Showdown: Villainous Teams — Round III: Plans

Showdown is back and better than ever! For those that don’t know what our Showdown series is, or need a reminder: Showdown is where we hold a series of polls on our site and ask readers to vote for their top choice until we found our champion.

Voting periods will run for one week at a time and new rounds will begin on the following dates:

Round I: Leaders — December 2nd
Round II: Grunts & Admin — December 11th
Round III: Plans — December 16th
Round IV: Overall — December 23rd
Winner Announcements — December 30th

The results for Round II: Grunts & Admin have been counted, the polls are now closed! We’re happy to announce that the winner of the second round of our latest Showdown is… Team Skull! The Alolan Team Skull took first place with a 2% lead over Team Galactic.

The full results are as follows…

Round III will focus in the villainous plans of our Teams. Readers will vote and choose the team that they think had the best (or worst?) plan in the respective plans. Remember you’re voting for your favourite overall choice. For teams present in remakes and different generations: a vote for one counts as a vote for all variations of the team. A vote for Team Magma counts as a vote for both Third Generation and Sixth Generation iterations, for example.

Team Rocket

The ultimate goal of Team Rocket is to rule the world using the power of Pokémon. The entire team works together to steal and capture Pokémon that are then experimented on and sold on for profit.

Team Rocket’s oath “Steal Pokémon for profit. Exploit Pokémon for profit. All Pokémon exist for the glory of Team Rocket” is an excellent reminder of just how cruel the team really can be.

Team Magma

Team Magma is a team obsessed with the land. Their ultimate goal is to expand the worlds landmass.

After attempts to achieve their goal by causing a volcanic eruption are halted by a Trainer, they elevate their determination and choose to awake the Legendary Pokémon Groudon, wishing to use its power to grow the landmass of the planet.

In Omega Ruby Team Magma wishes to expand the landmass of the world in order progress the living conditions of humans.

Team Aqua


Archie and his team wish for the exact opposite of Team Magma. They wish to expand the amount of water in the world. Their initial plan involved flooding the crater of Mt. Chimney.

After a trainer stopped their plans, Team Galactic awakened Kyogre in an attempt to flood the planet.

In Alpha Sapphire Team Aqua wished to expand the ocean in order to wipeout humanity and provide Pokémon with an ideal environment, without interference from humans.

Team Galactic

Team Galactic is by far the team with the widest vision in their plan. They fight for their ultimate goal of not only recreating the Pokémon World, but the entire Pokémon Universe.

Galactic is perhaps the team capable of harnessing most power from Pokémon, effectively manipulating Dialga and Palkia, Pokémon capable of altering Time and Space respectively.

Team Plasma


The original goal of Team Plasma was fairly tame and civil compared to other villainous teams, but their action in order to achieve the goal were not. Plasma wished to liberate Pokémon from their trainers through any means necessary. Plasma were often found stealing Pokémon from their trainers, but occasionally would convince them through other methods. Team Plasma was eventually exploited by their leader Ghetsis who wished to rule Unova as the only person to use Pokémon.

After their initial defeat Team Plasma formed two distinct forces, one loyal to Ghetsis and his goals of ruling Unova and another loyal to N who chose to care for Pokémon in the wild.

Team Flare

Team Flare, found in the Kalos region, wished to create a better and more beautiful world for everyone to live in. While at first their goals seemed simple enough, eventually Lysandre, their leading, became nefarious in his actions and had no qualms about eliminating anyone who stood in the way of his dreams.

Team Skull


Team Skull was different to other villainous teams, in that they did not have a larger specific goal. They simply wished to cause chaos and strike fear into those in the Alola region. Because of this, they were not considered a major threat by residents of the region.  The team does however steal Pokémon from the trainers.


There is it! The third round in our Villainous Teams Showdown has begun! Get voting for your favourites and be sure to comment below with your thoughts and opinions on who deserves to win! Remember you’re voting for your favourite overall team here! Who has the best plan?!

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Be sure to check back next week for Round IV: Overall and stick around for more content as part of our ongoing Advent event!