I can’t bring myself to play Alpha Sapphire, why should I?

Note: This is a somewhat different style of article to what I usually deliver, giving a more personal take on my experiences, or lack of.

I’m not going to lie, I was never as hyped or excited for Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire as the majority of our readers were and still are. There were several other ‘big’ games releasing around the same that I was far more excited for. Despite receiving my game on release date (November 28th here in the UK) I’ve played almost nothing of it. I picked a starter Pokémon, closed my 3DS, left it for a few days until the battery died and I’ve not gone back since; I didn’t bother saving my game either so I have lost what little progress I did make.

I can’t really say why I’ve not played it, I just don’t know. Each day since release I’ve told myself that I will make pick up the game and start my journey. It just hasn’t happened. It’s been made obvious in my past that Ruby, Sapphire and to an extent Emerald were never my favourite games; Hoenn isn’t my favourite region either, but that isn’t something that plays a part in my lack of playtime in Alpha Sapphire.

Thinking back to when X & Y released last year, it’s difficult to remember if I felt excited in the same manner as when Platinum or Black 2 arrived on my doorstep, maybe it’s a problem with Pokémon games as a whole? Who knows? It seems it could be something that isn’t just restricted to me either; discussion with another staff member revealed that they haven’t actually progressed all too far into the game. “Maybe I’m too old for Pokémon”, he said.

Regardless of what the issue is, I’d like you guys to tell me why I should (or shouldn’t?) play Alpha Sapphire? We know a lot of huge are huge ambassadors of Hoenn and the original games, but that’s not reason enough for us. Give us some deep thought provoking reasons to play, show us what we’re missing out on. Tell us why Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire are great! Maybe I’ll have the game finished up by the week’s end.

  1. Did emerald and the new games make anyone else Really wanna ride their bike again???

    Oh and.. First Comment!

  2. And no.. it just sounds like you are not in a Pokemon mood.. old habits drop hard… I HATE obsessing over Anything.. so I drop yugioh and pokemon frequently for months until something new from them comes along… and that new thing was oras.. you will love it again.. I’m sure. I can’t even begin to think about wasting my time on Yugioh now.. but I was Just loving it a few months ago

  3. Compared to past remakes, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have a lot more to offer than just a simple remake nostalgia fest. Most of my hype was from the inclusion of Primal Reversion and the return of Mega Evolution and other new features from X and Y. ORAS offers a refreshing redefinition of “remake”; it’s not just Gen 3 pasted into Gen 6, the plot changes significantly enough to take you remember your first journey through Hoenn while still having a new adventure packed with exciting new features.

    TL;DR version: it’s not too much water

  4. I have no motivation to play it neither. It’s like I bought it because I just have to, like it was my task and when it is arrived I was not very excited like I was before. I don’t know what is missing in Pokemon nowadays, everything is great, 3D is what was needed, and looks great on Pokemon games, however since the beginning of Generation 6, they emphasis so much on 3D world that something went missing. Story-wise, this shouldn’t be applied to ORAS, since from what I remember, they have a solid storyline but I think I’m not excited because of the effect of X&Y, they left a bad taste while playing the main story line. However, I’ll give a try to ORAS, I’m sure they are great games.

    1. I think maybe I’m in exactly the same boat. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pokémon, completely. I’ve just been struggling to play the last few games and I really don’t know why.

      I was super excited for XY, BW/2, BW. But when they finally arrived it just didn’t feel as great as it did for say… DPPt. I don’t know why.

      1. I think a break or something like this could be good. I remember taking a break from Pokemon after Ruby and Sapphire not because I wanted to but because I didn’t have Nintendo DS. So I really enjoyed the thing out of BW and BW2 when I finally bought Nintendo 3DS. It was such a great great feeling to be in that story again, so they have very special place in my memory.

        1. I think maybe I need the same. I got my GBA when Nintendo had already released the DS, so I played RSE really late. I also got Leaf Green and Emerald at the same time and sadly enjoyed LG a lot more. I think because I never really played the 3rd generation games fully it made the enjoyment of 4th gen. games significantly better.

          I don’t know.

  5. Quite simply, you may have just grown out of Pokemon. It happens to a lot of people. ORAS is my favorite game of all time.

