PJT ‘14 — Updates & Q&A

Tournament things. We’re busy-busy in the staff chat discussing final plans for the tournament this summer, and while we don’t have any huge updates to share with you, we’ve got a few things we thought you’d like to know and get involved with!


As you all know we closed sign-ups for the tournament almost a week ago, and shortly after opened sign-ups for stand-in positions. These stand-in sign-ups are still open with very few slots remaining. This is you last to chance to try gain a slot in our tournament, and we’d recommend putting your name down, even if you’re on the edge!

A few people have asked to be removed from the competitors list, and while we haven’t updated the list posted in the older article they have been removed. As such, the first two slots for stand-in draws have opened, another reason for you to put your name down! Stand-in sign-ups can be found HERE.

We had a couple of concerns about how we would be handling disconnections from battles should they occur. It’s difficult for us to have one single rule that applies to every circumstance. Because of this we have decided that should an opponent or yourself disconnect from a battle, you’re to inform a member of staff or someone helping run the tournament. We will decide the best outcome and allow things to continue as we see fit.


As it’s you guys who will be taking part in the tournament, it’s important that you have all your questions and concerns addressed. We’d like to give this opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have in the comments, or through Twitter and we’ll do our best to answer them. We’ll also provide a summary article for the most pressing questions in a few days time.

Feel free to ask anything you’d like to know and we’ll do our absolute best to answer them!


Don’t forget to Like us on FacebookFollow us on Twitterregister on our forums, and take part in some great discussion with other Pokémon fans!  Please remember to follow our Community Guidelines too, we don’t want anyone getting in trouble for misbehaving!

        1. Why are you so manly? Oh, Pokemon questions? Uhmm, when can I battle you?

  1. I feel it necessary to inform you that PokéJungle is not “dead” and nor has it been abandoned. Everything is well. The reports of the sites death are exaggerations.

    Keep talking. We’re always reading. 🙂

    1. Luckily I haven’t heard of Pokejungle dying out.
      I always know I’m not alone. 🙂
      Any updates on “the thing?” Wondering since I need to go do work now. And I probably won’t be on for the rest of the week.

      1. Well, that’s good to hear!

        Paul is still extremely busy (doesn’t help I keep hinting to him I want him to get some things finished on Retry Level). I will say for now though, I’m not too certain it’ll 100% be the answer you’re wanting, I’m afraid. As a team we’re still a little all over the place deciding how we’re going about things and the future for the site. 🙁

        It’s difficult to put that nicely…

        However, I’m thinking we’re going to be hunting out some people to give us a hand with tournament runnings, so definitely keep an eye out for that if we go ahead with it!

        1. Oh, I see. I didn’t really expect a positive answer in the first place, but I still tried anyways. As I said, the opportunity itself was enough to make me happy.

          I’ll definitely be up for helping with tournament runnings, especially if you’re hosting in June or August. I’m COMPLETELY free those two months.

          As for the team having to decide about Pokejungle’s future, I completely understand. It is difficult to keep up with life, and running a website, and trying to attract new visitors. It’s a hard business that, by making me a part of, will probably just make it harder on you guys. I completely understand your point, and take no offense whatsoever.

          Tell PJ to take his time with getting back to me, especially since I have pretty low hopes anyways. Thanks for the update. 🙂

          I’ll be back later on in the week, since I have a lot of work to keep up on, and a huge school project, and, yeah. It’s a lot to keep up with projects and homework and Pokejungle.

          Have a good rest of the week! 😀 Thanks again for the response.

    2. It’s because people forget that is IS a school day. Even if it isn’t in-school time now, people are still doing homework and such. And people are, for some reason, still getting used to no more spam.. I don’t think the place is dead, just wait for summer and Pokemon game reveals 😀
      EDIT::::: The chat is apart of PJN, and everyone is there. So, this place is not dead in the slightest. :S

    3. Yeah, it’s not dead. There’s just not as much… *looks around* spam.

    4. Some people just took the less sp am thing the wrong way, and that caused fights ;_; And now I don’t see Shiny Licki and Xatu on almost at all. ; (

      1. I dunno, winning is an objective result while creativity isn’t. 🙂

        That’ll be a separate ball game. Who will be the judges? What will be the criteria?

        P.S. Weekends for the genesect data.

          1. Haha I play to win, not be creative, though I think the team I had in mind is I think pretty wacky, but it needs Azelf as a mascot. So I can call it Azelf and Co.

  2. My question is…. can I battle Mr. Bojingles please? We talked about how we had to battle before, perfect opportunity! :3

    1. Probably early summer when we still have enough time to run multiple rounds. Maybe it will last even all of summer 😛

  3. XD This was made at, like, 1:00 am lol. Also, umnmm question…. Hmmmm… Oh, have you figured out yet how you’re going to incorporate points, but that doesn’t nominate the champ neccesarily? And how? Also, if this one goes well, can we have for the 2015 one a normal bracketed one so wecan make brackets?? 😀

    1. The problem with bracketed ones is that once you lose, you’re out. This is somewhat of a community cup, so we want to give everyone to chance of being able to do quite a few matches. Also, Swiss is a more fair system, judging your performance over a period of time instead of one singe battle where you could experience bad luck.

