All Aboard the Pre-World Hype Train! Choo! Choo!

smd-postcardsThis is it. Your last day to make predictions before the Pokémon World Championships commence and we either do get a new game announcement or, Arceus forbid, we don’t. So what are you expecting to see? Pokémon Z? X2 & Y2? Pokémon Alphabet Soup?

And of course, there’s more to speculate about than a simple title. Will we be getting new Pokémon such as the mysterious green blob? And how many new Mega Evolutions will be introduced? So many possibilities and so many questions that we won’t even get answered even when a game announcement is made.

Additionally a bundle in Japan for Super Mystery Dungeon features 20 post cards, one of which is mysteriously blacked out. Could it just be regular art? Or could it be hiding the inclusion of the new green Pokémon? Or perhaps even something we haven’t seen yet? Let’s not forget that characters such as Munchlax appeared in Mystery Dungeon before they appeared in the main series!

Let’s ride this train through ’til the end though, so add you two cents (or more) in the comment section below!

<3 PJ

  1. Hoenn confirmed!

    ..sorry the Slowpoke got inside my head.

    In all seriousness though, after more than a year, I’m still betting on XZ and YZ with the Z being stylized so it can be seen as both a Z or a 2.

    turns out they announce an e-shop exclusive 20€ pokebank-compatible game where you’re stuck in the Battle Frontier with full character customization :^)

  2. I hope that they will announce a new Pokemon main game and is either Z or XZ and ZY, it does not matter for me, BUT I will ride this hype train until the end! X3

  3. A sequel to x and y where you can explore that facility in the desert area and there’ll be an update for them that includes OR AS data. Maybe you take a ferry to a new region based on the UK, like the channel ferry, or is that too farfetch’d

  4. I refuse to get my hopes up for an announcement because the disappointment has happened too many times before. When has Gamefreak/Nintendo ever delivered big news when we expected them to? They always do it randomly on their own agenda.

  5. Why do people say it’s 100% sure that the next main series is gonna be revealed on Worlds? I mean, sure. Every clue points towards a new main game reveal. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves until it’s officially confirmed. Technically, the west doesn’t know about the Blob or the silhouette, so they could just “reveal” those to the people of the west, talk about it and be done with it. Do not ride the hype train just yet, the railroads may not be safe.

    As about the Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon games (which I’m super hyped for), the post card being held secret is definitely interesting. It could be that the Blob is in the game. If the Blob is related to Zygarde, that could mean Zygarde plays a big role in PSMD. Maybe he is turning the legends into stone? It would be a better twist then just “Yveltal is turning legends to stone”. =P

    1. Y bother reveal the Blob and Zygarde mega when they’re gonna b the focus next month? Typically CoroCoro reveals them and the Pokemon website of other countries update to match it. So it would make sense for the same to happen next month. The reason people say worlds is bc everyone expects a game reveal b4 the next issue of CoroCoro. Worlds just happens to fit the criteria perfectly to b a big announcement platform. If worlds wasn’t a thing then I suspect people would still b on the hype train about a game reveal sometime in these 2 weeks, but with no clear date for it. Worlds just makes too much sense lol

      1. What you say makes sense. That’s why I said every clue points towards a reveal of a main game.

        But…I don’t know. I don’t like to talk in certainties until it’s actually official. Always did this after ORAS (like the game allot but it was still a massive disappointment when things like the Battle Frontier were deconfirmed because I was certain it was gonna include allot of Emerald) , and I am never hugely disappointed.

        If a new main game does get announced, I’ll be even more hype if I didn’t expect it. If a new main game doesn’t get announced, I’m not majorly disappointed.

        1. No I gotcha. I tend to b more reserved when it comes to stuff like this too. I just like letting myself get excited about stuff every now and then to blow off some steam lol

  6. Out of all the products and hints we’ve got so far I have to say that this one is probably the least important. I guess I could c it being about the new Pokemon, but I could also c it being about something very generic. Either way I’m crazy excited for tomorrow morning!! I’m gonna wake up early so I can watch the whole thing live! I hope the streams can support the HYPE!!!!

  7. It seems like we’re dealing with very thin ice right now. We’re relying on a single assumption based on strong hints, and if it doesn’t happen, well…fans are going to be upset. However, the evidence of a new game announcement is certainly piling up. If, under some bizarre circumstance, a game is not revealed, we can still expect it within this year for sure. Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, LET’S GET HYPED!

