Pokémon Sun & Moon Speculation Pt. VI: Riding Pokémon

gogoat-oakOne of the most mysterious images released in the big July 1st Pokémon Sun & Moon update was this image of a trainer on what appears to be a bicycle behind a Stoutland. In the previous generation we were introduced to segments of the game which allowed trainers to ride Pokémon within certain areas; this included Mamoswine, Gogoat and others. Sun & Moon could restrict players in a similar way, but it could also introduce something totally new.

A clue in this mystery is the collar Stoutland is wearing. It doesn’t just look like the trainer is on a bicycle behind the Pokémon, it appears as if the Pokémon may be pulling the trainer… either in a cart, bike or other contraption. If this were to be the case, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine any Pokémon being able to haul you around. PURE RUMOR ALERT: In fact, the Chinese rumor from a few days ago also included that any Pokémon (save a few) could be used for transportation. I accidentally left that bullet point out (yes, I’m sorry).

Unfortunately, one thing that tempers our expectations is the fact that the background doesn’t appear to be a regular part of the traversable overworld. The sparse details make it look more like a cutscene or scripted section of the game similar to last generation.

Either way it looks like a fun method of transportation and I can’t wait to get more details!

<3 PJ


  1. I hope we can ride whatever we want. It would make traveling more interesting. I wonder if different pokemon will have different speeds according to their size?

    1. I had an idea in next game of a raceing minigame where you could obtain a Mega Stone for Gogoat
      The eligible Pokemon for it were
      Skiddo line
      Ponyta line
      Duduo line
      Blitzel line

  2. if we can ride any pokemon it’s pretty much a ripoff of dragon quest monsters joker 3 that was released a couple months ago. It has the same feature xD

    1. I wouldn’t exactly say riding on the back of things is a Dragon Quest original idea.

      1. well it’s not no, but IF we can ride any pokemon that would be quite a coincidence

  3. I’m gonna ride a Gastly.

    But really, I hope we can’t ride many Pokemon. I don’t want the gamemakers to put more focus on making that work than say, the storyline.

  4. Don’t mind the 10 year old riding a 21 foot tall Hoopa Unbound in MeleMele island

  5. My only mount will always be my Mamoswine
    Sure I could ride a Rhyhorn if I weren’t twice its size and barely twice its weight
    Mamoswine would be fitted with a easy to outfit riding tarp and saddlebag filled with the copious amounts of food I gotta feed my entire team (seriously nobody ever realizes that we gotta feed these things)

    But for air and sea
    Flygon and or Golurk might be able to haul my bulk in the air
    But for rivers and oceans maybe a Whiscash or Swampert but I did have this idea of having two Stunfisks strapped to my feet and kinda skate across

      1. That is something I’d like to see
        But I think that’s Trademarked by Lovecraft

        So we’ll have to wait for another Evil Pokemon

        Insatyr Dark/Fairy
        The Sinister Pokemon
        This Pokemon’s horns can sense disharmony, they draw power from negative emotions and cause chaos

        1. Actually, it’s been proven that Cthulhu is in the public domain, meaning anyone can use him.

          Plus, we already have the Inkay family.

          1. Welllllll
            Inkay and Malamar are actually based on vampire squids which use brightly flashing bioluminescent lights to disoriented predators and or prey

            But I truly want a legitimate evil Pokemon and sure Malamar can be evil I’m just looking for something that IS evil not misunderstood or tortured a Pokemon that legitimately seeks out and causes chaos out of its own desires to be evil

            Because those writing saps would easily turn this thing into a lonely prankster acting out, hell no, a truly malicious entity

  6. im laughing because the one bullet point you forgot is literally a make or break the rumour. All pokemon being ride-able? sounds fake to me

    1. What a sexy body Tangrowth has. I never knew under all those blue vines it was so attractive! lol

  7. Riding any Pokemon but a select few? I’m really now starting to wonder if the Chinese leaker is mixing facts with lies. Sure he got Salandit right, but this could be another Gematsu leaker case, where the leaker got some things right then his credibility was completely torn down when he promised that Shulk would be revealed on July 14th, 2014, instead we got Lucina, Robin, and Captain Falcon. I’m hoping that this is the case. The “No traditional Gyms and Pokemon League in Alola. You have to create your own” line still makese me very uncomfortable still.

  8. Let the CoroCoro hype start. ????

    About the riding, I would love it be more involved with some missions and stuff to complete the main plot. Also please let Litten be rideable !

      1. How can you fly on a small bird like Pidgey and the like?
        It’s just Pokelogic
        Plus, if it is a cart they can push, it makes sense that they can ‘ride’ them

        1. Technically it’s an attack that soars up and strikes the next turn
          But the field usage has some unrealistic bypasses

        1. I am sure that Litten will not quadrupedal when he evolve but I don’t mind though.

    1. I imagine when they say “almost any Pokemon” they mean more so that you can ride the big ones. With that said based on the pic that’s on the official site it look more like you’re riding on a chariot rather than the actual Pokemon. So maybe the idea of “riding almost any Pokemon” is more so almost any Pokemon can pull the chariot or whatever you’re on. I guess we’ll find out lol

  9. Who likes my new avatar for now it is a rejected Pokemon named Kurusu I discovered that I love!

    1. I know this one should be in Totodile place but GF given up on him in last moment ….nice avatar dude.

      1. Thank you I mean I like Totodile but this would be a better starter mabey if GF wants to he will be reintroduced as a new Pokemon in a later generation.

  10. I think riding pokemon could be fun. Maybe they can make it like surfing in oras, the speed of riding can be faster or slower depending on the pokemon, and certain pokemon can do certain things, like go back over ledges or going down side of cliff. It could easily be an amazing mechanic if pulled off correctly.
    Also Since my phone is stupid im not able to enjoy pokemon go.

    1. It could really work great, with different missions and races but it really needs to be done well. Maybe not push it to hard in this first run but still make it enjoyable.

  11. When the fruck is some info
    I did literally nothing but laze about all day and I feel like a bile
    I need someone to rev up my engine

    1. it will come less than a week dont baby it out. Its quite annoying seeing your useless spammy “Bored….” comments or “omg we need news.”
      ESPECIALLY when you make these comments days after we have news. Just shut up and post something relevant to pokemon that can add discussion. Maybe you can try adding to discussion than posting something completely irrelevant and stupid then you wont be bored. We will get news we get it every month so there absolutely no need to lower your self to whining. It’s annoying to read and annoying for newcomers too.

  12. Stop Pokémon abuse! Riding Pokémon has been linked with increased back problems and an increase in cardiovascular disease in the Pokémon studied. Stop Pokémon riding now! Donate $5 at http://www.pokejungle.net/petp now to the People for Ethical Treatment of Pokémon to support our cause!

    1. Did you hear what Petp did? They made a really weird pokemon game about abused animals. Like, the snake had like a chain around it’s neck. They’re crazy

    2. Fehhhh if a Phanpy can easily carry an average adult then how could us riding them hurt them

    3. You’re website seems to be displaying an error code. Is this some kind of joke? POKÉMON ABUSE IS A REAL ISSUE PEOPLE!! THINK ABOUT THE LITTENS!!!!

