Something Old, Something Mew!

7 days until Pokémon Sword & Shield release!

Let’s face it. Mew has remained nearly unattainable across all generations. And if you haven’t kept up with the main series games, you still may not have one! For all trainers, Sword & Shield is your next chance to obtain Mew!

The New Species Pokémon Mew is the original event-based mythical Pokémon. And since its inception, Mew has been awarded as event exclusives. This rarity led to numerous fan-made myths, GameShark purchases, and hacking. Oh my! But what makes this mouse-like Pokémon so significant to the Pokémon series?


Although Mew was first introduced in the Kanto region, in the Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar Island, the player learns that Mew was first seen in Guyana, South America.

Mew’s Pokédex entries do little to dispel the mystery around its origin and importance to the Pokémon series. It’s so rare that experts refer to it as a mirage. It is said to “contain the genetic code of all Pokémon” which enables it to use all types of moves. And, due to this, Mew can disappear and transform. These abilities have led researchers to study Mew as the potential ancestor of all Pokémon (Crystal Pokédex). Yet details surrounding its mythical role and origin remain unclear.

Pokédex Number

“So rare that it is still said to be a mirage…”
Red & Blue Pokédex

Despite having an entry in each main series title, Mew only has three official Pokédex numbers: 151, 252, 255. Each of these numbers are tied to Kanto: Kanto Pokédex/National Dex 151 and Johto Dexes 250 and 255 (GSC and HGSS). Given that Johto title Pokedexes include the Kanto region, these later Pokédex numbers refer to Pokémon catchable in Kanto. As far as the games are concerned, Mew has never been considered a true part of any region other than Kanto, despite originating in Guyana.

In generation III, Ruby & Sapphire versions introduced the National Pokédex. Now a sore subject, the National Dex represented all Pokémon in existence. In each generation, Mew maintained its National Dex number 151. This is because Mew was a Kanto Pokémon. In Sword & Shield, there will no longer be a National Dex.

Mew Travels to Galar

“… Appears only to those people who are pure of heart…”
Silver Pokédex

Therein lies the dilemma. On June 11th, 2019, Pokémon Company announced that when connecting a New Poké Ball Plus accessory to Pokémon Sword & Shield, players would receive a gift Mew. This will mark the first time Mew will get a non-Kanto Pokédex entry that is not tied to its National Dex position (151). Therefore, Mew will be considered part of the Galar region in the same way it has been considered part of Kanto.

Does this mean anything…? Or is it also a mirage? Mew’s interaction with gameplay mechanics is inconsistent. In Kalos, Mew did not receive a Mega Evolution, yet performed Z-Genesis Supernova in Alola. All Mew seems to do consistently is show up!

Go’s concept art from the Sword & Shield anime

Also showing up in Galar is the new anime character Go. With his partner Scorbunny, Go’s journey focuses on finding Mew and catching all Pokémon. As Mew’s appearance is reserved for those of pure heart with a strong desire to see it, chances are Go will encounter it. In other words, Mew will also be in the Sword & Shield anime!

For a Pokémon we have known for so long, we surely don’t know what’s next for Mew. It may be symbolic to the Pokémon series as a whole, but why the resurgence in the Galar-based anime? And why the special treatment in Galar sans National Dex?

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