  6. I Did recently say to a friend that the games have lost something since the 3D.. I Really noticed it because Hoenn is my favorite. I Love these games and I play it a lot… But something that once made hoenn So Addictive. Like I just HAD to play it is gone…

    Also sense I Knew about all the water I have been saving up super repels from the start.. hardly any wild battles

  7. My brother (who is currently 18) grew out of pokemon around when Hg/Ss came out, so it’s entirely possible that you just grew out of it.

    Happened to me w/Runescape, used to spend hours every day on it but now I really don’t care for it.

  8. Glad to see I’m not the only one who shares the same feeling, Moving. I too haven’t been excited for ORAS nor am I now, and as such never purchased it. The main reasons why I’m not here on PJ. I did have a lot of other games to play that I wanted to spend time on. Maybe I am getting tired of the formula, who knows.

  9. Sometimes, we need to take a break from the things we enjoy so they don’t get old. When X and Y came out, I beat the main story and played around in the little postgame for about a week. I picked it up a week later and realized there was a lot I still needed to actually do, like complete the dex. Also, could it be the fact that GameFreak is bringing out a new game every 1-1 1/2 years? Because if so, I can agree with that part, because when there isn’t a lot of time between games in a franchise, it doesn’t seem like enough… Thought? Love? Love was put into it.

    TL;DR Version: Don’t feel like you HAVE to play these games just because everyone else is. Play when you feel you are ready, or else you won’t enjoy them. Someday, you’ll get that sense of adventure for the New Hoenn.

  10. 1. To prove you’re not a disgusting sinnoh fetus who cannot enjoy other games besides d/p/pt
    2. Running is super smooth
    3. Dex Nav exists
    4. Best Music
    5. The story is vastly improved
    6. Date with qt3.14 May rival
    7. Most well written characters in the series
    8. Better graphics than x and y
    9. Deepest lore

    10. Soaring, it will most likely never return after ORAS, so yeah
    11. New megas
    12. To experience delta episode
    13. To get pentagon legendaries
    14. Congrats on choosing best version

          1. It depends on what your grew up with. If your me, Diamond was my first video game, ever. My and my best friend played it together for hours upon end and loved it to death.

    1. 15. Zinnia
      16. Hoenn
      17. Secret Bases
      18. Amazing story (you said it’s vastly improved, but this just backs it up)
      19. If this many people like it, it’s worth a shot imo.
      20. Because it’s a lot of fun (again imo).

  11. It’s a good game.
    A great game.
    You should play it.

    I haven’t been able to play because of school, but I want to so bad. ;(
    If you don’t want to play Pokemon, than don’t.
    But, you have a job for PokeJungle, and as ithsme said, you have an obligation to write articles.
    I WANT TO PLAY IT NOW, but I must focus on school.

    1. I want to play it now. But I finished school for the year a week ago. So. I think I’ll go play it.

    1. I need to explain myself before i get stick.
      I’ve played through the main story….and that’s it.
      I don’t know what to do.
      I was excited for the games yes, however I found it very underwhelming.

      1. Its a different story if you are a competitve battler, where you can basically play it for months and not get bored like me.

        1. I did start competitive in X/Y.

          I can’t find a reason to start all over again breeding new pokemon in ORAS, when i’ve done it in X/Y already…it does get tedious after a while.

          Also I have no way of trandsfering my pokemon from X/Y to ORAS as I don’t have more than on 3DS and I haven’t payed for Bank, Simply because as a rule I don’t pay for add-ons

      2. >Go to sea mauville
        >do the stuff there
        >master ran all contests
        >get all legendaries
        >New mauville if not done already
        >beat the battle maison and get BP that’s actually useful now
        >Super secret bases
        >Trick house if you haven’t already done it
        >Delta episode
        You can have fun without battle frontier.

    1. My rule is to never pay for DLC/add-ons.

      I don’t think this is the best direction for games to go in. Just my opinion.

      1. Also, I agree. I think they should just put it into the game to begin with, even if they have to delay it.

    1. Let me put it to you this way. I’ve been through something like what Moving is going through now. I went through it with BW2 and XY. You just don’t feel as enthused to play Pokemon anymore. Maybe because you feel the story is stale, maybe because you feel you have other things to do. But then I joined here, and that slowly reinvigorated my love for Pokemon, like I had when I was a little kid. And then ORAS came out, and I enjoyed every minute of the main story and Delta Episode. Plus, I FINALLY had other people to talk about Pokemon, and I had other people to battle, trade, or whatever.

