Rumour: Satoshi Tajiri to be present at E3?

NOTE: As with all rumour articles we suggest you do not take this information as fact until it is proven true. We are merely reporting information.

Recently a conference focused on motion graphics was held, where a presentation was given showcasing their latest project. The project itself appears to be an opening for a video intended for use at the E3 expo next month. While it isn’t clear when or what the video will run for (pre-conference, post-conference etc), it seemingly holds what could be considered interesting information.

The video itself has title slides featuring tidbits of information: world premier announcements from Nintendo, special hosts and perhaps of most interest, special appearances. As of yet it is unconfirmed as to whether these slides contain placeholder names or not, however it is worth noting that among these names the creator of Pokémon and founder of Game Freak, Satoshi Tajiri appears, suggesting he will be attending E3 this year.

Usually, Pokémon doesn’t have a huge presence at E3. 2013 saw a slight change to this, with X & Y receiving a new trailer revealing new Pokémon and features. In 2014 Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire also received new trailers. Never has a new ‘main series’ Pokémon title been announced at E3 and we don’t expect this to change. What is interesting, however, is that before E3 on May 21st there is said to be a Pokémon announcement in the latest issue of Famitsu DS+Wii. While this could be something trivial, it’s worth noting that Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire were revealed in May last year, so a huge announcement could be just around the corner.

Also of interest is that next year marks the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise, so who knows what’s in store for us!

As noted the presence of Pokémon at E3 is always a little underwhelming and to see that Tajiri could attend the expo this year could mean that were in for some huge surprises, assuming these leaked video slides hold any truth in them, that is!

Source: NeoGAF

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  1. Actually a few days ago I started to wonder if we will get new Pokemon game/s this year. It’s late May and ORAS were announced last year in May. The games released in November. If they won’t announce anything this summer, I think we won’t get new Pokemon game/s this year. Early next year might be possible. Or they release the new game/s like they’ve done for a few years now; release the game/s late next year for the 20th anniversary. Many possibilities. Game Freak has lots of tricks in their sleeves.

  2. Maybe Game Freak will just announce a new non-Pokemon game. Like that Rhythm game.

  3. My biggest hope is a new mystery dungeon, i’ve recently rekindled my love for the game and would greatly love to see a Kalos Mystery dungeon (But a Dungeons and Dragons Medieval theme) like Warrior Chesnaught, Mage Delphox and Theif Greninja in Pokelot Kingdom ruled by the joyful but elderly King Dragonite and you are found by a young squire (your partner) and you (human to pokemon yada yada yada) help the Squire become a great knight, but the evil Dark Kingdom ruled by the Maleficent Lord Hydreigon plans to invade the Kingdom of Pokelot

    I know this would never happen but the story is enthralling

        1. I never got into conquest (after playing for about an hour, I got a bit bored especially because I already had Fire Emblem waiting for me), but Rangers was amazing. I’d love to have another Rangers game but I’m afraid I’d probably mess up my 3DS touchscreen.

  4. Whoever wrote this posted a picture of Tsunekazu Ishihara and not Satoshi Tajiri. Can you please fix that?

    1. Seriously though, I would love to see Kanto in 3D, either in a remake, sequel or a spiritual successor.
      And it would be a nice way to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

      1. We’ve seen Kanto twice over in the same state, and twice over in the slightly pitiful state it was in 3 years later post-Johto (poor Cinnabar Island :/). I’d love to see a revitalized, awesome Kanto set 20 years after the originals! Maybe Daisy became professor after Oak passed away and we’ll have all-new gym leaders and features and things like that.

  5. If they announced a new Pokemon Wii U game it would be amazing and I would be eternally happy haha

    Also who remembers the detective Pikachu game ? It could also be this for all we know?

    Either way I’m happy with anything pokemon 😛 🙂

      1. I’d say get me a chair because I’d be weak at the knees for that game 😀

  6. Bad news for people who want Pokemon Z/X2/Y2, such as me.
    He could be there to announce a Red/Green Remake for 2016.
    The 20th Anniversary in Japan in coming up, which is in 2016.
    I would so outraged if they were to abandon Z/X2/Y2 for that!

    1. A common misconception, why would game freak want to celebrate the 20th anniversary of red/green and simply not the 20th anniversary of pokemon as a whole

      aka to celebrate 20 years of pokemon make Z have features from all games such as BF PWT etc and just release red/blue on shop

        1. It’s a pleasure to see you again King T. I’ve been away from disqus for plenty reasons and just lurk in chat here and there

      1. It would make sense, especially since Red and Blue are the only games in the series now that can’t be played on the 3DS.
        Not to mention that, with the release of ORAS, FRLG are the most outdated Pokémon games now.
        It would also make Gen 6 last longer than just 3 years, which is always a plus.

