Pokémon Duel Now Available on iOS, Android

The mobile game previously known as Pokémon Comaster in Japan has now been released to English markets as Pokémon Duel! Gameplay centers around moving pieces from your side of the board to your opponents with each Pokémon figure possessing different attacks. Battles are determined through the use of spinners to decide what attack is used making for unpredictable and often frustrating play.

Like many free-to-pay games, Pokémon Duel utilizes a timed energy system to limit the amount of progress you can make through battles and Pokémon are bought in randomized ‘capsules’. Much of it will feel familiar if you’ve played games similar to Puzzle and Dragons.

As someone who has played the game, periodically, since its Japanese release, I sadly can’t recommend spending money on it.

If you’re interested in trying it out and waiting for some free gem events (which were quite common in Japan) you can download it for iOS or Android if your account is in the US.