Catch Alolan Pokémon in Pokémon Shuffle!

New and special stages have been added to Pokémon Shuffle, a free-to-pay 3DS/mobile puzzle game, which feature creatures from the newest Pokémon games: Sun & Moon!

New Alola-themed stages and new Pokémon that hail from the Alola region are now available in Pokémon Shuffle, a free puzzle game available for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems as well as mobile devices.

For a limited time, special stages will provide the chance to get Alola’s first partner Pokémon. Play Litten’s special stage until May 9, Popplio’s special stage from May 9 through May 23, and Rowlet’s special stage from May 23 through June 6 to try to capture these cool Pokémon.

Also, be sure to log in to your game between May 2 and May 30 to get a special gift – Alolan Vulpix will join your collection!

Any Alolan Pokémon that you’re excited to get in Shuffle? Let us know in the comments!