PJN Community Initiative

Hey everyone! I want to make sure we stay in tip-top shape as one of the best Pokémon news sites with one of the best communities. To do that I would really like to be more involved with all of you guys and specifically I’d like to assemble a team of superheroes members who are very active and can help me with that. As a group I want to make sure the site can:

  • Provide content YOU want to see
  • Consistently deliver the fastest Pokémon news
  • Ensure that the community is thriving

In addition, I also want to make sure that members of our community here are on their best behavior as well. There was a situation I learned of today which greatly displeased me and I think that those involved know who they are. If I find out that this type of behavior is continuing on or off of PJN there will be permanent bans handed out.

Also I’d like to apologize for my general busy-ness. As many of you know, I live in Tokyo and work as a teacher. This greatly impacts the amount of time I have available to just ‘hang out’ in the comments or chat and be with visitors the way I’d like to. So if you wonder where I am, besides just posting articles, I’m probably helping Japanese kids learn English. I love you all though, so don’t feel like I’ve forgotten you 🙂

If you would like to be on the community initiative team please leave a comment. How long you’ve been on the site, why you joined, etc are all relevant information that I’d love to read. I’ll be picking 3 – 5 people and we’ll be using Facebook to communicate.

<3 PJ


  1. Hey, I think I’d be a great fit to join the site! I’ve been on this site for a few years now and have tons of experience with Pokemon. I also manage my own media outlet named Always Nintendo (which you should check out) and would love to try something new 😀 My email is jelanithompson [at] alwaysnintendo.com if you’d like to get into contact, or you could just contact me below of course 🙂 Look forward to hearing back from you!

    1. The irony. You manage that site? I follow it on twitter because it’s one of the only sites that stays updated on new Nintendo info. I love it.

  2. Hello @PJ, my name is SlipperySceptile and I would like to apply for the spot on the community initiative. I was on POkejungle as well as its chat for 2 years alongside serving as creative director for PNN. Before it’s unfortunate close. I have been here long enough to witness where PJ is at and what it’s to continue. My imagination and ambition to never give up alongside my vast knowledge of Pokemon and marketing can be great assists to the PJ team if you want to reach me you can pm me at my chatango @slipperyInfernape. I hope you consider me and I appreciate your time reading this.

    Hopefully we can give me and POkejungle a fresh new start

  3. I would love to join, but I refuse to make a Facebook. It’s just not my cup of tea.

    Also, with the behavioral thing, there will always be problems here. And not just here, the Internet in general. People are just assholes and like to get under everyone’s skin.

    Good luck to the future superheroes of PokeJungle! I hope you guys make this site the best it can be!

  4. I’d like to join the team now I have the ability to write and such. I’ve been here since October 12th 2013 and I joined because I wanted to get good at battling and make friends that share the same common intrests as me. I enjoy doing various activities such as reading, writing, drawing and cooking and I also love the community very much.

  5. I’m Chico and I’m NOT APPLYING but I feel left out so I will talk about myself. I’ve been here since 2010 during the Black and White game reveal. I enjoy playing competitive Pokemon and my favorite Pokemon is Milotic, Sirena is my shiny Milotic and she is so bae. I write for RetryLevel but it can be a pain sometimes because my bosses are mean to me ;-; but they’re just haters. I act narsissistic but I’m really not, I’m baegels. You should follow me on Twitter and Instagram @ChicolombiaYT but I won’t follow back because I’m a hoe like that. I’m also single but I’m way out of your league, don’t even try. EarthenWarrior is my best friend. Food is amazing, I really like food. I’m also a part-time detective, however I’m still lost in the east-kalos mountains searching for the other region. I also really like Hoenn, best region ever. I see myself as the self-declared king of Disqus so be a good little servant and bring me some snacks. I also make YouTube videos but they’re not that good yet but people still tell me I’m funny, idk why. I also fell in love with the right girl but unfortunately at the wrong time. Life huh? I’m basically a white girl internally, I’m addicted to my phone, Starbucks and Chipotle. I’m still eaiting for Rio to call me to get Chipotle together.

