Showdown: Villainous Teams — Round II Grunts & Admin

Showdown is back and better than ever! For those that don’t know what our Showdown series is, or need a reminder: Showdown is where we hold a series of polls on our site and ask readers to vote for their top choice until we found our champion.


Voting periods will run for one week at a time and new rounds will begin on the following dates:

Round I: Leaders — December 2nd
Round II: Grunts & Admin — December 11th
Round III: Plans — December 16th
Round IV: Overall — December 23rd
Winner Announcements — December 30th

The results for Round I: Leaders are in! We’re happy to announce that the winner of the first round of our latest Showdown is… Cyrus, Leader of Team Galactic! Cyrus ended up with only a slight 2% lead over Giovanni of Team Rocket. Full results can be found below!

Note: Ghetsis and Colress have been combined into one percentage and will be counted as such for final vote counts.

In Round II everyone will be voting on their top Grunts and/or villains of teach team. Grunts are often some of the most commonly met trainer types in our Pokémon adventures. Admins provide support to Team Leaders and can prove quite a challenge in battle. Remember you’re voting for your favourite overall choice and a vote for Team Magma counts as a vote for both Third Generation and Sixth Generation iterations, for example.

Team Rocket

Admin members: Archer, Ariana, Petrel and Proton

Team Rocket’s admin staff are classified as Executive Trainers. These trainers all do their best to stop trainers in their attempts to foil the plans of Team Rocket, with challenging battle and no limit to the execution of their plans.

Grunts of Team Rocket are often considered fairly easy opponents, with a limited set of Pokémon used on their teams they rarely pose a true threat to trainers. Rocket Grunts seemed to have their appearance based on that of a typical cartoon criminal.

Team Magma

Admin members: Courtney and Tabitha

The two Admin members of Team Magma both play large roles in assisting Maxie to achieve his plans for Team Magma and the Pokémon world. Team Magma Grunts and Admin are mostly themed around the colour red, with no other obvious influences.

Team Aqua

Admin members: Matt and Shelly

Matt and Shelly play the same roles as Courtney and Tabitha: assisting their team leader in achieving their goals. The entirety of Team Aqua has their aesthetics themed around pirates, particularly their outfits.

Team Galactic

Admin members: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Charon

Admin members of Team Galactic fall under the Commander trainer class. Each Commander of Team Galactic is named after an object within our solar system. All members of Team Galactic wear outfits that are visually like spacesuits, this results in people who unaware of the team to refer to them as spacemen.

Team Plasma

Admin members: Seven Sages, Zinzolin, Shadow Triad

Team Plasma is the only villainous group to have two groups of individuals who act as the higher members of their team. Both groups are loyal to their leader. Plasma member are themed around two distinct themes: in Black and White they appear to have had their appearance influenced by Medieval Knights, whilst in Black 2 and White 2 they have strong classical pirate influences.

Team Flare

Admin members: Aliana, Bryony, Celosia, Mable, Xerosic, Team Flare Admins

Team Flare Admins are extremely relentless in their attempts to halt the player in foiling the plans of their leader Lysandre. Each of these members are likely named in reference to classification of solar flares. All members of Team Galactic are seen as highly fashionable and well dressed.

Team Skull

Admin members: Plumeria

Plumeria is the single admin member of Team Skull and the only character with the Team Skull Admin trainer class. Team Skull is formed of members who failed the Island Challenge in the Alola region. They are the only villainous team to now have a distinct goal other than causing trouble.


There is it! The second round in our Villainous Teams Showdown has begun Get voting for your favourites and be sure to comment below with your thoughts and opinions only who deserves to win! Remember you’re voting for your favourite overall team here (admins and grunts combined)

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Be sure to check back next week for Round III: Plans and stick around for more content as part of our ongoing Advent event!