What Ever Happened to AZ’s Floette?

Pokémon X & Pokémon Y may have been released over four years ago, but a mystery still looms over the games… whatever happened to AZ’s Floette (also referred to as the “Eternal Flower” form) that was coded in as an event Pokémon but never released?

AZ was a mysterious character who is revealed throughout X & Y‘s story to be a former king that built a machine to resurrect his beloved Pokémon who died in a great war. Unfortunately, although successful, he was not completely satisfied simply to have his Floette reunited with him—he wanted to end the entire war. In order to do so he re-purposed his machine into a weapon of total destruction which was fueled by the very life essence of Pokémon around it. After using it, the war ended, but his beautiful flower Pokémon refused to forgive him for the deaths he caused and disappeared.

Although AZ ultimately reconciles with his Pokémon, players eagerly waiting for this unique Floette form have not had such an auspicious conclusion. The form is still unavailable to this day and has never been formally mentioned by GameFreak. What’s more, its base stats differed than standard Floette’s; altogether it has a BST of 551 while its normal evolution is just one point higher at 552 (a normal Floette has a measly BST of 371). This isn’t all that surprising though given that it is evolution-locked and cannot evolve into Florges. It also has access to a special move, Light of Ruin, which is the strongest Fairy-type attack, but is currently usable by no other Pokémon besides this unreleased enigma.

There are many theories as to why this may have been. Was it meant for another game, possibly a third title for Generation VI, which explored Kalos’ lore in greater depth? Was its grim history too much for a family-friendly game? Or was it coded in for an unused battle against AZ, only existing as a model for the NPC to use?

What do YOU think happened and would you like to see it distributed some day? Maybe in the X & Y remakes!