Leaked Pokémon Officially Revealed

The Pokémon leaked earlier today have been officially revealed through a YouTube video which can be seen above. The trailer is for the upcoming Pokémon Sun & Moon hitting the Nintendo 3DS in November.

  • Tapu Koko (JP: Kapu Kokeko) is Electric/Fairy and knows new move “Nature’s Wrath” and knows new ability which activates Electric Terrain
  • Charjabug (Denjimushi) is shown evolving into Vikavolt (Kuwaganon, kuwagata + cannon)
  • Drampa (Jijiiron, grandpa + dragon) is first Normal/Dragon-type
  • Cutiefly revealed to be Bug/Fairy
  • Bruxish is Water/Psychic. It’s ability is seen blocking Fake Out and previously Quick Attack, so it does seem to protect it from priority moves
  • Togedemaru is Electric/Steel and has the ability Lightning Rod

<3 PJ