PJT ’14 — Crowning our Champion

UPD: Dragon Type has been added to the tournament!

After numerous delays, over one hundred intense battles we finally have our very first PokéJungle Champion. We’re still awaiting results for the third place winner, expect details on that soon!

Without further ado, we;re very proud to announce that Maple of the Ecruteak Group is our 2014 PokéJungle Champion. From the entire PokéJungle Team and all of our readers, we congratulate you on your victory and can’t wait to see you participate in future tournaments! Second place in the tournament was taken by Lasgorndalf of Fallarbor Group, with the winner for third place still to be determined.

A full winners ceremony post including battle videos will be made available as soon as possible, with full team and tournament analysis to be completed by NL in the coming days. We’ll also have a tournament review and feedback article available soon for you guys to tell us what you liked and disliked about the tournament, as well as providing vital feedback to us.

Once again we congratulate not Maple on their victory in our first and largest PokéJungle Tournament, but to everyone who has been part of this massive event. Things haven’t run as smoothly as we wanted, but it’s been an amazing experience for everyone involved and we can’t wait to see all of our readers take part in future community events.


October ’14 Tournament

Some of you remember that we previously teased that we would be bringing additional smaller tournaments to the site, today we’re pleased to partially announce the next tournament! Expect full details in the coming days, with sign-ups opening very soon.

This tournament comes from the mind of DefensiveBastiodon (with a little direction from me that I wanted themed tournaments ;)). This tournament (as of yet unnamed) will feature seven types only: Ghost, Dark, Psychic, Bug, Fairy, Dragon and Poison. All battles will be in the VGC Double 4v4 style.

As we said, we’ll bring more details very soon so potential participants can sign up and have a month to construct their teams. Stay tuned!