      TL:DR: This place showed me how to love Pokemon again. And there’s nothing wrong with taking a break if you feel uninspired.

      1. I agree! I took a long break after Ruby and Sapphire. After casually playing Pearl i stumbled across this site and really enjoyed reading comments and such while playing B/W and that got me hooked again! I’m way more hyped for gen7 than I am/was for ORAS tho.

    1. Also, Red and Blue specifically where not in multi-color as was the standard for games by then. Plus, there were extremely glitchy and had very VERY basic graphics. But even though there were simple, they created a craze that made Pokemon not only one of the main pillars of Nintendo, but created a fanbase for a video game franchise that spans the globe. And each game has built on that since.

  12. Because you’re stuck on other real life things and are so focused on that and school that you don’t even think about it.

    1. I really don’t want a delta emerald. There’s not a big enough of a change between R/S and Emerald to warrant another Hoenn remake…I would honestly be really mad and feel cheated if they do that.

  13. I’ve gotten bored with Pokemon too. I’m tired of the same “defeat the evil organization.” I wish we could get something different for Gen 7. The routes are too short, but I like the length of Kanto and Hoenn routes. Still should be longer though. I’d like more places to discover and less content to be revealed before launch. Unless Gen 7 is exciting, the next game will probably be my last. I don’t have many people to play with anymore, I’ve gotten my mind focused on things other than competitive so I’ve lost 90% of my battles. So in other words, I’ve lost my ability to battle. They haven’t even been close. It’s just the same boring stuff. Wanna battle? Translates to Wanna lose? now. School stresses me out so much I can’t enjoy anything anymore.

    1. I just hope they STOP with the remakes after ORAS. If we’re gonna revisit a region, make it a sequel or make it part of the post game. I love Sinnoh and Unova, but we don’t need to go back unless it’s something completely new and different. I’d even argue we never need to return to Unova. They made a nice little story in that region that feels complete as is.

        1. For real. Just bring the distortion world into the post game of a future game and I’ll be set. But Nintendo loves remakes so it’s honestly inevitable. That’s why when they do decide to return, it needs to be as a sequel or not at all. The original D/P/Pt aren’t obsolete yet.

      1. I would love a prequel to the originals. Like playing as young Oak or something. Idk. I just want something different

        1. We need some spice in this series! Mega evolution really didn’t add anything other than another level to battling…

  14. So it was in the AG region, it was actually a movie it was with Max, May, Brock and Ash and me.
    The prologue was talking about how we need the legendary pokemon, which was Rotom W to defeat the legendary pokemon Steelix.
    Then it cut to us 5 we were walking in the rainy forest and tour guy was there, and he told of the legendary pokemon steelix is being bound by nosepass, Max wanted to see it so we went to look,then the Nosepass were frightened and trembling and May said (xD no joke), “Looks like the nosepass is nose-photosynthesis” XD
    Then the steelix came and we started running away and I remembered stopping and kick this pillow In a walmart bag at Steelix , it didn’t stop it so we ran into my school. Then we saw meowth Dressed like may and was trying to trick Max, then max found a coin that said Jackie.
    The end

  15. I’ve started feeling that way about video games in general. Now that I’m older and have other things on my mind and other priorities, my enthusiasm for gaming has waned. I’ve pretty much gotten rid of my entire game library (granted it was pretty small anyway) and now just fool around on my 3ds, GameCube, or N64 every now and then.
    The cycle of video game hype is something like this:
    Announcement: “They’re making a new game, sweet, but it’s still a while before it comes out.”
    First few months after announcement: “I should probably finish up everything I want to do in this game before the new one comes out.”
    Last few months before release: “I CANT FREAKING WAIT FOR THIS GAME!”
    Release- game completion: “THIS IS AMAZING!!”
    A few months after finishing the game: “This game is terrible, the one before it was way better.”

  16. I feel ya Moving. ORAS is a great game, but I didn’t get the same feel I had when I first started playing XY and BW, particularly. You may have indeed “outgrown” Pokemon — I think I’m about to reach that point soon, especially with college around the corner– and I don’t blame ya. If you want some motivation to play Alpha Sapphire, I got some for ya.