      1. I thhought this, but It would be pretty cool to make brackets and see who gets best bracket. Then again? I want everyone to have fun in the tourneys, so idc.

        1. Maybe a semi-final and a final for the true champ, with the best four of the swiss selected?

    1. Oh my Gosh! Congrats! Emolga is my favorite Pokemon from Gen V, and also one of my favorites overall because IZ SO CUTE. Have fun with them 😀

    2. I was on twitter at the time that you hatched them XD
      Saw ya spazzing out. Congrats. I’m tempted to breed for one now.
      Shame it can’t learn Hyper Beam.

      1. Haha yeah it was pretty exciting 😛 Thanks! You should! Emolga is highly underrated. I use mine for scouting and it helps out my team really well.

        1. I plan to use one for a baton passer. It can use Ion Deluge to turn all normal moves in play into electric, so any quick attacks etc used against Emolga will boost its motor drive. On top of that I plan to run Weakness Policy on it, so it’ll be baton passing +2 sp atk,+2 atk, and +1 speed 0_0

          1. Sounds a bit gimmicky xD but if you can pull it off that’s a solid baton pass! Only problem is keeping Emolga alive for the turn it uses Ion Deluge. It’s pretty frail.

          2. I make any and every pokemon work tbh. I’ve used it successfully PLENTY-a-times when its HA was first introduced. I’ma rock out with it XD

            Every poke has its purpose, or its niche. There are way better scouters than Emolga. It’s role is a baton passer.

  4. I know this is been beaten to a pulp, but am I the only one who does not think we will see another main pokemon game this year? Given X&Ys lack of replayability as some may call it, surely gamefreak must know that X&Y don’t have much of a post game? I’m enjoying my slow attempt at completing the national dex as much as the next guy but I feel like they should really announce something soon because I’m getting really bored with gen VI and I think a lot of people will agree with me there. Some people are saying they will probably announce a new game at E3 but have they ever announced a main series game at E3? To my knowledge the most they’ve ever announced there is pokemon mystery dungeon -_-

    1. Wait, are you saying you don’t want to see a new game this year? 😉

      And to be honest, I doubt something will get released before the end of the year. I’m guessing at a full september reveal of the new games with a March/April 2015 release date. It’s an ideal time period between the games and an excellent compromise for everyone’s demands.

      1. No I do! But yes, I think next Spring is much more viable. Usually the fall games are announced really early on in the year, right? I mean X&Y were announced in January and the games didn’t come out till October 😮 Of course, that was a new generation so it may be a little different.

        1. Then again, Nintendo doesn’t really follow patterns.
          They go paired games -> third version for four generations and then go paired games -> sequels for the fifth generation, out of NOWHERE. It seems like Nintendo’s always about the element of surprise, especially as time goes on.
          I’m sure no one was expecting Gen VI to be revealed in January last year, or at least not a lot of people. They thought it was just too early.

          1. That’s true. Everyone was expecting Ruby/Sapphire remakes I think. Maybe it’s not so much as to surprise people that they went with Gen VI instead but because they had already been developing R/S with Gen VI graphics therefore they had to release X&Y first? :O

          2. That’s a possibility. R/S remakes must’ve still been in the making.
            Anyways, only time can tell what will happen. Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros 4 will last me until then, hopefully. 🙂

          3. Yay Mario Kart!! I hope the new Zelda Wii U isn’t too far off either. It’s too bad Supersmash isn’t coming out till Winter but I can wait.

  5. May 28th will be the best day of my life.
    My huge project will FINALLY be finished, and I will FINALLY get to devote my time to Jade Jungle and talking about Pokemon every day.

    It’s been 5+ months of hard work that has finally come to an end. I’m really excited to begin focusing on Jade Jungle and other “PokeProjects” of mine.

  6. Starters for my FanGame… Grass type…
    —Name——– Type———- Species—–
    Pumpkaloon- Grass/Flying- Flying Melon
    Balloonkin- Grass/Flying- Flying Melon
    Blimpkin- Grass/Flying- Flying Melon

    My Fire types are going to be based off a Thorny Devil (Lizard). (Fire/Ice)
    My Water types are going to be Based off an Anchor. (Water/Fighting)

  7. It’s weird how people keep referring to Nintendo as the developer and creator of Pokémon, while they are only the partial copyright owners. Most business decisions involving Pokémon are made by Gamefreak and their The Pokécompany International (TPCi). The creative design of the game is also mostly independent from Nintendo.
    Nintendo does have a say in things that effect it’s long term business plan (such as the release spread, some marketing choices), but those things arise from mutual agreement between Nintendo and GF. Gamefreak still decides the next entries in the series.

