Sun & Moon Speculation Pt. IV: Villains

Pokémon games are generally formulaic in their storytelling. You set out on a journey to obtain all eight gym badges, challenge the Elite 4 and Champion and manage to bring about the downfall of an evil team along the way. However, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon may make use of the extensive mythology of Hawaiian culture and finally give us something new when it arrives on the Nintendo 3DS this November.

If that is indeed the case, we may see the return of two ‘evil’ teams in the region of Alola; Team Hina and Team Māui. Hina is the goddess of the moon and she was said to be a very intelligent and beautiful woman who attracted men and creatures. She eventually got tired of this and fled to the moon becoming the goddess there. We already have seen a beautiful and mysterious female character, Lillie, and many have speculated that she may have impure motives for working with Professor Kukui. Māui is the son of Hina and he is said to have restrained the the sun by climbing to the top of the house of the sun and lassoed the sun’s rays as it rose. This bit of mythology could strengthen the ideological motives of the teams; capturing the power of either the sun or the moon.

Team Hina will go after Solgaleo, while Team Maui searches for Lunaala. Initially there will appear to be a rivalry between the two, but as the story progresses it will become clear that these two work together in order to complete an alchemic ritual and gain infinite power at a massive cost.

What do you think the opposition in Pokémon Sun & Moon will look like?

  1. I dont think she has impure motives! I just think she is the Daughter of 2 people from XY who are leading teams and she will help you stop them.

  2. Lillie her why do people think she is bad I think she’s just a bookworm of what her discription says!

  3. I have an incline Team Flares coming back. I dunno, maybe because in X and Y there team was a bit sloppy. But now they will be more serious and more of a direct threat rather than an underlying one.

    1. They were pretty crappy normally Executives are sub Mid difficulty yet they all were under leveled and just a bother to even put in they were that bad!

  4. Very interesting. I would feel that the teams would go for the legendary that represents their team (Hina – Lunala and Maui – Solgaleo) but either way, it would be interesting to see them combine forces at the end to really cause damage.
    Maybe Team Flare also comes in to help their cause, since their last one failed and they probably have similar motives.
    Either way, I know Lillie is involved…I just don’t know how much.
    Maybe, throwback to the Plus and Minus rumors, she is the person they must sacrifice in order to bring about alchemic change and power?
    And Magearna, I also have a sneaking suspicion she’s involved too, but I don’t know to what extent. In a way, with her ability, she absorbs life force from fainted Pokemon to power herself up.
    I dunno, some many loose ends that I can’t tie up now, since I don’t have info.

  5. Lillie has Magearna in the bag and the evil team will take it and we’ll rescue it and it’ll come with us c:

    1. No she doesn’t. Magearna is huge compared to that bag. The most likely, and in my opinion only option, is that she has a Zygarde Core. I don’t she’s the evil team leader, or the champion, or anything like that. After all, she and GameFreak have both said that she doesn’t battle. I think her “personal reasons” for working with Kukui have to do with Zygarde. After all, they did say Zygarde will have a special role in Sun and Moon. It would make sense for Lillie to drop hints of this every time we meet her, finally telling us the truth after becoming champion.

      1. This sounds logical enough it sounds like something Gamefreak would do to add awareness and Suspicion to the teeming with life concept.

    2. Whoever thinks Magearna in inside her bag is a complete, utter, infinitely stupid mongaloid without the slightest bit of brain power and deserves nothing but severe reprimands
      It’s pretty obvious it’s just her Rowlet that she kept in her bag but popped out

    3. It’s not even the same cry as Magearna. Go and watch the E3 footage and then watch the reveal trailer of Magearna. The cries are literally not comparable. She either has a Rowlet or some other Pokemon in her bag!

      1. Chill, I got the idea from a speculation video that said so. Also if you look at Lillie and Magearna, they even look alike in terms of shape and colour.

  6. Well it seems I need to go 3DS shopping again, as my brother decided he would drench my 3DS XL as revenge for a small prank I did to him. Does anyone have any opinions on whether I should get another XL or if the New XL is worth my money?

    1. In that case you should get the New 3DS XL, I have one I love it, it’s so much better (Hyrule Warriors Legends I’m looking at you…)

  7. Im praying to Arceus in the hopes that S/M plot is better than X/Ys. I always want the writers from the Mystery Dungeon Series to write the plots for the main series games.

    1. Unlike many people, I think Xy had a good plot. The problem is, it was all spent on the back story and the ending. Also, because it just came from BW2, having no charachter development was what made it bad for me.

      If XY had charachter development, I think it would’ve been remembered as having a good plot.

    2. It had terrible plot with four rivals they stop you so much at the beginning I sat through twice Santalune Forest stuff Thinking “Can I just not I don’t care about your dreams Tierno!”

  8. I don’t think their going to pull an “N” will Lillie. They would just be repeating B/W’s storyline. I would love to see the return of two criminal organizations! We can’t let R/S/E/OR/AS be the only games with two teams destroying the world. I feel like it might be one team though, being Team Eclipse; yet they’ll have different motives in S or M. Anyways, why do we care about evil teams when we haven’t gotten a dolphin Pokemon yet? .__.

    1. I said that on Pokemon ideas a dolphin would great for Alola Region And for the rodent they always have why not a Chipmunk. They have Mice, Whatever Plusle and Minun are, a Squirrel, A Flying Squirrel, and Dedenne.
      Just have A Chipmunk please

  9. Interesting speculation, but to be fair, what you’ve suggested isn’t really something that deviates very far from the formula you were pointing out in the beginning.

