It’s almost time once again for our Pokémon Smash coverage. We’re not expecting much this week with a small amount of information being revisited from previous reveal information.

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  • Smash is LIVE!
  • This weeks anime episode is Hocus Pokémon
  • We’ve now moved on to an in-studio TCG match, with the hosts discussing a Pokémon Smash featuring card.
  • We’ve now moved on to the Eevee Friends sections, featuring Sylveon… singing…
  • Time for a studio challenge battle. 4 VS 4!
  • Now talking about Horde and Sky battles
  • It’s Ledian VS. Swellow in the sky
  • And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, a Horde of Zubat.
  • NOW it’s time for the studio battle.
  • Well, we’re pretty much done. A very quiet episode for those wanting news, but fun nonetheless!

We’re not entirely sure where some people got the idea that Masuda was appearing on the episode from. It was never mentioned any where, and the tweet from the Pokémon Twitter simply said he was recording a message. That would however suggest it’s intended for International fans, seeing as that’s who the twitter accounts intended audience is.

We will be using ProVictini’s stream this week as I’m currently unable to stream it myself. Apologies!



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