Showdown: Villainous Teams — Round III: Plans

Showdown is back and better than ever! For those that don’t know what our Showdown series is, or need a reminder: Showdown is where we hold a series of polls on our site and ask readers to vote for their top choice until we found our champion.

Voting periods will run for one week at a time and new rounds will begin on the following dates:

Round I: Leaders — December 2nd
Round II: Grunts & Admin — December 11th
Round III: Plans — December 16th
Round IV: Overall — December 23rd
Winner Announcements — December 30th

The results for Round II: Grunts & Admin have been counted, the polls are now closed! We’re happy to announce that the winner of the second round of our latest Showdown is… Team Skull! The Alolan Team Skull took first place with a 2% lead over Team Galactic.

The full results are as follows…

Round III will focus in the villainous plans of our Teams. Readers will vote and choose the team that they think had the best (or worst?) plan in the respective plans. Remember you’re voting for your favourite overall choice. For teams present in remakes and different generations: a vote for one counts as a vote for all variations of the team. A vote for Team Magma counts as a vote for both Third Generation and Sixth Generation iterations, for example.

Team Rocket

The ultimate goal of Team Rocket is to rule the world using the power of Pokémon. The entire team works together to steal and capture Pokémon that are then experimented on and sold on for profit.

Team Rocket’s oath “Steal Pokémon for profit. Exploit Pokémon for profit. All Pokémon exist for the glory of Team Rocket” is an excellent reminder of just how cruel the team really can be.

Team Magma

Team Magma is a team obsessed with the land. Their ultimate goal is to expand the worlds landmass.

After attempts to achieve their goal by causing a volcanic eruption are halted by a Trainer, they elevate their determination and choose to awake the Legendary Pokémon Groudon, wishing to use its power to grow the landmass of the planet.

In Omega Ruby Team Magma wishes to expand the landmass of the world in order progress the living conditions of humans.

Team Aqua


Archie and his team wish for the exact opposite of Team Magma. They wish to expand the amount of water in the world. Their initial plan involved flooding the crater of Mt. Chimney.

After a trainer stopped their plans, Team Galactic awakened Kyogre in an attempt to flood the planet.

In Alpha Sapphire Team Aqua wished to expand the ocean in order to wipeout humanity and provide Pokémon with an ideal environment, without interference from humans.

Team Galactic

Team Galactic is by far the team with the widest vision in their plan. They fight for their ultimate goal of not only recreating the Pokémon World, but the entire Pokémon Universe.

Galactic is perhaps the team capable of harnessing most power from Pokémon, effectively manipulating Dialga and Palkia, Pokémon capable of altering Time and Space respectively.

Team Plasma


The original goal of Team Plasma was fairly tame and civil compared to other villainous teams, but their action in order to achieve the goal were not. Plasma wished to liberate Pokémon from their trainers through any means necessary. Plasma were often found stealing Pokémon from their trainers, but occasionally would convince them through other methods. Team Plasma was eventually exploited by their leader Ghetsis who wished to rule Unova as the only person to use Pokémon.

After their initial defeat Team Plasma formed two distinct forces, one loyal to Ghetsis and his goals of ruling Unova and another loyal to N who chose to care for Pokémon in the wild.

Team Flare

Team Flare, found in the Kalos region, wished to create a better and more beautiful world for everyone to live in. While at first their goals seemed simple enough, eventually Lysandre, their leading, became nefarious in his actions and had no qualms about eliminating anyone who stood in the way of his dreams.

Team Skull


Team Skull was different to other villainous teams, in that they did not have a larger specific goal. They simply wished to cause chaos and strike fear into those in the Alola region. Because of this, they were not considered a major threat by residents of the region.  The team does however steal Pokémon from the trainers.


There is it! The third round in our Villainous Teams Showdown has begun! Get voting for your favourites and be sure to comment below with your thoughts and opinions on who deserves to win! Remember you’re voting for your favourite overall team here! Who has the best plan?!

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Be sure to check back next week for Round IV: Overall and stick around for more content as part of our ongoing Advent event!

  1. For me easily Team Plasma.
    Although I am a massive Hoenn fan and admire the sheer evil behind TG, I feel that TP plan/purpose had this unparalleled depth and it played out really well in BW. It was a plan that made you think should there be liberation, should trainers have Pokemon but in the end still had the evil and psychotic Ghetsis manipulating for his own gain.

    I do like the simplicity yet effective TR approach ans Flare’s brutal approach. Skull are cool but were never a major threat.
    For me Plasma > Galactic = Magma/Aqua > TR > Flare > Skull.
    Galactic, Hoenn and TR for me are all very close.

  2. Also I must say I loved Aqua’s and Magma’s goal of expanding the sea and land respectively.
    They’re such crazy and senseless goals or means to their goals and that’s what makes them devastatingly good and also I love the theme of natures forces. Shame I couldn’t vote for them.

  3. I personally prefer Team Aqua’s plan as I really enjoy their ORAS designs plus a world of water would be pretty cool. Thankfully I didn’t choose a very unpopular opinion this time around.

      1. Also, I. Hate. N. He’s so obnoxious and just really irritating. His role in the anime, which was already awful, significantly decreased the little enjoyability.

  4. Oh, Team Galactic easy. I’ve already gone into why I think their plan is really cool in the team leader post so I won’t do that again. In short, their plot leads to a fun sci-fi adventure that has probably the best and most intense climax of any pokemon game due to actually achieving a lot of their goal combined with Spear Pillar’s ominous theme that really amplifies the tension.

    I really like Team Plasma’s plan until it’s undermined by Ghetsis just wanting to be evil. Opposing ideals was a better plot for that game than “stop evil man who wants to rule” (which is not truly Cyrus’ objective by the way if anyone was going to try and mention that). Luckily most of that great plot is about N’s different views than ours. They get second.

