The Simpsons Parody Pokémon GO & Anime Theme Song

The Simpsons, FOX’s long-running animated comedy series, has again poked fun at Pokémon in a new segment that featured Lisa and Homer as anime-inspired versions of themselves walking in what appears to be Pokémon GO while singing to the tune of the original anime’s theme song.

Do you think they did a good job? Or was South Park’s Chinpokomon superior?

  1. Well this is certainly bound to be a weird article comment section XD

  2. I haven’t watched the Simpsons in a VERY long time……well not the most recent ones anyway lol Did they change Lisa’s voice actress or is that just how she sounds when she sings? lol

  3. Wow, this is the deadest I’ve seen the Jungle in a while

        1. If the place holder spot on the Nintendo direct page coding is anything to sneeze at we may be getting something cool to look at next week lol

          1. Pokemon Ranger Switch

            You practically have to do that one cowboy move in gangnam style/cotton eyed jo to capture pokemon

        1. Do you have notes? (I mean you’re bound to)
          But I put everything down there for quick access

  4. So this is how desprate we are for news huh?

    There are so many of you making ideas for fangames so help me out for Pokémon Wish lol

    The ideas I have right now are

    – Jirachi is the legendary
    – There is a wish festival to celebrate Jirachi and everyone puts in their wishes (even though they never come true)
    – Three rivals that want to get Jirachi all for their own reasons
    – Takes place 15 years after RSE in Hoenn

        1. *Reves up chainsaw with a “I’m gonna kill you Govnah” look in my eyes*

          1. Depending on the water on any solvents in the water it could rust it over time or even possibly short circuit it then and there

          2. This is a gas powered chainsaw, a little moisture won’t do jack squat

          3. Then all he has to do is outrun until it runs out or use a long range weapon

      1. I think three trainers with pokemon could fight someone armed with a simple chainsaw

          1. I also have a turtonator named Cosmog Unbound
            I gave them random ass names

    1. Jirachi Comet Form is cooler since it’s already basically a star and the millennium comet is what causes its third eye to awaken in the anime

  5. I know how to kill way more than two birds with one stone
    Set up stealth rocks on a flying mono team

    1. I don’t have defoggiest idea what you’re on about

    2. Stealth rock is so stupid conceptually
      -It’s called stealth rock, yet they float in the open air, very un-stealthily
      -What’s causing them to float?
      -If they’re floating, how do they hit pokemon on the ground?
      -Can’t flying pokemon just avoid them when sent into battle?

      1. Same reason moves like Ancient Power and Power Gem can fly out and hit the opponents

        1. That’s kind of different though, because they’re just being hurled. The stealth rocks are being suspended for long periods of time

          1. That’s what I kinda figured. I always picture something like the stone edge animation

          2. Ancient Power has an aura around it (typically showing a non physical means of throwing it) tho

          3. Yeah, but I wonder if the pokemon who uses stealth rock also has to keep concentration to make them float there. I’m probably overthinking this, but idk I think it’s an overused move

          4. It needs an alternative or an ability that clears it out

  6. Has anyone ever done any theme teams in Pokemon? Not including monotypes

    I did a colour theme for one Soul Silver playthrough (still salty the filter changed my Gengar’s name) and a BNHA theme for an XY playthrough

    I also had slight themes for my first sumo playthroughs? Cuteness/Majesty for my Primarina run and Oddness for my Incineroar run. Deci run was literally just an excuse to use Toxipex and had the theme of ‘literally the worst team I’ve used except Ninetails and Toxapex’ (although they were all better than Jolly Primarina)

    1. Wait actually I’m pretty sure Deci run had Comfey too and it had its moments

    2. i’ve never run them but

      1. Is there even a game where you can pull them off without trading?

        Also, you with a Dunsparce? Thought I’d see Ultron, Star and Seraph with Incineroarsonas before this

        1. Haha, I actually used Incineroar in my last Moon run. It was pretty decent, I just preferred its design when it was a Torracat 😛 I have used it in some online battles since then though, it can hold its own decently.

          1. Haha I know you’re trying to like it, it’s just that you used to be one of the more vocal dislikers XD

          2. I try to quell my dislike for it lol. Seraph does not help with that though haha

          3. I just don’t get why people hate it so much :<

          4. If Torracat wasn’t adorable and everything I want out of a cat pokemon, I might like Incineroar a bit more 😮

          5. Tbh I think that happens a lot thanks to middle evos XS

          6. Like with Wartortle!! Part of me likes Blastoise and part of me hates it because it makes no sense >:I

    3. I have not, although I’ve made a Game of Thrones team
      -Lycanroc Midday

      And Avengers
      -Porygon Z

      1. Lemme guess

        Iron man
        B. Widow
        Scarlet Witch
        Hulk or Thor?

        1. Yep! Last one is Thor, there aren’t too many physical electric mons. I would’ve put Hulk in there, but idk if there are really any good pokemon that represent him. And now that we have Decidueye, I feel like that’s way more interesting than Ariados as Black Widow, so I would probably swap those now that I think about it.

          1. True, but I prefer Deci as a mon. Ariados needs a mega so badly. Like how is it so slow with 40 base speed. Spiders are fast..

          2. Because it’s a phat spider

            At the least it deserves priority moves for Poison and Bug (how do they not have yet!?)

          3. Well, first impression, but that’s a golisopod exclusive for some reason

          4. because of that BS signature attack and ability jargon they pulled in SM

          5. It just makes every Pokemon more memorable tbh, and they’ve redistributed signature moves all the time anyway

          6. meh memorable is a strong word
            half of those signature attacks and abilities don’t even help that much

            Solar blade
            Water Compaction
            Stake Out

            and the annoying one that the exact same thing
            Wimp Out and Emergency Exit (which should just be called Emergency Exit all together
            and Queenly Majesty and Dazzle
            Receiver and Power of Alchemy
            Full Metal Body Clear body
            Shadow Shield and Multiscale
            Prism Armor and Solid Rock

          7. Wait wait wait….
            All those abilities would be more useful on other mons, don’t even deny that
            Like corrosion on a bulkier mon or Stakeout on a mon that can force switches

          8. well that’s good on paper, i’m just telling that they effed up royal the first time around

            Granted i’m relieved Lurantis didn’t get Chlorophyll because that is just all kinds of annoying

            And i am guilty of giving Komodoom Merciless as a Hidden Ability WHICH WOULD BE SATANIC

          9. Should’ve been a bug. Reverse orchid mantis is stupid

            -shakes fist at sky-

          10. It makes sense tho and it’s more creative than ‘look at this literal flower mantis we just put here’

          11. For you maybe, mines was the star of the show and the totem was the Miltank of Alola

          12. Lurantis needs Chloro tho

            As I just mentioned, stakeout is the main one I hope gets more spreading :3

          13. You’re really overexaggerating
            It wouldn’t even make it past UU… there’s a mon in RU that does exactly what Lurantis would be doing and more

          14. Lunala doesn’t have scales
            Solgaleo doesn’t have a clear body
            Necrozma apparently isn’t made our of rock
            Dazzling is based off of Dazzle camouflage, which Bruxish has and Tsareena doesn’t
            Receiver makes sense with sports, PoA makes sense with a living clump of ooze

            We haven’t really got Pokemon that fit most of the new abilities without already having all their abilities, and they’ll obviously be distributed later on in the franchise to new Pokemon

            Solar Blade makes sense because Lurantis has blades and spends a shit ton of time photosynthesising (do feel this’ll be distributed later, especially to Virizion and Sceptile) so rn it makes sense to be an exclusive

            Dancer is a gimmick ability for one

            Aerilate was only on one Pokemon until ORAS, same can happen for Galvanise

            They help in story where you progress, whereas comp doesn’t have progression like that

        1. Does she look at the correlation between Pokemon and astronomy or just astronomy?

    1. The characters are actually pretty well designed, especially the professor (´ ˙○˙ `)

  7. Random and off topic, but I honestly think the 2003 Clone Wars miniseries sucks compared to the 2008 show. I’m not a fan of the samurai jack art style outside of that show and the 2003 CW was all action and rarely any character work. Half of the action doesn’t even make sense.