    – The immense details used (taking off shoes on mats, crouching to speak to little ones, slow-mo ball throw underwater/space). This made me enjoy the games a little more because of how closely Gamefreak paid attention in ORAS. Not to mention the colorful battle backgrounds.
    – I don’t know how much of a competitive battler you are, but I liked that they brought back tutors and legends. It makes the metagame more diverse and maybe a bit more complex now that legends are legal and there are more megas available.
    – Secret Bases. GF made secret bases really well in ORAS. The amount of customization allowed makes the bases seem entirely your own. Shame you can’t have a PC in there.

    I guess that’s it for me. Other than that, ORAS is just another standard Pokemon game. This probably will not influence you that much, but hopefully it can help you get out of that slump and play for a little bit.

    1. How much of a competitive battler he is? He was the last person I won against. Lol.

    1. You got Shiny Cresselia right? ;~;

      And all the hints at Battle Frontier to me screams “We had it planned, but ran out of development time!”
      It’ll be in the next game for sure, but it’s still a Hoenn feature =/

  17. i get you moving, when ORAS was announced i was not hyped but i would bought them anyways because it was a pokemon game but after time passed i decided to sell my 3ds instead because ORAS never called my attention. I will not buy a new handheld until something really NEW releases.

    1. Petition GF and I’ll sign it a million times.
      Oh, I can’t?
      Well, too bad I will!
      Or I’ll sign as different people.

  18. Hey y’all I’m back from The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies
    And in regards to the articles I too am not too involved in ORAS compared to my fellow Pokejunglians, granted i was so absorbed in playing Wow then focusing on furthering my Pokemon Career (which only blossomed due my dry spell of Wow since I’ve done everything possible)
    But yes ORAS really doesn’t do it for me, sure I loved my adventure and all the Pokemon that came along, but I feel that I’m not as that enticed with it as X&Y but that doesn’t mean I won’t stop honing my skills and devotion but in the meantime I just feel my duties in Wow are a bit more important

  19. Well, I don’t know for sure how to convince anyone to play.
    I’ve had my times when I felt like I was done with Pokemon.
    But I dunno what happens whenever picked up a new game.
    I dunno what Sinnoh had that made me love Pokemon.
    I dunno what Kalos did to remake my love as well.
    I don’t know if I ever will know.
    Maybe it’s that spark of a new adventure, of longing to be a Trainer, a destiny that is unattainable in this world. Maybe it’s because I’m bored. Maybe it’s because I am entertained easily. Maybe it’s just starting something new.
    I hope you find a good enough reason out there to play, though 😀

          1. No offense (coz I luv May too) I like Lucario’s movie better and May was in it… I didn’t feel anything about the Manaphy movie, in fact I quit watching at half an hour.

  20. I haven’t played Ruby in forever so forgive me for asking, but should I go to sootopolis or seafloor cavern first?

  21. Just finished fully EV/IV trained my first Pokemon 😀
    Es a Mega Lopunny yay with 5 IVs Es perfect I love it

      1. I love it too and knowing I put in the work to doing it makes it that much more rewardable :3
        Plus I got a shiny Buneary (now a Lopunny) while getting Bunearys to breed. 😀

        1. I love when you find those while breeding! What set will you be running? DM me on Twitter. :3

  22. Speaking as someone who played RSE and not enjoying it all that much, and is the main reason I did lot like the 3rd gen that much, ORAS does a lot to better itself
    The graphics are better, as well as the updated story and Dex Nav
    Post game wise, yes the Delta Episode was nice to play through (I got though it in about 45 minutes max), however the post game after thatn is equal to that of XY. Complete the Dex, beat the Maison, collect the Mega Stones (breed competitive Mega Pokemon to go with it), the BF would’ve made it quite different and a tad enjoyable. I find myself right now working on the contests (which Cosplay makes it so easy) and trying to reach 1000 flags, a monotonous task.
    IGN’s comment about there being too much water is understandable however having a Sharpedo really helps, it speeds up the whole process and things seems to be a lot easier to do that + Super Repels.
    Although ORAS are good games, there’s no doubt about it, I still think that more could’ve been done to make the games stand out a bit more (BF, rematches, a longer post game story, maybe about the Regis). I guess we’ll have to look forward to the third game of XY IF they do it (Volcanion still has to come into the equation somehow, I suspect a post game at the Power Plant)
    Whether it’s any better than Gen 1? I think it’s now equal, they’re both at the bottom of my list

  23. Hi Moving!

    If you feel like Pokemon is not for you anymore… don’t force it, play the games you actually like right now. It is your time and your enjoyment.

