Pokémon GO: Regirock Arrives & Next Community Day

Regirock is now appearing as a Raid Boss worldwide in Pokémon GO. It is the final Pokémon in the Regi-trio and will be available for players to capture until September 30. Because it’s a Rock-type, we recommend bringing out your strongest Fighting-, Grass-, Ground-, or Water-type Pokémon to take it down! As long as you can wrangle enough players to participate in the raid, it shouldn’t be too big of a challenge!

The other piece of news revealed recently is that the next Community Day event will feature the lovely (and under-appreciated) Chikorita! Players will have three hours on September 22 to catch Johto’s Grass-type starter and evolving it to Meganium will allow it to learn an exclusive move! In addition, shiny Chikorita will be spawning during the event as well.

Excited to catch either of these Pokémon?! Although some dismiss it as a dead game, Pokémon GO actually managed to be the top grossing mobile title of July 2018 in the US! Impressive!