    1. YOU MONSTER!!!! *Sigh*….. I suppose not everyone is gonna like the same thing………….the 2003 CW was so good tho lol

      1. It had like two good scenes and that was when General Grievous cornered the jedi masters in that wrecked building thing and when Shaak Ti fought that horde of Magna guards. Some of it is just stupid though, like Durge. Wtf even was that. And then Ventress just randomly appears as a total plot device to show Anakin’s evil side. She dies as soon as she was introduced. At least she was a real character in the 2008 show.

        1. Well to be fair the 2003 show was just supposed to be a short quick to the point ting to get people interested. (not that that’s an excuse for bad writing in general) Either way it’s still a pretty great short series. Maybe I just have my nostalgia glasses on tho lol

          1. I used to honestly really like it, but then I watched the 2008 show and looking back is not so great. Everyone on the internet seems to have a friggen boner for it though (not talking about you) and always bring up ahsoka being a plot hole and all these other plot holes that don’t exist

        1. I can’t believe they refuse to show Porygon at all since then. It’s not like Porygon itself is linked to epilepsy. It’s the dumb flashing they did.

        2. technically Pikachu is to blame
          it was his Thunderbolt that did the strobe effect injuring all them kiddies

        1. I hateeee mega absol. The design is so bad. No offense, cause I know you like it.

          1. It makes no sense. What the fuck is up with the angel wings? And it looks really bad in Gen 6/7 graphics. Absol used to be one of my favorite pokemon and now I can hardly look at it.

          2. well it’s just a bunch of fur standing up from the power of mege evolution

          3. Yes, that’s what I’m saying. Their design and reasoning for it is fucking dumb. It might be worse than mega manectric

          4. Mege evolution. When a Pokemon mega evolves with the power of memes.


            What’s wrong with me

          5. siiiigh….anybody remember when mega evolution was cherished and loved, the power between Pokemon and trainer to unlock untold inner power…..i don’t

          6. I did, but for literally one Pokemon
            I remember seeing Ampharos get Outrage and thinking “It would be so cool if it was part Dragon!”
            And … well… my dream was granted

          7. Well they gave me megas to 3 of my favorites
            and Aerodactyl

          8. Just not a fan of the designs. Mega aeros rock beard is disgusting to look at. Megacross is alright, I guess. There’s just something about it I dislike.

          9. Garchomp is a complete downgrade (to literally every player who even knows how to competitive)
            I don’t like Heracrosses mega design but I’m happy it got one
            Same for Aero

          10. That’s not entirely true
            i for one run it very well, and i take advantage of Sand Force 170 attack and STAB Earthquake hurting anything that doesn’t resist it, and the boost to Iron Head is pretty decent

            my only qualm is that now i am crippled for the speed drop

          11. That’s why everyone hates it, it is a downgrade because the things Garchomp is meant to kill can now outspeed it

          12. well nobody’s perfect and i’m used it, i still use it and it has brought me years of good battles, just gotta look at the positives
            ONE FUCKING SEVENTY ATTACK that is majorly good
            it can tank a good hit
            and i can still use regular Garchomp and mega when i feel i won’t live

          13. Xurkitree has 173 special attack and look where that got it

          14. Dude it’s a glass cannon WITH TAIL GLOW
            they’re not gonna let something that powerful out without ruining it for us

          15. Kartana
            Black Kyurem
            Do I REALLY need to continue?

          16. I’m just giving examples
            Oh! Here’s a good one! Rampardos! 150 attack! Great top tier mon right?

          17. Why did it need 170? Make it 160 and give 10 of that back to speed. Or, take away the fucking FORTY they idiotically gave it in sp attack and put that in speed

          18. I think the mixed attacker thing could work since Garchomp likes Fire Blast sometimes

            Just make its attack 150 and plonk the twenty into attack, making it actually good

          19. that i will say is fracking stupid, Fire Blast ain’t worth squat

          20. Then again, you could just run normal chomp and pack the firium Z like most chomps do these days instead of Mega

          21. But then you’re left with a bad attack

            A better Mega Chomp would be lit

          22. It really would….
            But I’m glad it doesn’t exist… Garchomp is broken enough as is

          23. It could work, but did it really need to. Garchomp didn’t need a mega. Same with metagross and salamence.

      1. Love how the literally smacked the mega evo symbol on its face
        So suble ;3

  8. I love how the first SuMo mon smogon thinks of for NU is Type Null
    Not Lurantis or even Alolan Raticate
    Type Null
    It definitely fits but that’s a really weird pick first

      1. It could be a lot worse… a tier lower
        (Basically my thoughts on Gourgeist)

          1. I mean design
            Besides, Will-O-Wisp is useless against me most of the time

          2. seriously we have like ONE GOOD SPECIAL ATTACKER AND THAT’S NIDOKING

          3. And Nidoking is a super easy mon to counter too

          4. that’s why i run focus sash instead of Life orb
            ergo i’d outspeed it and double Earth Power

            say what you will but it has saved my butt and ruined others for years
            they think oh that Tbolts a Skarmory oh that nido is a scarf i’ll switch to Lando, BOOM Ice beam instant KO forfeits

          5. So you run sets that suck in nearly every occasion but excel in certain ones

          6. you are such an ass, i experiment and do things that aren’t expected
            i have years of replays that show that Focus Sash helps better than others

          7. so years of low latter replays vs the trillions of other nidoking users who run other items and their replays?

          8. When did you get such a elitist battling ego?
            it’s just rude at this point

          9. you just have no eye for trying different things, its either be a carbon copy smogon set or fuck off don’t play

            I love running focus sash and it works
            i love using Mega Garchomp
            and all the other stuff i do it, its my way and that’s what should matter

          10. Did you really just tell a person who wins matches with Six Basculins and actually tests out unque sets that they only carbon copy?
            I’m just telling you that some of your sets are not very beneficial and could be made a lot better with a few edits

          11. dude it’s anything goes, half the time its asshats who want to run crazy sets
            some work some don’t

            how often do you even monotype?

          12. Oooooh you’re playing that tier…. that explains a lot

            Here and there, I use bug

          1. Yeah… the metagame is not kind to it
            This isn’t like Araquanid or Persian where you can argue its niche makes it a higher tier than normally suggested. Type:Null needed recovery and better stats

  9. Can somebody explain why Dazzling and Queenly majesty were released in the same gen?

    1. Because they have two different design concepts that fit two different pokemon?

      1. But they didn’t necessarily need to do the same exact thing, for me it ends up being redundant

      2. It just feels weird that they do the exact same thing.. Like I wish they were even a minute bit different effect wise

        1. It happens cross Gen all the time and happened with Vital Spirit and Insomnia, Air Lock and Cloud Nine

          1. I get cross gen but it just feels weird in the same gen

          2. It’s just because they want to give two different concepts the same ability when creating them but can’t find a unifying theme that’s also appropriate for the ability’s function

            Bruxish has a very vivid colour scheme, Tsareena is more muted and complementary to itself.

