All Aboard the Pre-World Hype Train! Choo! Choo!

smd-postcardsThis is it. Your last day to make predictions before the Pokémon World Championships commence and we either do get a new game announcement or, Arceus forbid, we don’t. So what are you expecting to see? Pokémon Z? X2 & Y2? Pokémon Alphabet Soup?

And of course, there’s more to speculate about than a simple title. Will we be getting new Pokémon such as the mysterious green blob? And how many new Mega Evolutions will be introduced? So many possibilities and so many questions that we won’t even get answered even when a game announcement is made.

Additionally a bundle in Japan for Super Mystery Dungeon features 20 post cards, one of which is mysteriously blacked out. Could it just be regular art? Or could it be hiding the inclusion of the new green Pokémon? Or perhaps even something we haven’t seen yet? Let’s not forget that characters such as Munchlax appeared in Mystery Dungeon before they appeared in the main series!

Let’s ride this train through ’til the end though, so add you two cents (or more) in the comment section below!

<3 PJ