Happy Black History Month!

pokemon-black-white-2-lenoraI thought it would be fun to honor our fellow trainers of color with our first post mentioning Black History Month here at PJN. Pokémon has millions of fans around the iris-vsworld, but it wasn’t until Pokémon Black & White that more diverse characters were added as main characters. Lenora, the Normal-type Gym Leader, and Iris, a Dragon-type Gym Leader and future Champion, brought some welcome diversity into the games. In Pokémon X&Y, trainer customization finally brought the opportunity to something other than a light-skinned boy or girl as well as another Gym Leader, Grant.

Hopefully as the series grows and expands we’ll get more and more different kinds of characters who represent people from all over the real world. To my fellow fans and readers, let’s all celebrate the differences that help us expand our horizons just a little bit more!

<3 PJ