    Team Skull, as I’ve said a bunch of times, has a very unique plot that wasn’t fully explored. It could’ve involved the trial captains, giving us a plot to rival Black and White’s fun story that involved a lot of characters, and also dove deeper into characters like Plumeria that were largely unexplored. Instead they are basically shoehorned into the game and serve as just people you need to battle before you get to Lusamine. But I think they have a really good team hidden under all that Aether Foundation/Ultra Beast/Necrozma crap. It just didn’t mesh for me. 3rd Place.

    Team Aqua and Magma are fun and way over the top, nothing more or less. Good redesigns in ORAS. 4th.

    Rocket is okay? Their teams are boring though and I never liked the repetitious battles when dealing with them in Kanto and Johto. 5th.

    I have nothing good to say about the Galactic-rip off that is Team Flare. Horrible designs for the members (except maybe Malva who barely counts) and horrible plot. Last, and they will always be last.

    1. I respect your opinion and agree with most of it except I’d rank Plasma ahead of TG.
      TG had a great frantic end with Distortion world and the late game events. However Plasma had their moments too. Taking over the pokemon league!
      Although Ghetsis evil plan is the real backbone of TP I still feel it doesn’t overshadow the ideals theme.
      Overall TP and TG are best overall imo

      1. Plasma is definitely super close second. Plus I just love the diversity of the Unova region, which really makes a lot of the plot of Unova very memorable.

        1. I really miss unova. Looking back they were great games.
          Although I reserve judgement for DP remakes. Maybe TG will be that much better on the switch like how ORAS improved M/A.

  5. Plasma

    Followed by Rocket probably

    All the others had plans that were way over the top. Destroy the sea, destroy the land, destroy the universe and make a new one, use the ‘ultimate weapon’, and I don’t even know the purpose of Team Skull.

      1. Of course it wasnt, what was I thinking.

        I guess destroying the Land and Sea weren’t Maxie and Archies plans either, just side effects right?

        1. I mean, kinda? His plan wasn’t to “destroy the universe” It was to make a better one, which comes at the cost of the old going away. He never says, “I want to destroy the universe.” For him it’s all about making a new one. I don’t really see Cyrus as evil. He has done bad things, but with good intentions. He’s not really in it for himself.

          The whole thing with Maxie and Archie is that they don’t realize the consequences of their actions, while Cyrus does.

          1. Well we can argue he doesn’t realise the consequence of creating a world without emotion.

            But again I’m not really arguing In favour of Magma or Aqua either, just using them to counter point Galactic. While gen 3 and 4 were arguably th3 fan favourites we can’t deny the evil team plans were excessive.

          2. Yeah, you could definitely argue that. It would be interesting to see what that world would even have looked like. Probably not too different from the distortion world: bland and devoid of life (though the distortion world is cool, no one would want to live there). I think the difference for me is that Cyrus generally knows what he’s doing. He may not fully understand what his creation will be, but his convictions believe that it will be better. It’s not really something we, with our knowledge about the universe can predict. While for Archie and Maxie it’s, “there’s not enough of this, so let’s have more of this instead,” where scientific theory could definitely tell us how a world with no water or land would be. And it’s crazy that they just didn’t see that coming. It’s a silly plot, but fun if you take it as just that.

            That’s also an issue I have with flare. Lysandre’s plan to “destory this world to make it pure again,” is so dumb. Justifying mass suicide is literally stupid as hell. It’s not silly or interesting. Just dumb.

  6. I have to say I’m slightly disappointed Team Galactic are getting so many votes.
    Sure they are one of the stronger teams, their goal, admins, leader and how everything plays out in Platinum is really good. IMO a really a good team.
    However I feel they are a tad overrated and people tend to overlook other teams in favour of TG.

  7. TP has the best one, but it’s ashame that it literally just becomes a puppet plan for Ghetsis’ super cliché plan.

    Galactic is fun because Cyrus clearly knows what he’s doing (*cough Archie and Maxie cough*) and he has a goal that makes sense from his one beliefs. It’s pretty much an exaggerated version of Lysandre’s goal anyway hence why I score Lysandre under him (Lysandre’s goal was okay but the story really drags it down, as does his terrible team) and Guzma and Giovanni just don’t have plans, or have plans that are even more clichéd than Ghetsis’s.

    Cyrus > Ghetsis > Guzma > Lysandre > Giovanni > Maxie > Archie

  8. I still can’t get over Archie wanting to expand the seas tho

    Maxie’s makes a little sense because overpopulation in our own world is way more prevalent in land or fresh water in our own world, so if it’s reflected in Pokémon its still a bit dumb but makes sense

    Archie is just a total idiot because his world is probably already mostly water and the majority of Pokémon we’ve seen are land based. I just think he’s salty he failed geography and wants to piss off his old teacher

    1. For me that’s the appeal of magma/aqua. There goals make no sense and have no long term foundations.
      It’s the sheer madness which may harm their own team that stands out for me.
      All leaders are idiots one way or another.

    2. 1) so it can serve as an opposite to be Marchie’s rival.

      2) something they can use Kyogre for

      Still a pretty stupid goal that Aqua wants to achieve for literally no reason

  9. Plasma, even though its plan was just the typical dominate the world in the very end, had the best plan imo.

    Like, they actually try to convince people that they’re right and almost does so, but N really carried the team, he almost seems like he’s right and really pushes the black/white narrative of the game.

    For the other teams, rocket was evil just for the sake of being evil, magma and aqua were senseless beyond belief, galactic was too over the top imo, Flare is weird to me like, making the world more beautiful? What does that mean? And then he tried to destroy Kalos for some reason, and for Skull, their motives are unclear really, they want to disrupt the island challenge but they only tried to do that once..

  10. Finished USUM yesterday here are my thoughts.

    * In comparison to SM they didn’t have many changes, essentially a 3rd version game. What they added and changed were very good though.
    Not an issue for me as I only played SM once so the journey was still fresh for me.

    ** As a stand alone game. Wowow easily best game so far. Well polished. Rich in story and detail. I love everything from the region design, story, characters, graphics/overworld to post game.

