Pokémon Smash! June 30 — FINISHED!

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It’s almost time once again for our Pokémon Smash coverage. We’re not expecting much this week with a small amount of information being revisited from previous reveal information.

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  • Smash is LIVE!
  • This weeks anime episode is Hocus Pokémon
  • We’ve now moved on to an in-studio TCG match, with the hosts discussing a Pokémon Smash featuring card.
  • We’ve now moved on to the Eevee Friends sections, featuring Sylveon… singing…
  • Time for a studio challenge battle. 4 VS 4!
  • Now talking about Horde and Sky battles
  • It’s Ledian VS. Swellow in the sky
  • And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, a Horde of Zubat.
  • NOW it’s time for the studio battle.
  • Well, we’re pretty much done. A very quiet episode for those wanting news, but fun nonetheless!

We’re not entirely sure where some people got the idea that Masuda was appearing on the episode from. It was never mentioned any where, and the tweet from the Pokémon Twitter simply said he was recording a message. That would however suggest it’s intended for International fans, seeing as that’s who the twitter accounts intended audience is.

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We will be using ProVictini’s stream this week as I’m currently unable to stream it myself. Apologies!

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        1. it just says he learns psychic not that he evolves into one like the way oshawott learned revenge.

          1. Dang, that must’ve just been added. I didn’t see the move Psychic on his attack list earlier.

        2. If we go by the info on Serebii.net alone, we could assume that Chespin will be part rock, Fennekin part psychic and Froakie part flying

          1. Hmm a Grass/Rock Type Hedgehog,a Fire/Psychic Fox and a Water/Flying Frog Hmm -_-…

          2. That’s just looking at certain moves, as much as I don’t mind grass/rock and fire/psychic……. I can’t even fathom how disasterous my life would be if Froakies water / flying. I’m not a fan of this x4 electric weakness no matter how good the resistances for the type are. Haha

          3. His weaknesses would be Electric and Rock. Putting aside the x2 damage Rock attacks would do, Froakie would still have many attacks to balance it’s x4 weakness against Electric. He could have Dragon type attacks, and Ground type attacks seeing as if he is going to be based off the Toad Sages or the Toad Dragons which in fact look cool and beautiful.

          4. I am well aware of all type disadvantages and strengths. I am saying that the x4 electric weakness will annoy the hell out of me. For all you or I know it could adapt any ability that negates electric moves and enhance its sweeping abilities if it does become the sweeper this generation. ( eg motor drive increasing speed )

          5. that would be amazing but IF Froakie does evolve into a Water/Dragon or Water/Flying, I would definitely choose it regardless of the x4 Electric would do to it or even Fairy type.

          6. Same with me unless im playing competitively, For my in game team I always choose Pokémon based on Looks 🙂 If its a badass design its mine lol. ( with some common sense tho if I saw 6 amazing water pokemon I still wouldn’t use a team of 6 water pokemon, unless I was just experimenting haha 🙂 )

          7. I also pick Pokemon based on looks and typing. So far I like Fire/Psychic, Water/Dragon, Water/Flying, Water/Psychic, Grass/Flying, Fire/Electric, Fire/Fighting, Fire/Dragon, Electric/Fighting, any Fairy type, and Fire/Dark. Some of these typing’s are yet to be introduced.

          8. Hahaha by some you mean 2 Lol 😛 We already have most of those types except Fire / Psychic and Electric / Fighting. I always consider Solrock a fire / psychic rather than its actual type because of the battle against Tate and Liza in Ruby and Sapphire ( The damn Solrock always used Flamethrower and Psychic 😛 )

          9. Victini is Psychic/Fire, even though she’s a secondary fire type it still has the psychic and fire typing and should not be counted as a new typing.

            There is no Fire/Dragon, Electric/Fighting, Fairy/Ice, Fairy/Dragon, Fairy/Fire, Fairy/Water, Fairy/Fighting, Fairy/Grass, Fairy/Flying, Fairy/Poison, Fairy/Electric, Fairy/Ground, Fairy/Rock, Fairy/Bug, Fairy/Dark, Fairy/Ghost, or Fairy/Steel. That was what I meant by SOME of them being types we have never seen.

          10. Ahh yes, little Victini slipped my mind haha 😛 I wouldn’t count that as new typing ever in those situatuions 😛 ! I ignored Fairy myself there simply so I wouldn’t have to make a bile ol’ list like that , so fair play for taking the time for that 😛 Also do u remember talking to me ages ago ? I complimented you on the Helioptile Picture XD 😀

          11. Yep, and I complimented you on your Mewtwo picture. It’s epic. Yeah, I made that list just so I could remember all the Fairy typing’s they could make.

          12. Haha cool. I Have soo many type combo’s id like to see with fairy. Im literally bursting with ideas haha.

          13. Oh my love for tyranitar is sooooo strong, but with all the fighting moves that are getting stronger its like they are bullying my poor T-Tar 😛 🙂

          14. yeah that bounce move is probably just because he’s a frog….and can hop high..

