Four Unreleased Pokémon Designs Shown for First Time

A new manga (comic) has been released in Japan which details Satoshi Tajiri‘s life and how it lead up to the creation of the original Pokémon games. Tajiri is the co-founder of Game Freak, along with Ken Sugimori, and was chosen to be featured in the manga series which covers notable figures in Japan. Within the manga four previously unseen designs for Pokémon have been revealed; these ultimately did not make the cut and went unused in Pokémon Red & Green.

In the photo of the book, courtesy of current Game Freak employee James Turner, you can see an early design document with many familiar Pokémon—but a few that should look new!

  • #56 “Deer”
  • #62 “Kurokki” (Croaky?)
  • #67 Possibly Kakutasu (Cactus) [Thanks Dani!]
  • #68 “Jaggu” (Jag)

Definitely fun to see a new insight into one of the most popular franchises in the world! Out of those four, do you wish any had made it into Generation I? Let us know in the comments!