Starter Giveaway Winner!

As you may remember we recently held a giveaway for one of our lucky readers to win one of the Pokémon Center Galar Starter Pokémon plush. Today we’re happy to announce the winner!

We’d like to state that the winner was randomly drawn from an entry pool of over 4000 entries. A staggering number of you entered and we’re truly astounded at the number of fans we’ve got to date. We’re so happy to have a community of caring and passionate fans and we look forward to sharing the next Generation of Pokémon with you all! Thank you to everyone that entered!

Without further delay… the winner of the Galar Starter Giveaway is…

@WheresTheChum on Twitter!

Why not give them a follow and support a fellow Pokémon lover? But which starter did the choose? Sobble! Which starter would you have picked? We hope you enjoy your new Starter Pokémon @WheresTheChum and hope to see you around for a while to come!

But what’s next…?

The Path Continues

Our special countdown series The Path to Sword & Shield is still ongoing and we’re now in the final stretch before the games release. Once the countdown is over we still have tons of content to share with you and hope you’ll all stick around for it!

We know everyone loves when we host giveaways, so we thought we’d fit one more in just in time for the release of Sword & Shield. We won’t share any specific details yet, but tune in for the Sword & Shield Launch Day Special and you might just find another giveaway waiting for you!

Until then we’ll see you for 8 more days of content! Why not give us a  follow on Twitter and come join our Discord for constant Pokémon chat!