Pokémon Crystal Now Available on eShop

Pokémon Crystal, first released in English in 2001, is now available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in some regions and will continue to roll out globally as January 26th arrives in different countries.

For the first time ever English speakers will be able to access the special GS Ball mini-event which ends with the player encountering a level 30 Celebi in Ilex Forest. Whether or not you’re motivated by Celebi or pure nostalgia, the game retails for $9.99. Don’t forget that this landmark game was the first to introduce players to a choice of gender when starting the game, animated sprites when entering a battle and was the first game to add the challenging Battle Tower gauntlet.

We have some QUESTIONS for our readers who are planning to play which you can answer in the comments below:

  • What Pokémon are you thinking of using?
  • Do you think your play-through will differ from when you originally played the game?
  • What is your favorite animated Pokémon sprite in Crystal?

Good luck trainers!