Pokémon Game Show Announced & MORE!

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For the first time ever in Pokémon history a brand new event has been announced: The Pokémon Game Show! The two day event will be held on August 18 – 17 in Japan, and is free of admission fees.

Fans will be able to experience the upcoming X & Y games for the first time, before they release later this year. Pokémon Tretta and the TCG will also be present at the event. More information on the event will be posted online mid-July.


The Pokémon Company has recently issued a Press Release talking about the consequences of cheating in Pokémon. The release comes after an app that allows users to create Pokémon to transfer to their games, was made recently available in a mobile app store.

The company shuns these Pokémon created in this app (or through any other method) calling them “illegal”, saying that by using these methods of “cheating” players could potentially damage their games, and will be banned from all official tournaments if caught. 

It seems The Pokémon Company are certainly taking cheating seriously now, so taking advantage of these little loopholes might get you into more trouble than you think!


Finally, something we may have got a little excited about… Little over two hours ago the official Pokémon Twitter posted the following tweet, seems like we could be getting a nice little video from a certain Mr Masuda soon!



  1. I hope you all enjoy the lovely Masuda mugshot. Admittedly I selected the wrong image, but I’m leaving it in because it’s magnificent.

  2. Sounds cool! And this is the first time I hear about this “pokemon creator app” but anyways…Excited for what Masuda will say!

  3. Hopefully the message from MAsuda is that a Nintendo Eshop demo will be coming soon, if not, then I honestly have no idea. Reason why I think this is because X&Y appeared on the Eshop just a few days ago with a few new screens and revealed the really cool looking game icon.

    I’v been refreshing the twitter page for the past 30 minutes now lol xD


    1. Attention everyone: We decided to go back on our previous statements (in the name of money) and release Red & Green/Blue on Virtual Console!

      1. it would be awesome if an old Pokemon game was released on Virtual Console for 3DS eshop
        is it true ?

        1. No, unfortunately. I was just joking around. As Bob mentioned, GAME FREAK has already stated that they do not plan to release any on the Virtual Console.

      2. Didn’t GF confirm during the roundtable conference that none of the previous main series Pokemon titles would be available on the Virtual Console?

        1. I got the impression they’re just against it on virtual console for home console systems, not for handhelds. The 3DS’s library of old games is growing, and I could see pokemon hopping aboard.

          1. I think the problem with having the pokemon games on the virtual console, is that they can’t just throw them up there. People will expect things like multiplayer to be working correctly…since the game is all about battling/trading. Not to mention trading between versions you own. (If you have a digital pokemon ruby, can you trade a pokemon to your digital pokemon sapphire?) (or sending pokemon from 1st gen to 2nd gen) There’s just so much that pokemon fans could complain about if it’s not done just right. I shudder to think about it.

  4. I get the impression that the message from Masuda will be a thank you to the fans for being loyal or something. It seems hard to believe we’ll get any noteworthy information from it….but that’s just me.

    1. It’s likely going to be something small, but there’s still a chance it could be something nice for all of us.

      1. I just hope he tells us they’ve worked out the kinks and that migration is confirmed to be possible. If they tell us nothing else before October I’m praying that they tell us that.

  5. 1st I hope a demo will be released especially with some playing it early soon.
    2nd pokemon put another interesting tweet up. They said what do sylveon, clefairy and xerneas have in common.

  6. I personally own the app. It’s great for people who just want to build teams to explore and battle their friends with, but I don’t think Nintendo should get so upset over it. If the company really wanted cheating like this to stop, they could just buy out the app. I’m sure they’ve got enough money.

    1. That doesn’t fix small sites like pokegen and stuff that allow children to cheat. It really is a shame that kids feel so entitled to “smogon” pokemon that they’ll cheat them into the games now… Hopefully XY have a way to detect any illegal pokemon and brick the game if caught on it.

      1. I think Smogon is a bit idiotic anyway. I use my app sometimes, but never for tournaments or any other official stuff. However, I was thinking they could keep the app up, just make it where the “illegal” pokemon have some sort of invisible mark that detects whether it’s illegal or not, and determines its usability in tournaments, battles, trading, etc.

        1. Smogon just takes competitive seriously. Thats why the 2 time VGC World Champ Ray Rizzo is part of that community and was for years before he became champ.

          I dont think having hacked Pokemon on your game should “brick” it by any means, but it should disable Wifi interaction and be easily detectable somehow when you go to VGC tournaments.

    1. Yup, I actually said that people would think that’s me. It’s not! 😛

      NL is in the retweets somewhere though, like he said.

    1. Really…? LOL I am so gullible. It would be nice if this was true, and if it is, well, that will just be- EPIC.

    2. I really hope this is real or something I’d scream like a fangirl

      If it’s not I’ll find you and kill you. (jklol)

  7. When they meant playing Pokémon X & Y before others, they meant the demos, right?

    1. I’m guessing they mean a demo. It could vary any given amount from other demos we could could see.

  8. Plaese let’s this pokemon game show event come to america too,
    Also i can see competitive player and smogon being in a uproar about this one more thing if pokemon company is taking action on Cheating program like Pokegen why don’t they take legal action on smogon because they the one who started its in the first place,

    1. I meant i can see competitive player and smogon being in a uproar about pokemon company taking action on Cheating program like Pokegen, But Smogon has this coming,

      1. Smogon doesnt use POKEGEN. Smogon’s community is against illegally MAKING Pokemon via an external device. They use a program called RNG reporter, which does NOT interact with the game directly at all- and is perfectly OK to use and is NOT considered CHEATING by TPCI. Get your facts straight.