    1. I think most people understand this. Although like you said it’s technically wrong, it’s just easier to say Nintendo for everything.

    2. While yes in terms of creating the games Game Freak is in total control. I think most people associate Nintendo as the developer company because while Game Freak can technically do their own thing with Pokemon, The Pokemon Company is owned by Nintendo as well as the rights to the Pokemon franchise. It’s the same with Microsoft and Bungie. While Bungie can technically go and do their own things here and there, Halo is owned by Microsoft and will stay on the Xbox.

      1. The Pokémon Company is not owned by Nintendo though ;). And the rights are shared equally by Nintendo, Gamefreak and Creatures Inc. If one of them calls quit, the others can’t do anything with the franchise.

  8. News-
    My region will be connected to Zahrre as it’s New Zealand,Australia and Tasmania.

      I love Australia’s wild life!
      So vibrant and colourful, I can’t wait to start designing :3

      1. And poisonous… no offence.
        Anyway, I made a map, and I need to know how to make it on the computer, like the one for JJ. Do you know what software I need to use?

  9. @ShinyNoivern and @TheNintendoChip:disqus, what software did you use for making the map and spriting?

        1. 1. I dont see the point of having a desert and i dont see an area where it would really be suitable… (its a tropical location & having a desert right in the middle of a forest doesnt really make sense)
          2. I’m indifferent to the names (i could honestly care less…)
          3. I was thinking of incorporating a swamp, so that would work i guess. But i wasnt planning on going up the mountain, rather we were going to go through it (the 7th gym would be in a city in the mountain). However, we could go up it (near the peak) where the entrance would be to go down to it…
          4. I wouldnt want to change the route, primarily because (from what i know) there are no problems with the current one and it has generally been accepted (going along with my whole “policy” on not changing what we already have). Also the gym type order you mentioned that we have is incorrect, we still havent decided on one.
          5. I’d rather not backtrack that much…

          1. For 4, I DO know that a lot of people would like Volcore to hold the Fire Gym, so if we could incorporate that into the routes, thx.

          2. 2. Do you think any of the names are too.. bland? Do they need improvement?
            4. I tried to incorporate Volcore City/Town in the flow of routes, because a few of the others wanted Volcore to host the Fire type gym. Also, I didn’t mention that the gyms had any specific order, I just copied it from the MMC thread and pasted it there.
            5. There is Fly…

  10. Question: Why did you only banned those selected Legendaries, wouldn’t it be easier just to ban them all?

    1. Have you ever seen the event legends, shaymin, manaphy and jirachi are monsters, if you ask me the event legends are the ones that should make your cower in fear

  11. @BrightVoidShedinja the thorny devil idea is great but why not base the other two starters on some more vibrant creatures, Australia and New Zealand has one of the most diverse species of birds on the planet, not to mention insects too :3

      1. slowpoke, chikorita, cyndaquil, tynamo, khangaskan .. I have the natures and moves they need if you can do them

        1. Iv bred right, I’ll try to breed them all it might take a whole though

          1. take a what? I will give you there natures 1 minute and egg moves. Do you breed for perfect Iv’s? I don’ care if 1 I missing

          2. I try to get 6 Ivs but I aim for 5 and I meant a while, my autocorrect hates me ;3;

          3. Slowking Male Regenerator (SP.Def,HP) Calm Don’t care about it’s attack stat, or either it’s speed attack

            Bayleef Female (Def,HP) Bold Don’t care about it’s attack
            Leech Seed*

            Typhlosion Male Flash Fire (SP Def, HP) Calm don’t care about attack

            Eeletrik Male (Def, HP) impish don’t care about speed or either special atk

            Kangaskhan Female (Def,HP) Impish don’t care about sp attack
            When I say I don’t care then make sure only that stat isn’t perfect

          4. umm you vant get typlhosion with flash fire cause its hidden ability isnt release yet

  12. I feel like Garbodor shouldn’t exist in XY. It’s strange how it has it’s own XY sprite. It just feels like it’s out of place. Sorry if you do like it though. It’s just weird looking in XY IMO.

    1. That’s like saying it shouldn’t exist… Every pokmon should have an X/Y sprite and if you think that’s bad look at lugia

    2. My first fs shiny was a shiny garbodor D:
      got it on my 1st encounter 😛

  13. so this is nice. seems the only way i can get disqus to work is through my wii U. so anyways whats happen?

    1. D: Whyyyy does it do this?! And I’m trying to think of names and I want to edit the routes only slightly.

  14. @TheRece25 I need to do some homework and it’s late where I’m from, is it possible that I could do it tomorrow?

  15. TheNintendoChip, which routes will be water?

    Second yellow line fo sho. Could we edit the green so that it splits, one to Volcore Island, then one contnued on?

        1. @TheNintendoChip:disqus, I forgot, will we still keep the volcano post-game? It works either way, we could just say it’s been acting up and you can’t go in.

