Pokemon Shuffle Now Available Worldwide

After its initial announcement not too long ago, Pokemon Shuffle, a Candy Crush-style game, is now available on the 3DS eShop worldwide! The game will only take up 686 blocks, or approximately 85 MB of your 3DS storage, so it shouldn’t be a problem for most people to download.

Currently 1 Gem to refill to your hearts (in order to keep playing) is priced at ¥100. You will get bonus gems when buying in larger quanitites and there is a daily maximum of ¥10,000 (~$85 USD) that you can spend.

As a launch promotion there is currently a Special Mew Stage so it’s advisable to download the game sooner rather than later!

Excited about getting your hands on this game? Will you be putting some time into it? Let us know in the comments!

      1. They also need to fricken release Hoopa. It’s hard to get hyped for a “new” pokemon when they announce it and then release it 8 months later. Sometimes I wonder if they know what they’re doing at Gamefreak.

  1. So.. Ash’s Goomy turns into a Goodra before/during his battle for his 5th badge. Wtf what a hacker, he must’ve used rare candies

    1. I’m just saying, it best be raining when it evolves again
      Also, in next ep’s episode, another evolution, I’m pretty sure the Pokemon has hardly been used, haha

      1. Truuu
        I just watched the preview, I agree, it was never used and it evolved and I’m guessing Fennekin’s evolving in a couple eps too
        7.8 too many evolutions

        1. Fennekin’s gonna evolve, so is another Pokemon (i.e.: the most newly caught Pokemon – so as not to spoil it for those who don’t know)
          There are periods in this anime where nothing is caught/evolved then it all happens at once then stops

    1. I am getting so many teams ready for battle so just you wait I will have a lot of teams ready for battle

  2. What is with my luck? I wasn’t even hunting for this and all of a sudden, it sparkled! My first MM shiny! (Rf!)

  3. The Pokemon anime is actually good now, but I swear if Ash releases that Goodra then I’m done with the anime

  4. I’m bored with everything right now. I don’t talk to people much any more. I’m just as lonely as I was before finding PokeJungle. I want a Pokemon game to be announced so I can converse with humans again, and also because Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were ever-so-slightly disappointing. We need the Black 2/White 2 treatment for Kalos, to reinvigorate the franchise a bit. How about New 3DS features to add full 3D? SIGN ME UP! It would be make my purchase of a New 3DS happen much sooner!

    I’m talking to myself. Somebody hug me. I’m going nuts.

    1. Maybe you need to find some more friends?? You don’t really interact with us anymore. Well, what’s left of us. Maybe make more youtube videos? Twitch streams? Some way of interacting with people?

      1. What do you mean, “I don’t”? Nobody is here, so I don’t come back. And I have plenty of friends, but I have absolutely no urge to see them outside of school. It’s all my fault, and I don’t want you to worry about it.

        1. B-But

          Some people show up here a lot…

          And those people are me.

          You literally just described my social life in your response. I hate seeing anyone I know outside of where I know them. Mostly outside of school. Ew.

          1. Since you’re here, do you think I should ask for a Red New 3DS for my birthday or wait until they have more stock / more games?

          2. That’s for you and your money to decide. Personally, I’m waiting for a limited edition New 3DS XL to be released that I actually like, then I’ll buy it. (Please let there be a Xenoblade New 3DS XL!)

    2. Yeah we need something to liven up the franchise. Maybe if they would release some long overdue legendaries in the US *cough* Mew, Shaymin, Darkrai, Manaphy, Jirachi *cough*

  5. So apparently you can make QR codes to scan and get a Pokemon put in your Box (for example, there’s a QR code for Hoopa, that when you scan and open your browser, it’ll appear in the first slot in Box 1)
    There goes all the hard work to get competitive pokemon (for all you competitive battlers), and all the hard work to get shiny pokemon (for us shiny hunters, which X/Y & ORAS kind of messed up anyways ;-;)

  6. Shuffle is slightly addicting but the hearts thing is really pissing me off. 30 mins to replenish one? That’s so dumb.

  7. Finally got the Shiny Latios! and for like the billionth time ever, synchronize didn’t work. Oh well, Calm isn’t the world’s worst nature for a Latios.

  8. Wasn’t even trying but I just hatched a female shiny Jolly contrary Spinda 5IV (missing HP)
    This is the second time (first being Onix), I don’t even have the shiny charm)
    I also received a shiny Groudon from “Hoenn”, a shiny Kyogre from ORAS and a shiny Durant all on the GTS

  9. Bought myself Majora’s Mask 3d and two Primal Clash booster packs (haven’t bought many tgc packs in a while) for my birthday and ended up pulling two Mega Gardevoir Ex’s 😀 Apparently they’re ultra rare, so I got really lucky getting 2 from the 2 packs I got c:

    1. Nice! And yes, they are Ultra Rares! Unless one is a full art, then that one would be a Secret Rare!

  10. For those lonely folks (like myself) who have yet to obtain the Eon Ticket, do not fret!

    The official Pokemon website will be posting a code soon for anyone that does not currently have the Eon Ticket to get one!

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