pokemon-hoopa-filmPokémon the Movie Hoopa and the Clash of Legends opened today in Japan and its screening has brought the reveal of a brand new Pokémon. At the end of the movie a preview for next year’s film is shown and a bright green creature bounces around the logo. This is in addition to the new shadowy form that was shown in this month’sCoroCoro, which is believed to be a Zygarde forme.

IMG_0929.JPGThere are no screenshots, but Serebii’s friend has drawn an ‘accurate’ picture (left) and Gin from Sunyshore has quickly drawn what it looked like (right).

Hopefully we’ll get a clearer view of what was actually shown soon.

<3 PJ

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  1. I think this is going to be like zorua,
    Random new pokemon Revealed to promote the next games and make a roll in movie, and this confirms new pokemon next game

    1. Looks like there isn’t going to be a third gen 6 game, but honestly, I’m not disappointed in the least.

  2. I’m not gonna lie I can’t wait til we get more info I just want another game whether it’s a xy or new gen but I hope it’s a longer and better story line

  3. The picture may look bad but remember when they gave Trevenant the same treatment and then when we got an actual picture, it looked pretty cool. It’ll probably be the same story for this Pokemon. Also, based on what they’ve done for Pokemon like Victini and Manaphy, this’ll probably be a mythical Pokemon.

  4. Looks like a cross between a Shuppet and a Morph from Treasure Planet and with a big nose (also some Castform in the mix)

    1. THANK YOU! I couldn’t for the life of me think of what this was reminding me of but that’s what it is! I was just watching that movie the other week too. Also it kind of reminds me of a baby digimon lol

      1. I know that feeling. Just eats away at your mind
        I’m gonna scour the net and find a pic or a clip and share my findings

  5. It looks like a baby Digimon… could it possibly be a new baby Pokemon?
    Next Gen = the year of babies…. hahaha

  6. Based on how it assumingily bounced out of the O in the logo it might have transforming capabilities alongside its ghostly yet amorphous body I’m very intrigued
    But now comes something critical
    Z or Gen VII?

  7. It looks like a weird mutated Aron/Shuppet/Unown hybrid.

    I’d love if the third XY game(s) introduced another 70 new pokemon though…

    1. I actually had this thought that Zygarde would somehow bring the pokemon species that died in the war back to life. (since he’s supposed to have some special ability if the environment becomes unstable. (or something like that)

  8. Even if it is a brand new pokemon (which i think it is) It really could be either…

    It could still be Gen VI because Munchlax was introduced in the 7th film but was not in a game until after the 9th film so there could still be another game (Emerald were released after Munchlax’s debut and FRLG came out in January just before the film). PLUS it does look like a baby pokemon so that increases the similarities. So a game could come out in the new year containing the new Zygarde? form (similar to Deoxys in FRLG) but not contain the new pokemon just yet (like Munchlax and even Lucario after it).

    Of course GF could be going full steam ahead with a new Generation similar to when they revealed Zoroark and Zorua (BW came out after the 13th film).

    However i do believe there is at least one more installment left in Gen VI so i think the former scenario is more likely although could come in a different format (Kalos + Hoenn super game set 2/3 years after the first 2 sets of games anyone?).

    Also can i just say…. it feels great to have stuff to speculate about again!

  9. i think it’s anew pkmn and GF will remind us GEN 1 when they release Togepi and M|arill in the anime series .

  10. Orotto/Trevenant all over again lol. Does this mean we will get more pokemon introduced in the third XY game? Or is gen 7 starting sooner than we thought?

  11. Ok can’t say I was expecting a second new Pokemon/form, but HEY! The more the merrier. lol The question is what exactly is it? If it was the only thing shown in the teaser then I’d say a legendary of some sort, but could it b something else entirely? I guess we’ll find out lol

  12. I’d say it’s a new one. New pokemon have appeared in movies before we get to their region ig. Lucario, Munchlax, Bonsly, Buizel, Marill, Donphan, etc

          1. Well if it is, it’s definitely Zygarde. Weird Scales + Green Glow + Xerneas & Yveltal. However, I don’t think it is because the top of the heads don’t quite match but all well 😛

  13. This probably means Gen 6 had more Pokemon than just what we got in XY. quite interesting though it reminds me of a deformed Cyndaquil. GO WATCH THE MOVIE AND GET PICTURES PJ

    1. I heard guards are like in the movies theaters making sure nobody takes pictures, you gotta be sneaky or have google glass

