The Path to Sword & Shield: A New Adventure Awaits!

30 days until Pokémon Sword & Shield release!

We are edging ever closer to the release date of Pokémon Sword & Shield version and today the countdown official begins here on PokéJungle!

We took a Journey to X & Y, a Road to Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, Sun and Moon and now we’re back with The Path to Sword & Shield! This time our countdown is much, much bigger than before, with almost 30 days of planned articles, contest and giveaways. This is one of the most exciting countdowns we’ve ever had here on PokéJungle and we’re excited to have everyone beside us, each step of the way.

The Path is Long and… Varied

Starting today, right up until the release of the games, we have content planned for almost every day… but what can you expect to see? Here’s just a little teaser…

• A look at the characters we’ll meet on our adventures in Galar
• A tour of Pokémon Center London
Showdown Specials
• Pokémon Philosophies
• Creative contests
• Sword & Shield focused Lorekeeper’s Logs
• TCG discussions
• Discussion pieces on Sword & Shield features
• Giveaway…s
• And much, much more!

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the games and all of the content we’ve got planned for you all over the next 30 days. The team is so happy with how much we’ve grown in 2019 and we hope we can only go up from here on out. This countdown not only serves as a celebration of the upcoming games, but also one of the huge community we’ve all built on PokéJungle and all of our platforms.

You thought we were done? Think again!

Get your Spook On

Some of us on the PokéJungle Team know what’s up. We know Halloween is the best holiday. It’s a fact. With that out of the way we’re excited to announce our first ever Halloween Week 2019: seven days worth of spooky, Halloween-y content for everyone to devour.

Similarly to The Path to Sword & Shield we’ll have content aplenty, with a giveaway, contest and more. Halloween Week 2019 will run from October 25 until October 31st. See you all then for a week-long spook-fest!

The Path to Sword & Shield starts here!

PokéJungle Asks: Party in Galar

To kick things off with more than just an announcement, we’ve got a mini PokéJungle Asks for you! We want to know what your current planned team for your adventure in Galar is going to be. Have you got a full 6 member team mapped out, or only have a few Pokémon who have made the cut?

Get discussing in our comment section below, come chat on our official Discord server and follow us on Twitter for the latest Pokémon news and goodness.