      1. To hell with the littens
        If it doesn’t end up Fire/Fighting or Fire/Ground I could care less

  13. I would like to ride a Samurott or Swampert to be honest. They look quite mighty.

    Btw I would like Popplio to go Quadripedal, there are some neat possibilities.

    Wonder if CC will reveal a gym leader?

      1. Ohhh neat one.
        Or a flaming Infernape up some big Forrest trees.

        So many possibilities. I love that. Riding really does give some new options.

        But I would want the riding Poke to be the 7th Poke. Not obligate to fight , just transportation.

        1. Speaking of Infernape did you know a rejected Pokemon in Red/Blue Gold/Silver that looks like Chimchar probably revived idea to make him

          1. nope its original classification is a bear …..he should be the fire starter of gen2 but they repace it by Cyndaquil for some reason.

          2. I honestly don’t give a shit
            I’ve been on one hell of a losing streak all afternoon

          3. These two actually should come back the other being my avatar they are adorable

  14. okay I’m going to be like Casey Jones and high-speed it to our destination!

  15. I caught a Parasect today on the way to the airport. There was a Scyther around somewhere as well but I couldn’t find it. Oh well, I’ll find another one someday…

  16. In GO I feel outnumbered in my section of town. I chose team Mystic and every time I take a gym, within 30 minutes it is retaken, despite posting ~700 CP Pokemon at the gym. There is mostly team Valor in my area, so there is barely anyone to reinforce my gyms. On a side note, I challenged 5 different gyms yesterday and it glitched out 4 of the 5 times. Despite the issues though, GO is amazing.

      1. It definitely does. That’s how it keeps track of where you are. It’s basically running on Google Maps

    1. Woo Team Mystic! Just took two gyms from the valor scum (just trash talk, not trying to offend anyone).

      1. Definitely fake. Otherwise everyone would be talking about it everywhere lol

    1. Not yet. As it stands those Pokemon can’t evolve. Not until they add the Gen in an update

    2. No I heard they will make updates for other generations in the future Oh and where do Porygon live in the game?

        1. Hmm it’s too bad I’m not going their anytime soon I would love that
          Oh right the Mountainous areas hold so far-
          Krabby has been common
          And most common Pokemon like Ratatta, Weedle, Caterpie, Pidgey, Spearow, Zubat

  17. So here’s a thought. during the Nintendo Minute broadcast that aired during E3 those tow hosts were asking each other Nintendo game related questions to see if the other knew the answer. One of the questions was “What are the trials you need to take to become a Pokemon Champion in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon?” The answer given was “Island Trials”. what if these island trials are the new things the rumors talks about. They wouldn’t be the typical gym trope, but they’d give us purpose to travel the region. Maybe the island trials are the local version of a league and it’s only after the game is beaten that a formal league is put into place like the other regions have? I find the trials interesting as if they were going to just have the regular gym formula why wouldn’t they have just said the answer was to beat the gyms and E4?

    1. I’m sure it’ll be more interesting if we can ride a wider variety of Pokemon. lol

          1. I would like a Arcanine Rideable because think how majestic we would look

        1. Yeah the controls for Rhyhorn were pretty painful. I remember always getting stuck on corners because of how awkward it was.

  18. I’m not sure if this is the right place for this but I really don’t know where else to put it and I want to vent my anger about this. My younger brother and I were out playing Pokemon GO, and he was already and bit paranoid of strangers. Someone pulled up in a car ahead of me, took the gym for my team, mystic, and I added my electabuzz. He then rolled down the window and said “thanks for the electabuzz” and left. My paranoid brother went home and told my mom that strangers in cars were talking to us, and now she doesn’t want me playing anymore (she isn’t forbidding it, but is not supportive of the game). I’ll be an adult in a couple years, and yet she still is highly against me simply taking a walk in our safe neighborhood. I’ve met nothing but friendly people playing this game and yet she still has the paranoid mindset that everyone out there wants to hurt me. I understand her concern, but there is a difference between wanting me to be safe and being paranoid about it. -_-
    Phew, sorry for the wall of text there. I know you probably don’t care the slightest bit, but I wanted to get that off my chest and it ended up being longer than I expected. On a side note, CoroCoro might leak tonight!

      1. I completely understand trying to keep your family safe, but this is taking away some of the fun for me. I previously always played with my brother, and we had a great time with it, but she made him paranoid and after this incident (if you can even call it that) he is too scared to play, and says that he has no intention of playing again. Playing alone just wouldn’t be as fun, and that’s why I’m so fired up about this.

    1. Ugg I know what you mean my parents are paranoid and I think just leave me to GO!!

    2. Your brother’s a NARK!!!! Hahaha I kid I kid, but yeah that’s a bit much. She may have good intentions, but keeping you guys from the world will only hurt you more. It’s better for you brother to go out and meet new people so that he can get over his paranoidness. Not everyone is a bad person. Most people simply mind their own business lol

      1. I live in one of the safest towns in the area, too. I’m just put out that my brother doesn’t intend to play with me again and I really have friends in my area (well I do have one but my dad hates him, but that’s a completely different story).

        1. I’m sure he’ll warm back up to it. It may have to start by you talking about it while going out shopping or something, but maybe one day he’ll get into it fully again. How old is he by the way? I don’t mean to pry. Just curious I guess lol

          1. He will be 12 very soon. I really don’t blame him for his anxiety about strangers though, I was the EXACT same way as a kid. I hope you are right about him warming up to it again though, these past few days have been great, server issues, glitches, and all.

          2. I’m sure he will….at least as long as your mom backs off. Like I said good intentions can lead to bad things sometimes. Either way I’m sure it’ll all work out for the best.

    3. You’re going to meet a lot of strangers in your life. Guaranteed. Not everyone out there is out to get you.
      Consider your neighbors. Unless you talk to them, they’re pretty much strangers to you. Until one of them decides to shoot your house. THEN you have a reason to distrust them.

      My friends and I were out walking around searching for Pokemon. A car turned onto the street we were on, rolled down their window, and the passenger stuck their phone out. While they passed, we saw they had the same app open. It was pretty cool meeting another stranger with the same interest as us, and in a fairly benign manner too.

      1. Lol all (I’m dead serious when I say all) of the neighbors on my street are elderly people.

    1. My hope now Kurusu comes sorry I just am in love with this guy and for all but the no gyms and I’ll be okay either way who knows mabey they will mention us.

      1. While we are bringing back rejected starters, bring back Honoguma (I believe that was the name).

        1. That would be nice starters or not this thing on any pokedex I make will be known as No.???
          And I wonder will this halt GF’s plans by that guy spoiling it if it’s true I could see them redoing all those because of him

          1. There was also a turtle Pokemon advertised for gen two with a striking resemblance to Tirtouga who was scrapped, and he showed up in gen 5 so you never know.

          2. Ok want to know what just look up On Google Rejected Pokemon and on bulbapedia

        1. Kurusu, along with Honoguma (fire), is a starter in the demo of GS, but was ultimately scrapped for Totodile, and was never mentioned since.

