PokéJungle Needs Funding… Can YOU Help?!

PokéJungle Network has been delivering news for to Pokémon fans for years now and we have a passion for doing so. That’s why we (me, pokejungle, and the rest of the great writers you love) volunteer our time searching for the latest whiffs of news on social media, Twitter and any other source you can imagine. We also love writing articles and sharing things our community would enjoy seeing… and we’d like to continue that.

Want to help out? A donation of only a few bucks would go a long way. The site is run and written by college students and recent graduates who pay out of pocket in addition to their college loans and rent. We love to dedicate our time and money for the community, but a little support would be amazing.

You can donate at Patreon right here OR email me using the Contact page if you have any questions/comments/concerns

Monthly costs to maintain the site run from $120 – $150 a month. While other sites, such as Bulbapedia and Marriland, have elected to have their costs covered by advertising companies or gaming networks, we want to remain independent. You can make the difference.

If you’ve enjoyed the news, articles or friends you’ve made… please consider chipping in. If you can’t, we would love to see a share on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch or Tumblr! (Please, please, please!) You can easily share this link: http://pokene.ws/helpfundpokejungle

Much love everyone. Thank you to anyone who donates, shares or appreciates what we do. It means a lot.

<3 PJ