    So yeah that’s me. 🙂 #Chico2016

  6. Let’s give this a shot cause why not right? I have no idea if I’d have the time however since I finish my uni week at 11am on a Wednesday, I’m pretty much free and spend that time watching new shows (currently Breaking Bad)
    So I’m Reece and I’ve been on Pokejungle around the time B&W were announced so 2010 time if remember correctly and at first I was just a guest then I made an account back when you could earn achievements like posting and adding each other as friends (good times). I actually do remember when it was the account sitch was implemented cause I asked what would be the perks.
    A lil about me, I’m 18, reside in the UK and currently doing a performing arts degree (a waste you may say but idrc, didn’t really wanna do anything else). My fave gen is V, fave Pokemon is Lucario (followed by the Gardevoir/Gallade duo then Alazakazm/ Meinshao (cause practical if Pokemon was real/I like Mein’s design).
    I play guitar, piano & sing and also write songs, I also read (a lot) and love watching/reading stuff about sociopaths/psychopaths (cause I’m a lil bit nuts…like Hannibal? Favourite fictional villain).
    I also have a Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram account (if anyone so wish to follow me, haha)
    I also really wanna learn Spanish, so someone teach me, aha
    That’s all I guess

  7. You know, I guess I’ll just make one of these anyways, just in case.

    Hello sexy people!
    I’m ShinyLickitung, better known as Licks, Licki, Miley, Twerkasaurus, etc.
    I’ve been a member of the Pokejungle Community since November of 2013, and since then, I have joined the neighboring sites, Pokejungle Chat, Mt. Moom Forums, and Retry Level. I love being a team player (I like being the leader more, but you know, whatever.)
    These past 2 years have been great, as I now have people to talk to that have common interests, as people in school and such do not play pokemon or any games that I play.
    As for myself, I like to keep my personal life secret, so I’ll just say a few things. I’m a typical white almost 15 year old male that totally drinks Starbucks everyday (because why wouldn’t you?), but my other everyday activities include school, eating, pokejungle, eating, watching tv, eating, playing with my dog, eating, and sleeping. Did I mention eating?
    I really enjoy being a part of this website and hope to continue to enjoy being here in the near future.

    1. And also, check out my Mt. Moom articles bceause they are the bomb dot com and PJ likes to feature them!

      (I’m a good writer oops forgot to say that.)

  8. Hi I’m Rocket. I’ve been on PJ for two years now. I mostly joined to talk with fellow pokepeoples. I started playing again when B/W came out and lurked for quite a while before joining. I couldn’t decide on a username but as soon as Clauncher was revealed, I had the perfect name. I make tons of art…like alot. I have my own GFX website. I also write for Retry Level, so you know I’m not just a one trick pony. I have been chat mod forever and have put up with plenty of shenanigans while also in general trying to keep drama at a minimum. I love being a TO and hosting and organizing tournaments. I can confidently say I have alot to bring to the plate. Speaking of plates I also really like waffles. Some people tell me “That’s too much syrup.” But that’s just because when I say I’m gonna do something, I stick to it.
    ^^cuz syrup is sticky

  9. Hi, I’m The Gentleman of Sinnoh/Kanto/Hoenn etc. here at PJN. I’ve been here for a year and a half. I started playing pokemon when i was about 7-10 (dont remember what age lol). My first game I owned was Pokemon Pearl. It was a great experience that has stood with me my whole life. I joined the competitive ring at gen 5 and still countinue. I would like to be on the team as i’ve come to love and care for this site and it’s community since I joined. While many don’t see me here as often, I’m always lurking and watching over. And hope to be here even more when i soon get a new computer.

    1. That’s not what Archie really is, that is what you expect from Archie, your selfish combination of reflection of today’s society on individuals’ perceptions.

      1. I didn’t even make it. I just found it and made it my avatar to make the other guys here feel awkward.

  10. Hello mates. My name is Afarr (Anthony.). I’ve been on PokeJungle for two years. I joined around the the time of X/Y. I’m 15 and I currently live in the US. (Yet, I’m Australian, European, and South African.) I could remember the first person I talked to was ShinyXatu. I enjoy surfing, swimming, hang with friends playing soccer, drawing, and playing video games of course. My first Pokemon Game was Pokemon Ruby back in 2004. I enjoy many game series other than Pokemon alone. #Nintendo&Sony4Life. lel. I saw people talk about there lives and stuff so I thought I’d join in the fun!

  11. I just saw one of the pictures I deleted but never saw. I want to cry and throw up.

  12. Hello friends! My name is Kevin, but you all know that by now. I have been under the moniker “ShinyXatu” on this website for almost 2 whole years now, and this is a place that I will always hold dear to my heart. I love Pokemon, and I love you <3 I apologize, for that.

    I am already a moderator of the main portion of this website, the glorious DISQUS COMMENT SYSTEM, which is one of my main achievements in life…but I want to expand on that! I was the runner-up winner of the PokeJungle Magazine contest last year with my MissingNo piece that I still reread from time to time. Although I have been struggling with my English teacher this year, I am actually an eloquent writer with a sophisticated vocabulary. When that is needed, of course.

    Also, I did some fun articles with Dicie regarding Pokemon collectibles that turned out pretty decent! If you didn't know already, I am an avid memorabilia collector, with rare items ranging from a Russian meteorite fragment to a sealed Club Nintendo Golden Nunchuck. So, you could say that I am responsible!