            Tsareena is Queenly, whereas Bruxish is drag Queenly

          3. I wish they both got Queenly… I feel like it would be fucking hillarious on Bruxish

          4. Hilarious, but for some reason GameFreak wanted it to be more accurate for once rather than play about

            Inconsistent af

          5. Yep, I wish it had it though
            I don’t know why but it reminds me of Paninis mother from chowder

    2. Better yet, explain how they even make sense when applied to the pokemon they’re given to. I’ll wait.

      1. Queenly Majesty does make sense considering Tsareena is a royal b̶i̶t̶c̶h̶ fruit

        1. But how does being a queen make you immune to priority…? It’s so stupid. Same with being “dazzling” or shiny or whatever bruxish is

          1. Simple. You’re too stunned by the foe to make quick strikes, you have to concentrate to hit them which means you can’t to the quick lashes priority needs

            Blech I’m starting to sound Eartheny

          2. You areeeee. I’m biased tho because I hate Tsareena. It’s one of the worst gen 7 mons imo

          3. The design just isn’t good to me. It doesn’t look like a queen or a fruit. More like a sheikah rip off

          4. I think the same, but I mostly don’t like it because of the make up. I hate make up

          5. Queenly I imagine being that it intimidates them somehow
            I have no idea about Dazzling, waste of an ability

  10. My region Dex so far for Glitch version

    001. Mozmur (???+Lemur) Grass
    002. Sproutmur (Sprout+Lemur) Grass
    003. Sprigrape (Spring/Sprig+Grape/Grapple+Ape) Grass/Fighting
    004. Armadillo Starter Fire
    005. Armadillo Evolution Fire or Fire/Fairy
    006. Armadillo Final Fire/Fairy
    007. Lizeed (Lizard+Speed) Water
    008. Lizeed second stage Water
    009. Lizeed final Water/Electric
    010. Black Bird Pokemon
    011. Black Bird Evolution
    012. Black Bird Final (based on mocking jay)
    013. Ibliss (Ibis+Bliss) Normal/Flying
    014. Ibliss Evolution Fairy/Flying
    015. Ibliss Final (based on Flamingo) Fairy/Flying

    Not in order yet
    -Chess Pokemon

    -Brine Shrimp Pokémon

    -Mahi Mahi Pokémon


    -Salmon Pokémon

    -Sponge Pokémon


    -Giant Salamander Pokémon*

    -Foalsus>Pegasty- /Flying> /Flying

    -Elephant Seal Pokémon

    -Snobalee>Fleery>Blizzony- Ice>>Ice/Psychic
    (Snowball+Jubilee, Flurry+Cheery, ???)

    -Bralf>Brak- Grass (Full)

    -Jeroba Pokémon

    -Graagy>Rockbaash- Normal>Normal/Rock
    (Groogy+Baa, Rock’a bye+Bash+Baa)

    -Doliave>Dolscle- Ground>Ground/Fighting (Dollar+Bilave, Dollar+Muscle)

    -Blobfish Pokémon transforms to Swordfish


    -The Fog Pokemon- Legendary- Flying

    -The Lightning Pokemon- Legendary- Electric

    -The Acid Rain Pokemon- Legendary- Poison

    -(M) Glichrus- Dark/Poison (Glitch+Lich+Virus)

    Hovter- Exo

    Squilien- Exo

    Dubid- Exo

    1. You can’t have a Pokemon game called glitch without including missigno in it

      1. Its for the Legendary Pokemon Glichrus its a computer program meant to cure all diseases, yet it went permanently awry due to a “Glitch” and it became corrupt and now is out to completely annihilate all life on earth

      1. It and the black bird are the Regional birds yet the Flamingo has higher chance to be a female, while the Black bird has higher chance to be male

  11. I love how every playthrough we had each had different mons that worked and some that flopped
    @symmetricaljesus:disqus Mentioned Deci didn’t work for them yet it was one of the two stars of my team. The reverse happened for Incin

    1. Deci died to anything remotely physical for me

      Lurantis outclassed it completely for me

      1. For me Deci basically one hit or two hit whatever it saw and would pull through some really clutch hits
        (Lowkey it was your Deci not liking you and my Incin not liking me and they purposely sucked to spite us)

        1. Can we agree on one thing tho for every grass type that gets this combo

          Based Leaf Blade/SD

          1. Seriously, it’s actually godly. It’s the set I use on Deci. It also makes Spirit Shackle godly and, Imo, one of the best Z-movers in the game cause of how well it fits for him

            On the other hand, Lurantis has always screamed choice band to me…. I dunno why

          2. In game Scope Lens Leaf Blade/SD/Leech Life/Brick Break or Poison Jab was godly

            It also has decent in game bulk so it’s usable

          3. Yeah
            See? This is why I love gen 7. Decidueye and Lurantis… hell even Decidueye and Dhelmise can be compared to each other a lot and even with similar movesets function quite a bit different, even in game. I never played a gen that felt so varied before and I honestly love it
            ….Well…most of it anyways

          4. Dhelmise imo is bulkier and can tank better and dish out damage better

            But if you wanted to outspeed anything




          5. Oh yeah it definetly does more damage but… well….
            Let’s just say that speed makes its bulk REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY misleading…. like it gets worn down very easily….

          6. That’s only really if you’re using it against multiple pokemon in the same battle, it’s mostly for taking down one heavy hitter then retreating itself

          7. I mean even normal mons tend to weaken it… don’t get me wrong, it’s good… it’s just that its type does FAR more to harm it than it does well combined with its speed…
            Plus… Power whip…. it literally never lands

          8. Power Whip us just a luck problem tho

            Also I ran it mixed in game with Giga Drain and it was the 1v1 champ

          9. Oh yeah, can see that
            I honestly just wish it was Water/Ghost
            Imagine how good it would be

          10. I know, I mean it just would be so much better considering..
            -We got four Grass/Ghost types in a span of two gens
            -We have water/ghost only once
            But hey it’s their choice in the end

          11. True true
            But hey, according to tiers Decidueye is the best Alolan non-legend grass type (Beating Tsareena out by a REALLY small margin that is almost interchangeable) so I’m happy

  12. I daydreamed earlier today of Flygon getting a Mega

      1. Should’ve been Bug/Ground imo

        Makes it different from Garchomp (even if it came first) and its Dragon is from what, vaguely looking like a dragonfly?

        1. I wish it was bug ground with quiver

          But Earthen will just argue

          1. Oh ffs (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

            Why can’t GF be a little consistent with their move names

          2. They are afraid of Flygon actually being a decent pokemon. Dragon dance is shit compared to QD

          3. Ribombee it’s similar to a butterfly

            Wormaddan it’s based on a month that never develops eings

          4. So is Flygon, it’s literally an insect with wings. That’s literally the only similarity between Ribombee and a butterfly

          5. Flygon is majestic as fuck, and Bellossom doesn’t even have wings

          6. Um Earthen actually I agree with for once bug just sounds like a bad type for it

            And its probably dragon for being mystical as Dragon is normally the type for that… I mean why else is Altaria dragon?

          7. Altaria doesn’t have any other type that immediately should override its Dragon typing

            Flygon does

          8. Umm Altaria should just be a Normal/Flying

            When Altaria loses Dragon Flygon can too

            Hey be surprised I don’t like most Dragons and I’m sticking up for one of the 4 I really like

          9. Altaria is based off of a star in draco which is important to the story it’s based off of (might be remembering that wrong)

            Flygon is a dragon because an animal confused with antlions which are insects in the first place which means bug should take presidence

          10. a species that revolved in sandy regions?
            it focuses mostly on pit traps and sand, i will agree that in a different reality and suffering heavy trauma Trapinch could pass as a Ground/Bug but it would lose it in favor of Dragon as it evolved

          11. What does that have to do with anything? There are insects in harsh deserts anyway, and the desert part is represented by Ground – Dragon doesn’t play in on that aspect at all

          12. are you just blind
            What do antlions do? they make pit traps in the ground, that’s the whole theme of Trapinch

          13. How the hell does that relate to dragon

            You’re speaking some shit. Never said it didn’t do that, I just said there’s real insects in real deserts

          14. Because Antlions/dragonflies are called Sand Dragons sometimes?
            Sand = Ground
            Dragon = Dragon

          15. Dragonflies have dragon in the fucking name, so why isn’t Yanmega a dragon type

          16. Because Earthen doesn’t like Yanmega so it isn’t relevant

          17. we’ve been over this
            Flygon was meant to be a dragon
            and yanmega is an insect that is named after dragon

          18. So is fucking Flygon tho, and it’s not even the right insect XD

          19. So the animal that ALWAYS has the word dragon in its name is less fitting to be a dragon than the animal that sometimes is refereed to as a dragon?

          20. Altaria Japanese name “tyltalis” have “tyl” on it Wich references a star in the Draco constellation.

            This is the only connection with Altaria and Dragons so making a Pokemon type based on its name isn’t that farfetched.

            But Altaria needs another typing Because​ that’s a stupid reason to me

          21. It’s based on the blue bird of happiness which features twins named after that star

            It deserves to be a dragon as much as Deci deserves to be Ghost

          22. It’s like they gave that typing to Deci so it can look cooler.

            It worked for me

          23. Apparently it also has some reference to some Chinese dragons but don’t quote me on that

          24. Well it’s also based on “Peng,” which were legendary birds that were enormous and had cloud-like wings. That seems dragon-like to me and not normal.

