How to Get an Eon Ticket in Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

With the Eon Ticket, players gain the ability to revisit Southern Island in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire and to catch either Latios or Latias. The Pokémon Company is trying something a little different with the distribution for the Eon Ticket, and in some regions is kickstarting through a small handful of Eon Ticket Ambassadors.

These Ambassadors will be amongst the very first to receive the Eon Ticket, and will have to ability to pass it on to others using the Street Pass functionality of the 3DS. In the UK; for example 15 fans were selected to attend a special event in London with Junichi Masada, when they received the key item and returned it to their cities to start the relay.

Simply the three ways are: Street Pass, in-store and Serial Codes. Though only one of those will apply to the majority of our readers.

Each region will have different methods of obtaining the Eon Ticket, but for now Nintendo recommends attending Pokémon events and interacting with other Pokémon fans with Street Pass turned on and hoping for the best.

Below are details of how to obtain the Eon Ticket in various regions. NB: It’s not possible for us to list every single region below, but if you’d like information on distribution in your region let us know and we’ll do our best to find it! Chances are it’ll be through Street Pass anyway.

United States  – Street Pass, Nintendo World Store (until Jan. 14), Play! Pokémon Locations.

Canada – Street Pass, Play! Pokémon Locations.

Australia/New Zealand – Events will be started on December 1st at noon in the following locations:

  • Melbourne  – JB Hi-Fi Westfield Doncaster, EB Games Swanston St
  • Sydney – EB Games Westfield Parramatta, EB Games Westfield Chatswood
  • Gold Coast – EB Games Robina Town Centre
  • Adelaide – EB Games Rundle Mall Adelaide
  • Perth – EB Games Hay St
  • Auckland – EB Games Queen St

Latin America, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal – Street Pass.

Japan – Street Pass, Special serial code via CoroCoro Magazine

United Kingdom/Ireland – Street Pass, participating GAME stores (see below)

UK GAME Store Eon Ticket Dist.

While it’s nice to see that The Pokémon Company are keen to try out new distribution methods, it’s a little upsetting to see the majority of countries left out. Street Pass is a great way to pass items onto other if you live in densely populated regions, otherwise not so much.

It’s likely further dates and distributions will be announced for countries at a later date, but until then keep that Street Pass turned on!

Who’s already got the Eon Ticket, or do you know anyone who has it?