Pokémon GO Announces Eggstravaganza 2018

Eggstravaganza is coming back to Pokémon GO!

Starting tomorrow, March 22nd, until April 2nd, trainers can enjoy the following bonuses to coincide with Easter:

  • All PokéStops will drop only special 2KM eggs that will hatch Pokémon normally found in 5KM or 10KM eggs – such as Ralts or Wynaut
  • Increased hatch rates for baby Pokémon such as Togepi or Pichu
  • Bonus candy for egg hatches
  • Double Stardust throughout the event

And to take advantage of the bonuses special boxes that include Super Incubators and Star Pieces will be sold for discounted prices within the ingame store!

Hopefully I can finally add the illusive Azurill and Wynaut to my Pokédex!