          25. No he brought up normal because swablu has it -_-

          26. I know! 😀

            I’m just pointing out that Altaria and Swablu inspirations are different enough for them to be a different type

          27. Just cause swablu is normal, so I don’t think it would’ve worked if it carried over to altaria. I do think pure flying could have worked.

          28. About Antlions:

            “The adult insects are less well known, as they mostly fly at dusk or after dark, and may be mistakenly identified as dragonflies or damselflies;”

          29. so what about Flygon’s whole sandstorm aspect?
            The Elemental Spirit of the Desert?

          30. Ground type

            Tornadus is an air spirit and isn’t fucking Dragon lol, if anything nature spirits should be Fairy

          31. It’s called the Elemental Spirit of the desert because of the humming singing sounds its wings make when they flap up sandstorms when they travel

          32. because they must have used the concept of Sand Dragons to base the pokemon’s theme which makes sense

          33. Which are insects that are confused with its actual basis, the antlions, as Ultron has tried to explain a million times

            Then why isn’t Yanmega dragon? It’s also based on an insect with dragon in the name

          34. so they don’t build pit traps or not
            or the name Sand Dragon means nothing right?

          35. What the fuck does pit traps have to do with dragon typing

            That’s represented by Ground type you moron

          36. (sorry but that’s usually what everyone says)
            But i don’t care, its always gonna be Ground/Dragon and will never change

          37. We’re just saying our opinion genius, we’re not implying our moaning will change it

            Also you literally pull this everyone you lose an argument, but you get onto me for saying kids game?

          38. Ugh, what a bitch way to concede defeat. Come on, you know ground/bug makes more sense. Don’t be a wimpod.

          39. I can never win with you assholes, I have to fight alone every time
            It does not matter, i know why its its type

          40. Ya didn’t win because there’s nothing to defend about its dragon typing. Your argument is that you like flygon the way it is yet you’re trying to use that as a factual basis, which doesn’t work. I like flygon too, but I can admit its typing was a mistake on GF’s part.

          41. So Sand Dragon inspiration means nothing?
            because in the end that’s what Flygon is

          42. Yes, I’ve literally said this so many times. And don’t want to hear “it’s based on a dragonfly and a sandlion” bull. It’s first and foremost a sandlion otherwise trapinch shouldn’t exist.

          43. And how does that mean it qualifies to be a dragon. Any bug or flying type with wings can do that

          44. It’s said to be a desert spirit because of the noise that the flapping of its wings make. It’s just a urban legend based on incomplete fact

          45. It’s literally a bug that digs traps. Then it evolves to get wings. It’s still a bug with or without wings.

          46. well you guys just focus on the image presented and not what it does
            that’s your faults

          47. Stop focusing on the image of Alolan Raichu and Marowak and focus on what they do

          48. (clever, not)
            I am focusing on what it is, i’m questioning its reasons

            so what you think people shouldn’t question things?

          49. Then why can’t we question why Flygon isn’t Bug without you treating us all like idiots but when we give you rational opinions from our perspectives about the Alolans you throw a bitchfit?

            Act as you want to be acted on

          50. because i give you answers, and they’re supported by facts and some creative logic

            you’re just so focused on looks to actually stop and think what the pokemon itself actually does

          51. Earthen… you just said the problem….
            Your creative logic =/= real logic
            It overshadows the point

          52. Girl, we are giving you facts about antlions and insects and you’re ignoring them

          53. We give you facts and logic and you call it shit because you just have to have your meaningless ‘victories’ whereas you actually lose by being an ignorant ass

            And what the hell does Flygon do that’s dragon like?

          54. what facts and logic is that honestly? other then just looks and species
            What the hell does Turtonator do that’s dragon like?

          55. Dragon turtle, Chinese myth. Doesn’t have another better suiting type.

            Its logic because it’s actually showing you its actual basis fucknut

          56. so what’s to say when Dragonflies that are sometimes called Sand Dragons be the basis for a pokemon? focusing on the less obvious choice to make something more unique

          57. Turtonator can do it because

            Dragon turtle was literally a dragon, the fly is only named after a dragon

            There’s no ‘Reptile’ type that makes sense because it’s literal rather than figurative

            Flygon is an antlion, it doesn’t even resemble a dragonfly that much

            In that case why isn’t Yanmega Dragon?

        2. Its dragon is from them think a sandlion is called a sand dragon when a sand dragon is actually not a sandlion

        3. It’s dragon because its arms and tail looks like from those of a lizard. And because it’s​ based of an insect often called sand dragons (explaining its typing)

          1. It’s literally an insect

            Should be Bug because the animal should take presidence over its nicknames

    1. It was supposed to actually, but due to artist block from its designer it was scrapped 🙁

          1. Ehh its Bug enough but I think Dragon works for being Mystical same goes for Noivern and Turtonator being mystical like

          2. Noivern and Turtonator are about as mythical as a corgi’s bum

          3. ^^this
            Though I really don’t want Noivern to lose Dragon…. Is there a reason they have it?

          4. Because it’s literally a fruit bat fused with a dragon (wyvern in this case)

            You can tell from the tail mostly

          5. (Off topic, let’s be honest, Noivern is literally one of the coolest Pokemon to come out of gen 6)

          6. Seriously, I always loved it and want a fucking pet Noibat

          7. Then whats Noiverns story?

            And Turtonator’s is based on a Mata-Mata (A spiecies of Turtle) and other than being reptilian why is it Dragon?

          8. It’s a mesh of Wvyerns and bats
            And also has some Gargoyle inspiration

          9. Because there’s a Chinese myth of a dragon turtle

            Noivern is literally a wyvern/bat, probably because of the similarities in wing shape

    2. What if the whole line get’s a regional variant rather than a mega? lol

  13. When triple types come around some that need to happen

    Flygon- Ground/Dragon/Bug
    Jumpluff- Grass/Flying/Fairy
    Altaria- Dragon/Flying/Fairy

    1. Deci Grass/Flying/Ghost
      Megazard X Fire/Dragon/Flying
      Rotom Forms – Electric/???/Ghost
      Kyurem Forms – Ice/???/Dragon

  14. Real talk: Poison literally got saved from being the worst type by gen 6 introducing faries. Can we give GF credit for that balance at least?

    1. Yes

      Introduced my new favourite type

      Buffed my favourite type of all time

      Win win

      1. Seriously tho
        (I wish they were weak to ghost and Water was weak to ice and resisted flying but hey, not all good things can happen)

          1. I still want it to get one to seperate it a little more from dark

          2. But it doesn’t need one, and of course ghosts/black magic and evil/fear will be similar, they’re overlapping concepts

      1. You mean large?
        The only issue…. all of its weaknesses make sense

    1. Fusion is just a cheap tool to make weak Pokemon stronger

  15. Why the fuck does the art from Pokemon Shuffle actually give Incineroar better body proportions than literally 70% of everything else portraying it does?

    1. Because it’s just its head? ?

      Unless I’m missing something XD

      1. Nope, the art while your battling it shows its arms and hands, and they actually don’t look all that bad

        1. Diff artstyles

          Inb4 you love Incineroar but only in shuffle form

  16. What dickweed made Milotics shuffle level…. this is legitimate bullshit…..

  17. Am I the only one wanting a ride Wishiwashi? It sounds cool af to me

      1. And he literally only did it because he didn’t read the argument thoroughly and just jumped in

    1. It was a time… I found a question in a psychology book I was studying
      “Mary is sexually aroused by Aardvarks..”

  18. Bulbapedia actually gave me proof to why Flygon is the way it is
    “In keeping with its Dragon type, it also possesses a dragon-like build and reptilian features such as its arms and tail.” (Direct words of Bulbapedia)

    And don’t bring Yanmega or Charizard into this! Cause if Goodra can get Dragon, Flygon can get Dragon

    1. Flygon is based on the winged, adult stage of the antlion, which highly resembles a dragonfly. Often the adult antlion and dragonfly are confused with one another, and Flygon could draw inspiration from both. In fact, some species of dragonflies are commonly called “sand dragons”, which could account for Vibrava and Flygon’s type combination. In keeping with its Dragon type, it also possesses a dragon-like build and reptilian features such as its arms and tail.

