How To Find Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Mega Stones – Finale

Welcome back to the “How To…” series for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire! I sincerely apologize for the delay between this part and the previous part, but I’ve finally been given a little bit of free time to finish off the “How To…” series for Mega Stones. Before I begin, I want to give a huge thanks to you guys for your support on the “How To…” series so far. It really makes me happy to see that you guys are enjoying the content I’m bringing out, and makes me eager to bring more out as soon as I can. Now, without further ado, let’s get on with today’s article!

Also, just to save repeating myself over and over again, know that all Mega Stones need to be found after catching Primal Kyogre or Primal Groudon, unless said otherwise.

To find the Scizorite, head to the Petalburg Woods, and in the northeast of the Woods, I’m sure most of you are familiar with the Moss Rock that allows Eevee to evolve into Leafeon. Well, south of this rock, you will find a tree that you must cut down, and the Scizorite will be waiting for you.

To find the Ampharosite, make your way to New Mauville, which is located right under the Seaside Cycling Road, in the southeast generator room.

To find the Mewtwonite X, you will need to head to Littleroot Town and it will be right next to Professor Birch’s Lab.

To find its counterpart, the Mewtwonite Y, you will need to head to Ever Grande City and it will be right outside of the Pokémon League Building. Interesting to note that these two Mega Stones are the first and last of their pair, and they are located in the first and last landmarks in the game…

To find the Aerodactylite, take a trip to Meteor Falls, and it will be in the western portion of the Falls on the first floor. You will need both Surf and Waterfall in order to reach this Mega Stone.

To find the Gyaradosite, make your way to Route 123 and along the top edges you will find a shack called 123 Go Fish. Inside this house you will find a Poochyena, and upon interacting with it, it will ask you if you want to scratch it. Respond yes and you will be given the Gyaradosite. I think this is perhaps the strangest location for a Mega Stone in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but it was amusing upon first identifying it. You do not need to catch your version’s Primal Pokémon to find this Mega Stone.

To find the Pinsirite, head to Route 124 and it will be located under the Dive spot near Sister and Brother Rita & Sam. In order to get this Mega Stone, you will need to be in possession of the Dive HM, but you do not need to catch your version’s Primal Pokémon.

To find the Kangaskhanite, you’ll need to make your way to Pacifidlog Town and it will be right behind the Pokémon Center.

To find the Gengarite, arrive at the Battle Resort after completing the Delta Episode and it will be in the custodian’s house in the lower section of the Resort. It will be one of the many Poké Balls scattered in that house.

To find the Alakazite, you will need to head to the Slateport City Market, and it will be in the bottom left corner. This Mega Stone can be found before catching your Primal Pokémon, and is actually the very first Mega Stone you recieve in the game!

To find the Blastoisinite, you will need to board the S.S. Tidal after or during the Delta Episode in the upper right on the deck. Note that this can only be done from journeys to and from Slateport and Lilycove City. If you travel to the Battle Resort, you will not be able to roam the boat as you can in the other journeys, and so you won’t be able to get the Mega Stone either.

To find the Charizardite Y, locate the Scorched Slab in the middle of the lake under the bridge on Route 120. It will be on the basement’s second floor in the southwest corner.

To find the Charizardite X, go to the Fiery Path by the Cable Car entrance on Mt. Chimney. Remember, this is the tunnel that connects the southern portion of Route 112 to the northern one. The stone will be located east of the Fire Stone, and will require Strength to access.

And finally, to find the Venusaurite, take a trip to Route 119, and it will be waiting for you in front of the house in the southern portion of the route.

Well, that’s it for the final installment in the “How To…” series for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Mega Stones! Although the “How To…” series will be continuing, we will be moving into TM Locations in our next article. Let us know in the comments what Mega Stones you thought were places in an appropriate location in the Hoenn Region (i.e. Charizardite X in the Fiery Slab) and which ones you thought weren’t so well placed (i.e. Gyaradosite in the 123 Go Fish Shack).




  1. Do you guys think a new pokemon game will be announced tomorrow?

    I think that they will announce the New 3DS, some more details on previously announced games, a new game(s), and DLC information. (PLZ NINTENDO PLZ)

    1. Same here! I started replaying Y (Also, just started playing LoZ: OoT. I own the game for 3 years and I haven’t beaten it!). For some reason; X/Y has some type of charm that makes me comeback all the time. I’ve played the game at least four times now. This is going to be my fifth run through. It’s too fun! :]

      1. Nice! I agree with the “charm” thing!
        This will by my third through X (fourth playthrough including Y).
        I’m doing a Nuzlocke, but I did make some things on the side (like capture a female Snorlax in a Dusk Ball for my ORAS)…

  2. I have all of them in ORAS except the Lucario, Diancie, and Garchomp stones I think. Those r the hardest to get and I really have no patience……Well Diancie isn’t hard, but I just haven’t gotten around to trading over it yet. The only one I have almost done nothing to get is Lucario’s…….I just don’t care for contests…. maybe I’ll try, but until then I won’t have it lol

  3. I’m gonna be completely honest. Just trying to offer constructive criticism. This article is very well written, but I don’t really get the “How To” series. If I want to know how to find mega stones or TM’s, I’m just gonna quickly look it up in Serebii or Bulba. I come to PJ to read opinions, reviews, theories, rumours, basically anything that other pokesites aren’t covering that sparks conversation.

    1. Not being rude but it’s the truth. I would just glance at Serebii and quickly find the location to the Legendaries. Honestly, I think making some articles about speculation and different interesting topics about Pokemon would be more useful.