    Stand outs are.
    – Side features such as M surf and the Ultra hole Warp ride are amazing and fun time pass.
    – Loved the story. Long and very engaging
    – Games were challenging and enjoyed the difficulty.
    – Characters such as Gladion, Lillie and Hau were very well developed. Kukui was good too.
    – Pacing of game was great.
    – Alola is beautiful. Malie City is the best.
    – Again a very long game.
    – RR episode was great way to wrap up the DS era.
    – No real weakeness in the game

    I do wish they lengthened the climax, gyms had some return and can’t think of much more atm
    These maybe the last poke games I play so a fitting end for me!

          1. I dont wanna waste money on a Switch that I will most likely use only for a potential Pokemon game.

            No I’m not really much of a gamer besides Pokemon.

          2. The 3DS I bought for my little brother, way back when it first came out, and yes I used it to play Pokemon. I only ever owned a 1st Generation one and never bought an updated one they released some years later.
            Since then he’s got a PS4 and mainly plays that now.

            Fun fact: I never owned an original Nintendo DS either.

          3. Would you consider selling your 3DS toward buying a switch then? I know you’d be giving up the ability to replay older pokemon games, but it would at least enable you to play the new titles.

          4. Lol, I’d be lucky to get £20 for it at this point. It’s not that I don’t have the money for it, I just think the money could be better spent elsewhere.

            Meh, don’t worry about it, life goes on, and Showdown still exists 😉

          5. 3DS was cheaper and didn’t have online fees (which Pokémon can choose to ignore but may not)

          6. Hm, good point. Forgot about the fee that will make trading, banking, and battling more difficult. Okay then I really hope they’re not pulling two versions bullsh*t going forward. That’s just too much money from the consumer.

      1. Not just Pokemon any game.
        I’m not 100% with this choice so we’ll see what happens.
        The reason being is I wanna grow out of gaming and focus on more serious aspects of life. I did say ‘may’ so we’ll just see what happens :]

  11. Hmmmmm dis is a toughy
    I would only vote to the most astronomical outcome to the world

    It boils down to
    Galactic for basically rewriting the laws of fundamental existence
    Flare for a threat of terrorism via a literal doomsday machine
    Plasma for their extremely unique and controversial liberation of Pokémon

    1. They’re not tho? They’re one group of people with one idea being manipulated by another person with conflicting ideals

      1. I think they’re talking about how they tell people to not use pokemon when they themselves do. Which I guess is a fair point, but it’s a pokemon game and the core thing of the series is to battle.

        The way I see it is that N was the only one from Plasma who really believed in liberating Pokemon. The Grunts/Sages and Ghetsis were just in it for themselves. N, I think, only uses pokemon that he befriends and decide to help him, which is what he comes to realize owning pokemon is all about.

        1. Nah, some of them definetly were in it for the Pokémon, as seen by ‘White Plasma’ in BW2. it’s just that if they didn’t use Pokémon any old trainer could btfo them and they’d never be seen as a worth dealing with

    2. They state it very early in the game why they use pokemon. It’s the only way to get trainers to listen to them is to beat them in a battle

          1. I played a bit of Yellow, and until the Grass-type gym of B/W, but really tons of the Pokemon feel really similar and both were equally boring, IMO.

          2. There is no grass gym leader in B/W. Unless you’re counting Cilan who is one option of the first gym leader.

          3. How is gen 5 gen 1 remade? Just because some gen 5 Pkm are based or inspired on gen 1 Pkm doesn’t make it a remake?

          4. I’m pretty sure the Pokemon company said that the Fifth Generation was a reboot of Gen 1 of sorts.

          5. It’s kinda like a reboot, but that only applies to Pkm designs and how you only encounter new Pkms in the main game.

            Everything else is completely different

    3.’s interesting with Team Plasma cos yes they do use Pokemon to achieve their goal of liberating Pokemon.

      But I see it as equivalent in the real world where we literally designed, and keep active weapons of mass destruction, in order to achieve peace.

      It’s hypocritical, yes, but it’s also necessary

      1. Still, they apparently kick a Munna, and they just feel like a rehash of Galactic, especially design-wise.

        1. Their goals are completely different though. And Galactic’s designs are supposed to be futuristic and alien, while Plasma are medieval.

          1. Either way I really didn’t enjoy the Gen 5 villains, just didn’t find them to be that interesting, plus, as it was only Gen 5 Pokemon, they kinda also felt like a revamp version of Rocket.

          2. They both relied on a legendary for their dirty work by the end though. Mew two with Giovanni and a fused Reshiram or Zekrom for Ghetsis.

          3. Not really with Lusamine/Guzma. In S/M you can consider Nihilego, but it’s not the main legendary, it’s an Ultra Beast. NECROZMA however controls a legendary.

          4. Mewtwo is never mentioned to be related to team rocket in gen 1.

            Plus Ghetsis didn’t need the legendary. N did. For reasons that were integral to the actual plot

          5. In terms of grunts, every evil team is a revamp of team rocket, except skull cuz they have better personalities

        2. *sigh*

          First off, that entire scene is supposed to show that the individual grunts don’t always practice what they preach and they may not truly believe it either.

          Second WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? Galactic was based on spacemen and Galactic were based on knights. How the hell do you miss that?

          1. I mean both of their leaders were pretty much genocidal maniacs and used technology heavily to succeed with their plans so those kind of make their main goal similar.

          2. Not really, I mean they both possess a legendary for their own goal/create their own legendary, with Mewtwo and Zekrom/Reshiram + the gray ice-type weirdo dragon.

