Pokémon Shuffle: Rotom Returns & Mega Banette Challenge

Today marks the return of Rotom’s forms to Pokémon Shuffle. The Rotom event originally appeared in the game when it launched earlier this year in February. All five forms of Rotom are back from today until the 16th of May, with the forms being on a day-to-day rotation.

A new challenge has also started in game and allows players a chance at winning the Banettite, required for Mega Evolving Banette. Players in the top 50,000 in the Japan, 20,000 in the US and 10,000 in Europe will all receive the Banettite. Those who do not place in the qualifying places will all receive a Jewel for taking part. Let us know you scores and rankings in the comments! I’m currently ranked 900 or so in Europe.

Finally, as an added bonus players can get their hands on five Exp. Points x1.5 in game using the code 04482045. Enjoy!