    2. I really do hope all the leaks are real. I’ve really warmed up to them and I have to admit it makes me far more excited for Sun and Moon than another generic 8 gyms, beat the bad guys, and become champion formula we’ve had.

      1. Haha same here! Switching up the formula is necessary to keep it fresh. Plus the Pokemon sound cool, too. I personally want to starter evos too, but those are a seperate leak right?

        1. Depends on what you mean by separate leak. The Chinese leaks are related to the starter evolution pictures, but the guy on 4Chan also described the starers as those so I guess all the rumors and leaks are technically intertwining? lol

          1. We should keep in mind that just because something is true doesn’t mean the whole leak is true. Someone may feel that they have power and throw in some fake stuff with the real stuff to make a joke or something (I don’t know if you like smash, but remember the gematsu leak?)

          2. Oh yeah I know. That kind of thing also happened back when it was the XY leak season.

          3. No This is the first time I’m in speculation since sun and Moon at least

  19. Off topic, but, Summer of Steven is going to last for over a month and it’s going to end with the Season 3 Finale. Just wanted to share this with the SU fans.

          1. He was planned for gen 2, scrapped, and then made a return in gen 5. Kurusu’s return is unlikely, I agree, but not impossible.

          2. Then this doesn’t it look like Chimchar just saying it was scrapped gen 1

  20. You’ve been given an interview at GF. The interview simply is to make a Pokemon with a creative, innovative design, and a good name to match. What do you do?


    1. I’m really bad at this stuff so I’m not going to answer my own question, but instead wait and see what others come up with.

    2. A quadrupedal Litten final evo with mostly black fur and some red highlights, with sabretooth like fangs. As to the name I dunno nor do I really care.

    3. Nimrod (Electric)- a small cloud Pokémon with a derpy face and a small lightning rod atop its head. Evolves into->

      Cirrebrum (Electric/Psychic)- a cluster of small Nimrods that form a brain-like shape; the lightning rod is now on the bottom, mimicking a brain stem, and fires off electrical impulses that can control Pokémon.

        1. Doesn’t it mean idiot, for lack of a more “sensitive” word? I used that because of the irony of something idiotic evolving into a brain-like creature.

          1. Even if they couldn’t copyright it, they could always change up the spelling since they have creative liberties. Nimbrod (silent b), Nimmrod, etc.

        2. LOL I’ve got a fakemon with the same name. 😀 Its kind of a Capricorn themed Fakemon. D

    4. Grass/ ground otter with muddy paws that burrows in the mid around ponds named ottereed.

      Evolves into terracotter that is a larger version with a cattail and a couple long leaves as a tail.

    5. Ghost/Dark stitched together doll Pokemon that rips apart other dolls to attach to its own body. It’s based on a horror story I read recently.

    6. Not to spam this but my students are dying for me to post these too to see what you all think.

      Regional bugs.

      1. Mine are a Prince Caterpillar into a empress monarch butterfly
        Then a white silkworm with a parka then evolves into a faberge egg cocoon into a Moth with stained glass wings of ice

          1. Still waiting for Mega Rapidash
            Fire/Flying (Not Fairy)
            Gains a freaking majestic pair of wings with burning feathers
            Armored hooves and a mane that stretches far, and three sets of horns

          2. And a solid 50 in attack and 50 in speed
            And have it use Aerial Double Edge and mondo Flare Blitzs and Drill Run

          3. lol just cuz he has a different idea of how they should make mega rapidash doesnt mean the pokemon wont like him and vice versa

      1. Shh. We can’t say things like that round these parts. Earthen’s watching ya’ll

        1. Lol they just brings more useless attention saying this.
          Also It is want I want Earthen can say whatever he wants he is allowed to disagree, but it doesn’t change what I want

          1. Barely
            Rapidash isn’t some pansy unicorn, it is a competitive hot blooded race horse that pushes itself daily

          2. And you should know Looks don’t cut it
            Things aren’t things just because they look of it

            Just look at Luxray or Florges
            It looks like an Electric/Dark Type and Fairy/Grass but they’re not

          3. Their are reasons why they didn’t do that they have high legitimate solid power to do as they please.

          4. That kinda response is bull
            Gamefreak plan everything out to the last detail

            They new Luxray wasn’t evil and Florges isn’t a plant hybrid

          5. your argument is amazing, “things arent things just because they look it.” you then back this up with typing lol, not what they literally look like. Rapidash is a unicorn, look at its horn, give it wings like many want, you get a pegasus

          6. but does that not make them fairies? hmm if im not mistaking, granbull is a dog yet because its in a fairy egg group he got fairy. Azumarill is a bunny, hmmm

          7. cu sith? wheres the evidence to that? just cuz hes a dog? cuz i googled cu sith and it doesnt look like a bull dog

          8. Ok well you got your wants and I got mine, so arguing won’t really solve anything. We cant expect everything to want the same thing.

          9. there is no evidence to this claim, “it mega evolves and grows wings so flying” you say it as if its a fact, but hmm…. let me call gamefreak cuz i dont recall such an announcement…hmm so what evidence do you have to confirm this? only evidence is confidential stuff that already has them planning for a mega rapidash, otherwise you are using pointless “facts” of what you know to try and prove why this claim should be made fact but thats just speculation, no real evidence

          10. Fine I speculate that if Mega Rapidash would be a thing
            The most reasonable direction would have it take on the appearance of a Pegasus, make it Fire/Flying with the ability Aerialite

          11. And I hypoithize that it wouldn’t be a Fairy given its competitive nature and a lack of a mythical standpoint
            Yes it has a unicorn horn but just doesn’t equal Magic qualities

          12. Fool
            *Bear hugs you and causes your spine to snap and the oxygen to forever leave your body*

          13. Impossible, the average human doesn’t exert the amount of pressure to do so. However, there is a trick, you just need to know the equation for pressure.

          14. The lower stomach would leave major discomfort at best. There’s lots of intestines and muscles in the way. Abdomen would be the closest, probably in between the belly button and xyphoid process of the sternum.