  10. Maybe the legendary Pokemon are “evil” (or possesed or something idk) and there’s a team that’s not necessarily evil but has complex intentions. They want to stop these legendaries from having control over two powerful forces that are vital to human life because they’re afraid either the pokemon themselves could use the power for evil or that someone else will. So that puts us, the main character, in a situation with moral complications on how to handle both the power of the legendaries and the actions of this team.

  11. I’m sure that you are all sick of hearing comments about Ocarina of Time, but I finally beat it, and here are my impressions of the game:
    – I can definitely see why it is so praised as a video game, I highly enjoyed it
    – Many of the dungeons were very simple, so if you want a challenging game, go for master quest
    – Ganon was laughably easy

      1. I usually do too, but for some reason I had no trouble with anything but the water temple this time.

    1. The dungeon inside the fish guy is the WORST. Having to carry princess Ruta or whatever her name is is such a pain

      1. I hate all water related dungeons. No matter what they do, it always ends up being a pain.

          1. I really want to know if that was followed through on (adult timeline, since child timeline has MM directly afterwards.)

          2. They do. Didn’t you meet Adult Ruto? She mentions in when she figures out she’s a Sage.
            EDIT: I just saw you mentioned Majora’s Mask, then no. Link is not in Hyrule in the that game.

          3. Adult Ruto mentions Link is her fiancée, but what I meant is whether they followed through on the engagement, but maybe I missed something.

          4. no, they don’t, because once Ruto becomes a sage its pretty much off the table, and also the adult timeline, link leaves and never returns to that by being sent back to the child timeline. The only way that they could follow through would be if link came back from termina after the events there and even then he would have to seek out ruto and basically get re-engaged to her since he was sent back to before that happened. Personally I think if link did come back after termina he married Malon, as it would explain why he is a rancher in TP.

    2. This is actually kinda funny because I’m watching the final OoT game grumps episode

    3. Have you played a Link Between Worlds? I absolutely love that game! I know your on a quest to play all the main 3D Zelda games, but I would recommend a detour to that game.

      1. I actually have, it was the first Zelda game I ever actually beat. It is an amazing game, I absolutely love the new puzzle designs that came with the wall merging mechanic. It was so fresh and new to the series.

      2. Can confirm, this is definitely in my top 3 Zelda games of all time. It runs at a smooth 60fps, has remastered ALTTP music, and is just a blast.

          1. Sorry for the late response, but Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time are my undisputed favorites. Skyward Sword almost makes the list as well (a very unpopular opinion, but I loved that game).

      3. I have issues with ALBW… Mostly Stemming from not realizing how to get the Pegasus Boots until I needed them and had to look it up. and the Fact that the Dungeons Felt Boring Having the Item from the Beginning.

    1. I actually think that the pace they are revealing info at is perfect. We aren’t getting too much info, but there is never a real news drought inbetween reveals.

        1. Honestly I would rather that we get no new info until the game launches. I want surprises, but I won’t be able to avoid info for that long.

  12. Why do ppl think that lillie has a rowlett in her bag? The cry that came from the bag isnt remotely similar to rowlett’s! It isnt nagearna either as it doesnt sound like that either, so i bet you it is another story related pokemon or item.

    1. On e3 the bag says pew and that’s Rowlet’s texted cry in the starters reveal trailer

      1. It’s actual not and the cries aren’t similar. Rowlet text is Koo, not Pew. I think she just has a important story related Pokemon. Maybe she’s holding onto Tapu Koko.

        1. It wouldnt surprise me if it was tapu koko in there but idk i feel like its something that hasnt been seen or mentioned before

  13. I was thinking about the villains and I thought that wouldn’t it be cool to have a reverse Hugh story? Like at the beggining of the game the main villain steals one of your Pokemon, and that is why you are motivated to go after them, but at the end when you fight him, he uses your Pokemon against you, and the Pokemon prefers the villain rather than you.

    I feel that could make a villain that could rival N/ghetsis. Especially if he stole your starter.

    1. I wil not let no little punk steal my brand new litten nuh-uh i would punch him so hard he would fly all the way to kalos

        1. Across north america i guess that if he falls midway in unova i can call hugh so that he punches him again to make it all the way to kalos lel

    1. Hmm I wouldn’t count on it but your speculation may be true Best of Luck on that

  14. I was going to say.. an eye forms in the center of ash and greninjas head for a split subliminal second as they sync.. dunno if I’m into this stuff anymore..

  15. Something new I haven’t heard yet anyone notice this on Litten? Fur on end its scared I think of being Dark which I think it will

    1. I dont understand very well but i guess younare asking if no one has noticed that littens hair stands when attacking, yeah i did noticed that, i believe it was also noted on the official site along the thing that said it used flaming hairballs to attack

  16. Potential Pokemon have leaked, and serebii has images, the dragon looks super cute, and the fish and mosquito look very nice, I take issue with the electric hamster because it seems to have a fun but all in all I think they’re pretty good pokemon

    1. yeah I thought so too, but somehow the dragon one looks kind of weird as a Pokemon in my opinion lol

  17. Serebii posted leaked images of some potential new Pokemon, idk why but I think some of these could’ve been fake… what do you guys think??

  18. alright guys,we got the new Pokemon so I like to hear some English names and what type you might think these guys will be so let’s hear some ideas people! 😀

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