Pokémon Smash! August 4 — FINISHED!


Pokémon Smash Weekly Coverage

We’re back with our weekly Pokémon Smash post.

From now on unless an episode is said to contain significant details on an upcoming game/episode/movie/etc, Smash coverage will simply be a stream (usually our own stream), with no live coverage. Apologies for this, when we can we will provide live updates an any episode, not just specials. Staff will still be on hand during the episodes airing, it is simply live updates that will not show up in the post.

We’d like you to follow along and come take part in our site chat which can be found HERE. Come along and talk about anything Pokémon related as well as the episode when it begins airing! Also make sure you follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook! Don’t forget about our forums too!

If you can hear a popping noise whilst on this page, please view the chat in the spoiler below and click the small speaker in the bottom left of the chat.

Pokémon Smash! Stream (external)

This episode has finished. come back next week!

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