Final Pokémon Sun & Moon Trailers

In what will be the last trailers for Pokémon Sun & Moon before they’re released, new Z-moves and other gameplay elements have been shown.

  • Decidueye’s signature Z-Move is called Sinister Arrow Raid
  • Inceneroar’s signature Z-Move is called Malicious Moonsault
  • Primarina’s signature Z-Move is called Oceanic Operetta
  • UB-03 Lighting officially revealed, no other details released
  • UB-05 Gluttony revealed, no other details released
  • Alolan Diglett is officially revealed, and Alolan Dugtrio is seen for the first time outside the special demo – both are Ground/Steel-type
  • Alolan Diglett and Dugtrio’s new ability is Tangled Hair, which lowers the opponents speed if they make contact with the Pokémon
  • The trailer asks US trainers to come back to the official site for where and when you can get Magearna’s QR code – however it’s been confirmed that in Europe it will be distributed via the Pokémon TV app from December 6th, 2016 onward
  • Outside the trailer Necrozma was official revealed stateside as well