          15. Or this move I call the human straight jacket
            Where I try to grab the arms from behind the victim and cross them and pull to the back

          16. LOL My youngest brother is taller than you, not by much, but is taller. (And probably weighs more too, unfortunately. 🙁 )

          17. Well I didn’t post my true weight but I’m not dumping my biology records

          18. Ummm actually “Alicorn” was something that’s ONLY in MLP. I grew up with the term “Pegacorn” for a unicorn with wings. So yeah. (I was born in 1987, so I grew up with the original MLP, and other things.) I’ve NEVER heard the term “Alicorn” until the new MLP, Same with the term “Brony”. It drives me up the damn wall whenever I mention that I like MLP and automaticly everybody is calling me a “Brony”. NO, no, no, no, no I am not a “Brony” I am a woman so the term for female fans is “Pegasister” It always has been and always will be. (Though if you are a female fan and you like being referred to as a “Brony” thats alright. But it drives me nuts. The only time I’ll tolerate being referred to as a “Bro” is when I say that I’m part of the “Bro Army” Because then I am a bro, I am a proud PewDiePie fan. 😀 ) But OMG This post is so WAAAYYYYY off topic. LOL Sorry about my stupid rant. But yeah the term for a unicorn with wings in everything but MLP is Pegacorn. 🙂

          19. I’ve learned something lol I was born in ’87 also. Idk what MLP stands for haha. Pegacorn – sounds cuter

        1. Why not get some Fairy/Normal Equine to ruin and leave Rapidash out of it
          71. Equestine Fairy/Normal
          72. Mythicor Fairy/Normal
          73. Majestigus Fairy/Flying

        2. I know right it can grow a longer horn, have wings made of fire. Fire running down its legs. When ever it flies it leaves a trail of fire

          1. let also give him an ability that makes him immune to ground/rock moves!! the best fairy pokemon

          2. Immunity ability to two types sounds OP. Let’s just say immune to ground for . . . shall I say obvious reasons.

          3. If it was just a flying type it wouldn’t need levitate
            And if it’s Leviate then no Pixilate since it learns no fairy moves whatsoever
            Check and mate

          4. That’s beyond stupid
            My idea is actually reasonable and flows organically

          5. Yet they do too a Unicorn being a fairy could happen
            Yet why would it lose its horn to grow wings your gearing up for Mega Absol again

          6. I never said it lost its horn it gets three in a cone shape
            I was also going to add forth horn that’s deep red that shoots out flames when it flies at full speed

            And Absol doesn’t have wings

          7. Well I happen to research a lot of things and don’t base things on looks

          8. Today we have Earthen facing against a hoard. Can he fend them off with his mighty stance? Stay tuned!

          9. I keep telling y’all I want to make an animated trailer about Pokejungle and have all of us in it

          10. But the thing is (please don’t get too upset) it would just kinda focus on the core group
            Because we have tons of people here but this kinda intro would just be like the long time core group

          11. Oh no worries, dude. I know I’m newer, but I’d still watch the series. It would be fun.

          12. Like

            It would kinda be one of those upbeat intros where it cycles through the main cast and displays their personality with their Pokemon partner

          13. He’s a regular in chat, I kinda mostly based it on the core chat group
            Whatever it was just a fanboy thought

          14. I’ve been here since 2013 with a one year gap. If that doesn’t make core group I don’t know what does. XD

          15. I wanted to add you I really did (and Exel too)
            But I can’t have like twenty people

          16. I could always kick Chico out
            But in all seriousness I intended to have that jackass in this from the beginning

          17. Pssssh that’s chump time. I’ve been here since DP were released….maybe even earlier….idk I can’t remember lol All I know is the site was completely green, its mascot was Carnivine, and they had little sprite trainers you could pick out and match with a Pokemon lol

          18. I think what earthen meant was like the core group that he talks to apparently haha, there are a few on his list that like are rarely on the site anymore and I mean, there are a lot of people on here pretty regular that are not either 😛 idk though who cares lol

          19. Fair point……Oh well I don’t want to be on his stinky list anyway hahahaha

          20. Same, I just deleted my disqus account and made a new one, and people tend to ignore me anyway… But I have been here since the X Y hype season

          21. I think I came around the end of BW and the beginning of BW2 myself, or maybe I just made an account then haha

          22. I made an account at the summer of 2013, right before the Honedge reveal.
            Although I was lingering on the site liking people’s comments a couple of months prior :3

          23. 😉 Hey, you’re speaking to the finest of all stalkers.
            I went to Stalker High School and was a valedictorian 😉

          24. People call me a Stalker but just cause I like girls doesn’t mean I stalk people.

          25. Wow I’ve been on almost everyday for a while and I tend to exaggerate so more Like two weeks.

          26. I may be a Earth Elemental but I don’t stoop to low levels
            I’m straightforward with my ways

          27. Like I don’t care xD es why I said cool cool. (Really hoped someone would get the reference but I guess I’m the only one who likes this YTber xD)

          28. The only references that I generally get are Harry Potter and Spongebob. Throw in some other fantasy stuff too but you get my drift.

          29. Ah ok :3
            I throw a lot of references from things i like, so I get a wide range of stuff to quote

          30. no worries if you do, I think I do it more for my own amusement xD plus it’s usually the only response I would have in a situation

          31. OMG i remember screenshotting this on my ipad!!! lmao. hmm this is the seviper episode no?

  21. I would still love a book filled with all the scrapped designs and ideas for Pokemon and the games. I would pay good money for it.

  22. I kinda need Coro Coro now. Actually, sun and moon could come out instead. Thanks…

        1. True, but it will probably be when in asleep so basically tomorrow, for me at least.

  23. I’m not putting high hopes in S/M improving with the formula with riding on Pokemon. It’s going to be restricted in the same ways. Anyways, I hope to see Pokemon such as Arcanine being rideable.

    1. Zebstrika, Rapidash, and Tauros would be cool (among others). Maybe Starmie too? Misty rode it in the anime. Won’t happen, but I can dream

  24. I would like to talk about something before Corocoro leak, actually the starters and there evolutions that appeared as a rumor they r connected some way….
    – the link between Rowlet an its evolution is both of them focusing on making no sound while they attacking we know Archer made to assassinate …also it can hide his head with a grass hood.

    – Litten always remains cool headed and doesn’t show its emotions on the surface and this wrestler is the same look at this badass tiger …look at him again while he sleeping in backstage ……I predict mid evolution will be kinda Chubby.

    -Popplio to Show off itself as the same as this siren did.

      1. I really really hope it’s fake
        I was so excited to use Popplio but if it ends up a Fairy….the mere thought makes me puke

      2. Said this a few days ago, but if mermaid popplio is real, she will most likely replace my favorite, lopunny!

          1. I’m sure someone has already conjured up a few drawings of mermaid pop in some kind of twisted.. position…

      1. I like him but I can’t subscribe to anything but him and Doobs are two of my favorite youtubers

          1. It most likely is, I just suck at figuring out my favs xD I love a lot of mons and don’t hate a lot of them, so it makes it extremely difficult

          2. Lucario is too good though how could you not like it. Helps that he is also competitively viable for those that do that as well.

          3. Same, I dislike the concept of megas generally but a few of their designs do truly appeal to me. And then there’s manectric, slowbro, aerodactyl, metagross….few others..

    1. I mean, sure, but I don’t necessary like to assign gender roles to pokemon….

      and I mean, each pokemon is its own species in a way so realistically if this were real life pokemon that can only be one gender…. would die out

        1. hey I’m not knocking the video or your post, its a really well put together I just like people to be open minded about things like this 😛

        1. yeah but I mean interspecies breeding doesnt happen as often in nature and some species may not live in the same habitat as ditto

  25. Alright to pass the time I’m going to say my updated list of most wanted features for SM:
    – Difficulty settings
    – Soaring
    – Battle frontier (or just more than the maison)
    – Gym rebattles
    – Return of XY bottom screen features
    – Kalos postgame
    – Pokemon following you (deconfirmed)
    – Customization (confirmed)
    – VS Seeker

    1. My thoughts on that
      Why would difficulty exist that no please no.
      Soaring and quests yes hopefully
      Battle frontier Love it
      Yes yes Rebattles and bottom screens!!!
      Vs seeker yes and Customization yes

      1. Pleasepleasepleaseplease difficulty settings. They are completely optional, and we are in need since Pokemon is getting easier for the kids.

