Weekly Wrap Up 4/2-4/8

Weekly Wrap Up is our end of the week digest of smaller news stories that are just as important, but didn’t get a dedicated post! If you’d like to get real time updates about what’s mentioned here you can follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Here’s what you missed from April 2nd to April 8th!

This Week’s Big Stories

APRIL FOOLS: Pocket Watch Announced for Switch!

Latios & Latias Land in Pokémon GO

New Pokémon Rumble Trademark Surfaces

Nintendo Switch Weekly

OhaSuta To Reveal Brand New Pokémon

  • Japanese morning variety show, Oha Suta, has announced that they will be airing a new trailer for Everyone’s Story featuring a brand new Pokémon on Monday, April 9th! This new Pokémon is most likely the yet to be officially announced Mythical Pokémon Zeraora

Year of Legendary Pokémon – Raikou & Entei Event

  • The special Raikou (Moon & Ultra Moon) & Entei (Sun & Ultra Sun) distribution has begun around the globe as part of the Year of Legendary Pokémon! Like the other distributions, the Legendaries’ level differs between games with Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon owners receiving the event ‘mon at Level 100 with a Gold Bottle Cap, and Sun & Moon trainers getting theirs’ at Level 60. Check out where you can get these special Pokémon in your neck of the woods!
    • US – Serial Code via Target locations, April 22nd to April 29th
    • Canada – Serial Code via the Pokémon Trainer Club Newsletter
    • Europe/Oceania – distributed over Nintendo Network until April 25th
    • Chile – Serial Code via Microplay stores until April 29th
    • Peru – Serial Code via Masgamers

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

  • The sixth Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Global Mission has begun! The latest Global Mission has trainers hatching as many eggs as possible with the goal of reaching 3,000,000 eggs hatched by April 16th. As usual, if the mission ends in success, all participating players will receive 2,000 FC (4,000 FC if connected to the Global Link), while a failure will result in participants only getting 1,000 FC (2,000 FC if connected to the Global Link)

Detective Pikachu

  • The special Detective Pikachu demo is now available in the US and EU eShop! Previously released in Japan before the game’s global release, this demo has you play as Detective Pikachu and Tim through the first two thirds of Chapter 1 – Tahnti Park and will allow you to transfer your progress to the main game later if you decide to purchase it

Pokken Tournament DX

  • Until tomorrow, you can participate in the “Searing Blaze” Group Match! Participation rewards players with a title reward based on Charizard, gaining more the higher you place


  • Following the 21st anniversary Bulbasaur face filter, and proceeding a promised Squirtle one, a Charmander filter is now available on the popular social media app! The filter adds a Charmander to the bottom of the screen, a “flame crown” of sorts to your head, along with a fire animation when you open your mouth

Pokémon GO

  • Mareep’s exclusive move for the upcoming Pokemon GO Community Day has been revealed! If you evolve Flaaffy into Ampharos during the event window on April 15th it will learn Dragon Pulse upon evolution! Check out when you can get your special Ampharos in your region:
    • The Americas and Greenland: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM PST
    • Europe, the Middle East, Africa, & India: 09:00 AM – 12:00 PM UTC
    • Asia-Pacific region: 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM JST
  • To coincide with Earth Day on April 22nd, Niantic is hosting local cleanup events around the world! Niantic has a list of local Earth Day events so be sure to check out one close to you! In addition to all players receiving a special avatar item to use in-game, if enough trainers attend these cleanup events there will be special bonuses for all players across the globe:
    • 1,500 Attendees: 2× Stardust for Grass, Water, and Ground-type Pokémon captures for 48 hours
    • 3,000 Attendees: 3× Stardust for Grass, Water, and Ground-type Pokémon captures for 48 hours

Pokémon Duel

  • A new Queen’s Cup event has begun in Pokémon Duel! This Cup runs until April 10th and has players battle to earn points and receive several bonuses including brand new Rotom related figures and plates which can’t normally be obtained outside of this event
  • Requiring 247MB, Version 6.0.0 of the popular mobile app is now available! ALong with the free sextuple boosters all players will receive, this patch adds a new tournament mode, new social features, and various new plates and figures,
    • New UX Figures: Black Kyurem, White Kyurem, & Kartana,
    • New EX Figures: Kyurem & Lurantis
    • New R Figures: Cacturne & Tangrowth
    • New UC Figures: Tangela & Fomantis

Pokémon Shuffle

  • The Latios Escalation Battle is available until April 17th
  • The following stages are all available until April 10th as part of week 8 of Pokémon Shuffle’s event cycle:
    • The Ultra Challenge Stage against Black Kyurem
    • The Great Challenge Stages consist of Wigglytuff (Winking), Totodile (Winking), Wailord, Palkia, & Toucannon
    • This week’s Daily Pokémon stages are Pikachu (Sleeping), Torchic (Winking), Treecko (Winking), Mudkip (Winking), & Castform (Winking)
    • The One Chance Per Day stage features Cosmoem
    • There’s a Special Stage for Shiny Mewtwo

Check out the official Pokémon merchandise that was either revealed, leaked, or is now available for purchase this week (big thanks to Pokéshopper as always for scouring the internet for merchandise news!):



What brand new Pokémon do you think, or want, to be revealed on Oha Suta this Monday?