Jungle Asks: What are doing in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire?

Hey trainers, are you busy playing Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? Training new teams? Working on the Delta Episode? Let’s dive in about what is keeping your busy in ORAS!

Personally I’ve been trying to wade into competitive battling so I’m currently training and breeding like mad 😀

<3 PJ


  1. I haven’t really been doing anything lately in ORAS. I mainly just get on everyday to talk to the berry master, do the lottery, and collect some flags. I still need to win the master ranks for cute and clever though. I have almost completed the national dex, the only Pokemon I don’t have are the exclusive legendaries to OR, which I haven’t played yet. I own them all on other games but I want to catch them in Hoenn rather than take the easy way out and transfer them 😛

  2. ‘What are doing’ 😉
    Well I’ve just finished breeding all of my Mega Pokemon (new ones only) and finished with a perfect Jolly Bagon.
    Now I’m fighting through the Maison and collecting BP for the Power items to easily EV train them. Then I’ll raise them all to level 50 and teach them my desired moves for the set.
    I’m also trying to GTS for a Jolly Rayquaza, which’ll take me some time
    Might also do Kyogre & Groudon cause why not?

  3. When I have the time,soft resetting Zekrom xD after that back to breeding for a bit.Still need to finish my Christmas list (its like these shinies know they’re being sought after) ;~;

  4. Well in past moth I had been leveling up all my old main team Pokemon from past games to level 100 using those Blissey secret bases……I’m done with that tho so…….catching the remaining legendaries?

    1. I haven’t even bothered to attempt to catch any of the mirage spot legendaries yet, I’m far too lazy and don’t know if I want to SR for nature of shiny-ness (or maybe both)

      1. I was trying to SR for a shiny Latias, found it after not too long! Then ran out of Pokeballs…….I would then pend the next week SR for it only to eventually give up………I was very sad…..and still am…….

  5. Oh I am doing the Battle Frontier
    It is so awesome!!!
    I love it!!!!
    Oh wait
    Not in my dreams…
    In real life??
    Sring for shiny mudkip in OR
    Just breeding competitive pokemon in AS
    Battle me sometime guys
    Please ;~;

  6. For you Aussies and Europickles, use the code POKEMON503 to receive a Shell Armor Samurott! This code will likely be available in North America today or tomorrow!

  7. Nothing. I haven’t been able to play comfortably. Stressing over money issues and stuff…. Plus I just haven’t been feeling like playing. I haven’t even touched my Omega Ruby Nuzlocke since Christmas break…. I do go through and try to collect ribbons for my Sharpedo though. It’s a contest master. :3

  8. Busy trying to complete my pokedex. I’m about half way done, but i need to finish AS, X and Y so i can get pokemon from them.

  9. I literally have not touched ORAS or my 3DS in about 3 months or so.
    Hopefully that will all change with Majora’s Mask being released on Friday ^_^

  10. Btw i got Toad’s Treasure tracker and it’s amazing
    if your a fan of puzzle solving mixed in with random challenges that will have you constantly restart the level until perfection then this is the game for you

    1. I also enjoy TT! I like that we can play as Toadette :3 But it is a little annoying they can’t exactly attack without the pickaxe but I suppose that makes it more challenging.

  11. I’m super into competitive battling so I do that for the most part. Sirena my Milotic puts in sooo much work.

  12. Too busy scavenging through Xenoblade Chronicles X forums. I do have ideas for movesets, but every time I think about breeding, I get lazy and don’t bother xD.

  13. I’ve been RA for a shiny Latios.. The only reason why I’m playing ORAS still is cuz I want to get all the shiny legendaries I want before the next games get announced.

  14. Breeding more competitive Pokémon for both VGC and OU.

    Soft reset a competitive Suicune and Cresselia…. after 1 day I got pretty godly stats for them. Not prefect, but each are 3 IV’s from perfect.

    Also in the last week finally beat Super Multi Maison with my bro Archie.

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