😩😩 I’m tempted to throw my joy cons at my tv

    1. None? None at all? There should be a huge pillar of light coming out If them. Do you have water bike to reach ones over bodies of water?

      Do you have any wishing pieces?

  12. So i’m only missing 2 dittos Impish and Calm

    So far my 100 Haxorus is doing lovely, he can slice down dittos and never kill anything (Rock, Steel and Ghost cannot be caught tho)

  13. Ok so I just found a centiskorch in a 2 star max raid. Does this mean when I catch it he can gigamax?

  14. How does weather change in this game? I’m particularly interested in finding Corsola and Drakloak but there hasn’t been any change in what feels like forever.

  15. So I find it interesting that if you get a pokemon traded to you that is not nicknamed, you can change its name once.

    EXCEPT for if that pokemon is foreign, it wont let you. It’s odd and because of it I need to raise another grookey.

  16. Hmm some interesting things to know

    Orbeetle and Kingler are the only Gigantomax forms to not really have a special trainer or role (I see Butterfree’s role as being the early Gigantomax form for people to get to use)

    Also why are Snorlax and Toxtricity Gigantomax unavailable? Melmetal makes sense because it’s not out yet, but why are former two not here?

  17. Can we all just take a minute and acknowledge the fact that I’ve found 4 Drakloaks and 1 Dreepy in the span of 15 minutes?

  18. Just beat Allister! Must say his challenge was pretty fun and his gmax gengar proved to be quiet the challenge with his Max Ooze

  19. A bit bored, so I want to get to know you guys better. What’s the story behind your profile pic and username, and if possible, the full image of your?profile?

    1. Hello! I’m Exeledus! (Pronounced Ek-Sell-Ed-Us)

      I chose this Username because it’s my actually legal middle name! (Congrats, you know the only person on this planet with that name!)

      My picture is of my favorite gym leader, Melony!

      A little more about me, I’m male, age 28, favorite color is pink, my favorite pokemon type is Normal, but I generally love beautiful pokemon the most! Nice to meet you Belladonna!

      1. Ahahaha, it’s me, Fairy, it’s just that a lot of people have come back or started now that SS are out.

        I used to change my username an absolute ton and rn I felt like doing it again

    2. RWBY’s something I like to watch, and it’s topical rn because Volume 7 just aired. Each of the main characters got a redesign for the occassion, and I’m loving Blake’s new redesign.


      Belladonna is her last name, so the username is just an aesthetic version of that. Went with the character because I just like her edgy ninja catgirl vibe even though that’s the opposite of me in real life. I think a lot of my tastes in fictional characters is like that, I like things with both function and form typically of the elegant variety.

      Favourite Pokemon game is Platinum
      Favourite Pokemon is Kantonian Raichu
      Favourite colour is white
      Favourite non-Pokemon game is Bayonetta
      I’m a 19 year old guy trying to survive at uni lol

      1. I really didnt like RWBY past season 3 all that much. 4 killed it completely for me, 5 was better, and that’s where I stopped as they took it off youtube. I like Yang the best!

    3. My prof pic atm is my league card in SwSh so not much of a story there

      Kurusu despite many thinking it derives from some anime character idek it actually comes from the original Johto Water starter from the beta. The year was 2016 and I was at the Great Wolf Lodge and watched a video on scrapped Pokemon by Dobbs and saw this little guy and fell in love. My original name was The Last Kurusu

      Nice to remeet you! I’m an 18 year old guy, favorite color is green and favorite type is water (close second with grass) and my favorite Pokemon is Politoed

  20. After playing monotype this evening I’ve calculated a few things

    -Ground is severely crippled because the appalling lack of genuine special attackers that aren’t Water/Ground walls, Flygon is the closest thing to that and still falls short due to low special attack, even Life Orb, Specs and Wise Glasses can only do so much, and because of this we have next to no offensive push against grass or flying type because we lack any special fire or electric moves
    -We do not have a single Knock Off user I checked Serebii and no Ground types are capable of learning it
    -Dynamax weather wars are becoming more powerful than ever with new options for teams to reclaim the battlefield
    -The introduction of Heavy Duty Boots Pretty much are everywhere to protect 4x weaknesses and Mandibuzz
    -Dynamax Ferrothorn is evil
    -Strength Sap Evolite Corsola is extremely hard to counter without knocking off its evolite to lower its defenses and taunt users are legitimately down to Steelix and Runeirigus which will be immediately burnt by wisp
    -Toxic is run exclusively by Quag and Seismitoad (Toxic Spikes for Rune) so that gives Hippowdon less options
    -Ghost and Water are the most common type, I fought at least a dozen of each and they pretty much ruin my day

