Pokémon Sword & Shield UNIQLO Tie-in Revealed

The winners of UNIQLO’s UT Grand Prix 2019 have been revealed. Over 18,000 designs were submitted from all over the world and all winning t-shirts can be found here. The shirts will go on sale June 24 in-store and online.

UPDATE: The winner has been disqualified for selling his design previously. No shirt will appear in the upcoming games.

The top prize went to Li Wen Pei, a Chinese fan who designed a Monster Hunter-like Gyarados and Magikarp shirt. He was previously selling a similar t-shirt online though (against the rules), so whether that will affect UNIQLO’s choice has yet to be seen.

It has also been revealed that his shirt will be used in the upcoming games Pokémon Sword & Shield! Both the female and male trainers will be able to wear Pei’s design while on their Pokémon adventure!

This also seems to confirm that trainer clothing customization is coming back. Welcome confirmation for many fans, although a clothing store was glimpsed briefly in the Sword & Shield reveal trailer as well.

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