    If you asked me, Video Games are gonna be always a thing. There’s no outgrowing video games, just getting tired of certain series or genres.

    Finally, try NOT to get hype for a video game. I wasn’t hype for ORAS but I am still into it. That said, I’m into competitive particularly VGC, so I have reason to go on after the Delta Episode is over.

    Oh by the way, if you aren’t playing the game, then just please watch a playthrough of the Delta Episode. You’re missing the best **** ever about ORAS. Just watch it.

    1. That said, what you feel about ORAS now is exactly what I felt about Diablo 3. I played a ton of Diablo 2 and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Same as ORAS, there was controlled hype for D3. But when it came out I found it to be the boringest stuff ever. Being somehow clairvoyant that this might happen, D3 was in a new Battle.net account by itself, so I sold my battle.net account with Diablo 3 to an officemate.

  24. It’s because GF is releasing incomplete and annual games,plus they are scared of changing things.

    I would rather have one good game in a gen than annual games which are more or less the same….

    ORAS are waayyyyy better than XY, but i enjoyed XY immensely while i didn’t enjoy ORAS as much…

    It’s because ORAS are almost the same…

    Sad fact: pokemon is turning into those much despised annual gaming franchises

    That ruined Assaains Creed, and it might ruin Pokemon if GF doesn’t wake up

    1. Honestly, The Zelda series handles this the best way.

      They Make games after 2-3 years, all of them are completely different,yet they still have the same style of gameplay and story.
      BUT they make big enough changes to make people come back and play the games again.

      1. They make changes in Pokemon…
        And plus they spend years on a Pokemon game, like 3-4 years prior.

        1. What changes?

          Pokemon is comparable to games like COD where they release games annually and they are essentially almost the same…

          Then Next 6th gen gamed will also be a little…stale..

          It won’t be until 7th Gen till Pokemon feels refreshing again…..

    2. Releasing a repeated formula is ruining the series. If they don’t change it up their going to crush the series.

      1. I’m not talking about completely changing what Pokemon is,but a little Change would be appreciated by all

    3. They don’t feel incomplete to me, so whatev.
      I enjoyed both so much. Like ORAS was nostalgia and reminded me of my beginning years of Pokemon, and XY was new and fun and changed a lot.
      You can have your opinion, but don’t forget there are some who would disagree.

      1. I enjoyed both as well, but the fact is it’s the same game again and again.
        Plus they’re releasing them every year this makes them a little boring..

        Don’t get me wrong i still and will always love Pokémon, but they need to Make change…

        ORAS feels a little incomplete,

        No BF,No hidden megas,no remixed music for some legends no 3d,Major Frame rate drops

    4. This is sad to hear but true. While I will fully enjoy pokemon no matter what, I think they are just rushing things so they can make money, and not taking their time with things.

    1. Also seeing Relicanth in trenches and Corsola on the seafloor. Nice touches. I love seeing Pokemon around, but I wish you could interact with them, much like a special encounter method of sorts.

  25. So the ambition to earn more money ruined this franchise was fine until the fourth generation but rushed and took the fifth generation very fast

  26. In my opinion this is a great installment and much better than the originals.It has updated the graphics and added many ways(i.e. soaring, diving, etc) to enhance and show off the beauty of the region. I hated the originals due to how poor training spots there were, but now with the pokedex nav app you can find more pokemon and higher leveled ones. Lastly the post game is amazing! It can be short if you blaze through it in a couple hrs but its a great adventure. You find out more about the history of hoenn and some new characters. It is more than just a remake, its a revitalization of the region. It keeps a lot of aspects from X and Y which made the games fresh and more lively. If you have just drifted apart from the games then I don’t think playing it is for you anymore, nor do I think that playing this will revive anything inside you. If youve drifted this is just a remake to you, but never give up on the franchise, if you are like me its been with you for a very long time and it will get even more enhanced in gen 7 I know it!!!