    1. Exactly, if it happens to be no main series game announcements, people with the expectations of a main game announcement are gonna be pissed, and possibly blame everyone but themselves, while really It’s people’s own fault for expecting things that are not 100% true, even if everything points towards it.

      Sorry for sounding like a boring ass or something =P. I’m just trying to be realistic. Now to optimistic things, I’m so looking forward to Worlds =D.

  8. Would be funny if it was just Pokken Tournament being localised and coming to NA/Europe
    I hope we do get some new information tho, it makes me smile when I go online and see something new and I’m like ‘yay’

    1. Well Pokken tournament is coming to Dave and Busters some time in the fall I believe so I doubt they’d say anything about that hahaha. Either way I’m still routing for hilarity that it would b if they just started releasing info without an actual game announcement lol

  9. I know something Kalos-related is a bit more likely, but screw it, it’s the 20th anniversary, and I still say they’ll want to take us back to where it all started. My bet remains on Pokémon Inferno Red and Forest Green!

  10. My prediction: 16 new megas, eastern and southern kalos open up, allowing access to volcanion in southern kalos. I don’t see them adding very many new pokemon, but a few with new forms of current ookemon, such as new forms of klefki. And I think the green blobs will be to zygarde, as people theorize ditto is to mew.

  11. So, guys what time do u think they’ll make the announcement? Could be usa time… I want to watch the streaming…. Is gonna be steamed right? I remenber last year that i watched the semi finals or something like that live…
    Im hoping for a new game… Its time! Want my battle factory back again….
    (With the trainers being able to mega evolve too)

    1. The opening ceremonies start at 9 I believe. So the best bet would b around 930-10 am EST And yes they stream it on the Pokemon twitch page

  12. It may be good to have some time in between new generation. I feel like I’m spoiled about Pokemon. I need years to be excited about it again. I hope they announce sequels now and wait like 10-12 years to announce new generation.

  13. I might be jumping the gun here, but a trademark for Pokken Tournament and NFC compatibility was just filed in Europe not too long ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if, considering the fact that there will be actual tournaments going on at Worlds, Pokken Tournament would be announced for the US and Europe alongside Amiibo support. Whether this is too much having been given the new green blob Pokemon and an assurance of more information in next month’s CoroCoro is probably so, but there’s not too much longer before we find out.

    1. Ah man, I really hope not. We have so much evidence going towards a new game, but that’s much more logical. However, it should be considered that Pokken Tournament is a spin-off game, and in all past years we’ve had main series-related announcements. I just don’t want to wait any longer, because it’s so difficult to pinpoint what they’re going to do next.

      1. As you and TheOmegaMonster stated, there are some loopholes in my theory and a main series game is much more likely. I, myself, wouldn’t want the announcement to be Pokken Tournament related either, but I just thought it would be nice to get some opinions on the matter.

    2. I believe Pokken Tournament is coming to Dave and Busters not too long from now. I feel it would b a little weird for them to say that and then turn around and say it’s going to the Wii U. I think we’ll have to wait a little while b4 that happens. I’d say it’s more likely that the new game is announced rather than a game that has already been announced, released, and slated to release.

      1. That’s true, they only said that they’re testing the game, and that was a little under a month ago. It just doesn’t seem like the right time to talk about it again. I’m still sticking with Pokemon Z/X2/Y2 until the very end.

        1. Yeah and considering it’s only been out in Japan for a couple of months so far I feel like they’d need more time with it in arcades b4 moving it to home console. It will likely b announced for Wii U in Japan b4 it’s announced for it in any other country.

          1. Oh, I thought we were talking about the announcement of the game coming to arcades. There’s basically no chance of hearing an announcement relating to Pokken Tournament if it’s reliant on the Wii U. Also, how lame would it be to “announce” an arcade game for the West when they already acknowledged it in the West a whole year ago?

          2. Oh no we were. I was just saying it wouldn’t make any sense for them to say anything about it as it’s already been talked about for a west release in some fashion. lol It moving to the Wii U is the next step, BUT only after it’s had it’s time in arcades.

