Pokémon Sun & Moon Speculation Pt. VI: Riding Pokémon

gogoat-oakOne of the most mysterious images released in the big July 1st Pokémon Sun & Moon update was this image of a trainer on what appears to be a bicycle behind a Stoutland. In the previous generation we were introduced to segments of the game which allowed trainers to ride Pokémon within certain areas; this included Mamoswine, Gogoat and others. Sun & Moon could restrict players in a similar way, but it could also introduce something totally new.

A clue in this mystery is the collar Stoutland is wearing. It doesn’t just look like the trainer is on a bicycle behind the Pokémon, it appears as if the Pokémon may be pulling the trainer… either in a cart, bike or other contraption. If this were to be the case, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine any Pokémon being able to haul you around. PURE RUMOR ALERT: In fact, the Chinese rumor from a few days ago also included that any Pokémon (save a few) could be used for transportation. I accidentally left that bullet point out (yes, I’m sorry).

Unfortunately, one thing that tempers our expectations is the fact that the background doesn’t appear to be a regular part of the traversable overworld. The sparse details make it look more like a cutscene or scripted section of the game similar to last generation.

Either way it looks like a fun method of transportation and I can’t wait to get more details!

<3 PJ