      1. ‘This animal resembles another animal but were not going to fuse them we’ll just say they look alike’


          1. But doing hw on an inaccurate source makes it worthless ya?

          2. They can literally just spout bullshit and others will lap it up

          3. You’re literally the most close minded person on the planet, hush my manchild

          4. Remember how they consider the Mohn Lusamine official despite teh fact that GF can pull a total bullshit route and make it not true

          5. Its pretty reliable though… except on thinking dedenne’s a hamster

      2. So what you’re saying is, gamefreak didn’t do their homework on antlions and fucked up

        1. this is from Bulbapedia take it up with them
          hunt the guy who wrote the article and complain

          1. Bulbapedia is entirely speculative. Note the use of “could.” I have no current beef with them. I do think the thought of GF combining antlions and sand dragons is just a justification “after-the-fact” to explain their mistake in Flygon’s concept.

    2. It’s build isn’t dragon like lol it’s generic monster

      Reptilian =/= Dragon

    3. If being a reptile (or in this case “reptile-like, since it’s not a reptile) is basis for being a dragon, heliolisk, Salazzle, Feraligatr, Kecleon and many other should be dragons

          1. It looks like it could get Dragon, UI mean hell I’m making a Water/Electric Basilisk just cause it could be good design and idea

          1. I understand you, that’s the only explanation I got :/ yet I still used it like it was legit 😐

          2. Sorry I should stop before I push someone too far lets all agree to disagree and move on

        1. Wich isn’t a dragon at all, just a insect, yet they didn’t make it bug Type -_-

      1. I still think they have more in common with locusts than what ever this Antlion and Sand Dragon are

  19. If they can stretch types so much, was it THAT hard to make Xurkitree Electric/Grass? It’s moves mainly come from those types

    1. Its very literally a tree of circuits, dont see the Grass connection tbh

      1. It literally roots itself into the earth to get nutrients (Ingrain)

          1. That’s not how that move works tho, literally everything else that gets it is tree based

          2. Because there’s no move called ”grounded electricity” you have to make the connection yourself.

          3. They Could’ve made one? Also, if that’s the case, why has no other electric type got it?

          4. It plugs its limbs into the ground and sucks up natural electricty

          5. So it grounds itself and then summons electricity from the sky into its body?

          6. I might be spewing bullshit but the electricity wouldn’t even be natural it’d be from wires and shit

          7. It’s honestly a weird pokemon. Maybe the ground in ultra space has “natural electricity” in it

          8. ever hear the phrase grounded?
            Electricity is always flowing in the earth’s crust and it travels downward

          9. 1) Its from Ultra Space not earth

            2) Only lightning would be a natural source of that if you’re not just spewing bs, and I doubt that’d feed Xurkitree populations

          10. OMFG DOES IT MATTER

          11. You’re trying to exclude the fact that GF might have used existing logic to justify the existence of Xurkitree lol, why?

          12. The whole point of this comment was to say would it be so wrong to make it Electric/Grass compared to other type convos

          13. I think pure electric is fine, dont see the logic behind giving it grass because it knows Ingrain.

          14. I mean it also gets a few other moves
            I mean it fits the type better than any other mon we got

          15. Because literally everything else that has it is plant based, even if they’re not grass type. In the meanwhile, nothing else gets it for this proposed reason Xurkitree gets it

          16. Im not excluding it, I’m just saying that they could easily just say shit like that

            It could be based on that, but it can literally be based on anything because ultra space is unexplored territorh

          17. I’ve heard of magnetic fields and stuff, but this seems more like xurkitree is sucking electricity from the ground, which I can’t find anything on when it comes to Earth.

          18. It still seems like a stretch to me, but xurkitree is an alien so I’ll write it off I guess

          19. Look….it is a scientific fact that the Earth’s crust holds electrical currents as a sink, perhaps Xurk’s ability to sense and extract the electricity is stronger then your giving it credit

            i’m just trying to justify why it knows ingrain and why its not a grass type

          20. Earthen stfu you probably heard it once and remember it as a factoid and if pushed to say more about it you’d stumble and fall

          21. Earthen, without using Google, can you explain what an

            Isomer is
            Polymer is
            Monomer is
            What is meant by biodiversity
            How much chambers are in a frog heart
            What is meant by species richness
            What the functions of each vitamin is
            What the difference between saturated and unsaturated cat is on a chemical level

            All of which I do understand and have learned from Biology and Chemistry, two sciences then shut your face ass

          22. Well yes, deep down into the earth’s crust like Earthen already pointed out

          23. Theoretically, could it be absorbed? I know we’re dealing with fictional beings, but I imagine it’s a different type of electricity than what ice crystals and water droplets in the sky generate

          24. Xurkitree’s dex entry says that it plugs its limbs into the ground to sustain itself with electricity, so in this case yes it can be absorbed

          25. (the Aether foundation notes the actual dex does not state that directly)

          26. And other electric types suck electricity too but don’t get it

          27. Power whip, energy ball
            I mean, it would make more sense than some other mon type combos

          28. I mean WTF people complain about a lot of Pokemon, but Dunsparce being Normal makes 0% sense it has

            No logic, no reasoning, no origins towards it! Nothing relates it to that!

          29. its doing that with electricity you dumbass

            “Because this Ultra Beast reportedly raided a power plant, it is speculated to sustain itself with electricity. This is supported by observations that it will “plug” its limbs and tail into the ground when it is low on energy, entering a tree-like state to absorb electricity from the earth. Witnesses claim that its entire body crackles with astonishing electrical power”

          30. Then why doesn’t any other electric type yet it dumbass?

          31. most don’t come equipped with the anatomy
            i can really only say Electivire

          32. Because there aren’t any electric types who sustain themselves that way? Most generate static electricty by rubbing their cheeks or pom-poms, wings whatever

          33. Electivire line

            And they made a separate ability for Bruxish and Tsareena, I’m sure they could give Xurkitree an electric Ingrain

          34. Exactly, why Ingrain then?

            Hell even Leech Life makes more sense

          35. well to be fair they do raid any source of electricity
            the reason why Xurk got ingrain is very much explained

          36. Joltik needs a living host to generate electricty because its too small to do it by its own

        1. Celesteela knows Leech Seed, by that logic it should be Grass/Steel?

          1. Because it’s based off of bamboo and already has two fitting types

            Xurkitre is the only monotype of the seven invading ultra beasts

          2. Yet… yet Bamboo is a type of plant, but I already know Celesteelia’s origins so i won’t argue its type

          3. I know, but Grass has a little bit of reason attached, but not much

      2. I know, but considering the fact nintendo stretches types, was it so hard to stretch this one?

    2. Grass might not work because there’s no grass in Ultra Space. In Xurkitree’s natural environment, it probably just plugs itself into the rocky landscape there. I might be stretching though.

      1. I mean… If they can stretch other mons then Xurk could work
        Your explanation does seem pretty logical though

        1. I wouldn’t be mad if it was grass/electric. But it doesn’t seem entirely important to it though to me

          1. I know, I’ve just wanted that type forever and Xurk fit this type better than any other current mon

          2. Drittzle

            but technically they’re Water/Flying who learn a ton of electric moves

          3. That seems a tiny bit different than where I was headed. I was thinking more about the ice crystals that aid in the formation of lightening, which would be the ice typing.

          4. well sorry this pokemon is literally a cute little Storm cloud with little goggles

            And they cause violent storms people never return from

          5. I’m just saying our concepts are different. A hurricane cloud pokemon would be cool though

          1. That’s not the point, he was just proving Ultron that there could be Grass in the Ultra Space because there’s a Grass type In it

          2. Earthen doesn’t read because he’s too kewl for it

          3. Yet he tries to prove you wrong even though it’s recommended to analyze carefully the foe’s argument to find a flaw in it and counter it

          4. the laws of Ultra Space are highly unknown
            saying that it cannot support these types is very much untrue, for all we know Ultra Space has enviroments very similar to earth and has been sustaining the Ultra Beasts since the beginning of time

            as i state the laws of Ultra Space are very much unknown

    3. I wish its typing was like that, so it could become a literal Christmas tree

  20. At people who can’t get it through their skulls

    Were not saying Flygon’s dragon makes no sense, we’re saying Bug makes more sense because it’s a literal insect

    Blame GameFreak for literally making a ‘selective arthropod type’

    1. Some things have suggested it makes no sense though and I agree bug could work, yet I just can’t see the bug typing when looking at it

    2. That’s why we need triple types.


      Everybody wins.

