Is Dynamax Mechanic a Simple HP Boost?

Speculation about the upcoming Dynamax feature of Pokémon Sword & Shield is running rampant after a recent comparison of pre- and post-Dynamax stats posted on Twitter.

As can be seen in the above pictures, Corviknight’s HP stat increased by 50% from 177 to 265 with no change to anything else. Dynamaxing other Pokémon also showed an increase to HP only. It is not entirely clear how the process of calculating HP after the three turns of Dynamax end, but it is probably based on percent which means the HP bar won’t move.

It is important to note that Dynamaxing a Pokémon also gives it access to Max Moves which are upgraded moves that have special secondary effects based on their type. These are the attacks we know of so far:

  • Max Airstream (Flying): Boosts user’s Speed stat
  • Max Darkness (Dark): Lowers opposing Pokémon’s Special Defense stat
  • Max Flare (Fire): Activates Harsh Sunlight
  • Max Geyser (Water): Activates Rain
  • Max Guard (Normal, Status moves): Protects against all attacks, but has a chance to fail if used in succession
  • Max Knuckle (Fighting): Effects currently unknown
  • Max Lightning (Electric): Activates Electric Terrain
  • Max Overgrowth (Grass): Activates Grassy Terrain
  • Max Rockfall (Rock): Activates Sandstorm
  • Max Starfall (Fairy): Activates Misty Terrain
  • Max Steelspike (Steel): Boosts user’s Defense stat
  • Max Strike (Normal, Attack): Lowers opposing Pokémon’s Speed stat

Based on what we know so far, it seems as if weather and terrain effects will play a large role in Dynamax-enabled battles considering many Max Attacks activate them.

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