          3. I suppose they could just “update” us on the progress of the game, but still, that would go against all of the evidence of a main game. I can’t think of a reason why Worlds (with its new tradition of announcements), the biggest CoroCoro of the year and the Act IV teaser would happen practically within a month and not have a new game snuck somewhere in there. Once again, the worst case scenario is that it’ll be announced in the aforementioned next CoroCoro, the one following that in October, or just independently in late October/November. Even with this, the game(s) will still be coming out around the first half of 2016, breaking the Gen 6 streak of October/November releases. There must have been some kind of internal delay, either intentional or not, which caused this.

          4. Yeah it just all seems to b lining up the right way. I feel like even without Worlds there would b an announcement in these few weeks b4 the next CoroCoro anyway. This way we just have a specific time to look for rather than it coming out of almost no where.

    1. Considering they haven’t released Hoopa officially yet in the west I highly doubt it lol

        1. Yeah, but I feel like it would b dumb to reveal Volcanion b4 Hoopa is entirely released ie: in the games

          1. As far as I know, Hoopa was revealed in the west in a trailer following the CoroCoro reveal..

          2. Revealed, but not released. So I’d imagine they’d get that out of the way b4 announcing another event

    1. The opening ceremonies. Tomorrow morning would statistically be the time when the announcement would be made, but you never know.

          1. Hope something good is announced for your sakes lol. I’m lucky. Thank Arceus for convenient time zones.

  14. A pokemon conquest style game but instead of feudal Japan samurais, it has swashbuckling pirates sailing the seas.

  15. > In before absolutely nothing gets confirmed tomorrow.

    Or better yet….

    > In before Pokken Tournament gets an official US announcement tomorrow.

    1. What do you mean, official US announcement? A release date for the arcade machines? Because it’s only been in the Dave and Buster’s testing phase for less than a month now.

      1. Has it already been confirmed that it’s testing in Dave and Buster’s? I thought that was just rumored to be occurring. If so, I’m a big lard of lies then and ignore my post.

  16. i had nightmare last night i see this green blob and ……..guess wat it’s type …it’s grass-rock .

    1. It’s a failed Lileep embryo then 😛 I’m expecting either Dragon or Dragon/Ground due to its ties to Zygarde.

      1. i felt part of him is psychic or dark type . ……i felt some kind of wisom inside of it .

    1. That would transcend space and time. Forget announcing an announcement: we’re re-announcing announcements!

    2. no pls

      And apparently I can’t take IB Mathematics SL with AP Calculus BC, because at my school there’s some stupid rule that says the pre-requisite of AP Calculus BC is the completion of IB Math SL. So I may end up being put in AP Chemistry, even though I got a 7 (highest score) on IB Chemistry SL, simply because most colleges don’t give credit for SL courses. Hooray for 3 years of Chemistry?

  17. Hello everyone! Thank you for attending the pokemon world championships! Before we start I have something to tell all of you. Introducing…. Pokemon…










    Dash Remake

  18. Boy, I really hope that we get a game announcement for PJ’s sake. He’s getting mixed responses on the Internet, and I don’t know when we’ll hear the end of it if it doesn’t happen. These clickbait titles were either a really good idea or a really bad one. But it’s going to happen…right?

    1. I’m not entirely certain that it’ll be a game announcement (it’s likely, but I think there’s still a chance that they might not fully announce it). My feeling is that they’ll announce that there will be big news coming next month (similar to the December announcement before X/Y were revealed in January) and indicate that the blob and new Zygarde Mega/Forme will have something to do with it.

    2. If there’s no full-fledged game announcement, it’s gonna happen in one of three places. CoroCoro, Pokemon Get TV (highly unlikely) or a Nintendo Direct. The latter’s probably gonna happen regardless of a new Pokemon game announcement since Nintendo probably wants to shed more light on their Fall/Winter lineup and what they have in store for early 2016.

    3. Pokemon Director Shigeru Ohmori will be attending this year’s Pokemon World Championships alongside former director and current composer, Junichi Masuda. it will be Shigeru Ohmori 1st time at worlds. and for having them both at worlds might mean a new game announcement as Shigeru Ohmori doesn’t work on spin off games or talks about them

  19. I’m still in shock! My R/B/Y and G/S/C games came in today! The guy even sent a 1999 Poliwhirl plush keychain. What a thoughtful person.