    4. The appeal comes from how different and unique they were from other Pkm games, and how they’re one of the main causes as to why BW has such a good story

  12. A picked Skull because every single team has a nonsensical plan that sucks.

    Skull at least admits it’s just about fucking some sh*t up and nothing else. I can get behind that

        1. Seriously if they had been kept separate from the Aether Foundation I would have liked them that much more.

          1. But who cares though. It’s forces in near the end and it shouldn’t negate how ridiculous they are when they’re stealing a bus stop

            I just want some fun in my Pokémon games damn it

        2. But it literally destroyed any chance they had at being a good evil team. They’re just a different version of Rocket as is. Silly, less organized thugs

          1. Take away their personality though and they have nothing. I’m not even sure why they gave them a plan of interrupting the trials because they don’t even do that at all

          2. Kinda. Except the other teams have plans they follow through with, Skull has no plan, and run around doing random things.

          3. Exactly. Skull are all over the place. Like teenagers who drop out of education. At least the other teams had some purpose even if it was nonsensical.

          4. I guess that’s the point, but their collusion with AF is out of place and I think hurts what made them interesting

          5. It was a still an interesting plot twist or surprise when I first saw it but yeah it does weaken skull’s position in the game.

          6. It surprised many of us. Well it surprised me to see Guzma working for Lusamine. Never have we seen this in a Poke game before, which is why I say interesting plot twist.

          7. That’s fine, but it just bugs me they get tangled into a plot that didn’t need them and did nothing for them. They shoulda been separate

    1. Rocket’s plan isn’t nonsensical, just..okay. I would say that Skull also didn’t even know what they wanted or how to achieve it so they settled with being losers and thugs. Not sure that exactly makes them cooler than anyone else.

      1. Well ok Rocket isn’t bad? It’s just not very interesting. That’s perfectly fine though because in gen 1 that was all they needed but Team Skull was always the team I wanted.

        They didn’t want to destroy the universe, they just wanted to be rad bad dudes

          1. Well the plot sucked

            Sun and Moon would be way better without Aether if anything. They muddy it up.

            Which like, in a bubble I love Aether. But they totally conflict with the region itself anyways which I get was their intention, but I still enjoy low threat thugs to FATE OF THE UNIVERSE

            Just make Guzma after the legendary for some reason that isn’t world domination.

          2. Aether IMO is what made the plot interesting. Skull were just an annoying interrupting gang of failures that had no real purpose. They were like keyboard warriors, talk a lot but didn’t have anything to back themselves up.

          3. Aether doesn’t belong in this story. And it sucks because they take up most of if. But like, what does summoning ultra beasts or Necrozma have to do with the trials?


            You see like in gen one all the side plots kinda went together? Like you had the main plot of you beating gyms and getting stronger, then you had your rival who was always a step ahead of you and eventually becomes the champion, then Giovanni is the final gym leader so they all kinda tie in together

            But how do trials and interdimensional aliens have to do with eachother? Plenty of kids complete the trials so why the hell isnt someone like Kahili or Kukui fighting Necrozma

            Or… I don’t know? THE ULTRA RECON SQUAD

          4. The ultra recon squad are the most pointless addition to any pokemon game.

            And It’s annoying that GF did the whole trope of “you’re the only one who can stop Necrozma now!” when there are tons of characters out there who could come help. Hau straight up JUST LEAVES after Lusamine and Guzma yeet through the wormhole so he can go be more strong. Wtf? No, you little bitch, you’re going to come help me fix this sh*t.

            I would literally be calling up everyone telling them to get their asses to the altar of sunne and moone.

          5. They do belong in the story as right from the beginning they are introduced and slowly developed towards the climax.
            I liked it in SM because of Lusamine but I guess in USUM they looked a little out of place.
            Maybe if URS were the evil invading team and AF were helping us and weren’t villians, I guess that would be an alternative way.

          6. Lillie and Lusamine’s plot weighs down the entire game because it stops you to tell you story involving them.

            Skull at least has its own encounters. They should’ve been fleshed out more because they’re great.

          7. Skull defos had some strong points. The development of them being one family of failures. Guzma and Plumeria were cool.
            IDK I think if they had URS as the evil team or no URS and have TS as the evil team and have AF opposing them.

          8. It’s just unfortunate because having both in the same story lead to neither reaching their full potential. I’m not even sure how it could be fixed without completely removing one from the game. Or just made the whole Necrozma and Aether Foundation thing a post-trial plot. So by the time they come around, Skull is more developed and wrapped up.

    2. Skull have to be the most boring, non threatening and lifeless team of them all regarding their goals/purpose IMO.

        1. Lifeless in their goals. They had plenty of life as individuals but no real conviction in their purpose.
          Sorry bad wording on my part :]

          1. Yeah I see what you mean. It was fun in its own unique way but for gen 8 I’d like something different.

          2. I would say expect them to go back to basics for the plot to draw genwunners and casuals in. Nostalgia will most likely be a huge marketing ploy and Kanto will be dick rode some more

          3. They did it when pokemon made the leap to the 3DS, so I would expect it to be even worse with the jump to the switch, which is more aimed at adults who are more likely to be genwunners

          4. Hmm possibly who knows.
            I do feel with gen 7 they shifted their focus towards the games being more challenging and not all for the young ones. Like the direction felt more mature in other aspects as well.
            Of course we had plenty of gen 1 pampering.
            I honestly think gen 8 is a reboot and it will be similar to BW.
            The move to switch is massive and GF know they have to cook something big and maybe to waht they’ve been doin for 20 odd years now.
            I think for GF at some point they have 2 think it’s time to make a change and take a few risks and I think that point is switch/gen 8.

          5. Not necessarily. I want something different from anything we’ve seen. I would like them to be intimidating though.

          6. Lack of conviction on their goal? As far as I can tell, their goal was just to mess around and they were pretty convicted to that.

            I’d call their goal confusing cuz they say their goal is to ruin the trials but they only do that once.

            If they said that their only goal was to make Alola a mess like they do in the game, then I wouldn’t have any problem with them really

          7. Yes. Especially towards the end with AF. An evil team which in the end was working for another organisation. This has never happened in any of the prev games.
            I guess they had conviction in causing mischief and mayhem but in a broader sense they didn’t feel relevant. Like street thugs compared to large mafias.

