Lucario to Return to Smash Bros

Lucario was announced today as a returning character in Super Smash Bros: Wii U / 3DS. This is a great surprise with the recent release of Pokémon X and Y. I personally thought Lucario would have been up for removal for a generation six Pokemon (not to say that they won’t add another one, though), but its great to see it return to the series!

In the previous installment, Lucario’s “aura” grew stronger as his damage meter grew higher. Sakurai explains that this feature will be enhanced in the next installment of Smash Bros, which makes Lucario’s strength “a force to be reckoned with”. It will be interesting to learn how his aura effects the battle field and, as a Lucario user, how his play style will change.

Earlier today I had the pleasure to have an in-person discussion regarding this announcement with some of the Pokéjungle staff today and we were throwing some ideas around about Lucario’s addition to the Smash roster. Our speculation is that his final smash this time around will be his mega evolution instead of “Aura Blast”. He could be faster, stronger, and much more difficult to K.O which in his Mega Lucario state. I think they should even give it an expanded move-set in addition to a strength buff. Perhaps a longer range aura or added bounce effect to his moves. Also this will no doubt bring up speculation about Mewtwo and whether or not this news means he will not return as Lucario replaced him in the previous game and may do so for this one.

We’ll have to see what Sakurai has in store for us next with his rather elusive updates to Smash! I’m hoping for the return of another new Pokémon character (Pokemon Trainer with three new starters. . .?! A guy can dream, right?).

What do you hope for in the next Smash update? A new Pokémon Character? Some Metroid or Starfox love, perhaps? We’d love to here what you think!

– Mr. Bojingles