        1. Honestly I just want a lengthy good quality story with a quadrupedal Litten that isn’t Fire/Fighting and I am fine with whatever else they do.

      1. Fire/Fighting Litten would make me displeased, but I’d rather just have it be a quadruped

          1. Boars don’t stand on their back legs and neither do foxes (albeit it became psychic and I honestly kind of liked it) but GF don’t care. And I am sure they are aware people are tired of Fire/Fighting Bipedal bs.

          2. Ummm actually cat’s CAN AND DO stand on two leg’s. My kitty cats do it ALL THE TIME!!!!!! And it’s really rather cute. <3

    2. 1. Plz GameFreak
      2. I don’t care if it returns tbh. Flying was way faster.
      3. Yes to this.
      4. I doubt it will be back.
      5. Yasss!
      6. Of course it will return.
      7. Uh. OR/AS poat game.
      8. No.
      9. It’s already confirmed.
      10. That would be cool.

      1. 2. Flying for speed when you want to get somewhere, soaring for the beautiful scenery.

        1. Soaring wasn’t that great. The world was kinda flat with a few details. It’s a feature I could do without. It was cool for the time being.

    3. What post game was in XY? I just remember the South Kalos thing and the Looker missions

  26. I actually really hope that the starter Pokemon final evolution leaks are real. I don’t really like Popplio, BUT if that is actually its last evolution I may change my mind, because I actually really LOVE that design, and I also really LOVE Rowlets supposed last evolution, it’s totally badass. I don’t really like Litten’s final evo though, but I am slowly getting used to it. 🙂 So I really do hope that the final evo leaks ARE real. 😀 And before anyone comments on this post saying that the water one is “To feminine” I’ll just say that IT IS NOT! And also that there is nothing wrong with a male Pokemon having a feminine look, (There are plenty of human men with feminine appearances.) I mean for peat’s sake, just look at a lot of real life animals. Almost ALL OF THE MALE’S of the species are bright and BEAUTIFUL in both appearance and coloration, while the females are usually drab and unimpressive. (With the exceptions of human female’s, who can actually change their appearance. LOL) I’m just saying that (in my eye’s at least) from a realistic point of view, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that Pokemon’s “feminine” appearance. 🙂

      1. Ooh, I forgot the honorable mentions. They are: Emerald, Platinum, Xenoblade X, OOT, Smash 4

          1. It’s probably the most unforgiving game I’ve ever played. It’s difficult but not in an annoying tedious way.

          2. Seems like your hands are a bit dusty then.

            Lucky for me, I washed the dust off when my save file didnt transfer when getting a new cpu

          3. In doing genocide for the first time and becaus I don’t want to spoil anything, I’ll just say that the midway boss is brutal.

    1. 1. Majoras Mask
      2. Banjo- Tooie
      3. Kirby Air Ride
      4. Pokemon HGSS
      5.The Last of Us

      Honourable mentions: Skyrim, Dragon Age: Inquistion, all the zeldas, pokemon, kirby, animal crossing and mario games save a few.

    2. I don’t play too many out of Pokemon, but I do love the Zelda games I have played, Fossil Fighters (an RPG like Pokemon but with dinosaurs), and Animal Crossing New Leaf

      1. I have an on/off relationship with New Leaf. I haven’t played it in a few months but I do love it. I just get bored with it every so often…need a new one.

        1. They should add a freeze function so that it isn’t so tedious and difficult to fix your town after coming back from a long break from the game.

          1. just use the beauty ordinance? I go back to my town after a few months and there is maybe like one weed

          2. I did but my villagers ruined my flower path by adding other types of flowers on the path! XD

        1. Series –
          1. Persona / SMT
          2. Pokemon
          3. Dragon Quest
          4. Zelda
          5. Tales

          Entry –
          1. Pokemon B/W/B2/W2
          2. Persona 3
          3. Dragon Quest IX
          4. Zelda TP
          5. Zelda LttP

          Persona 5 will be the number 1 when it comes out… next year… 🙁

    3. 1. Pokemon White 2
      2. Fire Emblem: Awakening/Fates
      3. M&L: Bowser’s Inside Story
      4. A Link Between Worlds
      5. SMT IV
      Soon to be: Sun & Moon.

    4. 1. Ocarina
      2. Skyrim
      3. Alpha Sapphire
      4. Halo 2
      5. Soul Silver

      Ranking not definitive.

          1. I cant wait for the Skyrim PS4 remaster tbh, since my PS3 version freezes so much its unplayable now, sadly I never got the chance to play oblivion, just Skyrim and Elder crap online :C

          2. Oh yeah I’m probs gonna buy it 🙂 It makes me sad that they said there’s not a new one coming anytime soon though :/

    5. As of right now?
      1. Any Pokemon game I’m in the mood for (love them all ofc)
      2. ESO
      3. Dark Souls 3
      4. Overwatch
      5. FE Fates

      Of all time?
      1. Pokemon BW2
      2. Final Fantasy 12
      3. Harvest Moon Animal Parade (I love all of them including some of the rune factory games)
      4. All of the Elder Scrolls games
      5. All Animal Crossing titles
      6. RE4 and 5

      EDIT: Forgot about the Atelier and Persona series!!! Too much faves!!!

  27. If Pokemon Go could only have one other set of Pokemon, what Gen would you pick?
    I’d pick Gen 3 for that Camerupt power.
    Ithsme got me into the quesion asking mood, thanks breh.

    1. johto or kalos… though the game still isn’t out in my country so T_T

      1. Ah, that sucks. But at least it will be WAAAY better in terms of servers crashing by the time you get it. Stay strong breh.

    2. Gen 2 for Espeon, but Gen 4 for other pokemon xD it’s a hard choice for me…
      most likely gen 2 so I could have Espeon 😛 I love it too much <3

    3. Probably 1. It has a lot of Pokemon that I like and honestly I don’t mind that it is the only gen. Also, anytime! 😉

  28. I thought about this earlier, but the gen 1 starters were some of the best designed pokemon ever. Like, out of the three, is there anyone that doesnt like any of them? Everyone has their pick. Good job GF

    1. Venasaur is ugly as sin but eh I like them all well enough. Same with Gen 2 (best imo). Gen 3 were all pretty swag too. Gen 4… eh Torterra was stupid but eh. Gen 5 gtfo Emboar. Gen 6… eh I liked them all in the end.