      1. Oh wow. That’s interesting… Well we need an artist to go in and see it so we get better art. :/

      2. This is why we need spyware
        What about a baseball cap with a camera in the rim

    1. Not sure what else it would be though. And they kinda did this with Victini already so it’s pretty likely it’s new.

      1. it could be Zygarde before he went into the cacoon, the big form is him hatching from it

          1. could be but what if like you big Squishy goo-goo to place, He cacoons into zygarde, then you bring Zygarde to a other place after a couple of days and he hatches into Big boom boom

  14. I’m just thinking about it. Gin said it was bright green then it bounced and then seconds later, the larger form we saw in CoroCoro appeared. She also has said it was bright green and had one eye larger than the other. I’m thinking it’s like what Turtle said, Zygarde’s cocoon form. Xerneas and Yveltal had ones, why not Zygarde? But I know there’s holes in that theory.

      1. I don’t think we’re getting any new primals
        But if I can just see it to see if its amorphous or ethereal
        That can really narrow things down

        1. Probably not, although I wouldn’t entirely rule it out. I think it could be something new for a legendary like Manaphy & Phione

          1. Well who knows I’m just doing what comes naturally when I do new Poke speculation
            Analyse the body/physiology
            Determine the type(s)
            Give it a placeholder name
            And record anything noteworthy

    1. Big boom boom is the Squishy goo goo mother looking for him is my other theory or thats Zygarde’s Offspring

  15. I think it’s a continuation of Gen VI. I still can’t get over the fact that Gen VI only brought us 72 new Pokemon so maybe there’s more! Who knows.

    I’m just happy that it’s speculation x rumors period again! 😀

    1. I know, and I’m not a huge fan of some of the ones from X & Y anyway :/ More pokemon, please!

    2. I like that idea, they continue to to try to do something that fans wont see coming (black and white 2!?!? A main series pokemon game thats a 2, no 1 saw that coming) so what ever they do will blow are minds, and instead of going to gen 7, gen 6.5 can do that lol

    3. would be awesome if they added like 30-50 more pokemon. Totally down with that !

      *it’s probably a pre evo of Zygarde btw, the shape of his face is kind of similar and yeah it could easily be a ghost ish type or it’s the tale and more snake ish like Zygarde, but I put my bet on pre evo!

    4. Totally Agree with you. They could use South of Kalos / France having even two Islands there. They should also give the player the starters from X/Y and show the rest of the 150 Pokémon from Gen 6 that are still missing 🙂

          1. I really hope so, the atmosphere of each region really plays a part in how I enjoy the games. I feel like Kalos has a lot of unmemorable places (there’s so much potential for making ones you just breeze by actually important), and with a lack of new pokemon, that doesn’t help.

  16. There are finally people here. ;-; quick. Go sign up for the tourney before it’s cancelled.

  17. This design looks really cool! I like the coloring and the larger eye because it adds to the cute factor. I can’t to find out more about this new pokemon/forme. I love speculation times because of all the theories people come up with.

    1. Ikr? It’s the best time when a new Game / Pokémon is announced and everybody shares their ideas and opinions. Can’t wait for an official announcement 😀

      1. Yeah I guess…and it shouldn’t have. You gotta think that somebody will be sneaky enough.

  18. Someone actually did manage to get a snapshot! This user on Pokebeach did by the name of Fortune34. What a Fortune! Lol. Hope they don’t get arrested. :< Shot is the most clearest shot we've seen of this new giant Pokemon.

    1. Yeah, but that’s a screenshot of the giant (likely) Zygarde form…just a silhouette at this point. I want to see a screenshot of the blob thing D:

    2. I really don’t know whether that’s a Zygarde form or not. It strays so far from the general design that it leaves me uncertain.

  19. I think it would be so cool if Zygarde’s scales were actually little dormant pokemon 😛

  20. With the image of the possible Zygarde form I keep thinking about this image from the anime lol

  21. Gin, bro i live u, but take some basic art classes, or watch lots of youtube videos

  22. Didnt they say a new pokemon was gonna be in the next pokemon mystery dungeon? Kinda like how they showed of bonsly and munchlax in pokemon xd gale of darkness

  23. Warning a wall of text incoming ps “Hello” havent commented in a while 🙂

    I’ve always assumed this gen would be the first time we got a split generation. As in half first then another half after making the full list of new Pokemon come to toughly 135-140. Now chances are I’m wrong but I’ve always felt strongly about this.

    That being said if this is a new Pokemon I feel it won’t be a forme of Zygarde but rather something that lives with Zygarde eg a cave pokemon. The big Shilouette we got earlier in the week is the new Zygarde Forme 100% As you can make out suttle details when inspected closely.