          1. Serebii 🙂 its one of the latest Posts or just skip to the page dedicated to gen 6 pokemon

        3. so does that mean golduck is part Psychic i would love if fennekin was Fire/Psychic but we can’t call it just cause it used Psychic

  1. Hmm i wonder the 113 New Pokemon which will give us a Pokemon total of 762 Pokemon will be a huge task?

  2. So thanks to the hobby fair info, we know that Fennekin can learn psychic. #bigsurprise

    Who wants to take bets it’ll also learn will-o-wisp, nasty plot and extrasensory too? And perhaps even Dark Pulse?

  3. I really really want to see the new battle footage to be shown ! I can’t wait to see more new animations 🙂 God smash can’t come sooner for me today. Froakie you will soon be mine 😀

    1. Demos of 3DS games usually don’t come out until a few weeks before the games are officially released.

      There are over three months left until X and Y come out. A Eshop demo of this game won’t come out for at least two months.

  4. I hope that Chespin becomes Grass/Dark, Fennekin becomes Fire/Psychic and Froakie becomes Water/Flying resembling the Toad Sage or Toad Dragons.

  5. Everyone assumes Chespin will gain a Rock type because he learns Rollout.

    Remember when everyone thought Tepig would become part Rock type and even he learned Rollout?
    …Pepperridge Farm remembers.

      1. It has already been leaked that they will be Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic, and Water/Fighting. Have you seen the PokéBeach rumors? There has been so much thing confirmed out of there, including the Sky Battles, which no one would be able to predict, that it’s foolish to disbelieve him.
        The only info there that contradicts what has been revealed, is that it says we’ll have two rivals when it has been announced we’ll have four, but since the info comes from a beta version of the game, it’s perfectly possible that things could have changed.

        1. well, i dunno about chespin or froakie’s other types, but its confirmed that Fennekin can learn Psychic. The capability to learn such a powerful psychic-type move, kind of solidifies our theory that it will gain a Psychic type later on.

          1. But there are plenty of Pokemon who aren’t Psychic type who can learn that move, such as Politoed.

        2. yea i’ve seen those rumours, & I don’t entirely believe them yea the source got a few things right but that doesn’t mean i’ll believe watever they say though. I’m going to wait until we get ”Official” news rather then some rumour source 😛

          1. So far, nothing of what he said has been ditched, and he even predicted Sky Battles. No one would have been able to see that coming, so there’s basically no way for him to be lying. The guy even got fired for revealing that (it was stated in the PokéBeach forums that he got fired).

          2. You go ahead & believe what you want that’s your decision but I choose to not entirely believe rumours yes i take them into consideration but there r some things I will doubt & i do read the pokebeach forums :/

    1. The four things I believe it could turn into are Grass/Ground, Grass/Dark, Grass/Rock, Grass/Steel. I want to see another Grass/Dark type Pokemon, because Shiftry is one of my favorite Pokemon of all-time. Although, I would really love to see any of this combos. Grass/Rock has only happened in 3rd Gen, Grass/Steel only happened in 5th gen, and I think the only Grass/Ground type there is, is Torterra which is one of my favorite Pokemon of all-time

  6. The wild pokemon fainting animation looks weird….i guess since the 3D pokemon games we had only had trainer battles, where they are shown recalling the pokemon when it faints, seeing wild pokemon faint will take a bit to get used to.

        1. No wild pokemon but the pokemon fainted in the mini games like voltorb/pikachu generator mini game. Just fainted and stayed down til the screen faded out.

    1. Honestly I would have liked it a whole lot more if the fainted Pokemon fell to the ground and stayed there till the battle was over. These games are supposed to be a re-imagined representation of the franchise- and quite frankly, the “shrinking” faint animation takes away from the “feel” of “knocking out” another Pokemon IMO.

    1. lol i was thinking the same thing! im sure it won’t be though, it’s non-damaging so the type won’t matter.

  7. Hmm, besides their designated types, Chespin knew Rollout, Fennekin knew Psychic & Froakie knew Bounce…

    Grass/Rock, Fire/Psychic & Water/Flying maybe???

    I highly doubt Chespin & Froakie though, Chespin is based on a chestnut and is spiky, rollout makes sense, same as Froakie knowing Bounce since he is a frog. I would like to see Chespin become Grass/Rock though.

    1. bounce is because frogs can hop -_- and the rollout thing is probably because he’s round. pokemon can use moves that aren’t their types. tepig learned rollout as well.

      1. I know, hence the third part of my comment where I said I highly doubted that Grass/Rock & Water/Flying were going to be the case.

