PJT ’14 – Soft Deadline & Runner Ups

Our tournament has now been active for three days and there has been some serious competition and surprising results. There’s not a huge amount for us to update on while Groups Stage battles are taking place, but we’ve decided to keep you updated (perhaps a little early as is the case with one thing!) on what we’re doing behind the scenes.

Soft Deadline

A large number of battles are getting completed on a daily basis, but we don’t feel that all competitors are completing battles with enough urgency. While we have given everyone a two week timeframe we’re hoping that we can finish the Groups Stage early and move straight into the knock-out rounds. As such we’re urging everyone to try complete as many (or all) of their battles over the weekend. The closer we get to having all results in, the sooner we can announce full plans for the final stretch of the tournament before finding our 2014 PJ Champion.

A lot of individuals have either failed to show at all, or decided they want to drop out at the last minute. While it’s not an issue for us staff running the tournament, it sort of ruins the experience for others who don’t get as many chances to battle. The closer to the original two week Groups Stage completion deadline without people beginning to battle, the more people drop out.

We will be carrying out tally of all completed battle scores on Tuesday 29 and once again urge all competitors to crack down on battles, especially those who have yet to compete a single time. For those that have not battled at least once by the end of Monday, we will sadly have to consider booting you from the tournament for fear of inactivity.

Runner Ups

Before now we’d decided that only the top player from each group would take part in the knock-out round. We’ve decided that we’d like to give even more people the chance to become our 2014 Champion. The second top scoring player from each group will now progress into the knock-out rounds. This means that a total of 16 people will now battle it out for the top spot rather than the original 8.

As mentioned above we’d like to begin providing full details on the knock-out rounds as soon as possible, including revised dates and more.


We hope all of our competitors are having fun, and once again we wish you all the best of luck.

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