    I'd like to make gaming journalism a second job through high school and beyond. PJ, if you would like me to write a practice article to prove my worth, I'd be happy to do so. BYE! 😀

          1. WOWZERS! I didn’t see that one coming!

            But seriously, that bird is majestic as the bravest Braviary.

  13. Hey guys, just call me Regi. I’m not applying, but just mentioning that I was a member for a while. A lot of people knew me after battling me during the x/y competitive days xD. I joined 3~4 months before x/y was released (Iamtheleaker if anyone recalls xD).

    Anyways I’ve loved pokemon mainly for singles competitive since the days of Shoddy Battle DPPt era xD. But I have been in competitive since R/S era. I really enjoyed x/y mainly because it brought a lot of new people into competitive, and big changes to the way we battle competitively. I’m no longer here at pj since, for the most part people are burned out playing pokemon competitively (including me). I am hoping that gamefreak takes big risks, doesn’t play it safe, and creates a very innovate and unexpected game like x/y in the future.

    Aside from pokemon related stuff, my most anticipated game of 2015, is Xenoblade Chronicles X, being a huge fan of the first game. I’m also a huge fire emblem fan, so looking forward to the new Fire Emblem If.

  14. Just saying I loved reading about you all, its good getting to know you all a little better 🙂

  15. I’ll try..

    I’ve been coming Here since the BW days but I just recently made an account but
    Everyone here ignores me …

    I joined here cuz i wanted to …


  16. I’ve been trying to breed a female Bold Audio w/Regenerator and 5IVs (missing at) for ages and I keep either getting males or ones with Healer, ugh, sometimes I despise breeding. Must’ve hatched about 300 eggs

  17. Hello, I’m Belmad, weeping Bellamadonna of the post apologetic world. I’ve been here since that Zoroark sillhoutte was shown on the Japanese TV show, which was considered to be Mightyena evolution back then (lol). I’ve joined because there was no way that I was going to leave what I’ve wanted from the beginning; such a beautiful comment system that acts like a improved version of a forum (at least it was exactly like that back then (lol)). Namaste, rest in peace.

  18. I’m not applying because I’m too lazy too open up a new tab for Facebook, but…
    I’ve been coming here since X and Y’s announcement and made an account in August of 2013. I remember such events such as the IAMTHELEAKER fiasco and the numerous arguments that came with the website Pika News Network. I used to write articles for that, I think. I also enjoy stalking the Pokejungle Chat and saying things that nobody really cares about. I also start arguments sometimes. I am also a moderator and article writer on a Legend of Zelda website that will go unnamed so people do not stalk it. I started playing Pokemon when I was 6 playing Pokemon Emerald on my DS with a GBA cartridge slot. I grew up with Hoenn. Hoenn is love. It’s also sometimes life. I’ve also had the most name changes on Pokejungle. (you may say this is not true, but I will give you the full list if you would like) My favorite video game of all time is Super Mario Galaxy. If it’s not Nintendo, I won’t play it. (actually, I probably will. I just won’t like it)

  19. Hi! My name is Brandon, TCmets! I’ve been a reader and poster for a long time.
    I’m a pedo and i like little boys.
    Hook me up with them, and hook me up with a staffing position.

    1. Whoever did this is both hilarious but also heartless and shouldn’t do this. I expect this comment to be removed soon.

  20. Hi, I’m a top Jewish children play with during Hanukkah, a Claydol. I first started attending pokeholics anonymous about a year ago. I started out my metamorphic lifestyle as a giant fluffy dragalge before turning into a pupa that was Jelelelelelelelecent (Jellycent for short), before emerging into the odd mishapen butterfly that I am now.

  21. Wow I feel like I’m the longest member on at this point after reading those intros of people only having been around about a year or two. I’ve actually been around since the site’s mascot was Carnivine. I remember when the site had a create a trainer thingy where u’d pick a trainer sprite and a Pokemon to go with it. lol Unfortunately I don’t have time to help out around here due to school and work tho……….

  22. Just to introduce myself so others know more on me.Hello,I’m MewMew I joined back in October 2013.Though I have been around lurking a bit before joining.One of my favorite things to do is play video especially Pokemon,although I don’t know much about video games I enjoy playing them just for the fun of it and learning along the way.Um what else I like to write poetry and play baseball too.I collected the cards before I played the games and Vulpix was my favorite to collect,had so many of the same cards for it.The first Pokemon game I have played was Yellow version that a friend of mine have given me and I remember the time I’ve wanted to get Pikachu to evolve,and all the times restarting the game,to this day I still love that game xD

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