    I feel like this little fella will be the ugly but cute Pokemon sort of like Munna. And will evolve once not twice. But sure time will tell. I’m just glad we have something exciting to discuss again. I hope more crazy rumors are incoming haha ! 😀

    1. I actually think it might be related to the secret power Zygarde is supposed to have. Apparently Zygarde watches over the ecosystem.

      “An ecosystem is a community of living organisms in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment (things like air, water and mineral soil), interacting as a system.”

      From wikipedia. It makes me think that Zygarde’s power might bring back species that went extinct during the war. Sort of like an ecosystem reset because the war damaged the balance of the ecosystem.

      “When the Kalos region’s ecosystem falls into disarray, it appears and reveals its secret power.”

      If an ecosystem falls into disarray (or is heading in that direction) people usually try to introduce new species of animals and plants to restore the balance don’t they?

      1. Nice theory , in the Pokedex it states :

        ‘ When the Kalos region’s ecosystem falls into disarray, it appears and reveals its secret power ‘

        So I feel like this game will Definitely take place after the events of XY and like you and I said the Pokemon is definitely something to do with Zygarde in some way.

        Sure time will tell 🙂

    1. Well had a good friend who watched the movie and I think they can trust him as he watched himself the movie, so….

      1. Actually I found it on Reddit. The thing is that the one on the right is an interpretation of the description of Gin, the one who saw the movie

  24. What if the Pokemon is like the Unown and it’s somehow linked to Zygarde?

    1. Thought of it already. Would make sense but would also be quiet redundant ._. Maybe it is a part of Zygarde

  25. At first when I just saw the picture, I was like “what the fuck is PJ tryna troll us with” because usually the first of a new batch of Pokemon is revealed officially. But then I read the article lol.

    This is really cool, I think the idea of a split generation is awesome because it increases the longevity of Pokemon, because let’s be honest at one point, there may be too many of them. Can’t wait for pictures/official reveal.

    Let’s hope this is the start of the rejuvination of PJN as well.

  26. tried my hand and drawing this thing, these are based off the few sketches i could find of it, also tried different shades of bright green since thats a pretty broad term

  27. Wait a momento
    If we DO get a Gen 7 maybe i’ll finally get a Official Ground/Fighting type Pokemon!!!!!
    and the slight chance of a Mega Rhyperior and Excadrill

    1. I read that as

      “Wait a momento
      If we DO get a Gen 7 maybe i’ll finally not get a Official Ground/Fighting type Pokemon!!!!! and the slight great chance of a Mega Rhyperior and Excadrill Milotic”

        1. That thing would have 5 weaknesses, that’s a pretty booty Pokemon if you ask me. Make it bulky with little to no attack or movepool options, then it’d be useful! 🙂

          1. I don’t care I know the risks and its 6 weaknesses
            But it would have the highest amount of Stab super-effective in pokemon history

      1. Could work but very little Fighting moves
        But freaking imagine if it got Skill Link Bone Rush

    1. Black and White 2 happens after ORAS. The AquaXMagma couple you meet in the Battle Resort in ORAS is married with a child in Unova and they give you their backstory.

  28. according to my post in this pic 2 month ago , i think this pkmn is another form to Zygarde maybe it’s original form or zero form , and the another one from corocoro it’s ultimate one or infint form .

    1. if you look at thi pkmns sketches carefully u can see the similar between it and the nothing symbol and u know nothing = 0

  29. At this point I don’t care what we get. The fact that we’re getting anything at all is exciting! I just hope they don’t make us wait too long. lol

  30. There is going to be a new generation. Want it or not, there will be. And showing a new pokemon way before anouncing new generation is not a new thing.

  31. I just want to see some new type combos
    Bug/Ice (Rocks will ruin it)

  32. this big eye support my last theory this thing like zero ……’s represent zero ……. i think .

  33. Thinking about this more the next game may just be a third installment without new pokemon
    GF has often times shown new pokemon for next gen then release third installment

    1. from first look i am thinking like u but when i know he has a bright green color ….i am pretty sure it’s Zygarde

      1. Did you see the new description on Serebii, though? It has a red patch on its stomach. It still could be some form of Zygarde, but that description leads me to believe that it is a new Pokemon entirely.

        1. thanx for let me know but if u see my last pic will understand wat i mean , i am talking about for these legendary trio (x,y,z) by some they r connected so i believe this red stomach connected to Yveltal .

