Pokémon Game Show Announced & MORE!

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For the first time ever in Pokémon history a brand new event has been announced: The Pokémon Game Show! The two day event will be held on August 18 – 17 in Japan, and is free of admission fees.

Fans will be able to experience the upcoming X & Y games for the first time, before they release later this year. Pokémon Tretta and the TCG will also be present at the event. More information on the event will be posted online mid-July.


The Pokémon Company has recently issued a Press Release talking about the consequences of cheating in Pokémon. The release comes after an app that allows users to create Pokémon to transfer to their games, was made recently available in a mobile app store.

The company shuns these Pokémon created in this app (or through any other method) calling them “illegal”, saying that by using these methods of “cheating” players could potentially damage their games, and will be banned from all official tournaments if caught. 

It seems The Pokémon Company are certainly taking cheating seriously now, so taking advantage of these little loopholes might get you into more trouble than you think!


Finally, something we may have got a little excited about… Little over two hours ago the official Pokémon Twitter posted the following tweet, seems like we could be getting a nice little video from a certain Mr Masuda soon!