    1. This artificial pokemon making funnily reminds me of the mewtwo movie, who is having another movie in a few weeks

  9. Hopefully they’ll eventually address the problems w/ the GTS as well 😮 I mean, a lv 9 or under Zekrom for a Bidoof?! Really?!

    Other than that, hopefully the news will be a change in release date to July 😛 one can dream!

    1. How is this a problem??? Just don’t take the offer.. ( -_-) There are some breeders who wasn’t to give out pokes and shinies for nothing randomly and it makes the other person surprised and happy.

      1. it’s a problem for ppl who want that pokemon, like i wanted a spiritomb but all i saw was ppl who wanted lvl 9 & under legendaries which no one has there pretty much trolling ppl :/ (luckily i found someone w/ a decent trade)

      2. It’s a problem because people are asking for impossible to obtain Pokemon. They’re just trolling by showing off their own Pokemon, and asking for an impossibility in return so it can never be traded for.

  10. Mr.Masuda will tell us about the August information?
    To be honest, I really want to in the Eshop download PokemonX&Y demo

  11. This reminds me of the event they did for black and white where you got to play the demo as well as get the celebi event, in the UK anyway

  12. I think if I purchase a game I have the right to do what ever I want with it, but the Pokemon Company doesn’t see it that way 🙁

    1. i can see it from both sides…some people could argue if they buy a gun they the the right to do whatever they want with it, claiming it’s the same thing. Others could argue as long as you don’t use the “cheated” pokemon in official battles or official events, it should be ok. I use to use an Action Replay on one of my Ruby versions, but i never used it for official events, so i didn’t see much of a problem with cheating them in.

  13. Do you guys know about the new episode that’s airing this July and features Noivern and other X and Y Pokemon along with the first gym leader of the Kalos region’s sister?
    Also, there was a demo that featured a battle between two trainers and they both used one of the three starters of the region.


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  15. i know it really slim like .0001% slim but i hope that they give the starters different abilitys then the normal blaze,overgrow,and torrent and not as hidden ability ether

  16. I don’t know about anyone else, but I personally feel it ok to use this app and other software like pokegen as long as they are used to create legal pokemon, me personally only ever create pokemon that would be considered legal, e.g. I make sure all location data and everything is legit with pokemon and regarding IV’s I only ever give one stat 31 and the rest around 28 or lower and stats I dont really utilize below 10. So for me as an individual I think its ok to use it as I dont have the time to do all this breeding and ev training and I should be able to participate in a tournament without having to slave away all my free time into making the perfect team. I do think it’s a problem when you have little kids making uber hax illegal teams but if used to create legal pokemon I feel it’s perfectly ok.

    1. Its still cheating. I used to use PokeGen as well back in Gen 4- but only to create teams to try out with friends. It is definitely not ok to use Pokemon created with that program, or Pokemon cloned using a special GTS, or created with any sort of outside device and imported to the game itself. The only “legal” way to get perfect Pokemon that while. “violating the spirit of the game”, is ok to do is using RNG abuse to get them. With RNG you are not modifying your card in any way shape or form with an outside device, therefore there will never be an issue of corrupt data on your game, or getting caught when a device alters game data to make it obvious you cheated. RNGing still takes time, but getting a perfect Pokemon in an hour as opposed to weeks of breeding is still alot better for those that want to compete but dont have the time to commit to breeding.

      1. Fair enough I suppose, does that mean Random Number generating? never heard of a way of doing that before and will say I probably would use that if that is true you can do that, only reason I used stuff like pokegen was because of how time consuming regular breeding was, never new there was another quicker way that was legal to do. You dont have to but could you please explain what it is and how to do it?, would be much appreciated haha

        1. On the forums of the Smogon website you can find more information on it- and ill try to make it as simple sounding as possible- since it can get a bit complicated. Fair warning though, it takes a little while to learn, but once you get it down you can pop out competitive mons in no time. Took me probably a few hours to understand it enough to try out the most basic form- stationary legend manipulation, then from there probably over the course of a week I moved onto harder variations of it. Anyways, basically the Pokemon games use a “Pseudo Random Number Generator” and some of the clever people at Smogon designed a program that can predict that RNG and figured out ways to manipulate it through the DS clock and starting your game up at a certain time- since these are the two major factors the RNG uses to find its “starting point”. I havent RNGd in ages, nor touched my BW games, but if you are truly interested in getting competitive Pokemon the legit way, and like myself, dont have the extra time due to work, errands, etc to breed, its the way to go.

          1. Ahhh right I see, well thank you for letting me know about it really appreciate it 🙂 will go take a look at the forums thank you.

          2. I’ll add on a bit since I RNG. 5th gen is easier when it comes to the process of RNG(it’s really pressing buttons and making chatots cry), but the figuring out process takes FOREVER.BW2 is just a pain in the buttocks to RNG. 4th is much less complicated, and when you get the hang of it the starting point isn’t a big deal(it’s still pressing buttons and making chatots cry, just a little more strict on the timing). I would advise to start with 4th gen.

  17. Did you guys saw the news about the World Hobby Fair in Japan they played the game I only saw one picture but they also said the attacks the Pokemon did in the video I hope Pokemon Smash talks about the World Hobby Fair today. 🙂

  18. Here’s a question: What if someone had hacked pokémon but only used them in-game because they knew no matter what conditions it’d be wrong and unfair to use them in Wifi competitions?

    1. i suppose they are referring in the case you use those hacked pokemon in a tournament. of course, they advise you that using hacked pokemon in your game can damage the game, but if you don’t use them in those competitions, then i don’t think they will notice

  19. They’re going to let people play X and Y? In August?


  20. it seems that Masuda’s special message will be available on July 4th. its on his twitter account.

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