    1. Apparently that was proven fake unfortunately….So we continue to wait lol

  34. Maybe it’s still gen 6 and they’re gonna add more mon to the dex I mean that’s probably why they split up the Kalos dex into parts central, coastal, mountain maybe next its desert, plains, swamps, under water, sky or out the ordinary like dimensional, outer space and that being said they will add more land to the Kalos region but whatever they do I hope it’s good.

    1. I forgot about the Dex division. We also still have a whole other half of the region that wasn’t shown.

      1. Yeah I know and a lot of people want a gen 7 already but I feel gamefreak isn’t done with gen 6 I could be wrong but I’m still disappointed we got so few mon this gen SO I WANT MORE!!

  35. I think both this new Pokemon and the Zygarde-like form are completely unrelated. Another associate of Serebii managed to get a better drawing of the new Pokemon in question. It looks like a Ghost-type Pokemon in it’s basic form and from the looks of it, it appears that it will evolve at least once. I have a feeling this little guy will be the representative of the new Generation in the next movie, much like Munchlax, Bonsly, Weavile, Mime Jr., Lucario, Chatot, Manaphy, Buizel, Mantyke, Zorua, Zoroark, Sylveon, and Mega Mewtwo Y before their games were officially released/revealed.

  36. Quick Poll on the little green guy
    Do you want it to be a Mythical Pokemon or just a regular Pokemon of Gen 7

  37. The mystery thickens. I think GameFreak will be extending the Kalos PokeDex. I doubt that Gen 7 will be coming. We only got like 60+ Pokemon from X/Y; plus the third games of each Generation sales the least. So, this would be a great way for GameFreak to make people to buy the next game. I doubt this Pokemon is related to Zygarde; but we still have to wait and see. (Plus, we already know GameFreak was working on their next project!)

    1. I totally agree. This was actually a theory I thought of way back when X and Y first came out, and I left it on that one speculation video Marriland did on new regions. I feel like we’ll get another half of new mons in an area maybe east of present Kalos.

    2. Sorry but Gen 6 has mega-evolutions, which are and mostly are considered individual Pokemon as their own. That makes 71+40=111 Pokemon, which is more than enough for even numbered generation.

    3. I highly doubt they’ll just extend a generation
      Why even hope for it when we could have a new region and everything that comes with it
      Gym leaders
      Elite Four
      Villainous Team
      And Mega Evolution
      Doesn’t that sound good

      1. Bleh. 2early4me. I honestly don’t care. The 16th Movie Legendary looks like Zygarde because of the hexagons and based on the colours of the new Pokemon; it might be related to Zygarde. There is going to be one more 3DS Pokemon game because of Volcanion & the Battle Frontier. We just have to wait and see.

        1. I like that option anything with Battle frontier would be nice (hoenn Frontier mostly)
          But I agree I think we are too early for gen 7 (although Gen 5 only had two main story games as well)
          I think they are just showing off a gen 7 pokemon then will do third installment then gen 7. It’s not rare that they show a new pokemon and then release third installment, then make the new generation where that pokemon actually is.

  38. Whats Up Guys, havent been on here in a while (a long while actually). Good to see a lot of u guys again. :]

  39. It’s probably a gen 7 mon. It’s not uncommon for them to release next gen Pokemon early, like with Munchlax and Lucario for example. If it isn’t gen 7 however, it could be that they are expanding the gen 6 Dex, with an potential “East Kalos”. Looking forward to whatever they announce.

  40. It’s nice to see people back here. Now stay and don’t leave.

  41. Either Gen 7 or it’s a promotional pokemon similar to Zora from Black/White.

  42. Looking at it now, it might have done relation to Zygarde, but I’m not sure. Could this be a hidden fourth mythical Pokemon in Kalos?

    1. Guys did PJ the right place to post these thing , if it’s not wat the right place ?

      u have golden chance to get rid off me hahaahaaaha .

      1. Here is the right place haha. This is all stuff we looked into before XY were released, in regards to Norse mythology. 🙂

        1. i know but i connected by this new pkmn sketch and the myth so it’s new topic . i want to understand this sketch according to myth and by discussion with other member here .

    1. That red stomach wasn’t in the original drawings, which is really strange. It seriously looks like the larva of a Larvitar (lol) or Treecko in some renditions. Like Trevenant, it will probably end up looking much cooler when it’s officially revealed.

      1. I agree with you on the last part but I read on or Pokébeach / Reddit that it was red and green.

  43. Diancie event confirmed for the U.S. and Europe (so far)!

    From July 24th-July 27th, access the Nintendo Network option in Mystery Gift to get this Diancie!