          1. yeah like the magma radiation levels are too high due to disturbances for any human to inhabit it until postgame when the levels lower

  16. Also Rece. how come you dont iv breed yourself??? just wondering

  17. If Porygon Z is supposed to be a glitched up, then shouldn’t be part Bug? Yeah I know that the Bug type represents Insects and not glitches, but it should happen anyway just for LOLs. Maybe Mega Porygon Z can change that.

  18. watch out for my furious…dangerous… killer…JOLTIK.. whose name is popcorn. he’s a real killer

    1. “Awwwww es so ador-
      ~Bob Jim, 2000 – 2014

    1. I always love sinnoh!

      Music is just exceptional though the rival battle isn’t my favorite

      Besides they’re is Cynthia 😉

          1. Can’t wait to see her with mega garchomp 0___0

            And now togekiss is fairy flying

    2. Thanks Max! Oh the joys of Sinnoh! Cynthia should come back in the next games because why the Finneon not!?!?!

        1. Well, for me at least, Iris was pretty challenging because of how freaking overpowered Dragons were. However, I agree with you.

  19. Most beautiful gym leaders by gen:
    1: Misty
    2: Jasmine (One of the most)
    3: Winona or Flannery
    4: Gardenia I guess
    5: Lenora
    6: Viola I guess not too many of the Kalos gym leaders were exactly a prize lol xD

    Most beautiful E4:
    1: lorelei
    2: Karen
    3: Pheobe
    4: Bertha is love, Bertha is life
    5: Shauntal
    6: Malva b/c hips don’t lie.
    Over all I think Pheobe was the most beautiful of the E4!

    1. I just realized something. Janine (I know you said Jasmine, but they’re names look similar) never appeared in the anime. She should. IDK how since HG/SS and XY don’t mix, but still.

  20. I just want a clarification, but I’m assuming “legitimately obtainable” includes species bred from non-Kalos Dex Pokemon?

  21. Hello! How’s it going?
    I just hatched a shiny Tirtouga (Adamant, Rock Solid, 5IV except Speed with Knock Off) during my bus ride home! (This is the 6th shiny obtained while on the bus. :D)

  22. Guys i know this a odd ball thing to say but…I want Sinnoh remakes! It would be SOSOSO Good! Or at least sequels! IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! >3

          1. :O Hurrnsirnoh! You start out in Hoenn then go to Sinnoh and BOOM! You have Frontier Plus Stark mt. and you catch the regi trio in hoenn then go to Sinnoh for Regigius! Then destrotion world! Then Deoxys and Rayqueaza!!! OMG HYPERVENTULATING ERMEGRESH! YYYYEEEESSS!!!!!

  23. It’s been a great week for me.
    I made up with my ex best friend and now we’re closer than ever, I got into all honors and AP classes for high school next year, and I’m really good at trigonometry apparently.

    Now I suppose you want the reason why I left. No it was not because of TC and Chico (I LOVE YOU GUYS SM <3333). I will explain that later on. (Don't worry it is pokemon related.)

    Now for the article.
    Big news.
    I will be competing in the PJN Tourney!
    Get ready for your butts to be kicked.

    Goodbye for now!!

  24. Wow This is really good too! 😀

    Is it me, or were Liza and Tate the most fun gym leaders out of them all? 😀 They were hard, but it was just so fun to beat them! 😀

    1. O.O This. This is…Amazing!!!!!!!!! Epic, buitiful, fantastic, amazing, not enough words to decribe this! I swear this makes me tear up this is so good! :’)

  25. Ok that it! Screw Jhoto tuesday! i neeed some Sinnoh or Hoenn But whitch!!

  26. My arrivals are always unexpected. I usually have free time before going into Ultra Super Focused Dicie Mode.
    Anyways, I just need to know what @TheNintendoChip:disqus uses in order to create a map of the Zahhre region.

    I also need to know…
    1) The towns/cities that we have and how many open spots there are
    2) The Pokemon League location
    3) How many gym leaders are in need of names
    4) How many gym leaders are in need of cities to which they should be assigned. I’d prefer if those cities are not currently designed.

    So… yeah. Gimme a response as soon as you can and I’ll be back then. Thanks 🙂

    1. Uhhhh I think it’s paint. something, for the map, we have about 25, I’ll chek in a min, E4’s in NE corner of the furthest south island, most need names, and we think we have the plan set out, with only 1 or 2 gym towns designed.

    2. Paint.net
      1. 20 cities/towns, 10 “other” areas (like Natl park, safari zone, etc.), but what do you mean by “open spots”?
      2. http://i.imgur.com/Q60HKm4.png The one circled in brown (N.E. corner-ish)
      3. 6 http://bit.ly/1h2dows
      4. 0? We know where each gym city is going to be (the 1st city/town circled in a new color on the map above), we just don’t know the complete order quite yet.

      1. 4. 1. We have the Ghost Gym, and, while we don’t know where to put it, it will most likely stay NW, correct?