  20. inb4 Pokemon Super Rumble World Dash NobodyCares 2 is announced.

    But seriously, plz GF, no bullcrap.

  21. My thoughts?
    No new game revealed it hasn’t happened before, but it just doesn’t seem like the time, although I hope I am wrong, but I don’t see a game revealed

      1. It seems that it was, but may have been revealed in Japan prior. Skip to about 5:40. Right before the announcement someone in the audience talks about HGSS.

        1. Thank you, I hadn’t seen this footage before. I imagine something a lot like this could happen again tomorrow, except without the audience knowing about it.

      2. Not really
        It was revealed for the western audience there (and for most people here that isn’t an actual reveal since most of us mainly look at the reveals if released in japan)

      1. He’s saying that an official announcement for the Pikachu Detective game could be a possibility. The Pikachu Detective game is a Pikachu-involved game announced a year or two back that hasn’t had any information shared about it besides the fact that it actually exists.

  22. Pokemon Director Shigeru Ohmori will be attending this year’s Pokemon World Championships alongside former director and current composer, Junichi Masuda. it will be Shigeru Ohmori 1st time at worlds. and for having them both at worlds might mean a new game announcement as Shigeru Ohmori doesn’t work on spin off games or talks about them omg

    1. WOW, you’re right! I was going to say that he was there last year, but that was YOSHIDA, not Ohmori! This is actually really exciting now.

        1. On top of everything else, this is a very strong indicator of a new game announcement. He’s been with the company since 2001 and he just now attends the game’s biggest tournament? Something is up.

      1. Thanks, i’ve been around looking for awhile, i just never said hi, so i figured i would… so um, hi!

    1. Hey! I’m new here too! I feel like a storm is coming, and this now is the calm right before it. SuperHyped!

      1. I live on a reigon called florida, we might have warning about the move hurricane, but there is no protect for that one called hype…

          1. It needs less sun and more overcast, rain is the only hope you can get, if it doesn’t come with thunder and fusion bolt…

    2. Hello, nice to meet you! Nobody is out of place here, as long as you love Pokemon as much as we do!

      1. You’re a Xatu, I’m sure it’s not hard for you to tell I love pokemon, after all, you can see the future, right? While you’re at it, try tuning two degrees alpha wave to the west and 4 gamma south, i heard you can find something amazing in that manor.

        1. Thanks for the heads up, I’ve been fluctuating between multiple wavelengths at the gamma level.

    1. “Finally , 10 hours after after ! That I Nippon 22:00 start wonder if also watch WCS of opening ? I want you to look . > [ Niko-sei ( 2015-08-21 22:00:00 start ) ] Pokemon World Championships 2015 DAY1”

      Oh my goodness.

      1. What does this even mean? lol The translation is so broken I’m not sure what he actually said and in what context it’s being said in. hahaha

        1. Okay, so apparently he’s telling his Japanese followers to tune in to the Opening Ceremony at around 11PM their time. That’s unusual. Something is going to happen.

          1. I guess that makes sense lol I just needed someone to confirm what I was thinking hahaha Well it’s certainly very interesting. Time for me to go to bed so I can wake up in time to c the entire thing!!!!! SUUUUUUUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!

          2. I can’t WAIT to get up at 5:30 and see all of this happen live. I really hope I don’t get tons of lag in the stream, I want PRIORITY! 😛

          3. Oh sheesh 5:30……….I’m on the east coast so it’s 12:37 right now and the stream will b at 9 for me…..sorry bud lol

          4. It’s alright, school starts on Monday and I usually get up at 6:15 or earlier for that. There is now a 98% chance this will be more than worth it. I’m about to faint from the hype already.

    2. Yes! I seriously hope it’s a new game. As, CoolGlaceon said; let’s just hope it’s not the Pikachu Detective Game! lol!

  23. Hey all! New member here 🙂 I would just like to say that I’m stoked for the potential announcement and I can’t wait!

  24. Pokemon Zygarde’s Spectrum
    Visit all 6 Regions,
    Choose the player character you want and the starter you want.
    Coming February 27th 2016
    *wishful thinking cheers*

  25. The only thing i can see being announced is the blob’s name and typing.

    Hopefully I’m wrong and a new game is announced.

  26. Some Halloween merchandise has been revealed (not via world’s.) it’s quite cute.

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