      The End.

  21. My friend: You really only pick grass types huh?
    Me: No I don’t! I always loved water ones! I only liked for grass Venusaur, Sceptile (As much as Swampert), Serperior (As much as Samurott), Chesnaught and Decidue…. wait… fuck… I gotta start picking more types….

    (eight gen comes out, releases a reptilian Grass/Electric starter)
    the streak continues

  22. Real talk, predict the gen 8 starters

    I feel like Fire will end up being a Bipedal Fire/Ground Snake.. cause Pokemon :3

      1. Captured it, I’m gonna save it until gen 8 starters gets announced 😉

      1. So? He said predict, which involves the future

        You do know that two years from now is the future, right?

        1. Albatross for water/flying

          idk for the others lol. I was just throwing them out there

      1. You really are tempted to make me keep on picking grass types huh? XD

        1. now i’ve wrestled with the idea of Fire/Dark because they would be naturally violent and aggressive or Fire/Ground to match their hardy nature

          but this…i would just make it Pure Fire, sometimes i feel that tacking on a type for the sake of dual type isn’t the way

          1. HOLY SHIT
            That’s fake, nintendo would never do that XD

          2. Please dont decimate my beloved Dark type by attaching it to the boring Fire type

          3. How am i decimating it, it’s a freaking MAD AS FUCK BULL THAT GETS SO ANGRY IT BURSTS INTO FLAMES AND RAMPAGES

          4. trigger as in its hair thin anger
            and gore as in gored which is when you’re stabbed by an animal’s horns

          5. I know
            But people are gonna call it Triggored or Triggered, it will become a meme
            Don’t deny that
            (Or me calling it Iblis Triggore)

          6. i don’t care it was a chore to come up with a name and i like the first and last name

      1. Tropical bird? What kind?
        And how does the rabbit become quadraped?

        1. I’m thinking of an Ara ararauna
          And the rabbit becomes bipedal because it wants to idk I haven’t thought of that xD


  24. You’ve probably heard about this, but I’ll mention it anyway. Apparently, people have found some sort of evidence for a direct next week. That’d be perfect timing for Pokemon, so who knows. Though it could be nothing.

      1. Yeah. If it’s real there’s no way it’d be a regular direct. We’re in the middle of the last one and E3z

    1. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again.

      Metroid direct where they’ll announce Metroid FF2 for the Switch with amiibos included :3

      1. No way. Not this close to E3. Pokemon is literally the best choice for reasons than one. One being that we know GF likes to play their cards close to their chest. In other words, they prefer having their own exclusive events for announcements rather than mixing them in with others.

    2. Pretty sure I mentioned that Liam Robertson told that he was certain there’d be Pokemon Direct in May

    1. I want SE Asia but we just had a tropical region. Australia is the best bet, but also Canada potentially. We need another cold region.

    2. that reminds me
      who was the one who totally ripped off that Australian Region video’s info?
      the one with the drop bear and the psychic geodude

    3. Or what? Any region can be good if they try, hell we got Japan four times and made it work

      1. I vote for a region based in Japan that it actually looks like it was based on Japan. Johto wasn’t enough Japanese for me

          1. I do have a actually Australian made boomerang that i practice with
            (note to self, wear gloves, i definitely broke a blood vessel or seven in my fingers catching it on the rebound)

          2. Opera House is the only noticeable thing about Sydney, and perhaps the very big Italian community. Other than it, its piss. It literally smells like piss

    4. Even though I’d love Australia, I think that Greece is a better choice.

      Having 2 tropical regions at once would be weird

        1. Oh.

          But that’d be two warm regions consecutively and I want variety :^]

          1. Fair enough, Greece would be a good choice too. I was also thinking of Egypt or Norway. The latter would give us a lot more Ice types, which i really want

        2. It’s still a hot island based country, after Hoenn and Alola I think cold would be better imo

          1. Australia has rain forests and a small snowy area to the south as well, not to mention a huge desert to the west

          2. Alola has a desert and snow and a not very impressive jungle

            I just think it’d be better to go for something completely different, not just ‘diverse hot region number 3’

          3. Thats because Hawaii’s climate makes it tropical. Australia has no tropical climate

          4. What has that got to do with it tho? I’m just pointing out that because of how Pokemon works, even tropical and non-tropical regions can be similar because they add and take from the real region, with only slight regards to climate, temperature etc (Alola being hot, the Japan regions and Kalos being moderate, etc) and Australia and Hawaii are both similar in broad strokes that would result in them being similar regions anyway

            Also, climate doesn’t determine whether something is tropic or not, it’s physical position on the planet earth. Small parts (northern parts) of Australia do, in fact, have a tropical climate.

          5. What the hell are you talking about? A lot if northern Queensland is tropical.

    1. I mean

      Is there anything wrong with a female protagonist in the series?

        1. The problem with Ghostbusters was not having many good jokes and stuff like that, if the remake had better writing it could have been even better than the original

        2. That wasn’t because there was female characters you meme

          Its just bad

          1. Yes, if it had male actors it’d still be a shitfest

        3. *cough* that movie was better than the original, which was never even good *cough*

  25. So…. another starter trio

    Grass/Electric sloth based on that one extinct one
    Fire/Ground Bipedal Rattlesnake. Uses tail as a whip
    Water/Ghost box Jellyfish, known for its ability to phase in and out of vision in order to confuse its foes before striking them with its fatal touch

    Any objections?

        1. Nice, although I do have concerns about your jelly being similar to jellicent. But that could be avoided. I am curious what the electric typing has to do with a sloth though

          1. You could combine it with something to justify the electric? “Its massive claws are metallic and when waved around, they act as lightning rods. _____ is able to supercharge its oily fur with static from lightning bolts, acting as a gigantic battery pack. It can direct this stored power through its claws at will, or crash into foes with a shocking force.”

            HA: Lightning Rod

          2. That would be c…
            4x resistant… with lightning ro….
            (Sceptile noises are heard in the background)

          3. which is electric why again
            i mean the Grass part is easy since some Sloths grow mold on them since they’re so damn slow
            but the electric is just forced

          4. Blehhhhhhhhhh and it was something about prehistoric sloths?

            i’m already doing that
            Slowth and Tremensloth

          5. Personally I think grass/ground works better, but I’ll let him have his dream

            I like slowth

          6. Dreams are meant to be smashed

            And Slowth was just a pitiful crank out but i’m making it work, my first gym leader Caleb uses both lines

            What do you think of my rodent
            Opossos and Opasson
            both Possums that when it evolves it becomes and Normal/ghost type

          7. I like the idea of a possum pokemon. And are you playing on the idea of possums playing dead with the ghost type

          8. yes
            Opossos’ are timid and meek, so they feign death all the time to fool predators, but when they evolved they still had their pulse off and now they’re kinda in a state where their heart beats once every ten minutes but astonishingly alive
            but honestly as for ghost moves just Astonish, Shadow Sneak and Shadow claw, it can learn Shadow ball by TM and Hex by breeding but not too much since its just the rodent

          9. What about it being a spirit that just uses the possums body as a meat suit. So it “playing dead” is just the spirit deserting the body for a while.

    1. -why electric tho……
      – sounds better off as a pure ground pokemon i think you can do better
      – Frillish rippoff

      1. You’ve literally only seen their types and vague concepts

      2. I’ll give you the sloth one
        I purposely made a bipedal snek
        But is Frillish a Box Jellyfish?

        1. it just seems like the theme overtaking the starter, i mean where does its fire come into play?
          if not it’ll totally make a pure ground sand skink
          it’s still a ghost jelly c’mon man you can do better

          1. It just is my friend, i’m makin basic concepts

            But it wasn’t done enough

  26. Make three starters up on the spot

    I’ll say it again for those of us who can’t read. on the spot, no premades.