      1. Why because they were actually fun?

        Can we stop judging Pokémon teams by how serious they are because other than I guess Plasma they are all ridiculous.

        Skull at least recognizes this.

        How dare we have a team that isn’t threatening the world. How dare we have a team that’s just fun

        1. Sorry that’s just what I like to see in a team. I don’t mind the fun aspect just wanted them to have more strength. I liked them but preferred the other teams for being the leading force of evil rather than the assistant team.

        2. Fun is stupid, they’re a bunch of lowlives who are widely acknowledged as public nuisances at best

  13. out of sheer boredom or insanity i booted up my Crystal rom to scope out my run, and i’ve spent over 20 in game hours smashing Phanpy’s skull into every tree in hope of finding a Heracross and there are NONE of them in Azealea town or route 33

    1. got my Larvitar from a tree and now i’m fighting Blissy after Blissy to power level, or i can just summon some Steelixs or Scizors and play with them i don’t care anymore i’m bored and lonely

      1. Even a level 22 Larvitar 2 levels higher than Whitney’s FAT COW WITH A TYPE ADVANTAGE AND ALL HER MOVES ARE INEFFECTIVE AND STILL BSs a win!

        Rock Slide missed and Milk Drink was spammed

        1. She’s a nightmare

          And at that point in game she meant to be OP as

          Only about 4 Pokémon in game have a type advantage at that point and only one is 50/50 Gender, being Geodude (Gender 100% matters in this battle) and starters being 12% female doesn’t help, also knowing about only 1/5 of Pokémon can out speed it then as well

  14. Come ON!!! I dont understand how synchronize is 50% but it only works 25% of the time. Sync should just be1 00%, it isnt a 50% to spread the status the ability says.
    I had to SR my shiny Blacephalon because it didnt get the sync nature. Stupid RNG game.

    Anyway Im voting Plasma, I liked their idea of trying to trick people to rule the world. It was a pretty smart plan. I wish it went more in depth on who it affected though. Because as we know it literally the only person ‘tricked’ was N. There were no trainers that said they released their pokemon like Plasma wanted

      1. Yea it’s annoying. I did it on purpose. I have no use for a not good nature shiny blacephalon. I REALLY want it with the right nature

    1. There should be a hold item that makes it 100%. I can see why it isn’t normally since you might just be using a Pokemon with Synchronize in your playthrough.

  15. I vote Rocket as

    Meh Aqua and Magma have interesting goals, but they rely too much on Kyogre and Groudon for the plans

    Galactic is good, but they have some very unrealistic goals. Also why didn’t they battle using the Lake trio after they captured them? Seems now like it would’ve been a fun challenge

    Plasma tbh I don’t like, they act too much like real life politicians, says they want to do one thing and then do the opposite. And let me say it… I hate their redesigns

    Flare had a philosophical goal, but they didn’t do it very well and they really were boring as they primarily carried non challenging generic Pokémon like Electrike and Houndour. And there admins… they had 0 relevance at all

    Skull didn’t have a big motive, but they at least owned up to the fact they just wanted to f*ck sh*t up just because, so they would be my second choice if I had one

    1. Oh and a little pissed at Go

      Went to the Grocery store and hatched a 5k egg that I’ve been at for about a week and it was a Stantler…. Damn It!

      Needed Diglett, or Mankey, or Vulpix, or Poliwag, or Machop! Why did it have to be Stantler!?

      And 2 Zigzagoons, A Skitty and an Abra all fled while I was there!

          1. I swear I read it somewhere, but I can’t find it. Ugh. Maybe I imagined the whole thing. But I do know Bulbapedia hasn’t updated for a majority of USUM content anyway

  16. Rocket’s plan was bland af.
    Aqua and magma was so stupid.
    Skull didn’t even have a plan and their interaction with aether was so poorly handled.
    Flare sounds good on paper, using doomsday weapons which was used 3000 years ago to kill everyone you don’t like. But it was trash.

    Galactic was over the top but was handled really well. I liked the whole red chain thing and cyrus was a pretty good evil team leader.

    Plasma had the best plan by far.

  17. It surprises me that TG are dominating these polls especially this one when you have IMO and many others below Team Plasma who for many had the best and most well thought out goals and development.
    Granted TG are really strong too but I feel nostalgia is playing a big part here

      1. You know I agree with you on that one. I’m smelling genfourers wow never thought we’d get a successor to the lame genwunners xD

  18. ALSO PJ ADMINS we should after completing this series do a showdown on regions with sub categories such as region design, towns/cities, routes etc
    And another on “best games” having rounds such as region design, pokes introduced, characters, evil team/plot, rivals etc
    I think both would generate a lot of interesting discussions!

    1. Sure you actually caught me at a perfect time as I literally am doing nothing rn

      I will need to do it now only cause I soon might have to cook dinner (We making pizza)

          1. You’ve got to be kidding

            The one time I need common encounters I find Natu and Nosepass And holy sh*t if you spin the circle pad enough you spin in a direct circle and make a pose

            Crap says I need a stupid update brb

  19. If there exists any renegade assassines, mercenaries or angels of death please kill me now

    I’m stuck at a Christmas party and….it’s….how do I put this as politely as possible
    It’s full of shortbus attendees

  20. Gads lads I can’t wait for the day I finally encounter a shiny Pheramosa and then ignorantly SR on it.

  21. I know it’s kind of lame, but I gotta say TR had the best over all plan. It was the most realistic and had goals that were attainable in an average sense. All the rest would ultimately end up in destruction for anyone and everyone. TR had a decent plan honestly. TS I guess had reasonable plans…….but they didn’t really have a plan soooooooooo ok

    1. That’s what I like about TR and Giovanni. They have a very straightforward plan and are a team/Leader who are very resilient and do not self explode unlike the others.

      1. Yeah definitely. Are they the most exciting and interesting? No prolly not, but they do have a plan the was realistic and didn’t end in the world blowing up.