        1. hence why you add frlg to wii u virtual console as they add gab to wii u virtual console

          and red and blue to the 3ds

          fans don’t want kanto they had enough of it in 4 games as kanto is playable on the 3ds through hgss

      2. Yea I am kinda tired of people assuming Red and Green remakes 😛

    2. Why would they abandon Z/XY2 for that?
      They can make a Red and Blue remake this year and a new version of X and Y next year.

      1. They have the power to do what they want to do. We don’t. We’ll just have to see what they throw onto the table this year and if the leaks are true or not. If it is, it just surprises me. After 12 years of hiding, why would Tajiri decide to come out of the closet if the rumor is true? He almost usually has Masuda represent him. Ah, the mystery that is Satoshi Tajiri. Tajiri is a wonderful man, brilliant mind. Not one person on here would deny it. I owe what part of my life has become to him.

        1. Nothing just tired of seeing Kanto thrown at us every couple of years.

  7. I’m still really hoping for a new game announcement this year, whether it’s 3D RB remakes for the 20th anniversary or XY2/Z version. I don’t know why people keep saying ‘it’s too late, we won’t get any announcements this late’. Platinum and ORAS were announced in May, it is totally not too late!

  8. Hey Moving, remove that “u” from “rumour”. It makes the word ugly and too long. #’merica
    Idk I just want mega Milotic tbh. That’s all I want from GF. Mega Milotic. Please. Thanks.

  9. I just want a different game formula, like one where you let text selections determine the story. I don’t know. I’m just fucking bored with the current games. Give us something crisp and new.

  10. Not too sure about the famitsu announcement as there have been a few people that apparently said that it was a mistranslation as far as it being about a new game. Tajiri being at e3 could b cool tho. Even if he doesn’t actually announce a game it would b nice to hear if they share any future plans. I honestly wouldn’t mind if there wasn’t a new game announced. I’d like it if they announced a good side game this year and then next year start talking about a new game. Maybe a new ranger game could b good.

  11. Please,no Kanto games, FRLG are the most boring pokemon games and i don’t want to waste their time on Kanto Remakes. I want more Kalos!!

    And why is everybody assuming that kanto remakes are coming due to the 20th anniversary?
    We could get new Kalos games and they could say it’s to celebrate the 20th anniversary.
    for zelda’s 25th anniversary we didn’t get LoZ remake,we got SS…

    And if we’re getting any pokemon news at e3,it’s going to be Pokken

    1. We might see a 3D remake of Pokemon Yellow for the 20th anniversary and I wouldn’t mind that too much because it’s quite different from FRLG. What I really want is an Emerald remake (or some Battle Frontier DLC). But in the end, we’re probably going to get something about Super Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Z.

  12. It would be pretty nice for the creator to announce the 20th anniversary games

  13. If they were to do a Red Blue remake i’m curious how they introduce Mega Evolutions (and don’t just say Mr. Fuji sure he can give us a Mega Stone and even a Mega Accessory but he’s not some expert on the field)
    some Kanto Megas i wanna see
    maybe Tauros
    and lastly Giovanni will fight you with his Mega Rhyperior

    1. Didn’t Blue go to Kalos some time before X and Y?
      Maybe he went there with Professor Oak and they brought back some Mega Stones to Kanto.

      1. I have no idea where you got that from
        But there’s still so many questions and mysteries of Mega Evolution

      1. THIS!
        Arcanine is one of my favourite Pokémon, I would love it if he got a Mega Evolution.

  14. Famitsu leaked and had nothing (thanks exaggerated rumours!!) so really counting on E3 for a new game announcement now! Tbh I’m starting to think we may not get a release this year now, or they would’ve announce it by now. The next announcement we get will probably be for next year’s games.

  15. No Kanto remakes, please. There is no reason to do so anyway:
    – All of the Kanto starters already have Mega Evolutions, and XY pretty much gave you an option to use the Kanto starters anyway.
    – We have travelled through Kanto in 11 games: RGBY, GSC, FR/LG, HG/SS. 11 games is too many.
    – Kanto as a whole was a boring region. Very little in the way except for mountainous terrain, a few small routes that connected cities, and some water routes that connected the mainland to Cinnabar and the Seafoam Islands.
    I don’t want a Kalos game either. Kalos as a whole was too boring: the Gym Leaders were easy and had boring Pokémon, Team Flare was boring, and the Admins were boring.

    1. Thing is, the only reason they need to make Kanto again (either remake or sequel) is that people will buy it. Basically if there’s fan demand and it’ll sell, it’ll probably get made, whether it ‘needs’ to be made or not. I personally would like a revisit to Kanto in the form of a revolutionary sequel set years after original Kanto and overhauling the region in all kinds of interesting ways – new locations, new leaders etc. I don’t want to go through the original story again just in 3D :/

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