    Only need basis, type, and why that type

    1. a Grass Stegosuarus with a fern back
      fiery Bear warrior
      Water elephant that can spit water from trunk

          1. (you know i’m dyslexic right)
            Because as it grows the foresty backside allows it to blend in, and it absorbs sunlight for energy and it has a armored head

            It has a pugnacious attitude and needs to burn excessive fire energy it constantly produces

            and it can store up to ten gallons of water in its trunk and blast it with enough force to bend or cut steel

          2. No, because you have literally never mentioned it before (as long as I’ve been here)

          3. and i’m thinking along the lines of
            herbisaur (Herbivore and Saur)
            Burnzerker (Burn and Berzerker)
            Hydraphant (Hydro/Hydrant and Elephant)

          4. Late but why not Bearzerk(er) for the bear? Sounds more natural imo and you don’t have to reference the starters type in the name

    2. Okay! Here goes!

      Fire/Bug Scarab
      Water/Ghost Angler Fish

      First things that came to my head

        1. I was thinkin more typical Sun Beatle egyptian route

          1. XD
            Whaddya think of these spontaneous trash fakemons

          2. But it doesn’t suit the aesthetic of what I’m going for
            (Plus I’m 99% sure that name is from a fangame)

          3. i just see a glossy bejeweled scarab beetle with a beautiful icy blue shell
            little do people know that it absorbs heat through its shell and wings and discharges it with powerful blasts of blue fire

          4. trust me, it fits the whole sun thingy
            as it evolves it gets a big tiara jewel which it can focus sunlight through intensifying its flames

            BUT it cannot stand rain or shade, this pokemon is very very lethargic without constant exposure to sunlight

    3. Water/Fighting: Box jellyfish. Supercharges its tentacles with poison that pack quite the punch. Victims that survive describe it as a cross between an electric shock and a scorching burn.

      Fire/electric: Ram. This pokemon must ram its large horns into objects to charge the battery stored within its head. Not doing so can cause it great pain. Because of this, _______ is very quick and aggressive, always looking to smash things with its head to prevent injury.

      Grass/Flying: Fruit bat/sugar glider hybrid. Always on the lookout for berries and other fruit, ____ is known to be greedy. It hordes anything it can get its hands on, and loves hiding berries in its pouch for in-flight snacks.

        1. Because there’s tons of jellyfish like there’s tons of cats and dogs?

          1. There’s also thousands of spider species, lets make a region of spiders

          2. We have more spider Pokemon then we do jellyfish

        1. Thank you! I was thinking it would have tentacles shaped like boxing gloves. They glow blue from its poison that you can see coursing through its translucent yellowish body

    4. Felt like doing it again
      Grass/Flying Peacock with a bulb for a butt
      Fire Crab
      Water Gecko newt that can run on water (and even make sharp turns)

    5. Grass/Dark kiwi kiwi. It remains cute thoroughout its evo line, tricking predators into thinking it’s a fruit before attacking viciously.

      Fire newt, which is covered in a substance it secretes that allows it to dwell in lava. Becomes a giant salamander, with a molten lava pattern on its body.

      Water/Ghost dolphin. Becomes an orca, and it uses a special type of echolocation that reveals the souls of allies and prey. Another one of its kind is usually the main source of the bodyless souls it can sense.

        1. Name: EarthenWarrior
          Type: Ground/Fighting
          Ability: Obstinate (Ignores all stat changes to self and opponent, excluding positive stat changes to self)
          Signature Move: Terror Firma (120, Ground, Physical, 100Acc, take 1/3rd damage dealt as recoil)

          I got bored and you said your nature sooo

          1. my ability is Guts/Sheer Force and my HA: Anger Point
            and my Signature attack is Earthshaker which has a 20% chance to Flinch

          2. I’m just taking my own interpretation :p

            Also since there’s only one of you, you should only have one ability :p

          3. Earthshaker
            base Damage 120
            “The user sets off an explosive seismic shock wave that strikes everything on the ground, may cause flinching”

            I also get my this other move called Haymaker
            which is fighting 150 base damage and causes severe recoil

          4. BST: 600

            HP: 130
            Attack: 170
            Defense: 130
            Sp. Attack: 50
            Sp. Defense: 70
            Speed: 50

          5. Min maxing is for Ultra Beasts and Megas of competitively unusable Pokemon

  27. Yo who here wants me to ‘Pokemonify’ them?

    Basically I give you a type, base stats, an ability and a signature move

      1. Name: Ithsme?
        Type: Flying/Normal
        Ability: Innocent (Immune to all status effects)
        Signature Move: Hello, Ithsme? (Flying, 75 Power, Special, Non-Contact, 100 Accuracy. Does double damage if opponent is confused)

        Also learns Chatter

        1. BST: 600
          HP: 107
          Attack: 82
          Defense: 82
          Sp.Attack: 118
          Sp. Defense: 108
          Speed: 103

          1. mine would be
            HP: 120
            ATK: 180
            DEF: 120
            SpATK: 20
            SpDEF: 100
            SPEED: 60

      1. Hmm

        Name: P. T. Alex
        Type: Psychic/Dark
        Ability: Obscure (Lowers damage when hit by multi target attacks, even if you’re the only one hit)
        Signature Move: Ora Ora Aura (Psychic, Status. Causes all multi hit moves to hit six times for the next six turns).

        1. BST: 420

          HP: 69
          Attack: 150
          Defense: 89
          Special Attack: 150
          Sp. Defense: 99
          Speed: 42

    1. Do me. Wait Im already a Cascoon. Oh Well Im still stronger than everyone here.

      1. so whats stopping us from taping you to a tree or throwing you into a locked box

      2. Name: MenacingCascoon
        Type: Bug/Poison
        Ability: MenacingShed Skin
        SignatureMove: MenacingHarden (Normal, Status. Raises both defenses drastically by two for three turns but sharply lowers both attack stats, then lowers defenses sharply for and raises both attack stats drastically until used again. Attack can’t be used until the defense raising effect wears off)

        1. MenacingShed Skin has a one hundred percent chance of removing any status conditions and giving it to the opponent instead.

          1. Nah it gets access to all of Wurmple, Cascoon and Dustox’s moves, but that doesn’t help much because Dustox is mostly special

        2. BST: 600 (Normal Cascoon is 205)

          HP: 150
          Attack: 105
          Defense: 150
          Sp. Attack: 75
          Sp. Defense: 75
          Speed: 45

          All stats are Cascoon’s x3, except Defense which is – 5 and then x3

      1. Name: Shady
        Type: Dark/Ghost
        Ability: Controversy (All stat changes are multiplied by three, turning them into drastic rises and drops)
        Signature Move: Lurk (Dark, Status, Priority +3. If used on the turn you would faint, you instead get to survive for two turns with halved attack stats but the opponent can’t damage you. Faint after these two turns)

        1. BST: 600

          HP: 66
          Attack: 168
          Defense: 66
          Sp. Attack: 168
          Sp. Defense: 66
          Speed: 66

          1. Hey wait I should be fast ……….ok maybe indicated by defense and hp though.

        2. Dark/Ghost it’s perfect combination …..the ability kinda mimic my real life , I like the Signature Move also.

      1. Yooo

        Name: StarStorm
        Type: Fairy/Ice
        Ability: Critical Standards (If the opponent’s stats changed from last turn – excluding speed – they get hit by an Icy Wind calculated with StarStorm’s stats but doesn’t take a turn from Star)
        Signature Move: Snow Way (Ice, Special, 80 Power, Contact, 100 Accuracy. If it hits, opponent can’t switch)

        1. BST: 600

          HP: 70
          Attack: 94
          Defense: 63
          Sp. Attack: 127
          Sp. Defense: 133
          Speed: 113

    2. Gonna do myself

      Name: Fairy
      Type: Fairy/Poison
      Ability: Punfortunate (Enemy’s chances of an additional effect are halved)
      Signature Move: Pundertrade (Both Pokemon are switched out for a random team member, including themselves. In this case, the Pokemon is returned and then sent out again)

      BST: 600

      HP: 69
      Attack: 69
      Defense: 131
      Sp. Attack: 69
      Sp. Defense: 131
      Speed: 131