    2. Probably because there the games grew.. the more those at GF felt the need to make the games more wild and the schemes more nefarious

    1. Earthen as Rhyperior, he has a no nonsense approach.
      Yourself as a Whismur, the crying Pokemon :] ?

          1. A ditto assumes they’d attract a mate
            I’d say cryogonal because it has attract but it has no way of working

          2. The smooth ice, the cold persona acts as a shield to all kind of BS. They aren’t phazed easily.
            Although they appear cold to some, they’re quite warm from the inside.
            ^ Do me a favour and pass that onto TPCI in time for gen 8. We burning ?

          3. You’re less cool and more ‘AI trying to replicate human behaviour and failing quite badly’

          4. If you keep talking crap, I might mistaken you for a Muk. Oh wait that wouldn’t be a mistake would it? :] ?

          5. If your insults were any shíttier, I’d mistake you for the toilet. I mean, you’re both full of crap and take the piss.

    2. Star – Brionne
      Seraph – Shuppet
      Kurusu – Bidoof
      Earthen – Bewear (but one that tries to be intimidating)
      PJ – Leavanny

  22. Well this night is excruciatingly painful
    One guy is screaming his every word and one kid is WAY too into the BOP-IT he brought

      1. Alright but you do realize the building and land will be rendered uninhabitable and lifeless for generations to come

      1. Yeah it’s not like arson or kidnapping the pope

        …well this party wasn’t just some crappy Christmas party it was also a makeshift Smash Tourny and when I say makeshift it was just so out of regulation I mean just all over the place

        And after placing 3rd in a chaotic 7man match I demanded a 1v1 match to prove that the only true skill comes from 1v1 bouts

        And naturally I was victorious but the guy I knew was calling me out that when I’m in competitive mode I’m a total asshole and I feel kinda guilty

          1. I’m gonna apologize if and when i see him next week

            But I still stand firmly that all tournaments should always be 1v1

            Because 4 man free for alls can easily single out each other and gang up

          2. You know that you were in the wrong and you want to apologise

            I see nothing bad here dude. Glad to hear you’re gonna resolve it

  23. Here’s what I’d compare each villain to their Disney villain counterparts
    Giovanni – Evil Queen
    Maxie – Jafar
    Archie – Captain Hook
    Cyrus – Fantasia Devil
    Colress- Hans
    Ghetsis – Evil Church Minister from Hunchback of Notre Dame
    Lysandre- Hades
    Lusamine – Yzma
    Guzma – Pete

      1. I also chose him as Lysandre advocates death of sorts whereas Hades is LITERALLY death, and they both have fiery styles, both literally and figuratively. Also; Lusamine is a mixture of Mother Gothel and Yzma, as both of them are narcissistic yet comedic and enjoyable villains.

  24. For that side quest with the Hispanic girl and the Dugtrio, when she said “!Heramosa” or something, I thought she was literally talking about Pheramosa as it does have beautiful locks of hair, but turns out it wasn’t and was Dugtrio. Well, I learned two things; 1), One part of Pheramosa’s name means beautiful, and that Spain is confirmed.

    1. *Hermosa.
      There’s also no reason to believe that this has anything to do with Gen 8’s region.

        1. Tsareena’s name partly comes from Tsarina/Tsaritsa, which is Russian. So is Russia also a possibility?

          1. Definitely not. It was made in Two twenty sixteen whereas that girl existed as of two twenty seventeen thus time wise its closer to g8 than the other.

          2. TLDR; There’s a higher chance of something added during USUM to be hinting at the next region than in the original.

  25. Here’s a fun challenge:Explain something you like as badly as possible. If you need an example:Muscle bound men beat the s**t out of each with ghosts

    1. Ah that makes sense, having a third game on an entirely different console wouldn’t have made sense and would’ve stretched an entire gen into two different console gens. I think although it was divisive, it was a good idea to make the third game more of an “enhanced” version, as they can now fully work on an excellent, HD and more powerful 8th Gen instead of a third Gen 7 version.

  26. So haven been building a lot of OU teams lately with a different twist to my usual teams. Looking to use mons I don’t usually and creative sets.
    I really need to try other tiers such as UU.
    I think I’ll own UU easy with ny OU performances, who knows??

    1. I found Hoothoot to be really bland and too uninteresting to be Psychic whereas Noctowl should’ve been Dark or Ghost-Flying.

  27. I’d like to apologize for going way overboard in being random occasionally, sometimes I just get this urge to be random and am in humorous moods like that :P. Also apologizing for the B/W thing and I really didn’t have any good points TBH, I just hated G5.

    1. Dude it’s fine, you have opinions.

      As for the ‘random’ thing, everyone does it when they first join. It’s part of a learning curve. Don’t worry too much about it

    2. No need to apologise. You were just expressing your opinions like many do here.
      However I’m a big gen 5 fan so prepare yourself for battle!

  28. I mean Team Rocket were just Simple Yakuza who happened to have developed an Uncontrollable Living Superweapon.

  29. So was watchin some hoenn anime and may said to the gang that drew is heading to Johto.
    To which Brock laughed in happiness “Ah what do you know! Johto!” Reminiscing the good old Johto days.
    Man I miss Johto!

    1. Me too. Also, speaking of Hoenn, do you remember that part where Pikachu and Swellow used thunderbolt to create an electrical shield and break through physically a figurative move (Light Screen)?

          1. No it was just a joke on how Solrock and Solgaleo and Lunatone and Lunala have the same prefixes yet are not related one bit.

    1. I hope you realise Spongebob is full of stuff that out of or even in context contain inuendo’s. It’s a show made for both kids and adults that enjoy stuff in their own way.

  30. Shout out to the Gen where GameFreak was lazy enough to make literal reskins separate Pokémon (at least the Kami trio got their therian formes to make them more than palette swaps)

  31. There are 2 conflicting possibilities I would like for Gen 8
    1. It’s like Gen 4 and introduces a bunch of New pokemon related to old ones.
    2. it’s like Gen 5 and the only Pokemon there are new ones.