          1. Funny enough, I really don’t like grotle, monferno, or prinplup but love the final evos. I think Gen 4 has the best final evos of all regions. But that’s just me 🙂

          2. Idk why, maybe its because of smoochum but in the past few years I have grown to love Jynx in a way, I usually name mine stupid names though 😛

          3. Yes, exactly. I love the middle designs for Gens 1 and 2. 3’s are pretty good, although Combusken does look like weiner

    2. my all time favs are johto but I always loved the squirtle and bulba lines, but I would have to say Squirtle because wartortle is just so awesome

    3. I like them all, just don’t like how strange of a transition it is from wartortle to blastoise.

  29. I have never actually been this interactive with the Pokejungle chat ever. I’m more of a forums dude

      1. But it seems like an okay idea, not my favorite but there is potential. Why should I hate it? Thanks for the tip, breh

    1. we all welcome you with open arms, regardless of your opinion on synergy 😛 ok maybe not all of us, but I do 😛

      1. I have been stalking the chat long enough (2 years or so) to understand Earthen has some… um… ‘unpopular’ opinions

  30. Something I want them to work on in Sun and Moon is when you have a more emotional moment with super feels-ey music (*cought* emotion *cough*) they dont transition to super happy woooo music right then and there. You gotta ease back into that. It’s kinda hard to be hit with emotion when Nimbasa city music is playing

    1. Why? What if they replace them something just as challenging or more so? And also possibly more fun……lol

        1. I imagine it would be a different kind of progression of bosses to beat. The story should be what makes you want to continue to play not whether you beat a specific set of trainers or not.

      1. usually 4chan the first site leaks corocoro …..but wat 4chan did is copied this from other site …..wat it could be?

    1. Probably like Warioland shake it. I don’t remember too many “horrible” games. I mean, Halo 5 is probably the worst in the series so maybe that

        1. Ugh, those games are so bad in comparison to Halo. Who even wants to fight humans when you can fight aliens anyway?

        2. Main story wise yes, but I only play locally with friends and it’s just funnier cause we do weird stuff for challenge haha

      1. you know what… I read that entirely wrong, I thought it said Halo was the worst series ever and I was like… I have played it and even though I’m not big on shooters I thought it was good…

        MY BAD! XD

      1. You’re the first that I’ve seen to say this. I’ve never played DPP myself, but others have told me great things about them lol

  31. I feel like my profile pic is a little too creepy. Free cookies to anyone who knows who’s face it is.

      1. Lol, the first HALF of the first season was good (Aincrad) but the rest sucked imo. +10 Cookies for Auragar

          1. I was lucky to watch GGO without the intro tho. I watched the intro after I watched the season, and there were HUGE spoilers in the opening.

      1. Yeppers, +10 Cookies for TheSunnyMonster6893…
        Phew that name was a monster to type…
        heh, get it

  32. This is likely fake for obvious reasons, but I would love for it to be real. 🙁 RF

        1. Tony the Tiger at least fits in with the fire fighting crowd, weather or not it’s a good thing that it is a member.

          1. u shouldn’t say anything …u need to learn wat pkmn look like and then comeback here and say wat u want.

          2. Ur not …I weren’t care if this wrestler is real or not ….but now I hope it’s real to keep u in this madness stat.

          1. Exactly. That rumored Evo looks like a Digimon. It looks nothing like a Pokémon.

          2. I don’t know if you know what digimon look like but digimon usually look like bipedal animals with gross teeth and covered in symbols, weapons and superfluous details…

      1. I don’t understand what it has to do with a tiger. I don’t like it either.

        1. I just can’t but help immediately think of holocaust, which is NOT a connection I want to draw with pokemon and fire.

          1. I don’t think that it would be Holocaust. I think that it would be accost. Like they accosted you. Because the dictionary definition says that it literally means to approach and address (someone) boldly or aggressively. And from the artwork of that Pokemon they seem like they would accost you. LOL

          2. no…it would be tyaccost/tycost

            There is both the “l” and “u” that do not match up.

    1. Ugh…. The name. As a Jewish person myself, I seriously hope the name wasn’t intentional…. if it is, screw you artist :/

      1. The greek meaning is “destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war.” With that said, the name is in poor taste and doesn’t even sound good.

        1. Yes… True. But like you said, you don’t name a pokemon after the killing of 11,000,000 people. >:(

      1. But it goes:
        Litten, the cute Pokemon styled Pokemon
        Litturl, the awkward Girl Anime Litten thing
        Littems, The ultimate MsPaint Litten thing

  33. So they’ve been following a pretty similar approach when it comes to revealing Pokemon as last gen, what with honedge and salandit both being the 19th revealed and at an expo, right? Does that mean, if the pattern continues, we could be getting new Megas tomorrow or whenever Coro Coro leaks? Or what was released last time?

    1. Wow answering my own question, but was it pangoro, inkay, malamar, swirlix, honedge, Clemont, grant, and team flare’s official reveal?

      1. yeah same here. and I could breathe a sigh of relief to know they didn’t remove megas, I love the mechanic and mega altaria so much!

        1. YASSSS! Mega Altaria instantly became one of my fav megas when it came out, I literally use it all the time. so fluffy

      2. Atm, Sun and Moon isn’t as hype as XY or ORAS… too bad. Maybe I need to wait for some new news that is different

        1. well to each their own. I wasn’t as hyped about x and y with the anticipation of a new smash bros soon afterward. (ok maybe a little later than soon) but im not too interested in anything but pokemon this year. honestly im looking more forward to payday and getting already existing games then anything new

        2. I think thats because with XY it was the first time seeing pokemon in 3D and ORAS was a remake, that being said, I am pretty freaking hyped for S/M even more than I was for ORAS XD

          1. Yeah, those are good points, also Ruby was my game I played throughout my entire life, from 3 y/o to now, I still play it. So nostalgic.

          2. Same! This region looks beautiful, the Pokemon look great, just everything about it. Mainly those islands though. And freaking Hawaii as inspiration? Yes please!

    2. Megas were only revealed a month after Honedge’s reveal though, in the August issue of Corocoro. The Corocoro after Honedge revealed Swirlix, Spritzee, Pangoro, Inkay, and Malamar. It also revealed Professor Sycamore, Team Flare, and two Gym Leaders.

  34. so what are we all playing while we await pokemon sun and moon? ive been playing:
    Ace attourney trilogy
    Professor Layton and the curious village
    playing through undertale for the first time, blind

    1. I’m doing a play through of X with no starter (after the first gym I decided this) and no Megas. I’m also not using my two favorite types so that I really have to branch out!

      1. I didn’t use megas when playing either x or alpha sapphire. I always go through only with pokemon from that gen, so I couldn’t use a mega anyways haha.

        1. Oh nice. Yeah I’m using all new Pokemon I’ve never played a full game through with.

    2. replying to myself, lol. I plan on getting super Mario maker and splatoon (I really hope my internet is fast enough for splatoon, it runs smash bros just fine)

    3. I’ve been playing the Ace Attorney trilogy, Xenoblade 3D, FE Fates Birthright, and Pokémon TCGO

    4. Hyrule Warriors Legends (The one I play the most)
      LoZ: TP HD
      Pokemon White / HGSS / Pearl

      1. pokemon go is already a disaster. I really hope it doesn’t have to come to any serious injuries or deaths before they take it down.

