Pokémon Attractions Coming to Universal Studios!

And would you believe a local Florida news station was the first to report on it?

According to WFTV, several sources from within Universal Studios have confirmed that Pokémon attractions will be coming to Orlando in 2020!

The Pokémon rides will be added to the KidZone section of the park originally reserved for two Nintendo-themed attractions. But fret not – these two “axed” attractions will instead be moved to a recently bought, massive plot of land intended for a fourth Universal Studios Orlando park! This, of course, follows last year’s announcement that Nintendo will have a presence in Universal Studios Japan and California by 2023. Unfortunately, since the Pokémon attractions are only in the planning stages it will most likely be a good while before we get more news or even an official announcement.

However, there have been temporary PokéParks in Japan (2005) and Taiwan (2006) that may give you a small taste of what we can expect!

What kind of Pokémon rides and attractions would you like to see?

Thanks to our long time friend, Pokébeach for “randomly stumbling upon” this!