    A compromise might be only the old ones related to the new mons are included.

    1. If the 2nd one happens I am going to abstain form playing, that reason makes up 75% of the reason why I DESPISED Generation 5. Making a region homogenous to the Pokemon exclusive there is an awful idea and polarizes the other Gens.

      1. I know the feeling. I felt it too in BW but tbh it’s kinda cool having a fresh experience. Plus it does get kinda stale seeing same mons over and over.
        I feel like pokemon is in need of a reboot/or even a fresh gen

        1. Yeah, post game, but it really restricts the diversity of your team. I mean, with a smaller amount of Pokemon available, the higher th chance you’ll share a similar team with someone else. I prefer the ability to have a much more unique team.

          1. i dont see the issue with only using natives in the main story. Black and White did that and they are one of the best games of the series

          2. Yeah but that’s also what caused it to be the most divisive games.. I personally dislike being forced to use limited Pokemon, especially when at least half of them are clearly ripoffs or fake evolutions of other Pokemon.

          3. I personally always do that except in X where I used Venusaur and Lucario because of their Megas.

          4. Uh I kinda liked that, they made the region more unique and fresh because you don’t encounter the same old Pkm over again. And for diversity, is not bad, there’s still over 150 Pkm after all.

          5. Too bad lots of them weren’t ‘original’ pokemon if you know what i mean. Patrat? Unovan Rattata. Pidove? Unovan Pidgy.

      1. … the combined Kalos Dex has 454 Pokemon, the original Alola Dex has 300, and the Ultra One has 400, without Mythical Pokemon. And the New Unova Dex had 297 without Mythics too.

        1. I meant that they introduced very little (Sylveon only) Pokémon properly related to old ones, mainly because of Megas and Alolan forms. Those two can die in a fire, I want some more evolutions.

          1. I mean, it’s nice that they wanted to do something different for a change and Megas are not that bad, but they’re still mostly “What if X, but with spikes” and they robbed some borderline Pokémon off a proper evo that will keep on being supported a few years down the line. Alolan forms will likely never even return again I’m afraid.

    2. I’m presonally hoping Gen 8 will emulate Gen 4 as there are a LOT of pokemon that could use a second or third form. from more recent generations and older generations. Personally hoping for some love for my main man dunsparce. ;w;

    3. Eh at this point gen 4 really, we’ve already gotten enough gen 5s so I think it’s time now for some old Pkm to get love.

      But maybe GF doesn’t want genes anymore cuz they haven’t done them in a long time

      1. Again… I don’t mema they have no relatives… I MEANT NO OLD POKEMON IN THE DEX AT ALL… WHICH ONLY HAPPENED IN ORIGINAL BW.

    4. I’m kinda hoping for #2. Things have been happening to old Gen Mons for 2 generations that I’m kinda getting sick of old Pokemon.
      TBH I just want it like Gen 3. A lot of new Pokemon, but still some old ones. But I am very sick of Kanto pokemon
      There’s too much pandering to them

        1. I’d like that I guess if its not too repetitive. Im just saying Im sick of seeing Gastly’s, Machops, Zubats, Geodudes, Beldums, Salamences,flygons, wingulls, caterpie, feebas’s, snorlax, magikarps, every single game.

  32. How do i remove pokemon from a battle team? I have a couple i wanna transfer to usum but dont know how cos they’re locked

    1. When did you participate in a tournament last? You would need to not be in one and also go to online competition for it to unlock it.

      1. Eh i think it was the last one in SuMo for the mega stones pack that included ampharosite (forgot the name)

  33. The Last Jedi was amazing! Jarjar, the USS Enterprise, finding the Lost Ark, finally defeating Ra’s al Ghul, I enjoyed every minute of it!

    1. You should use spoiler tags, some people unlike us haven’t seen it yet, you are ruining major stuff.

  34. I feel just horrible rn

    Monkeyfuzz I am sooooooo sorry I couldn’t get back to you because my family started a movie and they don’t allow phones during and couldn’t

    I’m headed to bed, but tomorrow I promise I will get online to trade

  35. Okay Junglers, we need to talk.
    It’s OK to not vote everytime for Team Galactic. After all, their plan was they didn’t have a plan. What were they going to use the new universe for? They had like no concrete idea to improve on what already existed, they were trying to grab power just to have power. So their plan is A for possibilities and F for execution and ideas. Not to mention their sideplans. Stealing the energy from six windmills? That’s enough to power medium sized factory, how would it even help you create a new universe? Bombing the safari zone?

    Also, Team Magma and Aqua had some very good intents (actually making a peaceful world) but they failed somewhere on high school geography:

      1. I felt Plasma had the most dark plan but also the most conflicting since it would honestly make a trainer think twice of their bonds with Pokemon.

        1. It really did honestly. I remember enjoying the story of black and white so much. I loved how he gym leaders ACTUALLY did something at the end! And I loved how it had nothing but new Pokémon pre post fame! I still remember my original team too!
          How i remember my full team I will never know lol I may try to think of all my original teams honestly

          1. *chuckle*
            Samurott, Mienshao (after some breeding), Seperior (breeding), Dreggion, and Excadrill.

          2. I am actually drawing a blank on my team. I for some reason remember using a heatmor in one of my playthrough and keep thinking it was the first one. So maybe my team was actually
            Honestly it isn’t easy to remember fully with how long it’s been. I just know for a fact I used krookodile and galvantula. reuniclus too

  36. I can’t vote twice?

    But seriously. Having Team Skull around was a fresh breath of air. It was clear from the very beginning you weren’t supposed to take them seriously and that’s fine with me.

    I voted team Plasma because unlike the other groups on this list, they probably have the most diversity that came with their group. They are currently the only group in which they function akin to an actual cult. There are separate factions that broke off from the originals, there are some members that got spread out. Hell, the Unova region didn’t forget them in B2W2 either! I replayed the games recently and they are mentioned everywhere. Way to leave an impression! I really prefer seeing more of the aftermath of these types of groups other than they just disappear forever like a certain other leader….