    2. This is a bit weird but I do like it, the eyes are a bit odd tho. The ankylosaurus tail is just awesome imo 🙂

    3. The eyes are a bit crazy, But I love the ankylosaurus tail 🙂 This reminds me of a Pokémon – esque Grass/Rock Chespin evolution 🙂

      1. The anky tail is awesome, I wouldn’t be disappointed if Chespin turned into something like that.

    4. what i don’t get is why every one thinks just cause they learn a different type move other then there type that they will be that type when they evolve

      come on how many non flying type pokemon learn aerial ace a lot

      1. Couldn’t agree more. Im all for speculation but seeing one move in a moveset =/= a secondary typing . 😛 🙂

      2. I know, That’s why I said I doubted it would happen, I’d like Chespin to end up Grass/Rock still.

          1. i was like every one else with the reveal trailer until some one mentioned golduck

  8. i hope the horde battles are rare can you imagine running into 5 zubat every five steps

    1. I would laugh if Horde battles were immune to repels, so therefore you are forced into Zubat hordes in caves etc. Where each one can span you to death with a venomous eye – twisting bombardment of confuse-rays, supersonics, leech – lifes, Toxic and to top it all off a Mean Look to stop you running ! 😛 …………………………………… Muahahahahahahahah

        1. Hahaha Id forgive them because I know it would have been the biggest trolling on purpose from Nintendo and Game Freak just as a take the piss to the fans 😛

          1. omg running into one with a magikarp in first slot (no exp share) and could not run

          2. The only thing that can top that trolling is if we get given this beauty of a secondary typing for Fennekin’s evolutions on a silver plate for X and Y. ( Seriously id actually kill someone 😛 )

          3. It all started when little Torchic evolved into the awesome Blaziken then the fire starters after that started ruling Pokemon History but their reign was put into deep sleep when Emboar was released. Let’s hope that Fennekin ignites that kindle of flame back.

  9. Interesting that helioptile gets rock slide and that in the trailer is shows that its found in a dessert. Hmm possible electric/ rock typing.

  10. at this point, I just wanna know the starter evolutions. that way i can confirm if im getting fennekin or chespin

  11. I’ve noticed a lot of people have Chespin as their profile picture. I have had mine like taht for a while, but when I changed my Facebook profile photo it changed my photo for this too. Anyways, this is one of my favorite images of Chespin.

  12. In just assuming this (and it may be wrong), but it’s likely they’re gonna introduce more attacks that hit everyone on the battle field (ie:parabolic charge)…?
    And I like the new fainting animation, I think it’s cool

  13. I told them, but they never believed me.
    The Zubat, they’re coming!

  14. Ash’s look for Kalos has been revealed, the X/Y Anime will begin on October 17th.

    Is it me, or does Pikachu seem…smaller?

      1. It’s funny because if you look at X/Y, Pikachu has put weight back on again.

      1. Up until now, Ash looked the oldest in the Sinnoh region. Unova made that old look disappear. Now with Kalos, it’s back again. He does look slightly taller?

  15. kalos starter pkmn anime art work and apparently ash starts in Lumiose City so may be that is where in new prof. lives and you get your pokemon like how you did in B2W2

    1. Seeing as how Alexa is in the anime for several episodes, I think Ash is gonna end up traveling to the Kalos region with her, and because she lives in Lumiose City, it makes sense.

      1. but i wonder if she ends up traveling with ash through the kalos region acting like the Brock or dent

        1. To me, she’s just another Todd. If anything, I think there’s more chance of Viola travelling with Ash seeing as she’s an aspiring Photographer. Then again, Alexa does work for the News company in Lumiose so maybe.

          1. ether way i still think the the new prof. lives in lumiose city every time ash goes to a new region he always visits the prof. practically first

          2. if you think about it, in x/Y you start in a town where there is no professor. Teirno is looking like the person you get your Pokemon from but I’m still not sure on that.

          3. it could be like B2W2 cause there is no professor in aspertia city ether and you get your pokemon from bianca her assistant


          4. Trevor gives you your Pokedex. The boy that looked like a girl with a 60’s haircut. He’s supposedly the most competative rival. Teirno is the fat kid that wants to form a dance team.

    2. Interesting how Froakie is reaching into the foam/bubbles like it’s a sack. Ninja Froakie!

        1. Hey Reece, I know this is an old chat, but I was wondering if you could add me so I could access your Friend Safari please?

          Name: Ebak
          FC: 1220 6765 9762
          Type: Ghost
          Pokemon 1: Shuppet
          Pokemon 2: Phantump
          Pokemon 3: Spiritomb

          1. but if you but a person behind those pokemon it would look like they where protecting them

    3. Is it just me, or does Fennekin remind you guys of Crash Bandicoot? It’s that nose.

    1. Froakie, Chespin, and Fennekin should be facing Ash…and then:

      Froakie: “Choose me, see what happens, I’ve got a gun in here and a bullet with your name on it!”
      Chespin: “Absolutely NOT!”
      Fenneking: “Stay back! I’ll bite!”

          1. i wanna say fennekin cause he never a fire starter first but ash tends to lean towards grass types so most likely chespin

          2. I wouldn’t say that, you never know what will change with this Generation.

          3. how much any one wanna bet that he is going to get a fennekin that was abandoned by another tranier

          4. Maybe, but I can totally see Ash capturing a Chespin that’s been stealing things from people.

    1. I’m loving the fainting animation for a captured pokemon. What I want to see is the animation for when you switch a pokemon.

  16. i saw a picture where chespin are battling with fenekin at pokemon serebii but i want to see the video :l how can i find it?

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