  27. Now dat I’ve made my perfect Mega Lopunny and made a team around it, it’s time to start breeding them!
    …I’ll just need help with one of them, since I can’t DexNav it due to it not being available xD
    I’ll figure it out 😀

  28. I’m kind of feeling the same. I mean, I still love Pokemon, it’s just that it’s always the same concept over and over again. I like ORAS, but can’t play it that much now (having finals this week). I haven’t really tried to learn the name of the Pokemon since gen V (I keep playing in different languages so I don’t even bother) but I know all of their types.
    If Gamefreak doesn’t completely change the story for the next region, I don’t think I’ll really like it ( there are so many possibilities to explore, why only battle gyms and beat evil organizations??). I agree routes(and world) should be longer and the storyline too.

    1. If you still love Pokemon, yet are tired of the same concept, why not play the spinoffs? They do those other possibilities, where they don’t battle gyms or beat evil organizations.
      For the main games, sure. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? They’re a business too, so risk is a huge deal.
      But for the spinoffs, they do so many other things yet it’s Pokemon.
      So don’t say they don’t explore other possibilities cause they do.
      PMD, Ranger, and some other spinoffs are proof of that. They just aren’t the main series. They are a spinoff of it.
      The spinoffs made me realize I still love Pokemon and and were a fresh new take on a different idea, and when I went back to the main games, I felt refreshed and able to not get tired of it.
      Plus their stories/music are to die for…especially the PMD series.
      So yeah, play the spinoffs. :3

    2. That’s what Pokemon is about… Sounds like you should find other games then..

      Especially if you are suggesting stop making gyms the priority.. Pokemon can’t handle All of your needs… That’s insane.. But maybe that Wasn’t your point

      1. They do spinofffs, he/she could play those and see that they do make other possibilities of Pokemon.

      2. This series is getting stale they have to do something to make it better. They’re afraid to change it up.

  29. All I have to do is EV train! . . . . and get bp for items! . . . . and get tms for moves . . . and grind for moves . . . this is more tedious than I remember.

  30. Playing the actual game through, I have really enjoyed it, it’s been one of my favourite games by far however I feel like the meta is somewhat unbalanced now and maybe I just can’t adapt to it, who knows. But I know for certain that im losing interest in playing Pokemon gradually. Maybe pokemons time in the game industry is at its end?

    1. Ehh i can take it or leave it (Mostly leave it since i never was never over hyped for the bloody thing), but honestly it just seems easier and a lot less time consuming with the Battle Mansion thing

    1. Welcome back! :3
      Mobile Disqus isn’t the best, but I’m glad you’re sticking it out to be here 😀

          1. Disrespect? Yall have been more or less nice to me… Especially you, Ian… I… look up to you! *dramatic anime music plays in the background*

  31. I wouldn’t know, since I’m getting the game for Christmas, but I just haven’t been able to play Pokémon X or come to this site for a while, so I kind of get how you feel

    1. yeah it’s looking like a very uneventful Christmas for my family
      None of us know what we want, just no good game releases or electronics

  32. Day three of my Swablu hunt. Still no luck, but I WILL get it! Even if it’s the last thing I do!

          1. Just so you know, I plan on naming Swablu after you, since it’s one of your favorites! :3

  33. I’m incredibly overjoyed that Miyamoto has been collabing with some well-known Nintendo-fan youtubers, such as Smosh and Rosanna Pansino. I think this is great and just one step further to maybe Nintendo partnering with youtube for something? Or not?