        1. he said he didnt want one already designed so i scratched that one off
          and it will probably stay in that location

      2. Thanks for the info!
        However, I don’t mean what you used to circle and color code and things. I mean the program you used to make the city/towm markers, and the volcano, and the trees, and the water.

        1. still paint.net 😛

          i used brushes mainly for contours (anything that isn’t pasted, like cities and trees) and used to bucked to fill in wide areas (ocean, land, etc.)

          I ripped the trees and cities directly from the hgss map, but heres a spreadsheet i found (under “tileset guides”)

  27. Dang i want hoenn,sinnoh, and unova ARGH XD

    those three regions keep rotating as my favorites

    each have a greatness within them that shines

    Hopefully hoenn comes soon! ( most likely to happen next)

  28. Wow the power plants may have a more hidden meaning than i thought 😉


    Urgh the excitement is building inside me XD

          1. i want hoenn as seperate games!

            The pokemon, tropical feel, music, champion, battle frontier and contests makes me want it it SOOO bad

          2. xD “Tropical” yet it takes place in Japan. Turned sideways. Serebii has their Pokearth incorrect.

          3. yeah i know but its really a “tropical ” region with the amount of ater islands and tropical pokemon

          4. I know. It still isn’t in what I would consider a ‘tropical’ climate, though they somewhat themed Hoenn off of one.

          5. LOVE UNOVA SO MUCH just im not hyping since unova 3 may happen gen 7

            but i really wanna hear abandoned ship remade ;~;

          6. i like kanto symphony’s version also there is this video with ALL of the heonn’s cities remakde in 3ds soundfronts ITS BEAUTIFUL

          7. but the quality of it sounds like a real game and its nice quality let me ftch the videos

    1. Ahhhhh cool. Or they could’ve just been planning this for Volcanion. Only time will tell.

      1. well volcanion is already tied with the lumiose press boss meaning it probably has nothing to do with volcanion THOUGH it could have to do with mega stones r1 r2 and r3!

        1. Volcanion isn’t LIMITED to her, however, and I feel like you’ll have to go find her in the “mountains” after ummmm Viola’s sister gets worried and sends you to find her.

  29. Guys, if you didn’t see earlier, Licki returned and mentioned a couple things. He is going to tell us why he left later.

    1. I saw. I actually talked to Xatu this weekend in the chat, so he’s not gone for good. 😀

        1. I honestly don’t know. I heard something about a dispute with another Pokejungler or two (don’t think they’d appreciate if I used their name, you probably already know).
          He’s also been having some family problems. 🙁

          1. Yeah, was there ;~; And that’s too bad. He can take his time. I just want him to return soon. 🙂

    1. I KNOW I SAW THIS :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Those game cartridges tho..

  30. I feel stupid for not saving a song that would be GREAT for Jade Jungle. It reminded me heavily of the Rustboro City music. I know we have a lot of Hoenn fanatics here. 🙂
    I’ll try to find it.

    Also, I’d like to implement something in the game that involves dubstep music. I know one of my closest friends would appreciate that. 🙂

      1. Lol. It’ll take a bit, even to find the video in which it was in.

    1. Ummmm Dubstep…. Hmmmm… Where could we implement this, I wonder? 😐 ._. 😐 .-. Idk. Have to think about it.

      1. :O
        Maybe we can use it for the Electric-type Elite 4’s room! It can be his own personal theme!

        1. That was what I was thinking as well, lol. :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Wait, different themes for all E4? …

          I hat-
          NO JK I LOVE IT! :DDDDD

          1. Sorry, his theme music. 🙂
            His entire room can be all electronic-y with a dance floor and it’ll be epic.

            OR OR OR…
            We can have two Electric Elite 4’s in one huge room. Half would be the Dubstep Dance Floor, half would be the Disco Dance Floor, with music from like the 80s or something.

          2. And, as much as I would like to be able to choose between the two, like Chip said, it’s be complex to do stuff like this.

      1. Hold up. It’s not exactly like Rustboro City as I listen to it, maybe not even close. It’s just what popped into my mind.
        Now lemme get a clean copy of the sing, since it’s from a show.

    1. Lots did. I mean, I like the region physically, but it lacked in water, and, well, game content.

      1. The beautiful architecture and scenery was great, but they had about 5 squares of water REQUIRED to surf on.

          1. For goodness’s sake, the protag could’ve skipped the 3rd Gym and waded 3 ft!

  31. So, I found the song, and it may not be close to anything you’ve ever heard. I believe this is Russian Music, that I found in a Romanian Talent Show (fun fact, I’m from Romania). So, yeah. I’d like to see this, or bits and pieces of this song featured in JJ. Now it’s off to work I go. 🙂 Bye guys.

      1. Oh wait. Ummmmm it was nice discussing JJ and stuff with you! Now bye.

        1. … Idk anymore. You do know him best, though. It’s just, he would have no reason to NEVER come back on, unless he hated our ideals. Vengeance shall be served… Wait, what.