        1. True, but technically it is the fault of the person playing it. The app mentions to be careful, yet people still don’t seem to listen. Look before you cross roads, don’t look at your phone the whole time, don’t play at night by yourself. Easy precautions can be taken yet people would rather risk their life……

          1. What!? HOW! I had to hatch from 10k egg, we just have Drowsee and Hypno.. and a lot of them. And the other basic ones like Pidgey

          2. I actually don’t have a Drowsee. I do have some pretty cool stuff here. I live right on the water, so Magikarp, Dratini, Staryu, Poliwag, Tentacruel and Kingler spawn all the time here…

          3. yes you are right, I cant argue that. it definitely falls on the player to show some inkling of responsibility

          4. Also, since I am on the loading screen 51.6% of the time, it says that at the bottom every time on the screen

          5. Yes… Exactly! My parents keep telling me that people are getting injured so don’t run in the middle of a road. But c’mon, as much as I love pokemon, I’m not gonna stupidly risk my life XD

    5. Well I have a few games on the table currently. Pokemon Go of course, but as far as real games go I still need to beat Devil May Cry. Plus I’ve also been slowly trudging through Digimon Cyber Sleuth. I just haven’t had time to finish those two tho……lol

        1. PS4 DMC I got so close to the end and then school got in the way. I just need to find the motivation to beat it. I really like it a lot tho!

          1. oh I love DmC devil may cry. a lot of people hated that it was a reboot but the gameplay is really solid, one of the best IMO.

          2. Yeah the game is great. Plus I really like Dante’s personality in this one. He’s so snarky lol

          3. yes I like both dante’s personally. but, I really think DmC vergil is better than the original, his character feels so much more determined and strong willed than the original.

          4. Vigil’s a bastard!!! Idk….maybe he redeems himself at the end of the game and in his segment…..I really need to to beat it lol

          5. oh yeah hes a jerk but I just think hes more fleshed out (especially with the dlc) than the original

      1. U sayin Pokemon Go ain’t a real game, get yo butt ova here and say that to my face
        jk breh, it doesn’t count as a game, cuz games don’t make me go outside

        1. Ok ok that’s not what I meant…..I meant…..*sigh*….Listen you know it’s different compared to a console game and that’s a just a simple fact hahaha

    6. I’m actually not focused on games right now. I’d like to get ahead on some reading because I know I’ll fall behind when Sun and Moon come out.

      1. oh cool! yeah ive got the entire song of ice and fire collection I need to read myself… its just sitting there…. I mean, ive seen the entirety of game of thrones so I know how it will for the most part pan out, so I kinda don’t feel motivated to read it haha

        1. I’ve never been able to get into that series, book or show. I might try it someday but right now I’m reading the books in the Ender’s Game series. It’s a good read, but it’s so complex that it takes me a while to push through each book.

          1. oh for certain if you ever have the opportunity you should watch game of thrones. (also, assuming you are younger, id talk to your parents first) but ive never seen a show with sooooo many likeable and fleshed out characters as game of thrones. every episode makes you love them more and more (or hate) until they may decide to just take them away from you its seriously engaging.

          2. I’m definitely old/mature enough for it, but thanks for the concern! I see how sexual it can get through all the gifs I see on Tumblr though. I’m currently watching Scrubs (gotta love that medical humor), but I’ll keep Game of Thrones in mind. 🙂

          3. Isn’t the Americans the Cold War Russian Spy thing, or am I thinking of another show

    7. Is this game good ? I love this series but they need to focus on the main case more than the puzzle ….I mean they should make puzzles about the main case more.

        1. Obviously “Professor Layton and the curious village ” I was talking about puzzles by the way.

          1. oh. well im not so sure ive literally just started it while on this site haha. I love games that use your head though, and i loved professor Layton vs phoenix wright (and it was my first time playing either series) so i guess the answer is:
            if you are into this sort of thing and don’t mind spending 10$, then give it a shot haha

          2. I told I had been played The Last Specter and I love it but the cus on the main case more ….most of puzzles r not related to the main case.
            I was ask did u have the same issue in ur game?

          3. Those puzzles get more prevelent as you progress through the series. Especially in Miracle Mask and Pw: vs AA.

    8. Those first three game series are my all time favorite. Have you finished the Professor Layton series?

  35. I dont quite understand GF obsession with Bipedal fire type. A quadrupedal tiger just sounds betteer and looks much cooler than what bipedal ever could. Honestly I don’t want the final evo starters to be true even though they probably are. Shame first pokemon of Alola to disappoint me are the starter final evo.

    1. I really hope that leak was fake. didn’t the person who leaked drampa & co say they were fake? anyways, if they are real I cant stand that litten evo.

      1. I agree that litten’s evolution sucks, but I LOVE popplio’s evolution. Enough so that I REALLY hope the leak is true.

    2. More move options? Punches, kicks, etc. I know Arcanine gets CC, and double kick and such so….

  36. I always have trouble sleeping the days before Corocoro. It’s like trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve, but not knowing if Christmas is tomorrow or the next day.

    1. I am sleepy but this chat is too good. But yea, Corocoro’s always hit me like a truck when they actually come

          1. But, the seperate chat should also be used for non-pokemon related discussion too. They’re friendly people and can tolerate a greater range of discussion 🙂

  37. hey guys I was making myself a sandwich,I forgot put on the brake on the hype train and it’s running wild since I put super hype Fuel in there and now it’s going absolutely crazy and it going to crash into CoroCoro City! ^-^;

  38. I’m surprised how little discussion there is about Salandit’s female description. There’s gotta be a different model like Pyroar and Meowstic right? I think the bandanna frills will look more like upright bunny ears along with lashes and maybe purple instead of gray palette (playboy model for sure).

    Also, what about gay men? Are they converted to straight? It’s just odd. Either way, if female salandit or an evolution looks like a succubus, it’s on my team 100%.

    1. I doubt it changes anyone’s “actual/real/sober” sexual orientation as much as it is more akin to hypnosis.

        1. I just arrived. <3

          But if you mean when I started out on PJN, I was here since the release of X&Y under other names that usually involve "Olaf".

    2. speaking of gender differences, are there any that people prefer or just don’t like?
      i always use male hippowdon, and i love female jellicent, for instance. if i think of any others, i will list them as well!

      1. I usually go with the prettiest form, and love all things pink, which people usually think is weird because I’m a pretty masculine guy, but like idgaf XD

        1. hey same here buddy pink (very light pink, nearly white) is my favorite color and im a 24 year old man haha. its just lovely, and i think nobody should be ashamed to appreciate something beautiful. actually, i built my competitive pokemon team after this ideology.

        2. It may sound like coming out of the closet, but I’ve been hating on the color “red” (and related shades) for a long time, and only recently did I give in and it’s now officially my second favorite color after green. 😉

      2. I always use male Jellicent and female Unfezant. I don’t think I’ve used Hippowdon, buy I guess I prefer the male design. And I like both Meowstic.

        1. yes pyroar and meowstic are pokemon i prefer male as well. im kinda impartial to unfezant. never really cared haha

          1. Yeah, Unfezant is very…meh compared to all of the early route birds. The female form is just SOOO bland.

          2. thats because most male birds in rl are super colourful and the females are usually quite drab 🙂

      3. I can never decide which gendered meowstic form I like more! I tend to lean towards female but the male has those cute folded ears.