  34. Well one thing I’m doing in the game is SRing for shiny legendary pokemon. Never did it before. It’s so much fun, and makes me like ORAS over XY. I have a lot of luck so far, 6 shinys so far, 3 legendary ^_^

  35. i think the problem is that you do not love pokemon enough in general. Whether that means “no longer” or “never did” is not something I can not claim to know, though.
    But, as a pokemon lover, I do not discriminate against any pokemon species, region, character, etc. Sure, I have my favorites, lesser favorites, and just plain preferences, but that does not stop me from loving all of them. The extremes you described, makes this feel fairly clear to me. I do not think any amount of specific good things I could say about OR/AS could change this, if the games didn’t matter enough to you to begin with despite having all those good things. I am not gonna lie… I believe these games seem to me like the most “meaty” games ever, and outdo HG/SS which already seemed very meaty at the time. This is an overall feel I get, and I do not have the brain power to describe all the reasons why. I have a difficult time imagining a different perspective, coming from anyone who was open minded enough to at least try and enjoy them. Although I will not put down such a possibility, It feels as if your problem is, in addition to not caring enough about pokemon in general, basic closed mindedness. That’s all there really is to say about it. The ability to love must come from within yourself.

  36. Serebii didn’t list the Battle Maison ribbons, so I assumed I was done with getting all ORAS ribbons on my shiny Nidoking. Oh well, here we go again…

  37. The Delta Episode alone should be a driving force to play the game! A new polished up version of an older region is interesting at least. I say; give it another go. If you don’t feel like getting back into it; spend sometime playing some other games instead. :]

    1. It does look amazing. The only problem is that it looks a little too…gritty..like other covers look really smooth and this one doesn’t. great job either way though. now if only it were real…

  38. OMG OMG OMG. The Unova starters are finally being released with their hidden abilities!.. in Japan.

  39. Actually, I think it just takes time. To be honest, when i first got the game I wasn’t as pumped up about it as the other games. I was super excited to get the game when it was first announced though. But I wasn’t sure if I was honestly looking forward to playing the hoenn region all over, even though it was about 13 years. I honestly talked to my friend about it, telling him that I might be sick and tired of pokemon, which I hoped I wasn’t at the time. He said that he felt that way too. I think you should just play when you feel like it. Whether it be a week, or a few months. I felt bored of the game, and I didn’t feel like playing, but after a while, I just felt the urge to play.

  40. Hey moving,

    I know what you are talking about. I’ve been ‘stuck’ at the long and rainy route (Route 119 I think) for like two weeks now and I just can’t be bothered to continue anymore. Personally it feels like a chore and I don’t know if it’s because I’ve gotten lazier, my attention span has gotten shorter as I’ve gotten older, or if my tastes in video games have recently changed. Maybe I overplayed the originals and the new games don’t feel very different and it feels like I’m not missing out on much.

  41. sorry if this is out of topic but has anyone seen these videos??? my friend sent these and i thought it was funny..hahah wth aye

    1. Omg XD I love imagining the fact someone had the thought of this in the first place and then decided to actually put in the effort to go and do it. also loving the background choice XD

  42. Guess who decided to take his 3DS on his train journey yesterday and as a result, snagged an Eon Ticket?

  43. I need help D:
    So I have a wii u (The US version), but I live in Japan.
    All my locations for the Wii U is set to Canada – because I’m a canadian citizen. I was planning on buying a eshop card, but do I have to buy a US card because I own a US Wii U or is there a canadian eshop card that I have to buy?

    Thanks 🙂

  44. Gonna start breeding my Mega Pokemon now and I need your help guys
    Jolly Buneary but with what egg moves? Should I breed it with Fake Out, T Punch, I Punch and Fire Punch just to have it in its moves et to relearn if needed?
    Also, what should its final moveset be? I’m thinking HJK, Fake Out/Return, Ice/Thunder Punch, somin else

  45. I had the craziest dream.
    So PJN was getting inactive and we needed new mods so PJ hired SilverRiolu, the YouTuber ShueTube, (the guy who does Pokeraps) and a girl from my school (who doesn’t even like Pokemon) to write articles. Then PJN started to use a new comment system (not Disqus) and I got really mad. So I decided to leave, and then back in real life, I took a train called “Shrekt”.

  46. I personally loved playing ORAS. The first Pokemon game I ever played was the 3rd generation. I felt so much nostalgia. Just seeing the rain drop fall from the leaf in that opening made me start crying. I love Pokemon so much. I’m always excited to get the new games and then play them and even after completing the main story I’m still excited to catch all the Pokemon and make the strongest team to battle online. I loved the layout of ORAS as well! Just seeing the “to be continued” and then the delta episode title made my heart race. Pokemon Games never disappoint me. I think that those who have lost interest in Pokemon recently is due to the fact of the huge step Game Freak has taken (Becoming 3D). Pokemon fans aren’t used to this new style. They may feel that it doesn’t feel as fun to play if your not playing it with the same style as the previous games. As much as I kind of miss the older style, I will support Game Freak. Because as a dedicated Pokemon fan I feel that Game Freak need as much support as they can get in order to continue creating these wonderful games.

