Combat Power Nerfs & Buffs Coming to GO

As usual, Niantic has released some details on their next update for Pokémon GO!

This time around the latest update to their popular mobile game will make adjustments to the Combat Power of several Pokémon: increasing the CP of Pokémon such as Alakazam, Rhydon, and Gengar (mentioned specifically), and lowering the CP of other, unspecified Pokémon.

In the words of Niantic, “These changes will allow a more balanced and competitive battling and training experience in Gyms. We will continue to adjust the CP going forward to improve the game balance when necessary.”

No word on an official list of all the effected Pokémon, however if you open up the app the changes to CP have already been implanted! Check out Niantic’s official blog for their full statement!

In addition to this, in celebration of Thanksgiving, starting November 22nd users will be able to enjoy a week of double XP and Stardust!