          1. Well apparently he has school and on top of that he has a job and he always is going to friend’s houses now so he can’t really get to ANYTHING these days.

          2. :O Woah, he hasn’t told us ANYTHING wow. He has a job?! xD But when Summer comes around, Wynaut?

          3. Yeah it’s pretty recent lol he gets free food though xD He’ll probably go on from time to time but he’ll still have his job in the Summer so he won’t be on much is what I’m guessing since he won’t say anything.

          4. ;~; But… Ders always time for PJ…. And he could at least pop in and say hi once in a while. :/

  32. It seems that i’ve missed a lot. I also wish everyone the best of luck in the PJT :3

    1. 😀 YAYYYYY Haivs! I was thinking of you earlier. In an un-weird way.

          1. I was in the twilight zone 😮

            Nahh, Just at school, watching TV, reading masses of comics .-. (Those Green Lantern comics are amazing) and watching a lot of creepy pasta videos.

          1. Access to Fairy Terrain, Stealth Rock, Dual Screens, Wish, Cosmic Power, and other offensive rock and fairy type moves. More specially defensive, decent HP and Special Attack, lackluster Attack and Defense. A bit fast. 😀

      1. What if Dittos aren’t failed Mews? What if Clefairy and Gengar aren’t related?

          1. “So ur with ur honey and yur making out wen the phone rigns. U anser it n
            the vioce is “wut r u doing wit my daughter?” U tell ur girl n she say
            “my dad is ded”. THEN WHO WAS PHONE?”

            -The Creepiest Pasta ever.

    1. And I wonder how you get so many upvotes. xD Seriously though, you never know. Plus, you’ve been watching us for over an hour. O_O

        1. We could always change it to “Chico” so as to not confuse people 😮

      1. What do you mean, like a test? D:

        and Yes. I have a Wii. But i do not care much for it, I always wanted a gamecube. Even better that it has Shadow Lugia on it!

          1. That’s why i didn’t care for it

            U know me I love to adventure while i pound evil’s face in

          2. xD Speaking of adventure, did you guys see Finn’s Dad and Escape from the Citadel and The Tower? All major disappointments.

    1. Play Guild Wars 2 instead. (I don’t play, but I think it’s great from what I’ve seen.) Become a Charr, militaristic, no place for the weak.

        1. “Is there enough World of Warcraft players who are also Junglers to make a guild? We could be like “

          1. Well if we were to make a guild we’ll need
            I don’t know if we can get a Death Knight or a Monk

          2. Technically there are no dwarves, you can create your own Hero or Villain, They can have Powers, Weapons and movement types.

  33. My God I can’t stay away from this site can I?
    Just here to announce my May Giveaway!

    Topic: Create a Pokemon Creepypasta. If you don’t know what Creepypasta is, look it up. 🙂

    Rules: Be creative, NO copying other creepypastas. Be original. Be spooky, yet stick to Pokemon. Please don’t jump around different gaming series. Please, DO NOT BE SUCCINT. Please be as descriptive as possible.

    Winner: Winner will be determined through a score of 100. Every entry will be scored on the following…
    – Creativity (How creative are you with your interpretation?)
    – Uniqueness (How unique is your story?)
    – Relevance (Does everything make sense, and connect to one another?)
    – “Creepyness” (Do you get scared, shivers, after you read this story?)
    – Detail/Description (Does the reader have a clear picture of what your story is?)
    – Originality (How original are you with your topic?)

    Deadline: I’ll call a due date on Monday, May 12th, at approximately 5:00PM, Pacific Standard Time. So you have about a week to work on it.

    Two Pokemon Shinies (Heliolisk and Espurr)
    The chance to be featured in Pokemon Jade Jungle as a scientist working for either Team Eda (take over the world using machines and factories) or Team Flora (restore the world to its original state)

    Prize Recieved: Your prize will be recieved on Saturday, May 17th, around 9:00AM, Pacific Standard Time.

    *If your creepypasta is created in such a way that it can be used in Jade Jungle, and the developers create an ingame location that is creepy, winning the contest will result in you getting your creepypasta featured INGAME, alongside an additional few points. 🙂

    Giving the creepypasta to me any time before the due date will result in loss of points. You’ll lose 2 points for every day prior to the due date, when you give it to me. (For example, you’ll lose 8 points if you hand it to me on Thursday, which is 4 days early.)

    Good luck, have fun, and be spooky!

    ~If this topic gets negative reception, the topic will be changed, the new contest will be posted sometime this week, and the deadline will be extended to June-ish.

    1. *I sneak closely in a dark silhouette*
      I creep close
      I lean in and whisper into your ear….

    2. Hey @ShinyNoivern:disqus since you’ve been watching a lot of creepypasta videos lately, this should be an easy win for you.

