Latios & Latias Land in Pokémon GO [UPD]

The next wave of Generation III Legendary Pokémon is coming to GO!

Starting later today the Legendary Eon Pokémon Latios and Latias will begin their stint as Level 5 Raid Bosses across the world! However which one you encounter will be dependent on your region: North America, South America and Africa will be home to Latios, while Latias will reside in Europe and Asia for now. Come May 8th the two Dragon/Psychic-types will switch regions until they fly away on June 5th – so be sure to get out and GO catch them while you can!

Anybody else have the memory of spending weeks (if not longer) trying to catch one of these roaming Legendaries in Gen III? Are you Team Latios, or Team Latias? And how’re those research tasks coming along?!

UPDATE: To go along with the release of Latios & Latias, Raid Bosses have been shuffled around:

  • New Level 1 Raid Bosses – Duskull & Shuppet
  • New Level 2 Raid Bosses – Sneasal & Misdreavus
  • New Level 3 Raid Bosses – Granbull & Pinsir
  • New Level 4 Raid Bosses – Houndoom & Walrein