PJN Community Initiative

Hey everyone! I want to make sure we stay in tip-top shape as one of the best Pokémon news sites with one of the best communities. To do that I would really like to be more involved with all of you guys and specifically I’d like to assemble a team of superheroes members who are very active and can help me with that. As a group I want to make sure the site can:

  • Provide content YOU want to see
  • Consistently deliver the fastest Pokémon news
  • Ensure that the community is thriving

In addition, I also want to make sure that members of our community here are on their best behavior as well. There was a situation I learned of today which greatly displeased me and I think that those involved know who they are. If I find out that this type of behavior is continuing on or off of PJN there will be permanent bans handed out.

Also I’d like to apologize for my general busy-ness. As many of you know, I live in Tokyo and work as a teacher. This greatly impacts the amount of time I have available to just ‘hang out’ in the comments or chat and be with visitors the way I’d like to. So if you wonder where I am, besides just posting articles, I’m probably helping Japanese kids learn English. I love you all though, so don’t feel like I’ve forgotten you 🙂

If you would like to be on the community initiative team please leave a comment. How long you’ve been on the site, why you joined, etc are all relevant information that I’d love to read. I’ll be picking 3 – 5 people and we’ll be using Facebook to communicate.

<3 PJ