Merry Christmas From Poké!

December 25th has finally arrived and Christmas Day is here! We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful day, whether you’re spending it with loved ones or on your own. From everyone on the PokéJungle team: Merry Christmas!

Please stay tuned for updates on some of our Advent articles, including the final round of our Showdown series! Christmas isn’t over just yet!

Please enjoy your day and feel free to share festive wishes and gifts in our comments below. Our Christmas spirit is ongoing and as such we’ve decided to extend our Christmas giveaway, it will now end at 12:00PM JST on 31st December 2017.

Details on entering our competition are below! We’ve added a bonus way to enter by retweeting a tweet, so be sure to check it out for one more chance to win! Remember, we’ll be announcing winners and prizes at the same time, so come back soon!

PokéJungle Christmas 2017 Giveaway

Once again, have a fantastic day! Merry Christmas to all and to all: a good night!

PS: we love you!