  47. I’m right there with you. I managed to beat Omega Ruby, but it’s literally the ONLY pokemon game I’ve had to force myself to power through (And I’m a Pokemon fanatic, I’ve owned every pokemon game released in America. Unless it has another version, meaning I would own Diamond and Platinum, but not Pearl), and I had no idea why at first. However, as I finished the game, I came to a conclusion: I just never liked the Hoenn region.

    I was never able to fully get into Omega Ruby because playing it made me remember that I wasn’t really a fan of pokemon in the generation, there was entirely too much water, and it’s the first time I’ve played a pokemon game since GenIII where I needed to have a HM Slave. Say what you want about Gen V and VI but they at least had the sense to reduce the amount of required HMs and HM areas. I mean, there were still plenty of bushes and smashable rocks, but bushes didn’t obstruct the main story and Rock Smash became a TM, so I could just replace Thunderbolt or something then reteach it.

    On top of that, ORAS didn’t bring a lot of new things to the table. New Mega Evolutions? Ok, not as big a deal as XY because they’re a staple to the series now. Super Secret Bases and Contests? Meh, just Secret Bases and Contests spitpolished. Seeing the Hoenn pokemon again? Pokemon XY sort of backfired by having over 400-500 pokemon because I was already reintroduced to them and Pokemon Bank really didn’t help. Speaking of Pokemon XY, it has the SAME EXACT POST-GAME BATTLE FACILITY AS XY… WTF? The ONLY thing ORAS has going for it is Soaring, which I admit I use more than flying. However, and this is a personal gripe, Pokemon Bank sort of cripples the thrill of it as well because I already have all the legendaries from other games. So although it’s exciting for new players and other people, it’s nothing more than a minor convenience for me.

    So why should you play ORAS? Say what you like about the other remakes but they did bring something new to keep our interest, even if it was for a little while. Gen III remade RBY beautifully and introduced the Sevii Islands, which was a whole set of islands to explore, and even though the Sevii Islands are comparable in content to the Mirage Islands in these games, what FRLG has going for it is that it remade a game that extremely needed the upgrade, time had severely dated RBY. HGSS re-introduced walking pokemon from Pokemon Yellow, and instead of just Pikachu, you could walk with every pokemon, and I know I’m not the only one who felt AMAZING walking around with a legendary or liked taking pics with your team. Not only that, it brought the Pokeathalon into play which is the funnest mini-game I’ve played in any of the main games. If they had a more diverse selection of competitions, I swear I could get lost in that alone. I remember trying to play with as many different teams of pokemon as possible. However, ORAS is just a cut and paste 3DS version of Ruby and Sapphire, add the 3D graphics, Mega Evolutions and the touchscreen apps and you have ORAS. It even has the

    So ORAS, personally I’d skip it, I havent touched it since I beat it. However, if you were a diehard fan of Ruby and Sapphire or you’re just starting the series, it’s a passable entry into the pokemon world. The 3D graphics are indeed beautiful. The Dexnav makes it a lot of fun to hunt for pokemon for a little while. The Pokedex design makes it fun to fill up, and, again, soaring is just a nice little touch, I hope they do it again in the future with other flying types.

  48. Knowing that this is gonna be completely subjective, I keep my expectations low. Not low enough to lose interest but low enough so that I end up surprised and become more appreciative. Also, I like Pokèmon because I like Pokèmon. There’s no real way of explaining why but I’ve always had a taste for it and always will, no matter what.

    In the other comments I read saying that GF should change up some little things and to those I say no. Even if I’d like the change(s), we should all be realistic, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Maybe in a few -insert reasonable time frame- GF will change things and it could either be large scale or barely noticeable. I really can’t give advice because again, subjectivity, but I guess it all comes down to all change (aging, social factors etc).

    My two cents and I suck at giving the advice you wanted so listen to everybody else 🙂

    EDIT: Apologies for length. TL;DR/TL;BPR applies here

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