      1. Oh i can’t wait to Earthshaker you
        Imagine a tectonic wave so concussive that every individual bone in your body rattles in pain

        1. Pundertrade

          Someone else can take our places, au revoir

        1. fine i’ll do it
          Ability: Elitist; When faced with any situation user says obvious counters he does not possess
          Sig attack: Ghost Turd, throws spectral poo at the opponent
          HP: 30
          Atk: 100
          Def: 20
          SpAtk: 100
          SpDef: 20
          Speed: 180

          1. Earthen
            Ability: Thick Headed- Once a turn they attack someone’s claim blindly. In two turns, the claim comes back to bite them in the ass and does damage to them
            Sig Attack: Rant- The user releases their frustration through incoherent verbal assault but nobody cares enough for it to be effective
            HP: 10
            Attack: 10
            Defense: 570
            Special Attack: 10
            Special Defense: 10
            Speed: -10

          2. oh please i have way more attack then that, you’re awful at this broham

    3. No but seriously, do me
      Make my ability stupidly overpowered but only against Incineroars and useless elsewhere

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  28. Oh by teh way
    in have free time tomorrow but no wifi and was wondering if any’y’all had these on hand right this second
    Bold Wish Eevee
    Modest/Timid Salandit
    Adamant Honedge

    i’m making them for a “friend”

  29. Man why is Toucannon so good. I love using this thing in battle. Definitely the third favorite beginning bird IMO.

  30. Simpsons is silly for this. I dont watch the simpsons because it looks like a stupid show, but I guess nice reference

    1. it is getting on with years but nobody can deny how freaking good the series was when it was in its prime

      i mean the history of this series is nothing to scoff at

        1. one persons biased opinions compared to people who have been watching the show since the 90s

  31. i want to add some moves to myselfm, you do as well the limit is 15 and no signiture attacks outside your own

    Work Up
    Focus Energy
    Power-Up Punch
    Rock Blast
    Head Smash
    Earth Shaker

    1. some other moves
      Stomping Tantrum
      lava Plume
      Brutal Swing
      Bullet Punch

  32. shoot I wanna go to the horse God place but I can’t find it on my map. I know it’s there I saw it by I can’t find the label

    1. I actually know directions.
      Go to the nearby stable, go west, south, east. At least I think, I’ve been there a few times.

        1. Nope, just follow the path in my directions. It should be a little southeast of the stable overall though. You’ll pass a bridge, and it’s actually surrounded by small mountains, so you won’t see it from far away. Just keep to the path.

    Kotaku writes that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will be on Switch this August or September. It’s being developed by Ubisoft with the company’s Snowdrop engine.

    Based on Kotaku’s report, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle features turn-based combat, two-player local co-op, and a “goofy sense of humor.” Playable characters include Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, and, four Rabbids dressed up as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Peach.

    Kotaku writes about having gotten a look at a particular piece of art that “features Mario and crew wielding guns that shoot laser beams.” We can confirm having seen this as well, and it looks pretty ridiculous – yet amazing.


      1. But she got numerous things incorrect as well. BotW is already out, Odyssey wasn’t a launch title. The switch didn’t release on Mar 17, Splatoon 2 wasn’t a day one port, etc.

        I feel like somewhere along the line she started making stuff up.

        1. Apparently they were unsure about release dates and pushed back Mario Odyssey to get it finished and decided to make BOTW a day one release.

    1. I literally just had a sick attack on the bathroom… looks like I’m having another…

  34. I’m so annoyed right now…..A while back I had all the Amber I could get my hands on in BOTW, but I sold it to make a quick buck thinking I’d never need it. Now I have gear from an amiibo I plan on wearing when I beat the game, but almost no amber…..The irony is disgusting…

        1. they’re everywhere
          or if your ballsy go hunt down some Talus

          Amber is the easiest ore

      1. OoT set. I wanna beat the game wearing a traditional style of Link’s clothing lol

  35. I love how in Adventures, Archie isn’t a complete dumbass. He’s proven to be a very intellectual leader to get what he like infiltrating the media and using it to both hide Team Aqua’s activity and also halt Team Magma’s productivity, which forced them to be hidden in the desert.

    1. …how far are you cause I wanna reference a spoiler

      1. It’s fine, I’ve looked through most of adventures on bulbapedia and serebii beforehand, now I’m just reading through.

          1. Oh yeah I’ve heard about the crazy shit it can do XD

            But seriously he’s way better than the games. Dig him in AS, but this version makes him better. I just love how he plays Maxie in the beginning and is pretty calm.

  36. I’m inspired, so here’s my game: Nintendo announces Smash 4 port at E3, along with exactly 3 new characters. Optimally, what are they?

    1. Inkling (Splatoon)
      Decidueye (I forgot what that game was called)
      Elma (Xenoblade X (this was a tough choice. I’m actually really happy with the roster as it is, but I needed a third))

        1. But that would be a massive spoiler.

          And don’t say Sheik, OOT is a lot older and more widely played. If the introduction of Fiora got players intrigued about the game, they would already know a huge spoiler.

    2. Zygarde 10% from Pokemon (it could actually work considering his Smash could be 100% form)
      Spring Man from ARMS (because of the Switch release)
      Isaac from Golden Sun (always wanted him to be an actual fighter)

  37. Game 2: In order for Nintendo to fit those characters on the expanding roster, they had to remove exactly 3 characters. Optimally, who are they?

      1. I’d hate to see Robin go, but it might be for the best.

        I tried with him, I really did. I’ve played the second most with Robin, yet no matter how much I play I really just can’t get good with that character.

    1. Lucina
      Dark Pit
      Bayonetta (literally because I still haven’t bought that DLC and I love Dr. Mario too much to get rid of al the clones)

  38. What if they had a horror game for the Switch where you use a Joycon as a flashlight and as the batteries ran out it did that thing where you can feel Ice rolling around to signify the batteries

    1. what about a challenge two player game
      the rules is that each player has a joy-con and they have to lodge it up their rectum, the furthest wins!

  39. So we’re having a toast party in psych and I’m bringing jellies, so I posted this in the chat
    “It is I, courier of jellies and jams, and I can confirm that I have several jellies and jams ready for tomorrow’s bread related festivities. After all, bringing in jellies for the bread, it’s the yeast I can do”

          1. ehhh more of me getting sucked into a primeval realm ruled by a lonely Earth Elemental Goddess, she’s pretty kewl fond of terraforming the landscape into art but doesn’t really have much to talk to, its a work in progress hoping to revisit it during the summer

          2. they don’t really love you, it will be exciting for a while but soon you’ll find it meaningless and sad

          3. at least mines soulful and real

            Oh and this other one which is a Warcraft one which is erotic misadventures of a Dwarf and Gnome lesbian couple

          4. pour your heart and soul and genitalia into something you’re passionate about just to have it stomped on….by adbots….

      1. I’ve read most of it on Serebii/Bulbapedia, but I’m reading through it. I’m currently at the Kyogre/Groudon situation, right at when Wally and Norman enter Sky Pillar.

  40. One last thing. I would love for a series just dedicated to Wally’s side of the story in ORAS, and how he become stronger.

    1. what about the series where he takes his first few steps and is mauled by mightyena
      or how literally every turn is back luck and he’s nearly killed by everything

  41. I just noticed an oversight. In the memory at the horse statue, you can see an orange glowing shrine in the distance even though shrines are all deactivated at this time and shouldn’t be glowing 😛

    Also I’m so gay for Zelda omg

    1. I play a lot in handheld mode with the joy-cons attached, which is very comfortable. I hear the Pro Controller is good, but I’ve yet to pick it up. At that price point I’m hoping there’s a sale or promotion soon so I can pick it up! As Xatu said, the rumbles are really nice 😀

  42. alright before i go
    I want to try a shiny sos and i’ve narrowed it to
    A. Grimer
    and Salandit but it would be risky

    1. Only go for Salandit if you don’t care about evolving it *waves angry fist at gamefreak*

      Go for shiny grimer because it’s funny and will confuse people.

      1. Unless you’re a skilled hacker attempting to rip it out and upload it to the internet 😛

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