  37. So I just found out Facebook is getting a snooze button. My first thought was that I can snooze all the Pokémon pages once the switch games are revealed and we see the starters lol yeah I will probably leave this site once that happens. I want to go into the gen 8 pokemon games completely blind unlike the past few gens. I want to decide my starter and not know how it’s going to evolve and to be shocked at all the new Pokémon I find. The last time this happened for me was diamond and I desperately want that experience again!

    1. Same, I haven’t had the experience of going in blind since my first games and I kinda miss the magic of it

      1. It isn’t going to be easy that’s for sure. I am hoping to go in completely blind minus the starters and cover legends obviously and go from there. Pick the starter I like best and be surprised at how it evolves.

  38. I’m once again going to voice my opinion on how flawed this polling is in not including the aether foundation since Team Skull ended up being a puppet in Lusamine’s plan to obtain cosmog and open the Ultra Wormwhole which imo is a great plan was well orchestrated by utilising another team as a front and using the facade of the foundation’s work of conserving Pokemon. Sigh, but I’m going to vote anyway and of course it’ll go to team galactic.

    1. Aether foundation isn’t evil though…the workers werent in on lusamines plans and were just told to stop intruders. They’re a legit conservation group, hence why the only people who leave it in SM at least are Lusamine and Faba

      1. Are you forgetting all the grunts we battled the second visit to the Aether foundation? not to mention Faba and the three scientists. THEN we battle Team Skull and Guzma. I think that whole sequence pretty much illustrates how the organisation pretty much functions for Lusamine and her plans and that she also employs Team Skull as a puppet organisation in her schemes.

  39. Ultra sun journey update. Just finished up the ghost trial and this is my team as of now! I am really enjoying this game for the most part! Next step kick team skull around and get ready to head to poni island! I am so excited to my final member! Got a nickname and everything picked out for it! Btw thank you monkeyfuzz for helping me nickname jellicent! I went with something. Little more unknown for gliscor though! A Godzilla character I didn’t know about until now!

        1. I would like to discuss it further but I was told to not post spoilers, even with spoiler tags. So I will refrain for now…

          1. Who told you that? If you spoiler tag it should be perfectly fine. People need to grow up, nobody forces you to read a clearly flagged spoiler tag.

          2. I do agree, but I didn’t want to upset anyone.


            I’ll touch on a few things:
            1. The subplots didn’t lead anywhere or achieve anything. The resistance was useless, and literally bank their entire worth on someone who’s been in hiding for years. I don’t see the purpose of Finn and Rose, or even Poe in the film. They literally achieve nothing.

            2. I think Luke’s arc was done decently, but I dislike that they merely touched on the whole good vs evil debate but didn’t think to explore it further. Fair enough the movie wasn’t supposed to be action packed but at least hit home with the philosophical stuff.

            3. They didn’t answer any of the mysteries from the TFA. Fair enough I didn’t expect them to answer everything, but surely the point of the second part is to answer some, slightly explore others and create further questions for the next movie.

            I know people argue that this is Rey’s story and nothing to do with the Skywalkers or whatever but they literally spent two entire films banking on Luke Skywalker to save the day. I think certain characters were wasted, the dialogue was poor for Star Wars standards and nothing of any real consequence happened other than Kylo Ren becoming supreme leader, and becoming even more unhinged. Even the deaths I didn’t care about, cos I knew nothing about Snoke, had no connection to him, and Luke’s lacked any kind of emotion

          3. Okay since you didn’t bring this up and I thought this was the worst part of the movie
            thoughts on snoke and his poorly timed death?

          4. Thing is he was built up so much in TFA that I expected more from him. I wanted to know where he was from, how he came to be what he was, not like a full biography but something. Instead he is a tool for Ren to become more evil which doesn’t really work. It’s a shame as I really like the fight after he kills him. When his top half is seen on the floor his face is hilarious to me.

          5. I felt nothing since I had absolutely no connection to him is the the honest answer. We are given no informtion about who he is or his importance in the story. He is literally one of the many Storm Troopers that die daily in the First Order.

          6. The thing is I didn’t really see any potential that was different to what we’ve seen before with Palpatine and Vader. I’m ok with them getting rid of the character to avoid it becoming a rehash of the original trilogy, but like I said it just wasn’t executed well

          7. It will be the focus of IX, for sure. I guess he will come back in some form or the other, the Luke/Kylo sequence will likely get explained more too.

          8. Luke will probably turn up near the end as a force ghost. His astral projection proves how blinded by rage Ren is that he doesn’t notice Luke isn’t really there.

          9. To be fair they still need a third movie to sell. I’ll write my thoughts after dinner but I really really liked it. Mostly because of the fact that nothing really succeeded, which is a good refresher from the standard movie plots. Also the lightspeed ship crash has to be one of the best cinematographic scenes in film ever.

          10. True, I agree that the movies have to be seen as part of a trilogy, so we will see what the finished product looks like.

            Also there is a fine line between the heroes not succeeding and them coming across as complete jokes.

            And yes, that scene was indeed fantastic.

  40. Reposting this From last night with clarification since a lot of people didn’t seem to get it…

    There are 2 conflicting possibilities I would like for Gen 8
    1. It’s like Gen 4 and introduces a bunch of New pokemon related to old ones.
    2. it’s like BLACK AND WHITE and the only Pokemon there are new ones(No, this has not happened for 3 Gens Dae.)

    A compromise might be only the old ones related to the new mons are included.

  41. So in my hacked Crystal
    Feraligatr 37
    Donphan 32
    Ursaring 34
    Golbat 34
    Pupitar 31

    And i discovered that i can make any pokemon shiny via input for Lake of Rage’s Gyarados, and i got a Shiny Scizor

      1. I’m just bored and I never do this kinda stuff but I have to say it’s fun having only Blissys to grind

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