What Would be the Perfect Second Types for Sword & Shield’s Starters?

It’s time to do a little hypothesizing about the starters of Pokémon Sword & Shield before any further information is revealed. We know that the starters are pure Grass-, Fire-, and Water-type, but if they were to gain a secondary typing, what would you like to see?

There are a few criteria to base your decisions on:

  • Battle: Strategic type match-ups are key to Pokémon games and are doubly so for the starting trio.
  • Design: Do you think Grookey, Scorbunny or Sobble’s designs could lend themselves to fitting with a certain type aesthetically?
  • Creativity: Game Freak likes to tread worn paths, but being the first main RPG on the Switch could mean that they’re willing to take new risks…

I don’t want to influence any opinions, so I’m not going to post my own ideas… yet. Leave your thoughts down in the comments and be sure to give feedback on others’ as well!

Oh, and what did you think about that rumor that included the starters’ final evolution typings when their Spirit Armor was equipped…?

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