        1. I only use the male, because he’s an awesome support in doubles.

          The female one is more of an attacker and I have more favorite Psychic Pokemon for that job, so I hardly ever use the female…

      4. I only use East Gastrodon, for example.

        And there are Pokemon that don’t look appropriate as either gender, so I just pick the appropriate one.

          1. Well east is Green, and unfortunately for West Forme, Red (including reddish shades like pink) is only my second favorite color after Green. <3

            If East was just blue or stuff, I would love West for sure.

          2. Sounds amazing if that could be done.

            Too bad they don’t allow “repainting” Pokemon (even if temporarily) like they do in Pokkén Tournament.

    3. There’s been discussion about different forms before. I personally don’t think it’ll happen, though I would like it if we did get gender differences.

      1. “Salandit females not only release toxic gases, they can also emit pheromones that attract males of all species, including Pokémon and humans. Inhaling these pheromones may cause opponents to be controlled by Salandit’s will.”

      2. Well a Siren is said to only attract men, and not women. If it’s based on what the Siren wants, I’d think you’d fall for it whether you’re straight or gay, so long as you’re a man. On the other hand, if it’s based on attraction of the one being sung to, it would theoretically only affect straight men and gay women.

        1. I would have liked to see the description say that all pokemon, agender, male, and female can be afflicted by attraction; it would also fit the first theory you put out that it is based on what the siren wants.

        2. idk I’ve read a few books on myths and such that contain sirens and a lot of them have the men kinda insinuating that they already think the Sirens are beautiful before they start singing so I would assume there is a modicum of attraction already there

          1. I took this discussion to my friends and I was reminded that in Supernatural (not legit mythology, but still) Sirens could transform to be male or female, depending on the desires of their prey.

  39. So is there a certain time that we can expect leaks? Would they be expected in the morning, afternoon, or evening (Japan time)?

    1. It’s 1:41 PM in Japan right now.

      If there are any leaks, they probably do it in the evening when they’re at home and flush from acquiring an early copy of Corocoro.

      1. Thanks! I’ve never actually been awake when the leaks came in, so I’ve never played attention to the exact time.

  40. Has anyone thought about using a pokemon in sun and moon they haven’t gotten a chance to use yet? I realized how much I love meowstic after I finished my Y play through and don’t want to play through it again so I’ll probably use it in SuMo

        1. U can call me crazy but I think both Meowstic genders r represent oedipus and electra complex.

    1. Well, I would’ve hired Ledyba if it wasn’t gonna be straight-up overshadowed by the newness of Grubbin.

      And since I don’t usually “import” Pokemon for playthroughs I tend to just pick from whatever Pokemon are available on routes.

      So basically, I try them when I get them, old or new.

    2. i always use new gen pokemon, so technically yes i will be using pokemon i haven’t gotten a chance to use yet

    3. I might do a whole team of just gen 7. But I never played gen 5 and there a few I wanna try out, mainly leavanny, zebstrika, cofagrigus, jellicent, swanna, and gigalith. We’ll see what I end up with.

  41. everyone listen up there’s a runaway hype train on the loose,I need your help to stop it before it runs itself into CoroCoro City!

  42. Ahhh, it’s been fun the past two hours guys. But I need some sleep. Thanks David, StarStorm, malco, Exeledus, wes, shady, swirlix, tyloyic, cascoon, and many others for an amazing first Discussion on here. Peace out brehs

  43. any pokemon revealed so far you just know you are going to use on your team? depending on if that leak was fake, i will be using litten, otherwise i will use popplio.
    other than that, DRAMPA FOR LIFE! in fact, lets just go ahead and show our appreciation for drampa!

        1. At first I was in Team Rowlet, but even before the leaks I was getting eased towards Team Popplio.

          100% Bruxish
          90% Popplio
          ??% The Rest

          (This seems like a setup for a water monotype run…)

          1. I know, I love bruxish, but I am weird about having two water/fire/grass pokemon. For sure it will be on my team on my second run!

          2. Aha yeah. It would’ve been more relevant to the team composition if Rowlet was gonna be my starter… but it wasn’t anymore, so I think I’ll just go on with my water monotype plan! (The exception might be the HM users if Bidoof and/or Pelipper/Ducklett aren’t around.)

          3. I really want to have an all fairy team which is why I am hoping Popplio becomes fairy, but tbh, drampa is calling to me to break that 😛

          4. …? Why? 😛 (tbh i never have an HM user on my team with the exceptions of fly or surf) I don’t really use HM’s unless I desperately have to, and fairies can learn hm’s too?

          5. yeah but new gen, new potential :3 also I definitely don’t use strength until post game unless necessary for sure, I dislike it as a move 😛

          6. Well Granbull actually looks the part for Strength, and is a physical attacker…

            The only fairies that can fly to date are: Togetic/kiss and Arceus.

          7. Megaltaria doesn’t count because it’s strictly not a fairy when you need to use Fly on the overworld. XD

          8. It will more likely still be a Bug/Fairy levivator.

            Of course that doesn’t discount it learning Fly, maybe it will.

          9. Yea, that’s likely the case since only volcarona + genosect learn fly among the bug types. I could get giant pink floral wings or something, but I will keep my expectations reasonable!

    1. Definitely Cutiefly. And after drawing the Pokémon, I’ve started to grow attached to Komala. If I use Komala I’ll be naming it Troye (thumbs up if you know who I’m talking about).

        1. Troye Sivan. He’s an Australian YouTuber and singer/songwriter. I’ve been obsessed with him for years. 😛

          1. Um…. He’s south african. XD Well, he actually lives in Australia but born in South africa.

          2. Well if I’d said South African born, living in Australia it really would’ve given away my obsession with him!

          3. Ahahaha… His music is really great. He has great tone, it’s well produced…. Also, he writes about deep topics (mostly about the LGBT community)

          4. Those are all reasons why I love him. His style is so unique, and he’s not just another person looking for money; he truly cares about his fans and community.

      1. I think Komala could have a kickass evolution with bongos (or steel drums), so I am still open as well. I am thinking that komala’s line will use deafening sound attacks yet snore regardless.

        1. Steel drums would be cool! I actually forgot those existed. I think the bongos are more likely though.

    2. Vikavolt and Rockruff so far, along with Litten and Rowlet.
      Although they are some close contenders for the empty spots (like Cutiefly, Salandit and a few others)
      I think basically all the Pokemon revealed (excluding legendaries) are on the table for me.

      1. I agree. There is so much potential I feel for all these Pokemon. I feel Komala and Salandit will evolve at least once. Cutiefly at least once, if not twice, as it looks to be the true Regional Bug. Vikavolt evolves late. And could be the second bug, sorta like Scolipede. Rockruff was pretty much confirmed to evolve in the official site description. As for Drampa, Bruxfish, and Togedamaru, they look fully evolved.

    3. Vikavolt! Rowlet and pikipek will find their way onto my team’s I’m sure as well. Litten probably too, unless it’s that ugly leaked thing.

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