[UPD] Famitsu Unveils Galarian Ponyta

Japanese publication Famitsu has just unveiled Galarian Ponyta in the first official mention outside of its initial reveal.

The new Pokémon—first revealed in the 24 hour Glimwood Tangle stream—has been confirmed as a Shield exclusive Pokémon. There’s uncertainty as to whether the image states the Pokémon is Fairy or Psychic type as the typing icon could be either.

While the image itself is scarce on details it does make note of Galarian Ponyta’s colouring and how it’s pastel mane can sparkle.

Stay tuned for more information on this pretty in pastel Pokémon. What type do you think Galarian Ponyta (and Rapidash?) will be? Let us know in the comments, or take the discussion over to our Discord server!

NOTE: Apologies for the previous error regarding the exclusivity of Galarian Ponyta. The Pokémon is exclusive to Shield version and not Sword.