      1. I’m in AP English but i lack creativity when it comes to writing..xD

        1. But you might be good at the other things on the criteria for the creepypasta. The creepyness factor is probably the biggest one. Take a crack at it. Just for good old Dicie. 🙂

          1. Okay. It doesn’t have to be dangerously long. Just don’t be so succint about it. Make it pretty detailed. Probably 3/4 of a page in 12-point font would do fine. 🙂

        1. In all serious ness, I’d like to see one about Banette, Phantump or Gengar :3

          1. If you write one about Banette or Phantump, you’ll get more credit than you would if you wrote about Gengar.
            There are PLENTY of Gengar ones out there.

  34. :O Guys, so in The Tower, PB looked like Martin, right? Buttttt how should she know what he looks like, if she’s never met him? Also, she acts weird whenever Finn says “only human”.

    1. and dat when he returned to Jake
      His shadow was depicted with Two Arms even though he didn’t get a new arm

          1. I want a Arm made of Stone
            Or the ability to meld stone and earth with my flesh to create elemental armoring
            I would be basically large arms make of stone and it would also be on my chest and back kind of hunching and there would be spikes on my back and running down my arms and i can create a “Armadillo Ball” covered with stone spikes
            They’re so big that they touch the ground

            Mostly physical strength and some magic involving spewing rocks and dirt via yellow green magic glow, burrowing underground (and breathing underground, and withstanding the pressure) and to fire stone bullets and needle from my palms

      1. It’s foreshadowing for a future episode I neleie like when Finn lost his demon swit and jake returns, at the end a couple of leaves randomly
        Blow through the door foreshadowing the grass sword

  35. It’s been so quiet here everytime i show up. I’m starting to think that Moving was lying about the site’s death. partially XD

      1. Do I know you? Appreciate the love, but it kinda awkward if i dont even know ya

      1. Being homescholed is honestly bad for that reason. Whilst you wanna chill on PJ, everyone is worried about end of school stuff, or stuff that dont interest you

    1. Hey, welcome back! Haven’t seen you in a while.
      And I think the “site’s death” is partially due to people misinterpreting when people were talking about not spamming with the comments.
      They felt like their freedom was taken away, so they just left.
      Either that or they migrated to the chat. 🙂

      1. Writin and tweetin like no tomorrow. BAsically it. Started Kingdom Hearts DDD and haven’t finished it because i hate using Sora

        1. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy are the two series i have very little knowledge or experience with

          1. I play it because my brother likes it. I’m the kind of person who has no interest in something at all, helps him with it once, and then I’m into it. Because you know, lets ask the brother with no experience or care for the game ur playin to help you beat it.

    1. I’ll get much hate for this. No offense though @JENN:disqus. It’s all in good fun. 😀

    1. I was watching a chinese version of happy feet and the english subtitles said, ” The father is foolish to care of Egg.” When no one was even speaking xD

      1. I’ve always wanted a unflinchingly loyal/affectionate animal companion that actively houses itself in my clothes

  36. This Pokémon News period is drier than my aunt’s weave. My god! Can we get something relevant <_< NOBDODY cares about Pokémon art academy

    1. Well, Pokken Fighters has been registered in Europe and Japan, so that’s something. And there are rumors about a classic, non gen 3 pokemon game being announced fora remake at e3

        1. True. But the screenshot at the end of that history of Pokemon video is much hype-inducinger to me

    2. I cared about it… jk. There’s been no interesting Pokemon news in sometime. Except for the Pokken stuff.

    3. We could’ve gotten Pokemon Merchandise news… even if it’s in Japan. For instance they recently announced a Wanted: Espurr line of toys, where a male and female Meowstic were looking for their missing child, an Espurr.

    4. At least there’s good conversation. This drought isn’t nearly as bad as the post-BW era.
      Plot Twist: News “Drought” – Groudon. Random “Flood” of information. Kyogre. Hoenn confirmed.

  37. So, I’ve been playing competitive in various tiers, and i must say, the most devastating Pokemon I’ve used is Whiscash. No joke. Ddance+lum berry for burns is clutch af.
    Most unusual, but game changing pokemon ive used was special mega kanga

      1. No it isn’t. It’s no where near as hard to beat as some people say it is.

        1. The only thing I’ve seen to beat it Is prankster sableye or A fast fighting type

          1. I beat it a bunch of time using Max HP and Defense Rocky Helmet Mandibuzz.

          2. Fast fighting types, Rough Skin+Rocky helmet wears it own. Status, especially burn, ruins it. Leech seed+Spiky Shield+Rocky Helmet CHesnaught recks mega kang and physical mega luc in most cases.

    1. I’ve been playing around with my new Crustle and I came up with a killer Moveset

      1. Really? i normally use Shell Smash/Stone Edge/X-Scissor/EQ, or was it something else? cant remember. Is it a sturdy set, or Weak Armor?

        1. :0 it’s nice to hear that black girls aren’t being ratchet for once. Link or nah?

