Darkrai Event For Those in the United Kingdom

For that group of you currently living in the United Kingdom, well, you’re in luck! The retailer GAME has announced that a new event will be taking place in their stores beginning this Friday, February 13th, through serial code distribution. The event will grant you access to Darkrai, a Dark-type Mythical Pokemon. While it is unknown whether or not this event will work for all Generation VI games, what moves/level Darkrai has, or the limitations on serial codes, we will update this article as we get that information.

Note that the only other time Darkrai has been offered in Generation VI games was last year around the time of the Diancie movie’s release, so don’t hesitate to get yours before they run out!

    1. We always want to post about multi-locational Pokemon events, even if not many people live in said region. It’s fair that we let that percentage of people be informed as well. 🙂

    1. I doubt it’ll have a Mega Stone, since that would’ve probably been the first thing they mentioned.
      But a special move wouldn’t surprise me.

  1. :O
    Friday the 13th The spooky time of the year
    They give out a Pokemon that gives you nightmares…
    It was planned!!!

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  3. Never understood why it’s a Dark type. Dark/Ghost would’ve made more sense cause it haunts dreams and nightmares are scary

  4. If this is going to be the same Darkrai that was distributed in Japan late last year, it will have the special move Phantom Force.

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