    The very few of pros is that Sandaconda can easily get sand on the field even if 1HKO’d and Excadrill has a buff with Rapid Spin’s speed boost and Dynamax STAB moves beefing his defenses and Max knuckle brick break for attack and rarely Max rockfall to put sand back himself but only within a three turn time limit but running everything is hard with 4 slots

    So yeah I might be put out of business ground really took a hit

  21. I have a new theory to present! There seems to be some connection between the number of Pokémon caught/defeated and their appearance rate in the wild. After catching 10 Drakloaks in a row I’ve been seeing them at an even higher rate – sometimes 2 or 3 in one patch of grass. These are 2% overworld encounters and I’m simply not that lucky of a guy to have seen over 30 of them in a little over an hour. I wonder if this is somehow tied to increasing shiny rates as well? I’m feeling like a real Pokémon professor tonight.

  22. Post Gym 6 challenge:

    Definitely the most stress-inducing gym mission yet. Although, I have to say that the 6th Gym leader was probably my least favorite one so far. Here is my team at the moment.

    Cath Palug the Cinderace (Lv. 43)
    Mash the Corviknight (Lv. 43)
    Raikou the Toxtricity (Lv. 43)
    Enkidu the Indeedee (Lv. 44)
    Ozymandias the Sandaconda (Lv. 42)
    Nightingale the Frosmoth (Lv. 44)

    Yup, I changed my team again. Although I just evolved Nightingale so I’m not sure if she’ll be a permanent member. (I’m changing my team nearly as much as Hop is changing his). You may also notice that my Sandaconda has a different name, well that is because I was able to catch a Gigantamax Sandaconda (a design that I like quite a bit). It seems like Gym 7 will be a Saturday event as I need to do a couple things before I head back home.

  23. Feeling lucky! Eiscue was the 2nd encounter while searching for it, I guess its really rare though!.

  24. Hey guys I know that I told Xatu I’d breed him some Sword exclusives but anyone else?

    So far my one I can do are Darumaka’s, Farfetch’d and Stonjuror. If you want one just holler

  25. anyone find G-Max Lapras? I swear I’ve never seen anyone on Y-Comm start a raid for one. I’ve got one, but they seem rare.

    Also never seen machamp, gengar, or coalossal either.

  26. Please dont tell me that Battle Cafes are the only method of getting sweet items? i need to evolve my Milcery in Shield asap

  27. Dang Appletun is so small i looked at the dex to make sure it wasn’t GF downsizing the models while at first i was disappointed now. I’m kinda happy with my little apple pie dragon 😊.

  28. Ughhh it is so lame that there are no overworld encounters in Glimtangle wood. I was hoping to see Ponyta running around.

  29. Planning to do a replay for Pokémon Sword with Scorbunny as my starter.

    Planned team:

  30. Nobody:

  31. Aaargh i’ve been resetting specific Dmax dens almost all afternoon, but i just wont get a Gmax raid where is my luck smh

  32. They should patch in ways to manipulate the weather, like having a Weather summoning Pokemon leading the party causing the weather to change. I mean, those are pretty hard to get to begint with, so it wouldn’t be so easy for nfresh players to start with that.

  33. What is the best wild Pokémon I can find to evolve my poor neglected Farfetch’d? It’s level 51 and keeps dying in one hit. I guess I need something with a high level, high defense, and a low tendency to attack.

  34. The Skilled Fossil brother sacred the sh*t out of me with his second wind, I didn’t know that was a thing.

  35. Ya know everyone’s so excited to talk about the things that are good that people are totally forgetting the stuff that isn’t anymore
    Rotom lost pain split, a plethora of mons (Bisharp and Weavile) lost knock off an knowing how this game’s been, might not even be able to keep it when carried over? The mons that were known as pursuit trappers? A lot of hella good mons seem to have gotten nerfed

    Also Dracozolt and Dracovish are both really strong, stop sleeping on them

  36. Reeeeeaaaaallly wish there was a faster way to increase happiness… theres going to be a gap in my living dex where espeon and umbreon are supposed to go for awhile and it’s going to drive me insane.

