PokéJungle Needs Funding… Can YOU Help?!

PokéJungle Network has been delivering news for to Pokémon fans for years now and we have a passion for doing so. That’s why we (me, pokejungle, and the rest of the great writers you love) volunteer our time searching for the latest whiffs of news on social media, Twitter and any other source you can imagine. We also love writing articles and sharing things our community would enjoy seeing… and we’d like to continue that.

Want to help out? A donation of only a few bucks would go a long way. The site is run and written by college students and recent graduates who pay out of pocket in addition to their college loans and rent. We love to dedicate our time and money for the community, but a little support would be amazing.

You can donate at Patreon right here OR email me using the Contact page if you have any questions/comments/concerns

Monthly costs to maintain the site run from $120 – $150 a month. While other sites, such as Bulbapedia and Marriland, have elected to have their costs covered by advertising companies or gaming networks, we want to remain independent. You can make the difference.

If you’ve enjoyed the news, articles or friends you’ve made… please consider chipping in. If you can’t, we would love to see a share on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch or Tumblr! (Please, please, please!) You can easily share this link: http://pokene.ws/helpfundpokejungle

Much love everyone. Thank you to anyone who donates, shares or appreciates what we do. It means a lot.

<3 PJ

  1. I don’t get this. Why ask for money? The site does run ads. Just because Pokemon and activity is slow right now doesn’t mean that the people who ARE here should pay up. Besides, what will we be supporting, more activity? There hasn’t been any attempt to stay consistent with articles. We don’t have events, we don’t have tournaments, we dont have opinion pieces, this is supposed to be a community and social site that’s able offer something different than Bulbapedia or Serebii but lately all there has been is short news articles and no one knows where to have a discussion. And just to be clear, I greatly support the site and have been here for two years, I just don’t think things are going in the right direction.

    1. This is exactly what I feel. There haven’t been nearly as many articles in the last few months. It actually got to a point where I emailed and even volunteered to write one or two just so members had something to read which I was ignored. I’m probably the oldest regular here I’ve been coming since 2008 or 2009 and have seen so many people come and go.

      But why ask for money when the site hasn’t been producing much and when people volunteer help they are ignored.

    2. They dont have money to keep the site up. When a new game is announced and this place gets buzzing again, they’ll need money to support it.

  2. It sucks I wish I could help by donating, but I’m a poor college student. I hope with summer around the corner more people will start coming back here. I miss the days where we had 2000 comments on a article. Not 5……

  3. Yasssss. Ash catches a Noibat! So excited. Noibat is one of my favorite 6th gen Pokemon. It’s just so cute and fluffy! Sucks that he doesn’t have goodra anymore :/ and half his team is flying.

    1. I think that was more a function of a New game in a New generation being released (X&Y) with new pokemon and rumours everyday… as opposed to the summer vacation. Hopefully things change with a new announcement.. while I’m not an active member, I have loved reading all the comments!

  4. If you want a Cola, I can make it colder but I ain’t got no money, honey.

  5. Sorry but I can’t donate, but don’t you guys make money from the ads?
    Plus I could see myself donate (If I did) if there was more activity, but there is little to no activity here and the little articles that we get don’t bring that much activity, sorry but I can’t donate

  6. I really don’t want this place to go either, but I cannot donate I am sooo sorry

    1. You sure there isn’t other thing to do like Cut another thing like… any other non used website you run

  7. Also PJ
    How do you want to make money there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong from accepting money from ads, really just do it. Because it kinda sounds like you rather close the site down than lose your ‘pride’ of affording this place without ads. Please just accept the ads money

  8. Paul… we may have to branch out to covering other stuff to keep the place up and running
    Most of the community just isn’t donating because they feel we won’t lose chat just disqus but i don’t want to see any part of Pokejungle gone, i just wish i could have a little more info on what’s going on and the risks if the goal cannot be met, and if its truly dire and we could lose the site entirely i may donate a great amount to help keep this place alive
    But please consider branching out because its better then losing something truly special to us

  9. I feel like we’re weeks away from a huge game announcement. The old Jungle will be back in its old state. This article should be reposted when that time comes.

    1. Well…
      Seeing how there is a couple hours left
      And the donations is only 24 hours our else…
      I think it may be too late

  10. Boop. My bank account is in the negatives. Can’t donate anything. ✌

      1. I don’t battle to win anymore. Just to try Pokemon that aren’t normally used. I’ve battled once since February. But…

        1. If you don’t battle to win, that means we will have a great battle 😀
          no complaining when someone loses

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