  38. Yay! my brother is working over time so he can get money for Pokemon Art Academy (He’s a srs artist) and Smash Bros Wii U!
    That means I don’t have to pay for them and I can just wait until he’s sick of them! 😀

  39. That moment when you pay 35$ for all the characters of a gaem and they introduce a new one days later.

      1. Like What? I was talking about Dead Or Alive. Bout all the characters, and then they introduce MArie Rose a few days later

        1. Oh… the free edition of DOA… 🙂

          Killer Instinct being an XBox1 fighting game which had a similar “buy all the characters” or “buy each character” payment scheme.

  40. I swear. Watch Masuda pull a Sakurai and say their going to be remaking Pokemon Black and White. Then show off a Hoenn remake; 20 minutes later. That would be a great prank!

    1. “What about Zero Suit Samus? Unfortunately, she’s not going to participate in this iteration of Smash Brothers.”

      “NAH, I’m only kidding.”

      Like that?

    1. Bisharp has always been good. The Knock Off buff, and introducing Fairies just made it more of a savage

          1. Pizza Shama? Okay. But can a Pizza Shaman handle the mighty human stomach?

          2. My Pizzas were crafted by Elementals
            My Earth Elementals grind up all the toppings and pound it flat
            My Water Elementals create the sauces and the dough
            My Wind Elementals whip the dough and make it airy
            and My Fire Elementals cook it with primal heat!!!!!

          3. Well. Impressive Pizza. But it stil isn’t enough to handle the power of Ny/NJ Pizza craving.

            (Cataclysm is an Expansion)

          5. Nope. If it was ur pizzas vs.a hungry NY family, you’d be toast. No offense. Im sure ur pizzas are impressive

          6. I’m thinking of adding a Super Colossus Pizza
            Basically its three different types of pizzas layered directly on top of the next before it’s baked

          7. and the THE DEATHWINGS!!!!!
            Quadruple Deep fried Dragon Wings with 4 different sauces!!!
            If you eat one it’ll feel like this!!!!

  41. That moment when ur on a pokemon website but havent played a pokemon game in weeks

    1. I’ve been playing wow
      But on the most darkest and vilest scum holes of all of Azoroth
      Dare i say its name?

          1. I can’t disagree. I hate people, so I’d never play any MMos. Infact, i dont get into specific fandoms because i hate fandoms, especially the naruto and pokemon ones.

          2. I never hated fandoms, never knew why anyone hated then in the first place

          3. Because they are so insistent on what they like, and if you disagree, they try and lynch you on tha spot.

            i.e: a large portion of the pokemon fandom bows down to that overrated POS Red. they say if Red was the Main Character of an anime, Pokemon would do better. If all the games and manga starred red, it’d be better. Red>>>>>Ash etc. Its annoying. And when you try and tell them that Red sucks, they flip out.

            i.e 2: Pokeshipping. No pairing of two charaters deserves that name. Not AshXMisty, not nothing. If you say that Ash should bleep any female character other than Misty, a HUGE part of the fandom will try and cut your genitalia off. Misty imo was the worst female character, and had the least chemistry with ash,

            and even less when she showed up in gen 3 was it? But to sit there and say ASh sucks and needs to be replaced by red, only to turn around and say that ASh and Misty are the best Pokemon couple out there is just a bit ridiculous to me, dont you think?

            I mean, some of these fandoms get so defensive, that they think that just because you dont like what they do, they say that you are a hater, and are disrespecting what they like. and they call bs when you say that you can respect something, but not like it. its just irritating.

            unlike PJ, where we can just chill and share our opinions about Pokemon without backlash

        1. -maybe i accidentally deleted your friend code or vice versa. mine is


    1. I’d like to apologize for refusing to battle yesterday. I was only online to help a friend, trade with Gangplank Style, and do a few legendary battles with aforementioned friend. I still cannot battle, though. Sorry :C

    2. I was ready, but there was a lack of communication between us. I told you my FC, because i didn’t have yours, and you never responded.

  42. I think the tournament is a great idea. I am seeing people back here that I haven’t seen in a while. I wish everyone good luck in raising your teams!

  43. This is a MUST for the Electric-type Elite 4 member’s music. I’ve never been in love with an “electronic” song before, so this would fit the theme perfectly.

    1. I like that it has a happier, yet also darker tone to it, like the battles in which you engage in. There’s better moments than others.

      I also like the repetition feature of it, that it keeps repeating over and over, without any new things inserted, which is just what a Pokemon song needs. 🙂

    2. I don’t really like this type of music. But this would would stupidly well as an E4 member. If you some how managed to mess up the rest of the game it would be worth it just to hear this near the end.

  44. Just realized E3 is next month. Getting hyped! Nintendo might show off more of the Pokken Fighters, X/Y sequel or even Hoenn! Why not all of them! Then again I’m just being hopeful.

  45. Hoenn confirmed. Deep breathing. Control. Arrrhfhfhgjfjs I’m so happy and excited finally. Mudkip here I come baby.



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