Sun & Moon Speculation Pt. IV: Villains

Pokémon games are generally formulaic in their storytelling. You set out on a journey to obtain all eight gym badges, challenge the Elite 4 and Champion and manage to bring about the downfall of an evil team along the way. However, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon may make use of the extensive mythology of Hawaiian culture and finally give us something new when it arrives on the Nintendo 3DS this November.

If that is indeed the case, we may see the return of two ‘evil’ teams in the region of Alola; Team Hina and Team Māui. Hina is the goddess of the moon and she was said to be a very intelligent and beautiful woman who attracted men and creatures. She eventually got tired of this and fled to the moon becoming the goddess there. We already have seen a beautiful and mysterious female character, Lillie, and many have speculated that she may have impure motives for working with Professor Kukui. Māui is the son of Hina and he is said to have restrained the the sun by climbing to the top of the house of the sun and lassoed the sun’s rays as it rose. This bit of mythology could strengthen the ideological motives of the teams; capturing the power of either the sun or the moon.

Team Hina will go after Solgaleo, while Team Maui searches for Lunaala. Initially there will appear to be a rivalry between the two, but as the story progresses it will become clear that these two work together in order to complete an alchemic ritual and gain infinite power at a massive cost.

What do you think the opposition in Pokémon Sun & Moon will look like?