  37. lv100 Eternatus with choice specs, modest mint (or nature) and maxed out SpA can solo a 5 star raid apparently

  38. How many times am I going to go to “Pokemon” instead of “town map” before I learn…? You’d think I would have broken that habit by now!

  39. Every time I hear about SwSh mechanics I’ve said “Ohhh so there that’s where the budget went”
    Staaaarting to get why certain things weren’t super polished now

  40. So when I was biking around the bridge area I found a random Munchlax and snagged it in a Quick Ball

    And I noticed she (which is like very rare) had Pickup and a free Leftovers and decided to keep her with me whenever I hunt down Dittos and she already found a big nugget

    Ergo I love my new “Munchie”

  41. Hunting for G.Corsola atm, it has a 5% encounter rate at the Giant’s Mirror but only when its Overcast sigh

  42. Alright, big story update. I’ve decided to let people just go wild with teams. Any three Pokemon you want, as long as they’re not legendary, UB, or mythical. Also, no more than one ‘starter Pokemon’ (the official game starters) although you don’t need one. In fact, I’d prefer if people avoided them.

    I’m still very much wanting to avoid type overlap, too much region representation, and species overlap, but I’ll do that by editing submitted teams (with the help of the submitter, of course)

    1. Because I guarantee there’s going to be 74 comments in the next 3 hours about this, yes, this is fairy

    2. Ryder Vega, Ecruteak City, Johto: Tangrowth (Zoodles), Sudowoodo (Binchotan), and changing Cyndaquil to Magby (Hot Pot)


    GF: Mono fighting! Here’s technician but like three moves that work with it. Eat ass 4head

  44. Ugh gotta head to work an hour early today… they never make enough on pizza day, gotta show up early to get one…

  45. So, BBTAG 2.0 is fully out now (Update released last night, new characters earlier today). Comes with 9 characters, a new Story Mode, a Jukebox for the lobby, and a whole lot more. Reminder that the 9 characters are:
    Neo Politan (RWBY)
    Hilda (Under Night In-Birth)
    Celica A. Mercury (BlazBlue)
    Susano’o (BlazBlue)
    Yumi (Senran Kagura)
    Tohru Adachi (Persona 4 Arena Ultimax)
    Elizabeth (Persona 4 Arena)
    Akatsuki (Akatsuki Blitzkampf)
    Blitztank (Akatsuki Blitzkampf)

  46. Ummm so…. I’d like to take a moment to talk about appletun’s eyes. Kinda freaked out right about now….

    1. Yes, please explain Keihzaru. While I find plenty of cash in the wild area, being able to get it on demand would be great.

  47. I’ve been looking all over the internet, and I cannot figure out how to get pink shellos/gastrodon!

  48. I really like how pokemon with different forms (meowstic, pumpkaboo, etc.) Have separate pokedex entries.

  49. I think I’ve figured out why I’ve struggled so much with joining raids and doing surprise trades. I believe my internet is just so slow that these functions barely work (trades) or don’t work at all (joining raids). I have no problems with either when I’m at my friend’s house, so that’s frustrating.

  50. I finally found and got an Eevee yes!!! been running around at route 4 for the past 2 hours, it only has a 1% encounter rate in Shield!!

  51. Comic Book PSA: Since this is my first real comic book that I, along with others, have dedicated a bunch of time to, it will change in terms of style as I hone more of my drawing skills. I hope to, eventually, go digital, or at least partially (touch ups and what not). Again, thanks for the support!

  52. How can you tell if a ‘mon will have 5 IVs before the raid starts? Is it the pink light with clouds and gold background when you select it or something else?

  53. Wild Area wifi trainers be like

    “I sh!t this out three days ago, why don’t you take it?”
    -You Obtained a Loaf of Bread!-

  54. So where is this part with a Legendary battle with no sound? I just fought Zamazenta and there is clearly music in the background, AWOOOO.

    1. That person had been hacking and somehow damaged their game as a result. It’s the same reason there was footage of a Dynamax Cinderace taking no damage from a Quick Attack and then immediately fainting anyway.
      That said, I may be misreading your tone, but I sort of get the impression that you’re not asking this as a genuine question. Are you playfully teasing the people who believed this, or are you trying to make a point?