    2. I appreciate your feedback, but PJN has never really been a primary source of information as far as game details go. I guess by doing this series, I’m changing the atmosphere a little bit since this isn’t really something that PJN has focused on in the past. But of course, if enough people do not wish to see this kind of content appearing on the site, I will halt it immediately. 🙂

      1. All this information is on the official website, and of course, this isn’t a website that people come for for Pokemon FACTS, that’s what Serebii and Bulbapedia are for! This website covers all the minute details and leaks that are revealed, something that other websites don’t have. Maybe start a theory series like the ones that were on PNN?

  4. I want to cuddle with the Poochyena that had the Gyardosite in its mouth. So cute. ~<3

    1. YES! We need a new Ranger game. Mystery Dungeon sucks. It’s so boring. I’m really just hoping for a N3DS date confirmation and game line up. If we were to get a new main series game, they would probably hold a Pokemon Direct.

      1. N3DS is pretty much confirmed.

        And I just remembered The Detective Pikachu game which should be released this year…that’s something..

        1. I brought that detective game up here one time and everyone bashed me and said that was already announced. The peeeoooooppppplllllle

  5. So if I were to trade in my 3DS XL, I would get the New 3DS XL.


    The New 3DS is apparently going for $200….

    So would the New 3DS XL be going for $250?

    If so then I will keep my 3DS XL.

  6. Since the new direct is supposed to only have spring games, it sucks we wont be seeing any zelda u, since thats what im personally most excited for. But im hoping for some star fox footage and maybe some more details on majora’s mask 3D

    1. Nintendo is 100% saving that for E3. The graphics and gameplay in Zelda Wii U will improve. (Their going to be taking some tips for Xenoblade Chronicles X.) Also, Star Fox Wii U has people hype. It wouldn’t be smart to show anything about these games. E3 2015 is about to be sweet!

  7. For all of those who are looking into purchasing the New Nintendo 3DS or the New Nintendo 3DS XL, I would wait until they announced a bundle pack of either a game with it, or a special-styled system.
    I know many of you probably missed out on specialized systems with the 3DS and 3DS XL.

    1. I’m actually waiting for the Monster Hunter 4 N3DSXL…
      I will just buy the bundle, then sell the Monster Hunter related freebies and keep the unit for myself…

  8. I cried a little while rereading my Written Assignment for Ib English 🙁
    It’s so sad and depressing…

    1. Highly not. They would do a Pokémon Direct. Also, OR/AS released recently. GameFreak might announce their new project they are working on. It’s highly an E-Shop Title. If there was Pokémon News it would be about possible DLC for OR/AS.

    2. I’d be perfectly fine if they delayed the release of the next game to 2016 so they can actually give the fans what they want. Not adding Battle Frontier, yet teasing it in countless ways seems like lack of time to me.

  9. i really just want a new Paper Mario Wii U game
    A REAL ONE (I.E not Super Paper Mario or Sticker Star
    Story (And a damn enticing one)
    Party Members (the Works, and maybe some new species Ukikis, Bumptys, maybe a buzzy beetle or Magikoopa)
    making use of the Gamepad like a map or technological magicy thing
    And tons of new Badges and Moves

    1. I would like to see one too. Yet, I’m glad Intelligent Systems was at least trying new things. Super Paper Mario made amazing use of 3D and 2D environments. Then Sticker Star was an amazing looking game. The combat could have used a reward instead of coins. (Star Points…) I want a traditional game from Intelligent Systems. With a graphical improvement of Sticker Star; it would be great!

    1. I’m in a very sticky spot……..I REALLY WANT IT, but right now I currently don’t have a job anymore due to my wrks roof partially collapsing at the end of November and I also REALLY need to save money………..*sigh*……..

  10. Ok. Dicie. If this is counted as spam, plz forgiv mii.

    This is the best song/video montage I’ve ever seen (plz refresh)
    And watch the whole thing. Don’t just go “Okay. It’s good after watching like, half of it.)
    Enjoy. (People who liek Gravity Falls)

  11. So, if I were to bring Trevenant’s Theories from my now-defunct website, would you guys be more interested in reading my articles?

    1. Some of them were interesting. If you could create some new theories. It would be something that I would like to read. :]

    1. “ORAS DLC”.
      Not gonna happen. GameFreak has already said they believe games should already be released complete, and are against DLC’s. Just look at XY, the only DLC they released were bug corrections.

      1. DLC options are becoming more common in franchises nowadays. Smash has never had DLC in the past, and now we have the Mewtwo DLC coming in Spring. It’s mostly about grabbing your money in every way possible. I really don’t wanna see Pokemon go down that road, because all I wanna do is pay my 40 bucks and experience the game in its entirety. Because if they add BF as DLC, they might think that anything works as DLC as long as it brings them the one thing companies care about: MONEY. Hell, they might start charging for Mega Evolutions if they go down that road. So, as much as Battle Frontier is near and dear to my heart, I wouldn’t like to see it as DLC. I’d rather just take what I can get in a game and not have to pay extra.

      2. Actually, Nintendo said that, not GF. They can make their pokemon games however they want. Even with paid DLC.

    2. I already label it as fake.Nintendo has already said that the N3DS was only released early where the 3DS was struggling. They needed to boost sales.

      1. And it seems like a little too much for a Nintendo Direct, but maybe that’s just me, since Nintendo announcements (especially Pokemon-related) are too overhyped.

          1. Actually it kind of is. Because of graphics, and engines…. Mainly, and it could had a whole new realm to Pokemon in HD.

        1. I’m sure we’ll get SOME kind of Pokemon something, just nothing major. A spin off or eShop title maybe. I’m sure it’s just a review of stuff like MM, Xenoblade, a US N3DS release date and price, and something about Amiibo sales..

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