    1. No Thank you for me, I much prefer Jirachi event
      But I guess some people still need Jirachi

    1. I was surprised too, but I guess it’s good to have a makeup event for all the people who don’t live close to a store with a code near them

    2. Maybe the Diancie event is to counter those who already have Hoopa :O
      Diancie counters hoopa

  44. O boy….a diancie event for US and Europe…its not like we had one last year and haven’t had a jirachi event in 5 years…woo

  45. Yay. Another Diancie… Seriously? I’ve never even touched a game holding a Jirachi. Just listen to the community.

    1. I know how you feel. I’m trying to help my friend with his 100% living dex and it took us forever to find a jirachi for him. If only we got one of those shiny jirachi events. 🙁

      1. We never will. Events have gone to shit after Diamond and Pearl and Platinum. They don’t unlock any side stories or anything. They just hand you the Pokémon. Multiple times.

    2. I just got the Heart Stamp/Play a Rough Jirachi from a friend, and I still have the Draco Meteor Jirachi. 🙂

      And now I’ll have 6 Diancie! Greatttt.

    3. I think it’s for Countering Hoopa
      Because they won’t give it to us early, so they will give us counters just in case people don’t have it

    4. Lol I remember bringing all my games (D/P/PT, I don’t think it worked for Hg/Ss) to a Gamestop to get a bunch of those Draco Meteor Jirachi’s 😛

  46. The best thing about this reveal is that it basically de confirms Gen 1 remakes.

    1. Not really. I mean, we were always gonna get a 7th gen. This Pokemon is probably from that gen. Doesn’t de-confirm that at some point we may get gen 1 remakes.

  47. It’s obviously a Kodama Pokémon. The green colour, reports of multiple of these Pokémon seen in the trailer. If the next movie and game(s) are about Zygarde and he protects the ecosystem, I believe they could be about how the humans cut down the forests and excavate the mountains below Kiloude City. I can’t wait to see what the next couple weeks bring for Pokémon news.

  48. It remind me of those head-wobbling forest sprite thingies from Princess Mononoke. I’d bet it’s a ghost type ^_^ exciting!

  49. hey guys, was there ever an answer to why Kalos is shaped like a star? I’ve been asking myself this question since the map came out. I read somewhere (i think it’s on the official pokemon website) that it had something significant on the plot. Was it mentioned on the game? or was it just because France looks like a star?

    1. Someone (Can’t remember who or where) superimposed the Kalos map with the map of france, and found that Kalos’s shape is almost identical to North & Central France. That’s why IMO people think that if they do an XY-sequel/prequel, it’ll be in southern Kalos (that and Kiloude City’s description mentions Southern Kalos)

  50. Hey all, I think I know what the two forms
    are, at least as much as I can based on existing evidence. Both pokemon shown
    in the teaser are forms of zygarde.

    and this may seem like sidetracking but I promise it isn’t, a few months ago,
    Pokebeach revealed that the next TCG set will be the start of the “XY
    Break” era. It will be a split set called XY Break: Blue Impact and XY
    Break: Red Flash, starring Mewtwo’s megas. This new set introduces a new
    mechanic called Break Evolution: “In
    order to Break Evolve, you need the BREAK card, the pre-evolved Pokemon, and
    the Evolved Pokemon”. I think that Break evolution will be a
    new form of mega evolution, that uses the pre-evolved form in place of a mega
    stone (All break evolvable pokemon revealed so far are at the end of their
    evolution chain, Raichu, Golduck, Luxray, Zoroark, Chesnaught and Noivern). But
    Zygarde doesn’t have Pre-evolutions, I hear you say. But we don’t know it’s
    connection to Xerneas and Yveltal. They could potentially allow Zygarde to
    Break evolve into more powerful forms.

    Going into Zygarde’s mythology, it maintains the balance between life and
    death. It also has two signature moves that seem to be designed to counter land
    based oppponents (Thousand Waves) and airborne ones (Thousand Arrows).

    It seems to be common consensus amongst
    the fandom, that the giant pokemon is the Thousand Arrows form. I agree with
    this, as it appears to have several spikes on its head, along with the four
    arms. The Giant is Zygarde Break X, which borrows power from Xerneas. This makes
    sense, if you consider that Zygarde is taking power from life (which is why it
    grows), to defeat death.

    The blob is the opposite. If you watch the animation for Thousand Waves, the
    user turns into several small particles (or blobs, perhaps) and attacks the
    opponent. If the population of the ecosystem gets too large, Zygarde becomes a
    bacterium using Yveltal’s powers, to reduce it. It’s also worth pointing out that the blob pokemon has a red stomach. Which member is red? Yveltal!

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