PJM Interview Time!

I finally got some time to work on PJM! There’s still a lot to do, but that’s for when my finals are over. Now, I’d like to focus on writing my personal interview.

But what’s an interview without outsiders questions? Therefore I’m asking you to poke questions at me using the comments below. Be sure to upvote any questions from others you want to know too. The answers will only be featured in the magazine of course, but I will indicate which ones will be in.

In other related news, I’ve been toying with ‘buying’ fake ads. The way this would work is that there will be an art contest on the site where you have to draw fake in-universe ads, and the best ones get featured as an added bonus, filling up the magazine nicely with cool art. Still have to work this one out though, and I will share more details as the magazine moves along.

Now go shoot me some questions!