  55. To add to earthens question what are some of your favorite gen 8 pokemon? You can include the entire line if you want.
    Sobble line- I won’t lie when I first saw Intelleon I was kind of upset but it really grew on me. It just has so much character. Especially love how it shoots attacks out of its hands.

    Impidimp line- the Pokémon I knew I had to have oh my team. First time I’ve ever instantly loved a fairy type and I’m so happy with its evolutions.

    Rookidee line- rookidee has to be the most adorable regional bird yet. Caught one for my team and didn’t plan to keep it. Ended up getting attached to it and keeping it. Corvisquire is pretty cool and corviknight is just freaking awesome. Now my favorite regional bird

    Dreepy line- I just absolutely love this line. Find it adorable for some reason. Love how dragapult literally shoots dreepy at the opponent.

    1. Toxtricity. Specifically Amped but I like Low Key too.
      Rookidee – line, so gld Corviknight got some good pre-evos. Dynamax Rookidee sounds funny.
      Grimmsnarl – Like a combination of Devilman and Erens’ Attack Titan.
      The Grook
      Other stuff I’m too tired to think of.

  56. Ok why in the living hell hasn’t the Pokemon Company updated the official site?
    Like seriosuly the official site always gives more flavor text and descriptions for the Pokemon and surely they would’ve done something by now, i want official artwork so bulbapedia can get them up and running

  57. God I hate it when the Helicopter shows up. I clean rooms for goodness sake; why would you assign ME to land a Helicopter?!?!?

      1. It’s not really all that epic. It just consists of me waiting waaaaaaaaay past the ETA because they never show up on time, be freezing, have people yell at me when I tell them they cant park near the Helipad, then get ripped apart by all the flying debris as the helicopter eventually does show up.

        Oh yeah and because that took an hour and a half, I’m now that far behind my ACTUAL job.

  58. Ok i cannot be the only one experiencing connection issues, my internet is totally fine but i’m getting very little stamps and i find myself disconnecting on more than one occasion

  59. I’m 30+ hours in the game and I only have 1 badge. All because I’m preoccupied in breeding for a shiny dreepy using MM without the shiny charm or oval charm

  60. Rookidee
    Roost, Tailwind, Defog
    Should I do Spite because it’s harder to get or Sky Attack because it’d be its’ strongest Flying Max moves but useless the rest of the time?

  61. A Greedent just broke my Battle Tower streak…. I f*cking hate that Peter Griffin’ lookin’ ass.

  62. So happy my raids are back to normal! Currently doing a morgrem raid and I did a salazzle and a centiskorch raid *popped out of an ultra ball again*

    1. Caught the morgrem from the raid and swapped it with the morgrem on my team cause the raid one had prankster and my other one had its other ability lol thankfully same level

    1. You are extremely fast! I feel like I’m hauling my way through the Pokédex but I’ll only have roughly 300 by the end of the night. Maybe you’ve just played for longer…that’s what I’ll choose to believe!

        1. We all have the same determination so it’s really just a matter of proceeding at our own pace. I know I’ve gotten a lot of the tricky stuff out of the way so it might be more of a breeze than anticipated.

  63. Yesterday I was sick as a hell due to that I have something like hallucination like nightmare…….the nightmare was about the end of world of the dead and the world of living r mixing up, the negative and the positive r mixing up and these is resembling by both Toxtricity’s forms……….I don’t how to describe such a dream but make these 2 combined resemble a real disaster in my dream it’s the end of the world we know it….back then my mind didn’t realize their Giga form actually is actually a combination of both of them ……I when I woke up I was totally forget that the disaster pkmn that ws mention in SWSH could be him not Eternatus …..Idk maybe that was my subconscious that’s kinda creepy tho.




  64. I keep inviting Marnie to the championship cup to see her new design in person but she keeps getting paired up with Bea and beaten before I get to fight her.

  65. I’m gonna call it a night, I was smrt and ST’d all the garbage dittos BUT I didn’t simply just trade The Pokémon I received even if it was say a bunnelby or route 1 fodder, I have a entire box of unique ID Pokémon for the loto, the other day I won a PP Max

    Anyway I’m tired, my thighs itch, I’m seeing the lake of Outrage whenever I close my eyes, my heart is beating irregularly and I’m craving pickles and nachos

    I’ve bagged at least one hundred dittos

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