Gold & Silver Guide: In-Game Trades

In Pokémon Gold & Silver there are various non-player characters who will offer to trade one of their Pokémon for one of yours. Unlike Pokémon caught in the wild, these will gain experience in battle slightly faster and retain the original nickname given to them by the game.

They may also disobey you in battle if leveled too far ahead. Obtaining the Hive Badge will ensure that all Pokémon under level 30 obey, Fog Badge for Pokémon up to 50, Storm Badge for Pokémon up to 70 and finally the Rising Badge guarantees all Pokémon will obey you. The last thing to note is that Pokémon traded to you will be the same level as those you give to the NPC, so choose carefully.

1. Onix—Violet City

Players will encounter their first opportunity to trade in a house located in Violet City. A trainer is looking to obtain a Bellsprout (found on Routes 5 & 6) and will trade his Onix, named ROCKY, for one. This is a handy Pokémon to use against Violet Gym Leader Falkner who uses Flying-type Pokémon.

2. Machop—Goldenrod City

The second available trade is located in Goldenrod City’s Department Store. A trainer is looking for a Drowzee (Routes 34 & 35 nearby) and willing to trade you a Machop in exchange. MUSCLES, its name, can come in handy against Goldenrod City Gym Leader Whitney who specializes in Normal-type Pokémon. Machop is also not available until later in the game, so this is also a good chance to get one.

3. Voltorb—Olivine City

Players looking to get their hands on this explosive Pokéball lookalike can trade a Krabby (easiest location is fishing on Route 34 with any rod) in Olivine City in exchange for one. It does come with a highly imaginative nickname, VOLTY.

4. Rhydon—Blackthorn City

This powerful Pokémon, DON, is being offered by a trainer in Blackthorn City if you’re willing to trade your female Dragonair (Route 45, Dragon’s Den). Since Dragonair are hard to come by, this might be a trade you want to consider before making!

5. Rapidash—Pewter City

Trainers can get RUNNY the Rapidash in Pewter City if they’re willing to part with a Gloom (Route 5). If you’re into flaming unicorns… go for it!

6. Aerodactyl—Route 14

You have only one chance to obtain an Aerodactyl in Pokémon Gold & Silver, but it comes at a price: a trainer on Route 14 wants a Chansey (Routes 13, 14, & 15) in exchange for their AEROY. It’s a trade you need to do… if you want to say you’ve caught ’em all!