Kanto or Sinnoh: Which Will See Switch Remake?

Many fans are eager for a return to Sinnoh—a region left unexplored since Pokémon Platinum was released in 2008 for the Nintendo DS—but it isn’t necessarily the only title which may see a remake in Generation VIII or beyond. Pokémon Red & Blue/Green never got a true remake on the Nintendo DS or 3DS, although Kanto was seen in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Solid information is nil on the Nintendo Switch Pokémon game, but interestingly enough rumors about Kanto and Sinnoh being remade keep popping up.


FOR: Haven’t seen Sevii Islands in almost 15 years, no true remake in just as long, more mature Red & Blue (JP Green) teased in Gen VII

AGAINST: Already saw Kanto in the Nintendo DS in 2009, Red & Blue have already gotten a remake, fans may be tired of the original story


FOR: Original DiamondPearl games came out over 10 years ago, fan interest in seeing Gen IV again is very high

AGAINST: Game Freak may be waiting to release their next remake considering Omega RubyAlpha Sapphire only came out 3 years ago

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Only time will tell, but let’s see what PokéJungle readers think is more likely to happen first!